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    Watching the demons smashing teams on the "G"
  1. Dusties boy here! RAH RAH RAH
  2. What on earth are you talking about? I have lived here for 26 years and have not came across anything you have said.. You are quite the [censored]! 3820 represent
  3. Same here mate
  4. BUMP It is a pitty he was not apart of the Geelong 22
  5. I was just going to throw it out there and see how many were interested. I will Email the club tomorrow to see how the process works, etc
  6. Hey Guys, I was just wondering would anyone else be keen on putting some coin together and being a Player Sponsor for season 2015? The Player would be sponsored under Demonland Forum. Cheers
  7. We should recruit Cale Morton for pick 115 in the ND
  8. I myself played at thw Warragul Industrials, I won a undr 12's B&F played interleague, won an under 17's B&f, kicked a few golas as a rover/FP. Played one senior game got flogged by 200+ points, The rest was two's footy as i had little time to commit and from the age from 16-present got on the alcohol and ive put on a few KGS! havent played for two years due to work and drinking [censored] at the G what years were you at the dusties Return of the dees?
  9. I've just looked into it... I'm very worried.. He hasn't taken ocean Grove to a flag... ;-) UP AND ABOUT
  10. i once fed a dog
  11. We are Paying $9 with TAB for a 39 and over point win! Im onto it! Last time we played them i had $100 on it @ $3.70 and thanks to a 12 goal quarter i just got it! i was always confident In all seriousness i think we will win today, after been so flat last week, and the Giants playing out of their skins V Collingwood, Dawes OUT hurts us, its time that J.Howe takes a game by the balls and kicks a bag, instead of taking a screamer and thinking thats good enough, he has been very poor this year, he is not having any significant imact on games its time Howey, Its timne mate!
  12. It's not old mate Brock McLean, it's a mate of mine! Apparently they were calling him Brock all day tho! Haha
  13. #parmasforlife
  14. We should of taken Lewis Jetta