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  1. I see him starting the quarter on the bench and giving Gawn a spell a couple of minutes earlier than he was getting spelled this year, and Gawn then has a couple of minutes bench time before bobbing up in the goal square and then back to the middle. Gonna be fascinating if/when we go with the two big men in the same team.
  2. leucopogon

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    So we have traded out, retired and delisted 11 players, traded in 3 players but only have 6 picks. I'm confused. Do we have 2 fewer players on our list this season?
  3. leucopogon

    Rumour File

    Fair to say myself and many others also are becoming quite cynical about this years trade period. Seems like all these media leaks are just a bunch of pantomime in anticipation of the trade telecast tomorrow. Reminds me of the lead up to WrestleMania back in the day. Farcical.
  4. leucopogon

    Aaron vandenBerg not going - signs a new deal!!!

    Losing Vanders will sting. No doubt.
  5. leucopogon

    The Jackson Nelson Thread

    No thanks, have never really been impressed with him
  6. Guitarist looks like a young Colin Garland.
  7. May is quicker than Jayden Hunt over 30 m. Don't believe me? Watch the 2017 grand final sprint.
  8. leucopogon

    Aaron vandenBerg not going - signs a new deal!!!

    Players that tackle and play as hard as Vanders are worth their weight in gold. The old cliche they make others walk taller holds true based on my limited experience as a small, light framed footballer. A couple more like Vanders in the team would be more than welcome. I'll hate to see him traded, and the club should do everything it can to convince him to stay.
  9. I know this sounds ludicrous as he's the best ruckman on the planet, but I wonder if Max could become our Mason Cox and transition to more of a fwd ruck. God knows he can clunk a mark. Just needs to sort the kicking out. Imagine Gawn going into the guts as second ruck.
  10. leucopogon

    Aaron vandenBerg not going - signs a new deal!!!

    Surely the club has some contacts in the financial sector that could assist the VdBergs in selling up their business for a tidy sum and living off the invested proceeds. Sucks losing him and Kent in the same off season.
  11. Wasn't May in the grand final sprint last year? From memory he finished ahead of our own Jayden Hunt. Edit: he was pipped by Hunt on the line but was substantially quicker over the first 20-30 m. See for yourself here. Definitelye no slow coach.
  12. leucopogon

    Electrifying Aboriginal forwards

    I would back the MFC to be the exception to this rule should we ever draft a rioli. That damned Norm Smith curse.
  13. leucopogon

    Farewell Dean Kent

    Geez if Kent and hogan are going that's pretty much a quarter of the list gone. Don't know what to make of it tbh?
  14. leucopogon

    Farewell Dean Kent

    This sucks! One of my favorites. I rate him easily best 22 and light years ahead of Spargo, ANB, Garlett, JKH, etc.