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  1. Crazy talk, Pedo is our talisman. He stays in and plays forward ruck. T Mac to go back to defence, and drop OMac. (He's had a good taste of the seniors which will serve his development well, but lets face it, this season just got serious in a big way. We're in it up to our necks for the top 4! Go Dees!
  2. The media stooges will do anything to pump up the tires of the established powerhouse clubs and AFL darlings (e.g. Swans/GWS), case in point the number one play of this week's "The 10"
  3. PJ was comparing the Alice game to GC not the Darwin game. As for the OP's post, yes the Darwin game sucks. Two games in Alice would be preferable, if the NT games must happen.
  4. Why am I not surprised that T-Mac's game winning goal doesn't even get the nod for the number one moment of the round? Seriously AFL.com??? Sydney, last years grand finalists winning on their dung heap with a goal kicked from the goal line is a better moment than a team that hasn't played finals in 10 seasons winning interstate at a venue they haven't won at in over a decade, with the matchwinner kicked by a key position backman playing forward in open play that wasn't the result of a brain fart by the opposition but rather sheer determination and never say die attitude? I know which moment got my pulse racing faster (and I imagine the pulses of most neutral AFL fans that were watching out there). Surprised they didn't have Clarry's "dive" in there. Hang your heads AFL media editors. Edit: apologies grammar watchers for the long sentence.
  5. Wow, what a game! What a difference three years makes. Some posters might recall a long post of mine after we were flogged by the Eagles in 2014 and how my son spent the whole walk back to the car and half the car trip home in inconsolable tears. Fast forward to last night and the little fella (now 9) finally gets to see his beloved Demons get the choccies over here in the west. First win I've seen over here since the last round in 2000 when we were on a hot winning streak towards a GF berth. What a win! To come back from where we were late in the 4th was inspirational. Hats off to all of them but especially Tommy, big Max, and captain Jack. Loved ANB's game and Bernie's, and Nev's... loved them all. Was seated in amongst the Melbourne allocation behind the goals at the opposite end to where Tommy kicked that goal and the reaction among our fans when it went through... We'll that's why people go to the footy. It was pure unadulterated joy and jubilation, a type of group ecstacy the likes of which I've never before experienced. Strangers bound together by their love and passion for a football club hugging each other, high fiving, screaming for joy at the final siren and then belting out a rousing rendition of Grand Old Flag. It's a night that i hope I'll never forget. A memory that I will always cherish, thank you MFC!! Just wanted to give a shout out to the bloke who was sat next to us who had flown across the country to attend the game. Had a great time spending a couple of hours talking footy and barracking for the Dees with ya mate. Hope to catch you around the forum some time.
  6. Ken, love the kegarator, but it's the wrong shade of red 😋
  7. For those of us in WA who were thinking of attending training, I just rang the club about it and they said there is no open session this year. Oh well, see you there tomorrow night, go Dees!
  8. Worst game of footy I've seen since that Essendon game
  9. Players out there that are VFL level: OMac, Wagner, Bugg, Harmes, Neal-Bullen, Hannan That's almost the entire forward line!!!
  10. Hahahaha
  11. Brain fades all over the ground. saints showing what happens when you apply manic pressure to a young team. Hannan way out of his depth, as us Weed, and Oscar
  12. Hey McQueen, will be there with the little fella and my Eagle supporting old man. We should catch up for a beer at half time, pm me if you're interested.
  13. This. Hunt coming off half back is scintillating but Hunt coming off the wing and kicking goals is even better. I hope H gets back, he showed in the North game this year he's capable of more than just run and bomb.
  14. Couple more pre seasons in the gym should do him wonders. Struggles to stick a tackle at this stage but love his ball use and desire.
  15. Liked the earlier call of Gawn as the Ruck/forward. But we need a better option than Spencer as the main ruckman. Can we clone Gawny?