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  1. What a waste of time. I won't be making the same mistake next week.
  2. Wish Dean Kent was still on our list, i know he was injury prone, but he could play and is exactly what we need right now, a goal kicking small fwd. God help us if Tmac or weid get injured.
  3. My guess, he doesn't like his teeth and is waiting to have them knocked out so the club can buy him a nice new set of implants.
  4. Marcus was an acquaintance of mine growing up in the small community of Roleystone in the Perth Hills in the 80s. He was a couple of years older than me. He was a gun junior footballer, obviously. Watched his career with interest starting at East Perth in the WAFL, then Fitzroy and then the Dees. I remember bumping into him at Perth airport when he was an AFL footballer, after not having seen each other for probably about 8 or 9 years and he instantly recognised me and remembered my name. Top bloke. One of only 3 players from Roleystone Junior Football Club to make it to the AFL (the others were Daniel Gilmore and Josh Head, both Dockers players). Haven't seen Marcus since that day at the airport all those years ago.
  5. Improvement this year will come from Weid, Fritsch, Hannan, Spargo, and vanders I reckon. Bonus will be a fit Viney and Lever, and the additions of KK and May. Lewis and Jones to decline, hopefully Nev and Hibbo can have another good season at their peak.
  6. Reminds me a little bit of Jeremy Howe, those hands.
  7. I see him starting the quarter on the bench and giving Gawn a spell a couple of minutes earlier than he was getting spelled this year, and Gawn then has a couple of minutes bench time before bobbing up in the goal square and then back to the middle. Gonna be fascinating if/when we go with the two big men in the same team.
  8. So we have traded out, retired and delisted 11 players, traded in 3 players but only have 6 picks. I'm confused. Do we have 2 fewer players on our list this season?
  9. Fair to say myself and many others also are becoming quite cynical about this years trade period. Seems like all these media leaks are just a bunch of pantomime in anticipation of the trade telecast tomorrow. Reminds me of the lead up to WrestleMania back in the day. Farcical.
  10. No thanks, have never really been impressed with him
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