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  1. If this is it... the best we can do from Freo, I would prefer us get P's-5, 23,,, & Freo's future 2019 2nd Rnd Pick. 2018 P's-5 & 23 2019 2nd Rnd Pick_
  2. Belly's way of saying he's taking a shorts troll. a mini break, a bye moment. I think he'll be diligent again, very soon. Or Ross is not the Boss. .
  3. I can't do it Ross... I won't give them P5. I just won't do it... .
  4. I think I would have said 'Elf'. Do they allow Elves, on Wall street, DC ?
  5. DV8

    Rumour File

    Don't believe it... Beams trade to facilitate Neale trade??? ... to facilitate Hogan trade ??? I'm guessing_ This trade makes sense. Most likely the Lions chatted to Beams to see if he was interested in going to Pies to try for success... he's 29Yrs_ Lions clearly want Neale... and Neale's friend, who has already committed to go to Lions... to play with Neale. IF Fagan does not know of it... then the club has kept him at arms length, to protect his integrity.
  6. DV8

    No Massive Goalsquare in 2019

    Maybe it was an ambit throw away claim. Somehow showing the AFL listen. Weird in the 1st place. Out of step in my view. And now a backward somersault, with Pike... geniuses.
  7. I've just been over to Freo's site on a footy forum, doin' some recon'.... and I've had another thought, since being O' there. ... seems they are moving some players on... and the thought cropped up.. are they clearing some salary cap space ??? Just guessing, as things just don't feel to add up. If so, for whom ? It aint over, 'til the fat lady has sung.
  8. # cough #... ah, yes...
  9. So true... this is where we arrived at... that the a person's word wasn't good enough, with the law involved... and now written contracts aren't even worth the price of used toilet tissues. When will the world start to spin back,,, wards_ or has it started, already ??? .
  10. OK, lets get 2 it. That could be the word Freo feed out to the chooks... to try to make us blink. But we need a power defender, and Hoges can play back. On the other hand, they may be trying in concert with our people, to make the Lions cough... over the Neale deal. The point is, its 2 x top 10 picks... or its 'No Deal' X .
  11. DV8

    The Steven May Thread

    If all we said was that which we know, there wouldn't be a forum... it would be something like 6 pages, once every 3 months. People are saying what they think. That's simply, communication. It makes the world go about. The footy world, anywayz.
  12. Can we get to 400+, by the time trading is done for 2018 ?
  13. DV8

    Farewell Dom Tyson

    Yeah... I think this is a win/win. hopefully. We help find Ty another home and contract... & we get something back, to help us as well. I also hope Big Peurssy goes in hard, for the RednBlue, in 2019.