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  1. MadAsHell

    The Braydon Preuss Thread

    While in theory I like your line of thinking, with the abolishment of the D-League, you can't have too many specialist rucks on your list, as you'll run out of places to play them. I think Gawn in the seniors, Preuss at Casey with Bradtke playing off the bench/resting forward and helping out in the ruck is about it as far as our specialist rucks will go. Otherwise expect additional ruck support to come from Weideman, Tom McDonald & Keilty.
  2. MadAsHell

    Optus Stadium

    May just be Burswood Oval. Have to say that while it's an aesthetically good looking ground, it's pumped up way too much. Poorly signed & maned aisles and limited room around the concourse. Give me the MCG anyday.
  3. MadAsHell

    Jesse Hogan - trade?

    You're an !《!0+
  4. MadAsHell

    Optus Stadium

    I thought they stopped playing games at Optus Oval (Princess Park) back in 2005???
  5. MadAsHell

    2019 best 22 and depth chart

    You may be onto something here. A potential cheap replacement for Salem off half back could be Pittard from Port?
  6. MadAsHell

    2019 best 22 and depth chart

    FB: Hibberd, Frost, Jetta HB: Hunt, Lever, Lewis C : T. McDonald*, Brayshaw, Harmes HF: Petracca, Hogan*, Melksham FF: Hannan, Weideman, Spargo FOLL: Gawn, Oliver, Viney INT: Fritsch, Jones, Neal-Bullen, Salem *Note that both these two I expect to rotate forward & through the midfield in order to allow us to play three tall forwards. Depth: VANDENBERG (unlucky not to be in my 22, but main victim of fitting in 3 tall forwards), TYSON (only to play as an inside mid), JOEL SMITH (mid sized defender), O. MCDONALD (tall defender), STRETCH (outside mid), KENNEDY-HARRIS/KENT (small fwd/wing), WAGNER (half back), KEILTY (tall utility Pedersen role). Draft Lockhart and some other good outside user types. Recruit a 2nd ruck, trade out Garlett, entertain offers for Tyson. Make Viney sole captain and make a big push for Kelly in the 2019 trade period. That just about covers it all I think....
  7. Would keep for mine, but certainly not a lock 22. Lets have someone like Wagner force him out of the team. Do agree with others that Viney should be sole captain next year.
  8. MadAsHell

    Pre-match brunch

    Heading along to this function with my folks. To early for pre-match beers. Maybe pre-match vodka & orange juice???
  9. MadAsHell

    How many Dees faithful will be at the game?

    I'll be there with two other demons!
  10. MadAsHell

    Who's going to Perth?

    Gone with Qantas. Thought they had much better scheduled flights then the other airlines.
  11. MadAsHell

    Who's going to Perth?

    Managed to secure seats to the game on the wing on the ground level. Flying out Thursday night and flying home on the red eye sunday night. Here's hoping for a memorable match!
  12. MadAsHell

    Where to watch the game - Melbourne V WCE

    Irish Murphys in Salamanca Place should have you covered.
  13. MadAsHell

    Perth Pre/Post Game

    Blasta Brewing Company doesn't seem too far away from the ground. https://www.blastabrewing.com
  14. MadAsHell

    Who's going to Perth?

    All good thanks mate. Got my tickets & flights arranged. Ground level, on the wing! Flying to Perth Thursday night and catching the red eye home on Sunday night.