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  1. Sadly Steve your criticism of the Dees is so relentless that you have totally undermined your own input. Turn that frown upsidedown mate and let a little sunshine into your cold cold heart. We won! another top 4 scalp with a heap of players coming back from injury. To get the 4 points and have that happen can only be a positive. Never the less you are entitled to your opinion; how do the worms taste at the bottom of the garden?
  2. It is simples; get Meatloaf and Billy Idol to present it in the Batmobile!
  3. Smith played round 1.
  4. "Jack goes Bang!"
  5. I wonder if Nev is working with angus. From memory he had a shocking run with concussion about 4 years ago.
  6. Watch out for the ping pong balls Uncle!!
  7. PD I think he is joking
  8. For a split second the footage of him in the rooms looked like he was trying to run through a concrete column!
  9. Only on Demonland!
  10. Just back from Southbank and drove past Gosch's Paddock (around 2ish). They were all out training; sadly couldn't stop for a look.
  11. Interesting; I am a fan but thought he had some really poor moments today. inaccurate kicking on goal, poor disposal and decision making for the first three quarters. Did some good things in the last.
  12. And that's why I love footy.
  13. me too! i noticed a heap of dees up in the nose bleeds
  14. And he replies to my son on Instagram!!