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  1. praha

    Rumour File

    Ceiling is higher for Neale atm you would think. Beams has probably peaked.
  2. - Based in beautiful Princes Park - Fringes of melbourne CBD - ...flies free agent to Noosa
  3. praha

    Go and get Gaff!

    Norf is trying very hard not to bottom out but imo they would be best served to. Build up and trade for draft picks, and manage that cap space accordingly. Throwing money at every single free agent is getting embarrassing for them. Imagine having your $200k p.a. better offer rejected.
  4. praha

    Jesse Hogan Trade to Freo

    I said on this forum once that he'll either be a solid forward-flanker that routinely kicks 40-50 goals a year, or he'll end up as Clive Waterhouse 2.0. The way people attacked me you'd think I'd killed their dog. Hogan both epitomizes and is the antithesis of Waterhouse's career so far.
  5. praha

    Jesse Hogan Trade to Freo

    The club probably would have had to let one of Brayshaw, Oliver, Harmes, Petracca, Mcdonald, and Hogan go at some point. Close to 0% chance we keep all together for the duration of their careers. Hogan leaving probably provides some flexibility, doubt they want to see him go but if they have an opportunity to get high value, of course they will do it.
  6. praha

    Jesse Hogan Trade to Freo

    He set the bar pretty high, no? You can either go the Adelaide or even the Carlton or WC route and pretend to be hard arses but end of the day the player will get to their destination. Our trade with Crows for Lever will stand as an important moment whenever we go to the trade table because that set the precedent.
  7. praha

    Burgo finishing up with the Dees

    Someone should interview him with non-questions about his time at the club. He took a page out of the Mark Stevens book on interviewing, making statements and expecting the interviewee to drive the conversation.
  8. praha

    We was Robbed!!

    The funny thing is that it wasn't even a block. As with the goal of the year, of which Pies fans carry on like autistic seals about it being a throw, they have established themselves as amongst the dumbest fans in the game. Watch the replay. Both Maynard and Rioli have eyes on the ball. They are both competing. Rioli had better positioning. A block is where you actively infringe on a player's ability to contest the mark. That's not what happened. There were two marking contests, one overlapped the other.
  9. praha

    Grand Final Nearest Pin Comp

    Hate to say it but can't see Collingwood losing. Pies by 17 FG: Darling NS: Howe (yeah I went there) If Pies win, you can bet one of their defenders will nab norm smith.
  10. praha

    Who did the Pies beat to secure top 4?

    Both Melbourne and Collingwood stand to have tough draws next season whereas the likes of North, Adelaide will [censored] it in with 15+ games against non-finalists. 2019 stands as our true test. Collingwood's too (even if they win today)
  11. praha

    Jesse Hogan Trade to Freo

    Of course but i think it is bigger now than him being contracted, or a "player". if you're not motivated by the environment or your motivation lies elsewhere, it always falls down on management and stakeholders to find a way to motivate and instill belief. imposing rules or contractual obligations never works because no organisation in their right mind keeps someone around who doesn't want to be there. it's not just in football. the contractual element in sport is less about putting an explicit time window on the minimum obligation a player has: it is a safeguard for teams that, should the contract need to be altered, they have bargaining power. it's extremely rare that a contracted player that wishes to leave the team their contracted to doesn't have their wish fulfulled. I cringe when I hear teams say "they are a contracted player". The contract serves to protect the player's earning capacity first and foremost. If Hogan wishes to move, first intent is to ensure he is fully aware of how important he is. Beyond that, I believe the team has an obligation to him, fans and the team environment to get the best possible outcome in a trade.
  12. praha

    Jesse Hogan Trade to Freo

    My thoughts after some reflection: He was adament to stay and be part of something great. Getting injured and missing finals has changed his perspective. A young kid has seen his colleagues succeed without him. It can be demoralizing and can impact your own self worth. It happens to all of us. I am not the least bit surprised by this if it's all true. This stands as an important test for this regime. Scully felt he didn't belong. Then money weighed in. I don't think money is as big an allure for Hogan: he is getting the coin whether he stays or goes. The test for the club is to highlight to Hogan how important he is. To sit on the sidelines after being through so much, and to miss the excitement of finals...that must have really affected him. We need some perspective here. It is not about playing hardball. Or rejecting his request. It is about ensuring Hogan is mentally able to understand how important he is. We know he is a strong kid after what he has been through. But I feel his missing finals was kind of the cherry on top of a horrid 24 months. That he still kicked 80+ goals in that period is truly amazing. Club and fans need to get around him and let him know how important he is. Tell him on instagram. Don't be all "woe is me, please don't leave Hoges!" Give him support and tell him he's a star. These kids are so aggressively scrutinise in the social media era. We need to turn it around and make him one of us. We can't lose this kid.
  13. praha

    Jesse Hogan Trade to Freo

    A sign and trade with Gaff for Hogan.
  14. praha

    Jesse Hogan Trade to Freo

    could be drummed up to prompted a larger contract extension from Melbourne. I suspect we will hear otherwise in fhe next 24-48 hours. Either it was be confirmed or he will flat out deny it. I'm guessing the former.
  15. Good. He has unfinished business.