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  1. The orange needs to be more distinctive. IMO it looks closer to Essendon than Melbourne.
  2. praha

    New Major Sponsor - Jaguar CONFIRMED

    Do you mean Looney Tunes? I bet you call social media, "The Facebooks".
  3. praha

    New Major Sponsor - Jaguar CONFIRMED

    About time some prestige was added to the jumper. We are a sleeping giant, with a small (comparative to the big clubs) support base, albeit a base that has a high purchase intent and attendance rate. This makes us exclusive. And will no doubt help in appealing to inner-city Chinese students and expats.
  4. praha

    Opposition Watch: Rd 1 vs Port Adelaide

    Interestingly we lost round 1 for a decade then managed 3 years in a row winning round 1. It took one last bout of round 1 misery last year before we could break through and play finals.
  5. praha

    Afl.com’s best midfield

    It's going to be hilarious watching Collingwood's retirement home midfield get spanked this year.
  6. praha

    Tim Smith v Cam Pedersen

    I think it's important people remember back to Pederson's first season at Melbourne when he was seen as one of the worst recruits to the club in a long while. A lot can change in a preseason and speaking with certainty that Smith cant contribute is shockingly shortsighted.
  7. praha

    Random MFC encounters

    While in Amsterdam recently I had two extremely random MFC encounters. 1. My walking tour guide, who was an Amsterdam local, asked us who we followed in the footy after he heard we were from Melbourne. Before answering I asked him how he even knew about footy, and it was because his roomate was a diehard Melbourne supporter. Funnily, he knew all about Essendon's drug saga and compared it to FIFA corruption. 2. The next night, we did an awesome canal tour (Dam Boat Guys if anyone is after an awesome canal tour with some, erm, smoking flexibility). The guide was an Aussie that had been living in Amsterdam for a few years. While he was driving the boat at a blistering 5kmh, he was showing me highlights from the final vs Geelong and was almost in tears talking about how much he wished he was there. It was so random to find myself talking about the Dees on the other side of the world, twice, within 24 hours. What are your random MFC experiences while traveling? (NOTE: I asked the boat tour guide if he was the roommate of the walking tour guide, and he wasn't)
  8. praha

    Origins/meanings of Display Names?

    I visited Prague for the first time in 2007, and noticed "Praha" brandished everywhere, which, obviously, is Czech for "Prague". I always thought it would be a cool name for the bar I was going to open before I turned 30. Anyway I never opened the bar so thought I'd change my username to this. Prior to that it was "Cudi_420" which was just a joke name (Kid Cudi, 420, blaze it... ya know?), and before that, calabreseboy, which was a username I used online, dating back to my teenage years when I was a fully sick wog boy.
  9. praha

    IG Partnership Continues

    make no mistake me setup LG in Australia. They were a no name cheap brand and we helped get their name out there.
  10. praha

    Pert's Plan to Make the Dees an AFL Power

    Putting us with those three is just silly. We didn't make finals for a decade, fielded one of the worst teams of all time during a part of that period, and yet still managed more or thereabouts in terms of members than the Saints Bulldogs and North, all of whom had many years of success in that period, including one flag, Prelims and Grand Finals. Can you honestly see either of the Bulldogs or North ever pulling 90k for an Elim final, regardless of opponent? Maybe the Saints, but those teams have peaked and growth won't be anywhere near as sudden. We have, what, 20k identified Melbourne supporters in the MCC that aren't Melbourne members. That's 20k people with high purchase intent. What club can claim to that sort of engagement level and purchase intent with non-members? 50k should be 2019 target, with 55k-60k in 2020. It's completely reasonable given the space for growth.
  11. praha

    I love the MCG, but...

    I've been to LA like 10 times for work, to the same area to go to the Convention Centre. The street food around there was amazing. If you ever return, Tom's Urban just outside Staples also has good grub but it can get packed on game day.
  12. praha

    Pert's Plan to Make the Dees an AFL Power

    You need an element of differentiation, and melbourne is certainly different to any of the aforementioned. I think our attachment to the MCG and Yarra Park has an element of romanticism rarely seen in sports the world over. We need to embrace that more especially if we're going to attract a younger and newer audience. I'd not only be targeting kids, I'd be targeting Indian and Chinese students/expats that either see the MCG as a church (Indians with cricket and association with the MCG), or as a cultural landmark of the city (Chinese looking to make this their home, and finding ways to assimilate). A more obvious presence in the CBD should also be considered, to be considered as somewhat of a "gateway" to our home in the MCG.
  13. praha

    How Many Wins in 2019?

    It was the highest we had been that deep into the season since 1964. We back it up with a 12 goal loss to Port, and of course the infamous Elim Final loss against Essendon. In reality, 2004 probably should have been Daniher's last.
  14. praha

    How Many Wins in 2019?

    Anywhere between 13-20 for H&A.
  15. praha

    A day on the paddock

    Direct link to gallery: https://www.smugmug.com/gallery/n-JRgG6f/
  16. praha

    Farewell Dom Tyson

    Suspect it was one of Carlton, Gold Coast or St Kilda. No half decent team is offering a depth midfielder 5 years.
  17. praha

    Peak Petracca

    it truly blows my mind. he had a very solid season and because he didn't kick 50 goals people see it as a failure.
  18. praha

    2018 Player Reviews: # 36 Jeff Garlett

    I agree. I am saying that whenever Indigenous players seem to go through form slumps there seems to be a narrative around it being related to personal issues.
  19. praha

    2018 Player Reviews: # 36 Jeff Garlett

    makes me laugh how whenever an Indigenous player is out of form people automatically assume it's because of personal issues. He just had a crap season. His one-way running and one-arm, half-hearted tackles were always going to come undone in a finals team and finals-like intensity. I'm not surprised in the slightest. He needs to get his [censored] together.
  20. praha

    Last Flag Ladder

    So basically anyone born after 1964? lol
  21. There was a heated discussion on Reddit about this. Most of those in not in favour went along the lines of "MY PARK HURRR DURRR" and basically carried on like as if this would completely ruin the park.
  22. praha

    PICKS # 26 & 31 (formerly # 23 & 28)

    Given the amount of players drafted each year and the number of highly ranked key forwards, I would take it as a figure of speech and treat it as a rare occurrence. How many star key forwards have been drafted since Hogan? Not many. If any.
  23. praha

    Down Memory Lane # 2

    2011 was a weird season. We would belt some teams by 14 goals and then get belted by 10 goals. I'm of the opinion that neither Bailey nor management could have avoided what eventually happened. I understand there were key drivers of the fued that led to 186, but we were a one-way, "bruise free" team that had it coming. Bailey was an attacking coach and he would have had to completely change his coaching style to make us a finals contender. Given he was in his 4th season I couldn't see that happening, especially with the crew we had. I knew we were done when we lost to Carlton by 50 odd points. I think that was the "bruise free" match. You could just smell it. We were comfortably a 10th-12th team, we a poor back office and resources. This led to division, poor management of injuries, no leadership, and low morale throughout the club. 2011 really was the perfect storm. Fast, erratic change, new branding, the dumping of McDonald, and an expectation that a young brigade would lead to a flag. All with a bunch of yahoos managing the club, and no real long term vision.
  24. praha

    2019 Betting Odds

    He was already well noticed considering how well he polled despite missing a large chunk of games at the start of the year. Had he played to start the season and played to the standard he did for the rest of the reason, he'd have won by a mile.
  25. I probably won't be as happy as I would have been, say, 10 years ago. Now for me it's kind of like, "Just get it done already". Whereas I used to fantasise about seeing a flag.