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  1. MadAsHell

    Jack Billings

    Reckon St Kilda will want more for him then what he's currently worth.
  2. MadAsHell

    Jack Billings

    Don't support St kilda or know Billings or anyone else associated with St Kilda. Also not going to dispute the stats, but if he did have 14, they were an unremarkable 14. Wasn't noticeable till the 2nd as I said, although if u were there you're welcome to give your take.
  3. MadAsHell

    Jack Billings

    Was there today and have to say despite his figures he was very unimpressive. Didn't sight him that much early when Frankston were still having a real crack, but from about half way through the 2nd when Frankston dropped their intensity that's when Billings started to get a lot of cheap hanball receives and strutted around like a peacock. Personally I'd be more keen on taking a chance on Nathan Freeman's hamstring then Billings on their output and intensity today.
  4. MadAsHell

    Jack Billings

    Planning on heading to Trevor Baker Oval today to watch Sandy play my home town (Frankston). Will keep a close eye on Billings to see what his intent is like.
  5. MadAsHell

    Casey Demons v Collingwood VFL - Round 10

    Fair call re his confidence JR. Though I disagree re being very poor. Don't recall any turnovers or errors that cost us in anyway, and I thought he was important when moved forward.
  6. MadAsHell

    Casey Demons v Collingwood VFL - Round 10

    Thoughts on our players today from my position on the far side of the ground; Tyson: At quarter time he was BOG by the length of the Flemington straight. Was clean, used it well and looked a class above. Collingwood put a bit more work into him after 1/4 time, but his first touch work was still very good. Frost: Not bad without being great. Very solid and I thought his move forward was important in giving Casey another avenue towards goal despite not hitting the score board himself. JKH: BOG for mine. His ball use and ability to create run and win his own ball was very impressive. Think he still has a future in the AFL, not sure if it will be us however. Weideman: Very quiet, although to be fair the delivery was pretty poor. His last quarter was good I thought. A couple of strong marks and competed well. Balic: Very good first term and seemed to be the main avenue through half forward. Drifted out of the game for the next two quarters, but stood up when it mattered most with 2 last quarter goals. Hunt: Didn't star, but liked what he did do. I thought his ball use was better and he really cracked in. Bugg: Very solid game through the midfield and was probably the most consistent in each of the 4 quarters. Funny that he can't miss a shot at VFL level. Baker: Quiet start, but got better as the game went on. Missed what would have been a beauty in the 2nd term, but kicked the last of the day. King: Quiet game. Got to a lot of marking contests, but couldn't seem to hang onto any of them. Petty: Very good game, and is a very promising player. He looks class this kid! Johnston: I thought about 3 weeks ago that Johnston was DOA at the exit interviews at years end, however his move to defence has been inspired. Don't write this kid off yet. Could be groomed as a future small defender IMO. Was very solid. J. Wagner: Another very solid game. Used it well, and I'm slowly starting to develop some confidence in his decision making. I feel he's being groomed for Jordan Lewis eventual replacement. Very good at this level. Keilty: Best game I've seen him play live. Multiple intercept marks and he seemed to cover the ground better then I've seen him do before. Really seems to be starting to blossom. Filipovic: I thought his ruck work was quite impressive considering he was giving away several kg's. Next thing for him to do apart from add muscle is to start to do a bit more around the ground. He is still very young though. SPECIAL MENTION Corey Wagner: Came to Casey after two years and 8 games with North Melbourne and time in the Lions acadamey before that. Looks at home amongst the AFL mids and he runs hard. Certainly wouldn't be against adding him to our midfield stocks at seasons end.
  7. MadAsHell

    Casey Demons v Collingwood VFL - Round 10

    Can advise that Petty was in the warm up, so no QB debut for him. Yet to spot any of Pedersen, Joel Smith, Garlett, Hunt or Stretch yet.
  8. MadAsHell

    Jack Billings

    Classic win/win trade that one. We got an experienced mid which we lacked who has won a B&F for us and will bring up 100 club games this year. Both teams would be very happy I suspect.
  9. MadAsHell

    Round 12 Non-MFC

    The year before GWS selected Will Hoskin-Elliott at Pick 4 and ended up trading him away for not much more then we got in our Toumpas trade. There's no certainty in drafting. Plus what we got in the Toumpas/Howe trade went towards our trade for the Oliver pick. So thank god we drafted Toumpas!😆
  10. MadAsHell

    Casey Demons v Collingwood VFL - Round 10

    Assuming we only take one carry over player into Queens Birthday (I suspect will be Stretch), the two inclusions for Melbourne are Pedersen & Joel Smith (as most suspect) and both Hannan & Melksham are also both fully fit for Melbourne, that will mean we have 16 AFL listed players available on Saturday. Not sure how many Collingwood have, but with those numbers I'm confident of a win.
  11. MadAsHell

    Casey Demons v Collingwood VFL - Round 10

    I'm assuming by your omission of Joel Smith and Stretch that you assume Smith will come in for Lever and Stretch will be our carry over player?
  12. MadAsHell

