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  1. Only on Demonland!
  2. Just back from Southbank and drove past Gosch's Paddock (around 2ish). They were all out training; sadly couldn't stop for a look.
  3. Interesting; I am a fan but thought he had some really poor moments today. inaccurate kicking on goal, poor disposal and decision making for the first three quarters. Did some good things in the last.
  4. And that's why I love footy.
  5. me too! i noticed a heap of dees up in the nose bleeds
  6. And he replies to my son on Instagram!!
  7. Pedo will not be dropped in my humble opinion. CHF at least till Jessie is back.
  8. Well that was strange
  9. 27,000 at the Hawks v Suns game today...that Hawthorn Family drops off pretty quickly with a few losses.
  10. A pack of clowns. Ling is one of the worst.
  11. Funnily enough I filled in an unsolicited questionnaire from them yesterday; all of their questions were to do with how they could add to my subscription experience. My answers were all to do with them improving their reporting and journalism whereas I get the distinct impression they were wanting to offer me free tickets to events. The marketing department have taken over the assylum from the looks of things. My final comment was "make a better paper and the rest doesn't matter!"
  12. Hindsight; I remember the received opinion at the time was it was Scully and Trengove as the 1&2 picks and the order could have gone either way. There was acknowledgement that Martin was good but the other 2 were better. Yes we missed a chance but at the time it would have been seen as a brave move. Wines on the other hand was more of a genuine miss in my opinion.
  13. Discman in fact! Walkman pah! So Old School
  14. Next suburb in fact - (3 kms along the Merri Trail). Not too many hipsters anywhere in the early 2000's BTW. Comment was mean't in a jovial manner as in fact I am the least Hipster person you could meet (I don't even own an IPad). I do live behind Courtney Barnett though so I guess that makes me Hipster by association!.