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  1. I missed the Essendon win in 2012. I promised myself never to miss a Melbourne game again so long as I had the time to attend. I went to every game in Melbourne from 2012 until 2013. Now THAT'S crazy. I remember going to a 4pm game on a Sunday vs Adelaide at the MCG. Freezing cold. We lost by 10 goals and I stayed until the final siren. There was maybe 5000 people left in the stadium at the end of the game. 2000 Adelaide supporter.

    Our intensity around the contest dropped off significantly once he left the squad last year. Not saying he's the difference but he brings it and can be our Didak equivalent. Maybe not an outstanding player but if he finds form he can be a game breaker. imo he's going to surprise a lot here this year just as Nibbler did last year.
  3. Ollie Wines

    Jack Watts, Trengove, Toumpas and a 2nd round pick.
  4. Women told to score more

    Yes it is. You just bring the boundary line in.
  5. Women told to score more

    It might, MIGHT have to do with the fact that no scoring is just boring to watch and is bad for the brand of football itself. "Low" scoring in the AFL is considered 15 goals between two teams. When both can barely make it to 5, there's an issue.
  6. Women told to score more

    I mentioned on her before last season that it will be terrible to watch because the talent pool is too thin and there are too many teams. Of course I was hounded for being a negative nancy. When it was just Melbourne v Bulldogs, the matches were exciting and intense. All of the best players across 2 teams. They added the Lions. It started to thin out. Now they've gone hardcore and added a bunch of teams filled with women who are unfit and have never competed at a professional level, competing a pro competition. Melbourne and the Bulldogs, who invested in this more than anyone, lose out because now their past players are "Marquee players" signed by other teams. It should have stayed as an annual exhibition match to build the culture and following. Establish the culture, build the foundations, and work from there. Where the league is now team wise probably should have taken 10 years. Way too hard, too fast. Terrible oversight by the league. It's ruined.
  7. Current TAB odds Demons season 2018.

    $1.75 to finish top 8? Those are short odds. We all know what that means! Dees for the spoon.
  8. Time to ditch the Runner

    Rugby has mid-quarter breaks when teans change between attack and defense. Soccer players play for 45 minutes and then have a break, and can also sneak a drink from a bottle behind the goals. Completely different.
  9. Jones Forward?

    He's really not. He gets his info from Bigfooty. They even joked about it on SEN once.
  10. New MFC facility?

    Woah a story about our facilities. Never seen that before.
  11. Are we ready? Rory Sloane

    You'd need to offer more than that to keep a home sick Victorian on the GC. From what I've heard, the Vics especially that have played up there have struggled from a livelihood point of view. Regardless tho the GC is a shithole.
  12. Colin Sylvia

    As if you steal a credit card and spend it on two of the most regulated industries in the country (gambling and licensed brothels) where you not only leave a paper trail but also open the door to public ridicule of your addictions. At least do a cash advance and pay with cash you nuffy!
  13. No White for MFC Clash Jumpers for Season 2018

    Ah yes, the Robbie Flower days. 70+ point beltings weekly. Those were the days. 2013 really brought me back, but this is an all new form of nostalgia! In all seriousness though, I never cared enough to hate the white clash as much as some here, but this is a major improvement. I no doubt prefer red and blue than predominantly white.
  14. Sponsorship Problem?

    Maybe, as mentioned in this very thread a while ago. A few players have taken Instasnaps of their new toyota cars...I get they both come under the same company but why buy cars from one subsidiary if you're being sponsored by another?
  15. Sponsorship Problem?

    And our round 23 performance kept us out of finals, which dictates the likes of broadcasting and scheduling. It was bad for fans, but worse for the club. Missing finals, and missing them in such a way, has a huge chain reaction across multiple variables.