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  1. 2018 Membership Thread

    That is true and this year there have been a few hiccups that the Membership Team are trying to rectify. Unfortunately the issues are not across the board so unless a member contacts the Club it is hard to identify those who have a problem with their membership packages. From my own experience, I suggest to anyone if they have a missing article from their package or have not received their membership to contact the Club. They are usually very quick to respond.
  2. Preseason Training - Week commencing 11/12/17

    Just in case you have missed it, the final training session for the year is Friday 15th. The Club will be putting on the usual BBQ, Coffee and Demon Shop will be available. All profits from the BBQ will go to the Demon Army to help fund the purchases of new "heads". So if you have an hour or two to spare come down and watch the boys train the house down.
  3. Apologies this is in the wrong forum however to ensure this gets to the maximum numbers I have inserted this here. Just in case you have not noticed any social media announcements, the AFLW Clinic has been rescheduled for Saturday 9th December. I believe training will still be at the scheduled time on Saturday 2 December but there will not be a Clinic conducted due to the worsening weather forecast for the day. The hours advertised will remain the same for the 9th December training and clinic. If any of you with children would like to attend the Clinic on the 9th just call the Club or enrol on line.
  4. Help Needed - Collingwood/Buckley Jokes

    I was having a bad day until I read this.
  5. Lumumba documentary

    An opinion not a response.
  6. Lumumba documentary

    I always find that watching a documentary there is a need to balance off initial reactions to a story with what the editors wanted to achieve. H was aware of making public his issues with his previous Club would probably result in exactly what is being said here. He refrained from disclosing those issues whilst he was at MFC because he did not want the Club involved with what were his personal issues with Buckley and McGuire as at the time we were going through a tough time as a Club. I think he should be congratulated for that. If you had met and spoken with H you would understand that as others have said he was a complex but engrossing person to talk to. He has had obvious issues with race for many years and I don't think that we still do not really know from what basis this has come from. So what I am saying is I think we should cut him some slack because until you have walked in his shoes etc etc
  7. Tassie Saturday V Norf

    I too have seats in the Hill seated area. Anyone going to function prior. Looking forward to us thumping North and getting rid of another "hoodoo".
  8. Interim Captain

    I think you are underestimating how much the players look up to Jordan on the field. I do however believe we need to see more of Jordan's A game and maybe Sunday might be the incentive. I like that the Club has decided that the Captaincy will be shared around for the next couple of weeks. The sense of leadership is what we have been lacking for years. Despite thinking at the beginning of the season that having two captains was a bad idea, I have now come to see that it is working really well between Nate and Jack and it could possibly be a small part of why we have taken a leap forward this year (probably further ahead than a lot of people would have expected). We now have leaders on the field that may not be formally titled leaders but they are leaders in every sense of the word. Tommy Mac, Jordan and Max will step up to a new level with Jack and Nate out. Even Christian Petracca by his actions alone will inspire. Max may be a funny man of field but on field he does have an air of command. When we lost Max and others at the beginning of the season, PJ told staff that out of adversity people grow. We have grown as a Club this year despite injuries and rotten fixturing and we have shown that to the footy world. We now have to overcome this short period until our A graders return one by one. As supporters we just have to continue to believe in the players and coaching staff and continue to turn up to games. If we don't attend games we are telling the players we don't believe that you can do it. On Sunday there will be plenty of rabid Carlton fans who believe that it is their time. We need to be there to be a voice, a noise that will give confidence to the players that we are behind them. If there was a time when the Club needs their supporters to make a noise, it is now when times are tough. Not tough like it was three or more years ago but now we are fighting against things we cannot control. The Club needs us to show our support by being there on Sunday.
  9. Tommy Bugg on report

    I have thought over the last couple of weeks that MFC is certainly not looked upon kindly by the general media. Thinking back to the raptures that were lavished on the WB last year given their injuries, I haven't heard or seen similar this year about the situation that we are in. Listening to Garry Lyon and Co on Friday night was unbearable so much that I changed to ABC. There does not seem to be the acknowledgement that we have been in a dire situation for many weeks and to have played the way we have is testimony to the groundwork that Roos put in and in extension to that what Goody and Co have achieved over the preseason. When I listen to general media commentary there seems to be a satisfaction amongst some "journos" to our predicament. I thought this last week after an outstanding winning performance there was little acknowledgement of our outs and the fixturing of so many games with a 6 day turnaround. All I heard after Friday night was that the Club had come down with a thud almost that we had got beyond ourselves. If anyone had talked to the players and the Club they would have known that the Club was opposite to this. There was an excitement given we had won consecutive games without all of our top personnel and a belief that we could make the finals but top four or two - not spoken about. Now with Buggy, we are in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. We are not GWS with a list of champions as long as our arms. We are decimated. We cannot replace 7 top players with 7 top VFL players. Despite Plapp training the Casey boys with the same set ups as AFL, there is nothing like playing together. Two ring ins can be covered, seven no way. I unfortunately am not expecting a happy day on Sunday although I do note that Carlton had three injuries on the weekend. It is conflicting that to win a game I am excited when there are injuries to the next round's opposition.
  10. Oliver is no 'stager'!

    Media will not move on. Dermie has already said that if Schofield got off then Clarrie would be in trouble. They will smell blood and the baying will continue.
  11. Oliver is no 'stager'!

    The boys will really need to get around Clarrie on Friday night. The swans will use this to try and put him off his game. He could be a match winner and it will start from before the bounce. I would start him on the bench and bring him in asap after the first bounce.
  12. Oliver is no 'stager'!

    At least our Doc is a bit more honest with his assessment than the Carlton Docs. Painful jaw, no treatment, no training or games to be missed. I would not have thought that virtually calling the umpire a liar would be taken very well by the Tribunal. Surely this tactic if successful, undermines the umpires authority.

    Just watched the last two minutes again on AFL Ladder site. Oh What a feeling.
  14. Queen's Birthday

    If you haven't already seen it on the Club website and or received your email, the special pre Queens Birthday training session is on again on Saturday. Training starts at 9.30am and I can guarantee it will be cold. The usual hot coffee, hot sausages, Demon Shop and Mascots will be there. So fire up all you Demonlanders and get down to Gosch's. The players love it when supporters come and watch training.
  15. Training - Wednesday 31st May, 2017

    Suggest you ring the Club early next week when training schedules are finalised.