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  1. The foundation have never ever left us swyl. We've always had them, they've always been undercover, uninspired... unturned by fearful leaders unwilling to take on our own fate. This club has never had the gumption to ever get to turn a sod, to start big... for fear of failure. Excuses only make us grow smaller, which is exactly what has been happening for the last 50 Yrs. Too conservative... only willing to take on the sure thing. This has to change, as It Is the culture, of our past 50 Yrs. It is different now as we speak, but we've been here before under Barassi/Northey. Lets not allow this time to pass, without building our future right now. Before 'the conservative-ness' creeps back in... like an incoming tide. .
  2. DV8

    Casey Demons: 2019

    I think Bradtke has to ruck to learn his craft quickly and rest forward accept when Preuss plays at casey. I think Preuss will play at least 50% in the AFL. But not every match, as i reckon we will drop Gawn down on games per season. and on %time on the ball. I think we will manage Gawnus, trying to lengthen his career, whilst managing his loads. If either got injured... max or preussy, then we will be needing dee-bradt to learn early season... as much as he can, to cover this scenario. I would fast track Bradtke for the first 2 months of the VFL season then ease him off playing more time up forward after that. Let him run on the ball early... which is a closer thing to basketball, than being stuck leading from the goal square with some one punching him in the back of head all the time.
  3. DV8

    Casey Demons: 2019

    Actually, might be worth a try NC... if that were to happen to Nev. I think Nev is our hardest to replace.
  4. DV8

    Maxy Gold

    LoL... wishful thinkin'... Maxi... of a former time. still with fur on your lid. .
  5. DV8

    This Earth - as WE KNOW IT

    https://www.abc.net.au/radio/programs/am/saving-the-sumatran-tiger-from-extinction/10576386 Saving the Sumatran tiger from extinction By Anne Barker on AM The Sumatran tiger is now so rare there are around 400 left in the wild. But conservationists are optimistic they can stave off extinction. A new campaign is enlisting the support of another 'tiger' — the Richmond Football club in Melbourne — to raise awareness in Australia. Play Space to play or pause, M to mute, left and right arrows to seek, up and down arrows for volume. https://www.abc.net.au/radio/programs/am/saving-the-sumatran-tiger-from-extinction/10576386
  6. You really do not pay much attention to detail, do you... and you cannot see his over-condition for elite AFL... and lack of being 'cut', over most of his exposed body. OK, your right, experience says not to indulge others in argument, who cannot see. So, like you, I won't. .
  7. He looks to have a nice step at speed, to go with his pace of the mark. I hope he works on his hands dexterity... to aid the ball drop. He looks like he maybe helicoptered a couple, close to goal, when rushing.? ... geez he's quick in mind to be ready for the on-comer. good mental planning. I, I, I, I'm .............. .
  8. I was suggesting 'Dawn' up til now. And having just read your post DC, I came up with another, along the lines of 'Dawn'... So... Sparra's > fart = Dawn.... >>> cracka' Dawn... >>> crack'a. .
  9. He had the elite fitness base required from the hard work he's done. Found him his niche spot, and he flourished and grew, outa-sight.
  10. I've seen him switch off and stop thinking, and so not getting reinvolved in the same play. Sits back seemingly pleased with what he just did. He does not cover enough ground at pace, during games And I am one of the first to say he has too much weight on, (puppy fat) to develop the elite fitness to do the midfield things of 2018+ footy. So I suggest your post is overly presumptive, possibly disrespectful, and ill founded to boot. Seeing,,, is believing... and a 6pack on the stomach is not proof of elite fitness. sadly only reflective of stomach exercises. Being cut in the limbs, upper legs and arms, is probably more of an indication of low body fat index. He simply does not work hard enough to become elite. to this point. I'll back in 'Dawn', to be better than Tracca... and maybe surpass him in the team, by mid 2020. The way Christian is tracking so far in his years with us, he will get overtaken by younger guys, who play 100%_ I don't want to see him waste away. He has to get a move on. .
  11. Yes, that's what I'm getting at. That these 3 are the closest to "spanish-looking hombre`s", we have... and all 3 hombre`s, need to lift, lift, lift. The best of the 3 IMO so far, is ANB, but he need to improve his composure with ball in hand. Petracca obviously after him. He really has to become a consistent worker, and be involved constantly... rather than disappearing and becoming merely a spectator after an involvement... and he feels somehow he's done enough in that passage. too easily self satisfied.! Now Stretch, a bit maligned for not having arrived, so to speak... he started to show something in 2018, before he was cut-down. It's his time NOW... and he has to ensure he plays his part this year. Or he will be overtaken by hungry newbies, snapping at the feet in-front of them. So I put these 3 hombre`s in a jocular type thread, because they are yet to be taken as 'serious threats', in the real AFL world. And IF we are to go far in this years premiership race, we will require the 3 of them to really fire up.
  12. Add Stretch for 2019. and we have 3 young Hombre`s in the middle, to add to our older hard nuts, + Clarry... Dee 3 Amigo's. Lets see how they shape up, after they're 2018 season. 😆
  13. DV8

    Official Nicknames

    Fritsch : Fearless Fly . .
  14. DV8

    AFL lookalikes

    This also looks very much like Mick Martin from North. ... maybe there's somethin' in the Air, over there. .
  15. DV8

    Training - Monday, 10th December 2018

    No, your wrong RJ. I have witnessed his improvement in his play. But NOT in his attitude to become Elite. Nor his efforts for a superior fitness, and the attitude to becoming a dominant AFL player are missing from his AFL vocabulary. For his talents, he's a plodder. He should be further advanced than what he has dished up. Its this amateur attitude, instead of being fully Pro-Minded, which sees him being a complacent AFL player... resting only on his birth talents, and not on his drive of determination. A huge difference. ... this is what I am taking aim squarely at. This is what made Yze not a household name... Green not a household name... robbo not a household name. All rested only on natural gifts, without the levels of commitment and dedication required to got beyond the levels so easily achieved by those few names_ They all underachieved, betraying their natural abilities... and we (Mfc) missed out on flags, for that near enough culture of the time. .