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  1. Trade rumours

    Jack Higgins redleg, a hybrid of what I think your looking for. Fair enough. That was the early knock on him, almost a bit like Moloney ended up as with the Dees. Finger pointer.
  2. Trade rumours

    Sorry mate, I can't agree re Weideman. Handled the right way, he will be a beaut. Handled the wrong way & we could end up with another watts. Its the same for almost any player. Last season was the equivalent of Weids TAC final year. This is the equivalent of his first AFL club year, a bit like Hogan being taken as an U-17. So I look at it like he has just completed his first season on an AFL list. I am hopeful of a very good season in 2018 from Sam Weideman.
  3. Trade rumours

    can you PM me? I know he Had, issues, when he started years ago. But appears to have worked those out.
  4. I agree, that watts isn't the reason we didn't make the finals, but he is one part of the reason we didn't, and there are Many. he isn't cut out to play in a contested ball team. he does not work hard enough off the ball when we don't have it. He plays as a small, yet he won't get in under, & front & centre, he won't fly for marks in the pack which he did do in U-18's. He is not fully 100% committed to this club, and probably won't be to any club. He won't risk his body. He is a mind only player.
  5. Trade rumours

    No, they need him outa there, like the dogs & stringer, us & watts. etc. Some just hold the momentum back. They may play well in themselves, but sometimes they just aren't team oriented onfield. If the won't row the team boat, seeya.
  6. Trade rumours

    When Jones is cooked from playing on-ball, & we are left with Oli, Viney & maybe Maynard in under? we will be wishing we had Rocky as well. If we can free up a little something with Jacky baby, I'd like to spend that on Rocky. If we ended up with Lever, Gaff & Rocky at the end of 2017, I reckon we'd be doing very well out of this season. Maynard won't hit his straps if he does for another couple of years. He may well start getting games next year, but won't be a topliner inside mid next year. He'll be a novice. IF Jones's legs go off early, then we would need the mature inside player that Rocky is now. We saw what happened when Jones was injured this mid year with his Quad. That, and other things, helped to conspire to derail our momentum & season fairly abruptly. Including Watts slow recovery. And the mistake of not keeping Pedo in the team rucking, around the time of Gawn coming back. We weren't ready for a couple of reasons and one of them is inexperience. Well Oli, Viney & Maynard are all inexperienced immature players. Lose Jones, Vince & Lewis, and we are behind that 8 ball again. Rocky could be a bridge between they're ages.
  7. Trade rumours

    I know who you mean. Lucas. Just that the Weide is nothing like Lucas. The comparison is just ridiculous.
  8. I think Braydon Maynard has done very well so far. I want to see the end of watts. I'm just sick of players who only give a part of the game, that they want to put forth, areas they are ok performing. If we are to go anywhere at all, we cannot allow players to dictate what they will & will not perform on the field. Hodge would not let watts get away with his sometimes efforts, over at the Hawks. We are too soft on our players & give them games when they don't deserve them, & that then spoils them. Particularly watts case, & many others, back then. It's time to clear the decks of the stragglers from that part of our Era. Accepting those who are obviously fully involved in our games & fortunes. I reckon JW is about a 75% man. I reckon Gawn is about an 89% man.
  9. The Jake Lever Thread

    Grab a spot in the queue.
  10. (Watts) Braydon Maynard, & an exchange of picks, just to round things out.
  11. Let's let them into the 'G'. They can move into our spot, & into our old pants as well. While they are moving in, we can slip out and across the road into the Swimming centre. Squatting there, until we make it our own. But they can keep they're lousy Jail Bars.
  12. That'll do, just fine. It's all currency, & we can use that currency to paint the rooms with a fresh coat. Something with a little Iron in it, I'd presume.
  13. Trade rumours

    Make hay when the sun shines. We keep the kid. If he wants out in 2 years time, then eddie can payup 2 x 1st Rnd picks for him.
  14. Trade rumours

    Absolutely no way. Tell eddie to waddle away, back to Broady.