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  1. http://www.theage.com.au/afl/melbourne-demons/melbourne-player-investigated-for-alleged-sexual-assault-20171221-h08npw.html The story seems to have been pulled by The Age for some reason - maybe legals. Crux of the article was that an un-named player was under investigation for a sexual assault whilst overseas in September. Complaint made by a woman upon her return to Melbourne on October 2nd. AFL were notified and police involved but woman has not as yet lodged formal complaint.
  2. Trade rumours

    Liber seems on the outer at Bulldogs?
  3. Trade rumours

    Preferably with both feet!
  4. If we could poach one GWS Midfielder...

    I would trade Dom Tyson and Salem for Josh Kelly😎

    The Sydney player was Dale Lewis.
  6. Demon Injuries 2017 season

    Garland out for season after torn ACL in TAC game
  7. Demon Injuries 2017 season

    Jay Kennedy-Harris info. ➡️ mfcde.es/2louEqd
  8. Training - Monday 16th January, 2017

    Two of the slowest footballers and the best were Greg Williams and Sam Mitchell. Trenners is probably not in their league but still could be a player.
  9. 3rd Man up gets the chop...

    How typical of the AFL to announce the ruck rule change just before Christmas and AFTER the draft so teams that have devalued ruckmen because they use a 3rd man up tactic like Geelong and Hawthorn won't have an opportunity this year to top up their ruck stocks. Great for us as it just magnifies Maxy's advantage.
  10. 2016 Player Review - # 8 Heritier Lumumba

    I believe the AFL may have an issue with that as the doctors have apparently cleared H fit to train/play.
  11. The No T$ No B$ Thread

    We were paying Optus $185 for a 100Gig 8Mbps/640K service so our cost increase isn't too bad as our usage was increasing due to increasing cloud services and updates to software no longer arriving by DVD but by cloud. I understand your cost issue but unfortunately NBN if it ever gets to Melbourne isn't for business users and would cost more anyway.
  12. The No T$ No B$ Thread

    I am having similar internet issues at work - I have now signed up with TPG for a 10/10Mbps unlimited Gig service for $199/month + GST. Hopefully that will speed up our system.
  13. The Incredible Hulk - Jesse Hogan

    Here's the link to Age story http://www.theage.com.au/afl/fremantle-dockers/freo-target-jesse-hogan-buys-perth-house-may-not-be-dockers-hero-any-time-soon-20160624-gpr1l8.html
  14. Richmond - delusional?

    Choco? May have some health issues to prevent taking the top job.