    Changes v Collingwood

    Will reserve full judgement until after today's VFL game, but early thought are; Frost in to play O Mc's lock down defensive role (on Cox) and free up O Mc to play Lever's role. If one of Pedersen or Weideman has a day out they may come in for Smith. May.... If Melksham isn't fit then Bugg's form probably warrants a call up before Balic.
  13. MadAsHell

    2018 Commonwealth Games

    FINAL TALLY OF ALL 43 NATIONS TO MEDAL Rank Nation Total 1 Australia 80 59 59 198 2 England 45 45 46 136 3 India 26 20 20 66 4 Canada 15 40 27 82 5 New Zealand 15 16 15 46 6 South Africa 13 11 13 37 7 Wales 10 12 14 36 8 Scotland 9 13 22 44 9 Nigeria 9 9 6 24 10 Cyprus 8 1 5 14 11 Jamaica 7 9 11 27 12 Malaysia 7 5 12 24 13 Singapore 5 2 2 9 14 Kenya 4 7 6 17 15 Uganda 3 1 2 6 16 Botswana 3 1 1 5 17 Samoa 2 3 0 5 18 Trinidad and Tobago 2 1 0 3 19 Namibia 2 0 0 2 20 Northern Ireland 1 7 4 12 21 The Bahamas 1 3 0 4 22 Papua New Guinea 1 2 0 3 23 Fiji 1 1 2 4 24 Pakistan 1 0 4 5 25 Grenada 1 0 1 2 26 Bermuda 1 0 0 1 26 Guyana 1 0 0 1 26 British Virgin Is. 1 0 0 1 26 Saint Lucia 1 0 0 1 30 Bangladesh 0 2 0 2 31 Sri Lanka 0 1 5 6 32 Cameroon 0 1 2 3 33 Dominica 0 1 1 2 34 Isle of Man 0 1 0 1 34 Mauritius 0 1 0 1 34 Nauru 0 1 0 1 37 Malta 0 0 2 2 37 Vanuatu 0 0 2 2 39 Cook Islands 0 0 1 1 39 Ghana 0 0 1 1 39 Norfolk Island 0 0 1 1 39 Seychelles 0 0 1 1 39 Solomon Islands 0 0 1 1 Well it was a pretty successful games all up. Australia back to topping the tally with our most medals since Melbourne 2006 and England winning less gold then we did in Glasgow 2014. In fact these games Australia won more gold then England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland combined. While ending the games with the disappointment of loosing the gold medal games of womens rugby 7's and the netball (moment of panic in rugby, panic and shocking coaching decisions in netball which should seriously be reviewed), there were some great moments like the Boomers and our performances in the marathons. Outside of the opening and closing ceremonies the Comm Games have been quite successful. And with Birmingham to host in 2022, all of Auckland, Christchurch, Edmont and Port Moresby expressing an interest in holding 2026, it looks like the Comm Games will be around for awhile yet.
  14. MadAsHell

    2018 Commonwealth Games

    TOP 10 MEDAL TALLY EARLY DAY 11 Rank Nation Total 1 Australia 76 55 57 188 2 England 42 41 42 125 3 India 25 16 18 59 4 Canada 15 39 27 81 5 South Africa 13 11 13 37 6 New Zealand 12 16 14 42 7 Wales 10 12 14 36 8 Scotland 9 13 21 43 9 Nigeria 9 8 6 23 10 Cyprus 8 1 5 14 Plenty more gold yesterday. Three gold in the boxing, Opals got the job done despite Cambage being ejected, both the mens & womens road races, the 10m platform in the diving, Kookaburras in the hockey, as well as the squash and table tennis. Highlight of the day was the finish to the mens basketball semi final NZ v Canada. If you can find it online thdn check it out! Today we've already picked up gold in the mens and womens para marathons, and we have big hopes in Jess Trengove + Michael Shelley in the able bodied marathons, Diamonds in the Netball, Boomers in the basketball and our womens Rugby 7's team. On a side note we've passed England'smedal tally from Glasgow 2014 while they trail ours from the same games. This is also our best Comm Games result since Melbourne 2006 so far. Hopefully the tide may be starting to turn for our results heading into Tokyo 2020 after two previous lackluster Olympics and 2014 Comm Games.
  15. MadAsHell

    2018 Commonwealth Games

    Love those moments, no censors at a time of euphoria! Haha. TOP 10 MEDAL TALLY CURRENTLY ON DAY 10 Rank Nation Total 1 Australia 67 50 54 171 2 England 33 35 36 104 3 India 18 11 14 43 4 Canada 14 34 26 74 5 South Africa 13 10 12 35 6 New Zealand 10 15 12 37 7 Scotland 9 13 19 41 8 Nigeria 8 5 5 18 9 Cyprus 8 1 5 14 10 Wales 7 10 13 30 Busy day today with more Rugby 7's, cycling Road races, the medals in both mens and womens hockey, mens basketball semi's with womens medal matches plus more gold on offer on the aths track and diving. Could be a lot of medals to come today! Also of note is that I feel a bit for Canada. A very impressive 74 medals, however only 14 of them gold. Would be quite frustrating for them I'd imagine.