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  1. I'm a little anxious about the Cats game... as we'll need be at our top for this game, and I'm not sure we are there yet. The Port game is one we need to click in, Re teamwork. I think we will warm into the season as we go.?
  2. I would do that trade to bring in Fritta any day of the week. He's a goer, and will get better with the years, as he grows. It's in his blood, and its in his mind, and its in his 'Heart'...
  3. agreed 'Gg'. Especially Tracca... he has further to stand up then Salem does, but both are needed to be more consistent, and impact for longer periods of the games.
  4. Culture. tgr. To move an old ingrained culture, to change it, many old leaders and senior players have to go, for the change to happen. For them to pickup their pieces and rise again, is a credit to them. But we did what was needed, to make the changes happen. And now I think very few people would be upset with our new growing culture.. and mindset. The fabric is totally different since those days.
  5. Good luck Maxy, and congrats on the 100.
  6. Have you ever considered moving Sth... Pdee ?
  7. You were honest, right up til your last line, which broke down into rubbish... couldn't help yourself, I suppose. And for your interest, there isn't any new-news, on Ports injury list, to this point... so stop your anxious trawling, you will find out, in time.
  8. I see Maltenhousen going for two each-way bets, instead of the Quaddie. Typical Malthead... who wanted the 6 man interchange.
  9. Worthy, I think as well, jcb31. If nothing else, he will give his all... and we might be surprised.
  10. You think we've moved on. What you don't seem to get is, that I do not think we've moved forward. I think we, 'the club' still have the same habits of sweeping our bad habits under the carpet... not dealing with the why's of our failings. This only perpetuates the same mistakes to reappear, from time to time. Avoidance of our failings, is not learning from our mistakes. And this IS why we continue to slip back into bruise-free 'but-happy' uncommitted footballing... every 10 or so years. Wrecking all the hard work done, 'EXorcising' these issues, at an earlier time.
  11. HaHa only about 6 weeks early. boom boom... the shape of the head, reminds me of sMay.
  12. I reckon it's important that we play Maxy forward frequently... to get our Mids working well, without the silver service.
  13. you speak indirectly sku... that's not what English is. it is something else that's its become. something different to the words meanings. this is what the world has become crooked corrupted, and cloaked. Think of all the little children that would have been saved, if people would only talk straight, and not play word games with innuendo's.
  14. We've entered H&A week folks. and CountDown is on.
  15. How does anyone get excited about injured players ? anyway? If we have to rely on opposition teams being lessened by injury, then what is the enjoyment from beating 2nd string sides ? then we prove nothing at all, its just cheap thrills, or something else.
  16. I think your right. then maybe, May ?
  17. A club can only put things in the past through recognition, admission, and change... with a determination to never go back to the culture that has kept rearing its soft moldy head into our club every 10 seasons or so. The reason it keeps returning to us, is that those about the club do not recognise it, and its ways.
  18. Stop the video at frame, 5.78... rock it back if need be, and forward, around 5.78_ study hard, the point of shoulder and the lions player's chin... You can see, even if a bit off focus, that the Lions player has lifted his head, and his chin scrapes past May's shoulder, it misses any real contact from the shoulder, and the player cops the shoulder to the Adams-Apple. Do not watch it in normal-speed... or you will simply miss the point, of contact. .
  19. Not Goody us... the supporters. the Board, etc. Goody won't be bothered with anything negative and irrelevant to the current players preparations, at all... But players not being aware of our past does us no service... We have to be Honest of our successes and why... and equally our past failings and the Why's as well... Or... we all learn absolutely nothing, and then we just continue to sweep our historical failings under the carpet, and fail to learn... thus making similar mistakes in future. This is the conservatives way and thinking... they can do no wrong, its arrogant, and a refusal to look introspectively at ones self. To look in the mirror with a truthful insightful stare. Have a look at young Viney. who has coveted the Hawks following his father... then back to SA... and finally back home, in AFL terms, to the Dee's. I guarantee you, he, young Jack, knows full well who was a goer from our past, and who put in short steps during our 2003 to 2014 years. And he appears all out to change the culture that is so critical to our New breed Demons.
  20. Like Harmes, JKH has improved each season. Not by huge margins, but significant anyway.
  21. I think this is a lot to do with JKH's & Neitschke 's injuries. If we had a ruck injury, I reckon we may have gone for a tall. I suspect this shows how close Lockhart was to us recruiting him. And I like this . I think he has something special. I hope he has the self-belief to take his game higher.
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