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  1. I was lucky enough to be present at the 1964 grandfinal. From memory,my father brother and I were sitting halfway up the old Northern stand. In those days you got tickets for each of the finals your team was involved with and we were sitting next to some older Collingwood supporters, who, given the circumstances were almost civilzed. We beat Collingwood in the second semi and we had a rematch in the grand final after they beat Geelong in the preliminary. So we rocked up and the Collingwood people greeted us amicably. I am very hazy about most of the game but I recall John Lord taking the boundary throw ins in the forward pocket. My recollection of the Gabelich run is that it seemed to take forever and the Collingwood fans were ecstatic. In contrast Cromptons reply was sudden and I I recall it from the celebrations. Needless to say the Collingwood people were absolutely gutted.
  2. Mydee

    Changes v Eagles - Preliminary Final

    Ithought Spargo was OK yesterday. But the Demons supporters are a broad church, Chook. Thank goodness many of them aren't in military intelligence. Come to think about it..
  3. I hopeyou didn't pinch thosebricks from the Ankor Wat
  4. Mydee

    Was the win against West Coast rigged?

    I can, but none of the reasons would be flattering. Thetrouble with these sort of facile posts is that they grow legs and multiply, asI am demonstrating.
  5. Mydee

    Hogan 2018 season over with foot injury

    Nonsense,except to the extent that these sort of posts are detrimental to our supporters view of the club
  6. Mydee

    Mr Jones

    But you state your favourite players are::Players with Heart . No one in the team has a bigger heart than Jones.
  7. Mydee

    Cyril Rioli

    I will be sorry to see Cyril Rioli retire, he was a great footballer. Obviously I didn't want him to play well against Melbourne but like Daicos, Burgoyne, and so many others their sublime skills showcase Australian Rules.
  8. Mydee

    GAMEDAY - Round 8

    I am deeply shocked. It shows incompetence rather than bias
  9. Mydee


    How do I pronounce that fourth word? If it is of Germanic origin I will trust your judgement.
  10. Mydee

    Changes Vs Essendon

    Ernest, You could follow bullfighting again, after all, From the bull's perspective, there is little difference in the outcome.It is as you so eloquently termed it- "Death in the Afternoon"
  11. Mydee


    They gave me a forty year membership medallian this year What they really meant to saywas High on loyalty, low on judgement. What a waste of time they are
  12. Mydee

    Post Match Discussion - Round 4

    I too, am very disappointed, but I don't think our problems are psychological or deep seated. After all the club at least, at the off field executive level has made enormous strides, We have an excellent CEO and a good president and administration-no more advertising executives, worn out politicians or tennis players, I think the record is a bit less flattering with the coaching staff however. I am yet to be convinced that a "losing culture" tag bears close scrutiny. Terms like these and "The curse of Norm Smith" are too easy to bandy around and while prattling on about getting rid of a soft or losing culture sounds impressive and provides carrion for the media vultures. it is essentially a very nebulous term because it is difficult to analyse. The facts are these: Melbourne had allowed its culture to degenerate to the extent that in the 2000s the playing group had been allowed to exert far more influence than they warranted, Melbourne had for many years become a retirement village for players in semi-retirement, Pickett, Pitt, Egan, to name a few. The recruiting targeting highly skilled players who were not tough enough, either mentally or physically to make the transition to AFL. Of course we also had notable incidents particularly Brent Maloney's off field exploits as well as those of our Could o'been champion Colin Sylvia. In what was a massive mistake in trying to correct this situation we recruited a disciplinarian, unfortunately he couldn't coach. But these days things have changed. Very few of the playing group, predate Paul Roos and quite a few would never have heard of Norm Smith, much less his spectre! Our recruiting has generally improved so much that now we have young men presenting themselves as professional footballers who have few "psychological problems" at least football ones relating to a soft culture. I didn't see too much softness on the day, Brayshaw, in particular was hard at the ball and didn't take a backward step and Jones as always showed what a toughnut he is in blanketing Mitchell. No rather our loss, relates purely and simply to faults with the senior coaching staff and the lack of adaptability in our game plan. I did some research into this and came upon an excellent snippet on how to play wet weather football by the Richmond Assistant coach Craig McCrae. He talks about the need to adapt the game plan in wet weather. Players are drilled so extensively that reactions become inbuilt so that it isn't easy to adapt. Richmond uses their runner to reinforce the need to adapt to the situation. We didn't, and without singling out one player for criticism, it was particularly notable with Petracca who played dry weather football with disastrous results. From a champion last week to a fumbling fool in the wet. So how should we have played? Well according to McCrae Richmond plays wet weather football with the following dictums: 1 Never go backwards, especially handballing -handball kicking, dribbling or tapping the ball forwards is the go, 2 Kick at the goals, not to a player or pack around the goal square from a long way out It is likely that the ball will skid through. 3 Constantly reinforce the change in game plan through the runners. I saw none of this in evidence last Sunday. I also same a lack of defence on the rebound. This is in part down to the coaching staff. That, in my opinion is why we lost. However if the proponents of the soft culture myth have any spells or potions to counter this wizardry please let us all know
  13. Mydee


    Fair weather Footballers
  14. Mydee

    Match preview and team selection - Round 3

    Sedition and Mutiny. Get the cat o nine tails
  15. Or How di getting rid of Watts improve our list. In my opinion not one iota