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  1. Salems Lot

    2017 Re-Drafted

    True about his pace but I would suggest that his attitude is similar. He obviously has a bit of the [censored] about him and I think that is where the similarity lies. As my wife would say he is a big dog in a little dog's body
  2. Salems Lot

    2017 Re-Drafted

    He has a touch of Brent Harvey about him (CS that is)
  3. Salems Lot

    Marc Murphy at the Dees.

    Phil Pinnell!
  4. Salems Lot

    Hunt out for 4 to 6 Weeks

    hmm, a year that he would sooner forget
  5. Salems Lot

    Peter Jackson's Replacement?

    Fair enough Mach; my only concern is that we don't just opt for the option closest to hand. JM sounds like a good operator; I am sure the Board will make the right appointment.
  6. Salems Lot

    Peter Jackson's Replacement?

    Hi M5 In my opinion a CEO is a specific role that sits outside of football department know how. To quote "The Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”) is responsible for leading the development and execution of the Company’s long term strategy with a view to creating shareholder value. The CEO’s leadership role also entails being ultimately responsible for all day-to-day management decisions and for implementing the Company’s long and short term plans. The CEO acts as a direct liaison between the Board and management of the Company and communicates to the Board on behalf of management. The CEO also communicates on behalf of the Company to shareholders, employees, Government authorities, other stakeholders and the public" My belief is that this is a management role that should be carried out by a person with experience in that area. I hold my hand up here and admit that I don't know if JM has completed a MBA or appropriate qualification but assuming he has, he still has no experience within the actual role. I want my team to be identifying the best candidate for the job with a heap of successful credits on their CV. We are still settling into our new found sense of competency as an organisation and I don't think I would be comfortable with a CEO who is constantly thinking "what would my predecessor do?" It is very easy to confuse the club itself with the football department but at risk of stating the bleeding obvious, what we sell is football so keep the best manufacturers of that (Josh Mahoney) doing that and get someone who can meanwhile run the company using the best possible practices. From a personal perspective, I run my company while my business partner runs production. We have clearly defined roles that allow us to operate with clear targets and objectives. Your opinion my be different and you are most welcome to it. Go DEES!
  7. Salems Lot

    Peter Jackson's Replacement?

    Must be an experienced CEO; Josh should stick to managing the FD.
  8. Salems Lot

    "Like having two Nick Riewoldts"

    Bearing in mind neither of them crack a smile too often, what about the Twin-dour-Towers?
  9. Salems Lot

    Clarence Oliver

    What an amazing pick up he has been for the club; watching him at the ground helps you understand his speed of thought and ability to make good choice under incredible pressure. would have made an amazing fighter pilot
  10. Salems Lot

    Williamstown v Casey Demons - Round 9

    Hot Magma straight up and on the rocks!!
  11. Salems Lot

    Williamstown v Casey Demons - Round 9

    Hey OD how is the Lava Flow?
  12. Salems Lot

    Jake Lever injury - Confirmed ACL

    Hunt for mine
  13. Salems Lot

    GAMEDAY - Round 11

    Steel and Concrete? You are limiting the venues you can attend Emerald. Brunswick Oval probably gets across the line for you!😀
  14. Salems Lot

    GAMEDAY - Round 11

    I follow 3 teams; Melbourne Victory, The Australian Cricket Team (with some reservation these days) and the mighty, mighty Dees. 2 of those teams I have come to expect to come out and win most games they play, the other team has messed with my mind for 54 years and leaves me wondering WTF more often than not. Please boys, keep this wonderful euphoric feeling going for another 16 weeks or so. My son and I are off to the game today having not been able to get to the last few. We are fizzing at the bung for another big win by our boys in Red and Blue. Go Dees!!!