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  1. longsuffering

    Queens Birthday Training BBQ

    As per usual the Club is having an open training session prior to the big game on Monday. This year the training session will be on the Friday 8th June and there will be a BBQ, mascots, coffee and the Demon Shop. Proceedings will start around 9.45am and finish around 11. I suggest everyone intending to come down keep an eye on the website just in case of any last minute changes to the schedule. This game is going to be huge especially if Collingwood win this week and we also carry on our winning record. So come down to Gosch and support the Demon Army (all proceeds to go to the Demon Army to assist with the purchase of more "heads") and of course the boys. They really do enjoy having all the fans (not just Saty) come and watch.
  2. longsuffering

    Changes vs Adelaide

    ET don't be like that. Wouldn't like someone else to get their nose out of joint.
  3. longsuffering

    Post Match Discussion - Round 9

    And then the "oh sorry" - absolute gold - hope MH reminded him of the score in the last quarter
  4. longsuffering

    Changes vs Adelaide

    Not sure if this has been covered but did anyone else think that Neville Jetta looked a little proppy in the last quarter. I cant imagine life without Nev but he looked as though he was treading water trying to chase an opposition player. Like Hogan he has an ungainly gait but this was definitely something else. Maybe Saty might be able to help with this.
  5. longsuffering

    Jake Melksham

    I think looking back Jake was being played to fulfill a different role whilst missing Tom and Jack. His goal kicking talent was not being emphasised as it has now that Tom is back however he played the role for the moment which is what Goody asked of him. It is a joy to sit back and watch him not only kick great goals but be the team player that he has become.
  6. longsuffering

    The Curnow Brothers at the Tribunal

    Unbelievable. I even feel sorry for Hawkins. That is a farce and Fitzpatrick is not even there anymore.
  7. longsuffering

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 7

    Could just be on light duties given the two injuries. Glass half full.
  8. longsuffering

    Tom McDonald - Ready to Re-sign?

    He generally does have an awkward running gait but did anyone see him yesterday at training. Whilst driving slowly by Gosch's yesterday morning I did see JV and from what I briefly saw he looked ready to go.
  9. longsuffering

    2018 Membership Thread

  10. longsuffering

    2018 Membership Thread

    Quality not quantity applies here
  11. longsuffering

    2018 Membership Thread

    Tried to get reserve seats in the mcc this afternoon for the Anzac Eve game after receiving an email this morning. All sold out. They are expecting more than last year which I was told was over 92000. (Not sure this is correct figure) As this is our home game it will be a bonanza for the Club.
  12. longsuffering

    3 Good Things v Brisbane

    Bayley back on ground after a very crude tackle Hogan just getting on with it Oliver's class (and we won)
  13. longsuffering

    Changes v Brisbane

    You are
  14. longsuffering

    Post Match Discussion - Round 1

    Selwood and Ablett continually called for a free when they were tackled. They think they are the untouchables.
  15. longsuffering

    Name 3 good things

    Bayley Fritsch first goal Fighting to the last gasp (9 secs) the other half of the team will turn up next week