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  1. Remember we had an almost injury free list last year.
  2. Their fans...the worst in so many ways. arrogant, Family! Family!?Hah! Interested to see how all those rusted on fans drop away now.. Their fans.....
  3. be glad that I have just booked my tickets!
  4. All the talk I heard from the Blues on the week end was about getting experience into their YOUNG list. Did not make sense then and does not now compared to whom they were playing.
  5. To get something you have to give something
  6. OK? he's fantastic!
  7. Why the talk about McCartin being out? I can't see anything in the news
  8. Interesting CB; your comment prompted me to check him out on line. His LinkedIn profile could not be more different to what I was expecting.
  9. You are one unhappy camper.
  10. No upgrade allowed for Heretier.
  11. Wow, quite a diatribe about a guy before round 1.
  12. What would i know!
  13. Wow, you would thing the dish lickers would be tapering to the season a bit more that this. Flag hangover??