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  1. Fitzy Retires

    The sort of player who would have been so much better in our current club environment.

    Tommy Mac took a dominant Hipwood out of the game when he was moved onto him

    Clearly being nursed through to the end of our campaign this year. Week off then Pies then another week off and so on
  4. 11 wins

    By my estimates Sunday was the first time we have had all of the following in the team at once #s5, 10, 13, 26 and throw in 19 all in the team at the same time. A great result for our recruitment staff.
  5. Hahaha Classic!!!

    I had an experience at AAMI park during the year that could explain how the knife got though security. I took my 87 year old Kiwi dad to the rugby earlier in the year, the first time he had been to a sporting venue in about 20 years. As he shuffled up to the security area he emptied his pockets while the security guy wanded him. As he was standing there I noticed on the table next to him his iPhone, house key and his pocket knife! The guard did not bat an eyelid. Back into the pocket it all went and into the ground shuffled an 87y.o. knife wielding supporter.
  6. My 3 word player analysis V StKilda

    Dees - In The Eight!

    Shame on you negative supporters. The game is about desire, tenacity and drive to overcome adversity. The Mighty Dees did all of that better than their opponents today.
  8. Tomorrow's crowd numbers

    great initiative by the club. They know we are on the rise and will be far more likely of picking up new supporters as opposed to the last decade when we havve been rubbish
  9. Lack of Finals = Failed Season?

    For me, 12-13 wins was always what we should have been aiming for. At the moment that is still achievable. My only concern is that we appear to have run out of steam a tad. Injuries and youth are affecting us badly. Keep going boys!!
  10. Tassie Saturday V Norf

    Tried to book return flights for me and the boy Virgin wanted $1300!! My lounge room is looking good
  11. Our Failure to Crush Teams

    As a Dad, it matters not to me if people laugh. That is the joy of a Dad Gag!!!
  12. Our Failure to Crush Teams

    Gee we have changed as a supporter base when we are worrying about this. As Dory said in Finding Nemo, "just keep winning, just keep winning..."
  13. Post Match Discussion - Round 18

    Sadly Steve your criticism of the Dees is so relentless that you have totally undermined your own input. Turn that frown upsidedown mate and let a little sunshine into your cold cold heart. We won! another top 4 scalp with a heap of players coming back from injury. To get the 4 points and have that happen can only be a positive. Never the less you are entitled to your opinion; how do the worms taste at the bottom of the garden?
  14. AFL ask Hird to present Norm Smith Medal

    It is simples; get Meatloaf and Billy Idol to present it in the Batmobile!