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  1. Changes vs North Melbourne

    Channel 9 suggesting all of Viney, Gawn, Jetta to play.
  2. Looking ahead .. the Path to September

    We can win every game.
  3. Looking ahead .. the Path to September

    I don't see a reason why we could not "win out" the home and away season from here.
  4. Changes vs North Melbourne

    I get the romance but anyone who thinks Trengrove should keep Vince out of the team is suffering an old fashion does of heart over head.

    Not far off our best team...... but many underdone. Jones, Vince missing from our best 2017 team. Perhaps a couple of others like Brayshaw could put their hand up on potential curled by injury.... but as far as 2017 goes probably only two short.
  6. GAMEDAY - Round 17


    Swans at full strength, Dees decimated by injury, coming off 3 six day breaks and likely suffering light headlines after unprecedented over hyped media talk. Always a poor omen! My head says no! My heart hoping my head is wrong. One last thing, if the Dees somehow win Goodwin has one hell of a selection headache next week.
  8. GAMEDAY - Round 14

    I too reporting in from Bali. Family all going to some bar in Seminyak to watch the game and eat dinner!! Seriously excited, but you never know what's going to happen. Bet $100 @ $2.90 earlier in the week, now even money so you must assume there is massive late out for the WCE. Confident our backline will hold. Pretty sure our mids will get on top with Gawn in despite Jones out. However, I have concerns with our forwards and general intensity after a second 6 day break. Even money probably good bet for WCE. Simply if we win tonight and then again next week we are genuine contendors!! Premature I know, but just the thought of the unimaginable simply sends my mind mad!! Go Dees!!
  9. Changes v Weagles

    Sometimes what I hear does not eventuate. So what! This is not embarrassing, I am not embarrassed. What's embarrassing is you spent 12 paragraphs to say I think GNF is full of BS. You are entitled to your opinion.
  10. Changes v Weagles

    Gee wiz, what a nasty lot many Demonlanders are, not sure why Satyr should cop such abuse for simply giving his opinion and whispers here on this anonymous, gossip, opinion thread? People should be thanking him for turning up to training and telling all on what he hears, even if not everything he hears eventuates. These things after all have many moving parts. It would seem there are many posters on Demonland who spend all day searching for any small slice of information on their beloved Dees. Fair enough! However, it seems that those same people most desperate for information are the same people who then abuse those few who regularly or even from time to time get these precious slices of info. This reminds me of teenage boys desperate to sleep with a girl. When a girl comes around who is interested this girl in then called a [censored], and socially shamed by exactly the same boys who were soo desperate for her. Not a very intelligent way of getting more action............. not a very intelligent way of getting more MelbourneFC info......... perhaps these people are simply not very intelligent!
  11. Queen's Birthday

    I read some have different views. My view is that this is the most important games for us since 2006 semi final. If we win we turn at 6 and 5 in 6th place. With Gawn, Hogan (our two most important players) shortly back we set ourselves up not just for finals but a tilt at a top 4 finish. Shall we lose, we again fail when favourites, this time coming off a 16 day break. Our opponents have played twice since we beat Gold Coast and have lost 3 of their best players in last weekends stirling victory over Carlton. This will be hard for them to cover. We will be 5 and 6 in 11th place, with mental issues that will be difficult to overcome this season. It will be highly unlikely we make finals. Confidence is everything in this game. As its been said it is indeed 90% between the ears. This is a game we must win!
  12. Queen's Birthday

    Not sure. Lets see how he looks at training tomorrow. He still looked a bit gingery yesterday.
  13. Queen's Birthday

    Its disappointing Hogan did not get up. It was expected he would last weekend. I never said Hogan was an absolute, just that the club was confident he would come up, that he was likely to play. For those who seem to be obsessed with what I write on this forum, knock yourselves out. Not everything I hear eventuates. I only write what I hear, you can choose to accept that it has come from within the club or you can call it BS. Frankly I could not give two hoots. I will continue to write what I am told when this is appropriate to be discussed on this forum. This is after all a rumor forum. This is what this site is about. My advise to those of you who choose to believe I am full of sh*t and seem to get upset by this:: Don't read my posts, problem solved. Surely you have far better things to do with your time than write endless posts on which snippets of news have eventuated and which have not and abuse an anonymous poster for giving gossip on a gossip forum???!?!? Are you people unemployed? If so I can see why! It is truly insane!
  14. Queen's Birthday

    The word I am getting is Hogan still a likely starter. He is fit, wants to play, but faces a mixed view from footy department on whether he is mentally ready and physically conditioned. It will come down to selection committee on Thursday. There may also be some gamesmanship going on here. Thats what I am hearing. It's from the top. Its by no means absolute. Just what I am hearing. Happy to be smashed on here for giving gossip on a "gossip site". Personally I find it entertaining. Knock yourself out! Looking forward to some apologies.
  15. The K-Tip Thread

    Sydney should be paying us to take him off their hands. Say 3/4 of his salary till contact ends plus a 2nd round pick. Seriously this guy is a spud.