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  1. When we were two players down v Richmond it got a casual mention in the media, but mainly it was all about how good Richmond were! Sydney are two down and they wont shut up about how hard it is to win two down. Seems it's an excuse for some teams and not for others.
  2. Time to move some deck chairs! OUT: Salem (susp), Bugg, Kent, O. McDonald, Weideman (all omitted) IN: Harmes, Melksham, Neal-Bullen, Stretch, Keilty (debut)
  3. Easy solution. 5 Games a year in Hobat, 5 Games in Launceston and 1 Game in any of Devonport, Burnie, Glenorchy, Clarence etc. If they make the finals, whichever of Hobart or Launceston has averaged the higher attendance for the season can win the rights to host. There's ways of making it work.
  4. Very tough, but here it goes; FB: J. Smith, Frost, Jetta HB: Hunt, T. McDonald, Hibberd C: Vince, Jones, Tyson HF: Petracca, Hogan, Kent FF: Watts, Pedersen, Garlett FOLL: Gawn, Oliver, Viney INT: Brayshaw, Lewis, Salem, Stretch EMERG: Harmes, O. McDonald, Neal-Bullen Still think Brayshaw is best 22, but obviously he's some time off while Stretch works on a few things at VFL level. Shout out to Bugg, Vandenberg & Melksham who I think still have roles to play as handy depth players. Potentially Kennedy also. Weideman still needs more time.
  5. Just had a read of this thread. One option for a mature forward to compliment Hogan & Watts next year while Weid continues to develop who is good in the air and would also be able to put on pressure when the ball hits the ground is already on our list. ..... Colin Garland! Fact of the matter is that he's contracted for 2018 and with Tommy & Oscar Mc, Frost and the emergence of Joel Smith and Wagner, I think we all know Col's days in defence are over. I hope the club tries and turns him into a forward in 2018 for his own sake. No point having him 6th in line for tall defenders when you could try him in a position he was initially drafted for where we lack some depth. Worst case scenario it doesn't work and we delist him at the end of 2018 anyway. Food for thought.
  6. Not the worst thought. Will at the very least keep the likes of Kent, Harmes, JKH, Dion Johnstone etc honest.
  7. Not an inconvenience at all. Demonland has provided a lot over this last decade!
  8. I will make a donation after pay day (May 9). Bread & water till then...
  9. I remember him. Struggled to have much of an impact, even in the D-League and was delisted after 1 year. Happy for him.
  10. Good to at least see Trenners, Kennedy and White continue their decent form.
  11. There's always a carry over player when the VFL plays the day before.
  12. How's Trenners, Harmes etc going?
  13. Tell me about it. Was thinking of driving down for the game, until about 11:45 when I realized it stated at 1 instead. Quickly changed my mind after that.
  14. We both agree that defence seems to be his most natural position. But I encourage everyone to check out the footage of VFL Round 2 last year when it was Collingwood v Casey at Olympic Park. Was on the club website at the time. Keilty played the whole game in the ruck v Mason Cox, giving away about 15cm and 20+kg. I was really impressed at how well he competed in there. He probably wont play. I just think he should.