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  1. I'm pretty much over them this year as well, no trust in anything or anyone at the club. I'll be concentrating on my under 11s coaching and playing Masters footy for the rest of the year.
  2. leucopogon

    End of year delistings

    I'll bite. JKH Stretch Johnstone Vandenberg McKenna
  3. Add Harmes to that list, and Tyson, the two tortoises.
  4. leucopogon

    Post Match Discussion - Round 5

    For a start, Fritsch is a lock for the rest of the season, the only one who can regularly hit targets by foot. Drop Harmes and Stretch and Tyson. So many passengers this week, Hannan will be in for sure, who else? JKH? Spargo? Maynard? Baker? It's good old deck chairs on the Titanic yet again.
  5. leucopogon

    Post Match Discussion - Round 5

    I agree wholeheartedly with you.
  6. leucopogon

    Post Match Discussion - Round 5

    I don't think the camp was meant to teach those things Redleg. Im beginning to believe that Goodwin HAS lost the group. They aren't playing for him, with the exception of his Essendon old boys, the rest look like they're playing not to get hurt.
  7. leucopogon

    Post Match Discussion - Round 5

    Tyson, Wagner, ANB, Harmes, Stretch, Hunt, Weiderman, and sadly now Vince are all VFL grade players. I will never trust Stretch again. We have gotten ahead of ourselves massively.
  8. I feel we're on the cusp of another rebuild, except we don't have any early picks thanks to the Lever deal. Hogan will surely be out the door this season.
  9. leucopogon


    Tyson can [censored] off, lazy slow footballer
  10. leucopogon

    Time to show Oscar some respect!

    Thought he was best on for us at least in the first half, kept Roughy very quiet. Would have to be the most improved player this season by the length of the straight.
  11. leucopogon

    Breaking down the 15 goals to 1

    Replace Bugg in that side with Hannan and I reckon we win that game against the Hawks. Bugg's skills are deplorable, always takes the wrong option. His missed shots and turnovers in the second quarter killed the teams confidence. Petracca had a bit of a mare as well.
  12. leucopogon

    Changes vs Hawthorn R4

    I concur that ANB and Melksham look to be the ones on shakiest ground. Hope Brayshaw and Hunt tear it up today.
  13. leucopogon


    And Lever would want to start pulling his finger out, he looks slow and dumb.
  14. leucopogon


    How stupid are our players hacking forward or kicking long down the line when we've got a small forward line. This is just horrible to watch.
  15. leucopogon

    Be Patient with Lever

    Thought he was average against Geelong, but decent against Brisbane. I think he'll be a good player.