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  1. We need to wind the clock back on the rules and interpretations, all the way back to 1990.... and start over. Over a 3 Year period. Stating with the interchange-bench and rotations this end of season... cut the interchange back to 3 Players, & one Substitute... and reduce the rotations by a third, Pre 2019. Pre 2020, reduce rotations by another third. Pre 2021, change the interchange to a 2 man interchange, & have 2 Substitutes... anyone subs off, they're OFF.
  2. yes it is. yes they would. IMO its difficult to see 'inside the ruck' (rugby), when a players on the ground with ball and swamped, "stacks on the mill", its impossible to see what is going on underneath so they guess. The AFL and the Coaches have stuffed around with the rules for the past 20+ years, thinking short term,,, and they have made a shambles out of it. Now its a quagmire ! an unrecognisable piece of crappp, compared to yesteryear's high marks, poetic dashes, and heroic acts.
  3. DV8

    Delisting, Trade and FA discussion 2018

    Yep he showed his class in his first season. But his weakness is always going to be a concern Re his footy. But if he continues his attack at the ball and the man, like he is, he will become untouchable, within our list.
  4. DV8

    Changes for saints game

    I think its nearly time for Garlett again,,, but also it could be Spargo who may come back in, after a week off ? If not Spargo, maybe Baker to a wing ? I wonder if Petracca needs a week, to rest his weariness off ? I would not drop Tyson after just the one game... and similarly, Joel smith. I like his size difference down back flank. And he needs all the in-game development he can gather. We very nearly, (and should have) taken the points over in Adel' town. And we had so many players just a bit off touch, because of intensity. So thee is very little to do at the moment. Except continue getting games together as a unit,,, while they deserve them.
  5. DV8

    Umpire Report

    Learning curve, rjay. Learning to play big games, and intensity. Its NOT wasted.
  6. DV8

    Umpire Report

    AFL's interpretation to umpire to the home crowds, seems to take precedence over the reality. It used to be just Collingwood and Carlton, that got the dream run from the umps... now it seems its's the vigorous home crowds, the Umpires are directed to Panda to. 😒
  7. DV8

    Oscar vs The Gorillas

    He would have been playing heavier back in the 90's, so would have more muscle onboard, compared to today's game. The game was played under manic pressure. and both teams were sloppy. I reckon this helped OMc. And i thought Hibbo and Nev were great help. Also Smith down back, tidied up a bit. We're getting some good players together, slowly.
  8. . Melbourne D's - Learning the intensity.... .
  9. DV8

    Post Match Discussion - Round 14

    We lost momentum when Tim Smith, TMc, and another, went off injured together for a time, in the 2nd half. The Power took the initiative at that point, and eventually hit the front. We had been controlling the game up till the injuries. And we also had the rough end of the umpires stik on a number of occasions during the game, at either end. Port got some soft frees within their scoring range,,, and we were denied an number of times, in our 50. All in all I'm not that disappointed, considering the crowd and the umpires efforts, and we only really went down, because of being frustrated inside our 50. I thought we fought the game really toughly, and manfully. We need more of these big games, full of pressure and expectation, as they only make us stronger. The more of these big games we play, the harder edged we become. I see on the ladder we are only 2 games behind top spot, so at the half-way mark, I think we have little to complain about, on-field. A few tweaks here or there, and a few little wake-up nudges are needed, just to remind some of what stakes they are playing for. September, were coming to meet you.
  10. DV8

    Petracca in a rut?

    might be time to poke him and rattle his cage.
  11. DV8

    Delisting, Trade and FA discussion 2018

    Brayshaw was hard at it tonight. He's showing plenty of courage.
  12. DV8

    Petracca in a rut?

    I think he needs to shed a couple of kegs and get fitter, and run for longer at speed.. We need him to get to more contests, one after the other. It's time to lose that puppy fat christian.
  13. DV8

    Marc Murphy at the Dees.

    apparently, not.
  14. DV8

    GAMEDAY - Round 14

    stats can be a bloody nuisance during a match. umpiring stats should be kept private from the umps, until after the game.
  15. DV8

    Marc Murphy at the Dees.

    I would hope our people, are speaking to all prospective trades/free-agents people. murphy's not, the lone ranger. Now, I think I may understand ? ... just a darryn hunch mind. ??? https://www.sen.com.au/news/2018/06/22/contract-talk-a-laugh-says-gws-star-kelly/ ???? We have to spend salary cap every season, don't we ? have to park some somewhere, short term?
  16. DV8

    Delisting, Trade and FA discussion 2018

    Preuss or Lycett, Lobb,... Rory Lobb, already mature,,, in a team that has gone backwards this year. He has the best marking average over his career, of these 3 rucks. Lobb an Lycett are ready to roll, to fill in Now. I think strong marking and big numbers of marks, is the key. the rest can follow, if you will. These types can ruck, or be dangerous forward. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - players of interest ? for our side. Lachie Whitfield. Matt Buntine. . If DShiel shakes loose, I want us to know.
  17. I'm sure there is more options than three. And i'm sure some have left a team and may look for another, and some family's turn some members off a club. We need to be like the corner store. We need to be in the sight of all who pass the area; and sometimes just from curiosity, or convenience, We may pickup some extra's each and every year we are there. Eventually they will all add up. We have wallowed for decades, dithered, twiddled thumbs, prayed, hoped, begged, and nearly merged, and generally done SFA. All because we the club, have been too stubborn and afraid, to change.
  18. DV8

