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  1. leucopogon

    Post Match Discussion - Preliminary Final

    The slipping over was comical at times, and it's not just isolated to this game. There's definitely something NQR about the surface of Optus. Mind you, we really made ourselves look like a right bunch of clowns out there. Was soul destroying. And my god was it hot? Sweltering. I noticed a lot of fumbling and dropped marks, wayward kicks (probably from loose ball drops) in the warm up and it carried over to the game proper. Lewis, Tracc and Jetta were particularly noticeable for their poor handling and skills in the warm up. Anyway, time to cancel the Foxtel and get on with other things. It was a fun ride while it lasted this past month and a bit. Nothing I hate more than watching grand finals with other teams playing. Interest level for me: zero.
  2. leucopogon

    Post Match Discussion - Preliminary Final

    I'd look at shopping around Tracc, not sure we'd get a 1st rounder though, so I guess not, he's gone so far backwards it's not funny. Lewis is finished, pay out his contract. Set a tone of undiscipline early and we never recovered. Shocking loss that has dented my belief and confidence.
  3. leucopogon

    GAMEDAY - Preliminary Final vs Eagles

    They looked off in the warm up tbh, it's only gotten worse. I couldn't have imagined a worse performance, we should be 80 + points down.
  4. leucopogon

    GAMEDAY - Preliminary Final vs Eagles

    Game over if TMac continues in the backline
  5. leucopogon

    GAMEDAY - Preliminary Final vs Eagles

    Just met David Neitz and Shaun Smith at the Empire Bar on Great Eastern Hwy near Burswood train station. Any Dee fans in the area could be a decent spot to spend an hour pre game with some demon legends.
  6. leucopogon

    If we beat the Eagles in the prelim I will ...

    Fear for my safety and that of my 2 kids on the walk back from Optus Stadium to the car.
  7. leucopogon

    Demon Brownlow Invitees

    As long as it's not from the bath 😉
  8. leucopogon

    GF Ballot Barcode

    I'm priority 3 and have 2 kids who are priority 2. I know we're probably no chance in the ballot but if I was to register just the kids names as priority 2s would I then be able to get into the ground using one of their tickets (note my daughter is 8 and not really into the footy)?
  9. leucopogon

    Finals Tickets

    Section 334 forward pocket 2nd tier
  10. leucopogon

    Finals Tickets

    off to work now, good luck everyone
  11. leucopogon

    Finals Tickets

    keep at it people, dont give up, i'm proof that you can get in.
  12. leucopogon

    Finals Tickets

    well not as bad as i though, i'm in !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! section 334 row 23 Carn the dees!!
  13. leucopogon

    Finals Tickets

    Entering barcodes and this: An error occurred retrieving your entitlements. To start again, please click the restart button. Let the nightmare begin
  14. leucopogon

    Finals Tickets

    I'm hoping that when the clock ticks 9 it all magically works, dreaming?
  15. leucopogon

    Finals Tickets

    Anyone else sitting in front of the computer in a queue on the ticketmaster website? I know it's not 9 yet but I'm not liking the look of this.