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  1. Grand New Flag

    Post Match Discussion - Round 14

    I was at the game sitting at height. What I saw which did not come out on tv was Ports defensive tactic. Many here are complaining about continuous long bombs into our forward 50, however the case is that Port defended excellently and quickly ran in numbers into our forward 50 once we had possession. Our f50 was always super crowded with Port players. Sometimes all 18 of them. They made it almost impossible to short pass. A long bomb to the top of the square was the best percentage play. Regardless we played better and deserved to win. Our biggest disappointment was not putting the game to bed in the 3rd when we had them on toast. The crowd got very involved and the umpires were certainly influenced by the crowd. It is rare that umpires influence the outcome of a game, but on this day we were murdered by the maggots. Port were continuously awarded soft free kicks in front of goal, where at the other end our players were blocked, pushed in the back, and illegally held without one free kick (from memory). The 50 meter penalty awarded to win the game for Port was disgraceful.
  2. Grand New Flag

    Over at the Doggies supporter forum . . .

    Thanks Queeny, that is utter gold. I expect the dogs to play an ultra defensive game plan and try frustrate the Dee to a victory. The Dogs only genuine hope is if our young team has drunk their own bath water....... and fail to respect the opposition and what it takes to win.
  3. Grand New Flag

    Last chance city prices!

    Punters: you can still get $12 for the Dees to win the premiership and $26 for Gawn to win the Brownlow. I suggest you take both. We have our young and hungry best 25 fit and available for selection. But most importantly as a team we are improving by the week. We have the dominant ruckman who could have well polled Brownlow votes in 8 games (out of 9). As MFC supporters we naturally hold massive failure, doom and conned psychological issues. We have every right to feel this.... to be pessimistic. However, the times have changed..... I am callng it. The MFC time has come. Supporters; Open your eyes to where we are, rather than sufficienting yourself on where we have been. Let the past go!! $26 for a Gawn Brownlow is awesome odds. $12 for a Dees Premiership is as good as it will get. I am convinced, our time has begun. Get on board. I am!
  4. Grand New Flag

    Jake Lever - Demonland Player of The Year

    He started terribly, but he has improved every game. He was outstanding against Essendon (call it a MFC breakout game) and very good against Richmond. He is a class player, was sensational last season and Adelaide's best in their GF lass. If he stays injury free he will finish top 5 in the B&F. We have not paid overs.
  5. Grand New Flag

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 5

    My guess it: In: Stretch, Weids, Tyson, Hunt Out: Lewis, Bugg, Frost, one of: Harmes/Melksham
  6. Very disappointing. He took Saints to the Grand Finals with no injuries. Knows how to build up the conditioning required.
  7. Grand New Flag

    Boot Camp 2017 cancelled by Players

    Plenty of over reactions on this thread. This decision forced by the Players Association not the players as suggested will make absolutely no difference come season start. The boys are still going to be trained into the ground, they are still going to be made to hurt and sweat red & blue for our club and their team mates. This has no reflection on their desire to win, their desire to play for their gurney, their desire to move up the ladder. Internally the expectation is 15 win in season 2018. Take a couple of deep breaths, this is no biggie.
  8. Grand New Flag

    Poll: Rate our Trade Period

    The club achieved all its goals, I just wish one of those was not kicking Watts out for whatever they could get.
  9. Grand New Flag

    Farewell Jack Watts

    I read it on the Rumors Page and then directly asked to confirm or otherwise.
  10. Grand New Flag

    Farewell Jack Watts

    Sorry I meant Zac Jones in exchange for Watts + Player or Pick Sorry about confusion but was rejected.
  11. Grand New Flag

    Farewell Jack Watts

    MFC have been working/shopping the Watts trade this morning. MFC have inquired about Zac Jones Plus pick or player in exchange for Watts. Although this was not outright rejected by Sydney, Sydney indicated this was unlikely. Zac is a required player.
  12. Grand New Flag

    Farewell Jack Watts

    Watts is 100% gone. It has come to my attention that Watts has been shown the door with the full knowledge and approval of the leadership group...... people who love Jack and are close friends with Jack. The leadership group think the team will be better without him and also think its best for Jack. The final straw (as previously discussed) was the trip to Byron and his failure to do what ever he could to get back to full fitness as fast as possible. It angered many players and coaches. It sends the wrong message to the playing group. I am a Watts fan and this devastates me...... he is gone.
  13. Grand New Flag

    Farewell Jack Watts

    It will be very interesting if JW gets an opportunity to speak tonight. There are those in the club who have prepared for the possibility JW will make an impassioned speech of his love for the club, apologises for letting team members, supporters and the club in general down, declaring his desire to do what ever it takes to win a premiership for Melbourne before declaring that he will not authorise a trade. This is possible and would be making a big statement. From what I hear the thing that has really got Watts offside with the coach and some players is going away to Byron to promote his board short business while he was injured. Watts did not do rehab properly while away and lost so much fitness he was useless on his return. A 2 week injury turned into 4 plus the 3 weeks it took to get him back to full fitness.
  14. Grand New Flag

    Farewell Jack Watts

    There is a little more going on that has almost forced Goodwill to make public comments so to off load Watts. As a contracted player Watts cant be traded without his approval. Watts has made an unprecedented pitch to the club to stay. It started with a PR news story when he was first told to find a new club. His campaign to stay has now involved his manager, all senior coaches, he has looked for support form the administration, the Board and now the media and general public. This has not gone down well with Goodwin and created a problem for him, these tactics are unprecedented. Usually when players are told they are not wanted they cant find a new home fast enough. I don't like Watts chances of staying but he is going all out. He is going down fighting. This may be the wake up he requires. Its going to be an interesting few weeks.
  15. Grand New Flag

    Farewell Jack Watts

    He has been shown the door.