    Season Ending Hip Surgery for Maynard

    He's a hard competitor, and big; but we do not know how good he can or can't be, at this time ? I think we need one more power inside player to add to rotations... along with a number of more skilled inside/outside types, who can run and deliver. Hopefully some with speed. We are one paced,,, not slow, but not quick. IMO we need a couple more with some breakaway speed, for the mid section of ground. # so it we trade Tyson, we'll need 2 more inside players. Hopefully Sloane,,, and maybe one of Maynard or VDB will come good?
  19. I have the feeling hells-bells want the supporters, who are already inclined to come along. I want those who aren't Melbourne, so we can have a chance to let them fall in love with the D's. to become aligned. Those of us who are committed, will go where-ever training is. In one sence, this feels like how this club wins when things are going our way... but when things are tougher, we sort of shrug shoulders and let it go by. Lets take on the tougher challenges... REAL Change.
  20. No you don't get it because you are not in the demographic that doesn't have a following. You are the same as the directors choosing this site. Your all welded onto the club, and the job. It's not people like you, that we can find, to help them become footy people, and become Melbourne people. The location panders to those who are already decided in their choice. I AM RAPT the club has decided to take this decision to create our home base... absolutely R.A.P.T. But we (Mfc) lack base numbers of followers, supporters, and then long-term regular members who'll stay tight. This decision ought NOT be thinking about MONEY... it ought be about winning new hearts and minds. just getting big numbers of people to our training and functions. We ought to have a BarBQue or hotdogs at virtually every training session for our watchers alike the old Hawks once did. time-fame of day permitting. We ought to think of it as breakeven, or a slight loss even;... just to start to make good relations with people who are inquisitive about the footy club. WE need big numbers coming along and getting interested, and hopefully we can start to make new supporters, and maybe even new Demon families. Gosch's Paddock is the high Profile site, to help us to do this. .
  21. I'm saying we should try to get the people who have not made up their minds yet,,, as to footy,,, or a footy club.. IF people around our development area are half a mind to go to training, to bring the kids;,,, or the kids are nagging mum or dad, and the parent is 50/50... having the easier access to destination could help make the decision. this is going to be a longterm thing so make it easy so wecan be in contact with as many people as we can be. If they're Keen enough to get to training, then they have already selected the club. Why try to get the the ones who are already onboard. Open the club up.... don't hide it away, so it becomes some sort of collectors item, down in Wellington Pde. This is not the way to grow... It's the way to survive. To maintain, rather than to grow_ So, in order to attract those who aren't Melbourne... we have to have ourselves on display,,, where anyone, and everyone can come along, and be made to feel most welcome. Really simple...... just have to come along, and we will gladly try to make you feel like one of us. So we need to bee seen, from the trains and we need to be just outside the transit... trams. trains. buses. cars. trucks. motor bikes. prams. bicycles... even a stray dog, we can sign up. Yarra Park Who can see us from the Trains, at Yarra Park ?? seems to me, we can see them, but they can't see us. Who can see us from the Trams, at Yarra Park ?? seems to me, we can see them, but they can't see us. It's all nice and handy for the Mcc members, and Mfc members based in the northern stand, but where's the new supporters around there? Where.... no where. This is not a growth area. Its a consolidation area. It's a retirement package, that says remember me Demons. Maybe we could turn it into a retirement home for lost Mcc members, as they age? Because we are not going to get many people there, who are not already dedicated to a club. .
  22. DV8

    Round 14 Non MFC Games

    that's why we need speed. Don't know if many have heard,,, speed kills. Endurance is all good, but speed cracks things open.
  23. Keen enough....... this is ,the Key', we differ on. this is why we fail in past decades. we do not need to attract those KEEN enough. We want to attract those who are half-hearted,,, and with children. This is where we will make our new growth from. Attracting these people and making them FEEL welcome, and not judged. Those welded on's, are not the ones we should be aiming this project at... as lovely and leafy as this Yarra Project looks, it's the wrong location,,, for our potential NEW Growth of supporters. Same attitude, and the very same mistakes again, as in the past. These concepts are all based in 'pretty'. 'lovely'. and to appeal to those whom are already attached to the club. They are all designed for those already, in the inner-sanctum.
  24. Are you kidding me. These people, some will have to travel a fair way. On a train or trains... the whole idea of enticing new people to the club, is to make everything easy for them to start showing interest, and attendance. To make it as easy as possible for these potential newbies, that are not committed either way. Those with just a hint of interest. Some may be single parents: some not interested if foot: but the children maybe. IF Gerry Harvey was to start his business on a status model, designed to be 'pretty', and to attract those already attached to the club, He would go broke, before he was in business for 2 years. He would not get the high volumes of passing trade that he needs to stay afloat, by having his outlets in difficult to get to spots. He would make the stores as easy as possible, to attend, and to buy his wares. I think this Yarra-Park concept is aimed at the already attached, and 'the well to do',,, who travel Wellington Pde on a frequent basis. I DO NOT think this is about growing our base, and increase our Casey Region relationships, at all.