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  1. Salems Lot

    Will 12 be enough

    GWS are beatable at the G but hope that we are not relying on it.
  2. Salems Lot

    Training - Wednesday, 18 July 2018

    OK, so that is 3 of our best out - 7,8 and 14
  3. Salems Lot

    Brent Harvey says we'll lose Jesse Hogan

  4. Salems Lot

    Casey Demons v Footscray VFL - Round 15

    I believe so mono. Nothing severe from memory.
  5. Salems Lot

    Happy 160th Birthday Melbourne Football Club

    Yes, I think that is the point that has been made in the past; we are the oldest club to have continuously played at the top flight of its competition Go Dees
  6. Salems Lot


    Take 2 Bailey Fritch highlight reels and have a lie down
  7. Salems Lot

    Casey Demons v North Melbourne VFL - Round 14

    Hey SF, that is a hell of a post (I normally follow every word you say by the way)
  8. Salems Lot

    Training - Wednesday 4th July, 2018

    Thanks Kevin, most appreciated. I hope they ease young Pat in with plenty of warm ups. I can't imagine returning in mid winter is the best time to be testing out dodgy hammys. Great that they are back though.
  9. Salems Lot

    Essendon VFL v Casey Demons - VFL Round 13

    Could flatten his kicks out a bit; has a tendancy to up and unders
  10. Salems Lot

    Essendon VFL v Casey Demons - VFL Round 13

    Is anyone going to the game? is this a new venue? I thought they would play at Windy Hill
  11. Salems Lot

    2017 Re-Drafted

    True about his pace but I would suggest that his attitude is similar. He obviously has a bit of the [censored] about him and I think that is where the similarity lies. As my wife would say he is a big dog in a little dog's body
  12. Salems Lot

    2017 Re-Drafted

    He has a touch of Brent Harvey about him (CS that is)
  13. Salems Lot

    Marc Murphy at the Dees.

    Phil Pinnell!