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  1. Changes v Brisbane

    Why? Because he was a very naughty boy? I think he makes it happen andIam surethat he feels dissapointed tat hewas stupid enough to miss a few games. Save us from armchair outrage.
  2. Post Match Discussion - Round 17

    Always to the point George - Exactly
  3. Clayton Oliver incident

    Yes I agree That is outrageous Aquiro has effectively admitted assaulting Clayton Oliver, no matter how minor or incidental that is completely beyond acceptable behavior . If the AFL accepts this sort of thing what will they accepts accidental flares thrown onto the ground and routine raids onto the pitch to bash players of opposing clubs. Fortunately until this incident the AFL has been free of this sort of thuggery.
  4. The Jack Trengove is BACK Thread

    I hope I am too and there are many great stories of comebacks in sport Rassmussen of Essendon and Roughnead of Hawthorn are two great examples. But they are few and far between
  5. The Jack Trengove is BACK Thread

    Unfortunately I suspect the football department already know about his capabilities and have made their decision
  6. Tommy Bugg on report

    I agree, Taylor and Brereton in particular should be keeping very quiet on this Both seem to have transformed themselves from absolute thugs to someones favorite uncle. Selective amnesia indeed. Let me prod our collective memories on Dermott As he, himself said: You'd look to take somebody out, and wilfully take them out, within the rules So Dermott do these rules include stomping on a person's head as you did to RaydenTallis in 1994 and breaking or breaking Tony Free's jaw with a karate chop ? Similarly Brian Taylor's histrionics should be a constant source of embarrassment to him.
  7. GAMEDAY - Round 15

    What about the sportsmans bar Soi 13?
  8. Andrew Leoncelli - Hero

    Couldn't one of the moderators move this thread to the non football one or perhaps even close it off. The thread was originally written to praise Leoncelli's absolute bravery, and anyone who has seen him play would have expected nothing less. It has now degenerated into two camps, one lauding our gallant boys in blue and the other thinking that their efforts were reminiscent of the Keystone cops. Both sides seem to be equally ignorant and immoderate. As in all these cases there no doubt, will be an inquiry into how well the police conducted themselves as well as the trial of the person who put so many lives at risk. I hate to be seen as pro censorship but the bravery of Andrew, in particular, and also the other passengers seems to have been forgotten by people with axes to grind.

    Nothing more (of any sense)could be said

    Sorry SWYL Any win is something to celebrate! I have just watched that third quarter again and to me, it showed that this is a team with real potential. We do have a core group of leaders who can govern a game. This is exactly what happened in the third quarter. Jones was heroic, Vince opportunistic,Lewis strategic and Jeff fantastic. I was at that Essendon Melbourne match when Kickett killed us in the final quarter. I don't remember whether we dominated the game for three quarters-we lost, I would far rather be in the position we are tonight than having been gutted that day. So win well, win badly but win and celebrate. Mydee

    Much ado about nothing Shakespeare
  12. suspect some guys are playing for contracts, and hence given time to earn one. can never understand these sort of cooments, particularly in mid season. I appreciate the VFL is very much a lower competition but surely a good coach can workout a player's future worth there, not jeopardizing wins in the real world
  13. i do hope it had some age on it
  14. Changes vs Hawthorn

    Not the comment, the author