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  1. Ungarie boy

    Demonland Player of the Year - Round 6

    Gawn Omac Jetta Brayshaw Jones Fritsch * note our dominance began when Brayshaw moved into the cenetr square
  2. Ungarie boy

    Shepherding the man on the mark

    The rule will be amended as soon as someone is taken out (concussed or worse) by someone hitting the person on the mark who is unaware he is there (they are, or should, be focused on the person taking the kick). Of course the rule change will be hastily drawn up, and ill conceived (as a knee jerk reaction); which smart coaches like Clarkson will quickly exploit Then to fix this they will do a series of interpretations over the next 5 years (keeping the rule committee in a job; and feeding the media with a slow day story filler whenever needed)!!!
  3. Ungarie boy

    Changes v Richmond

    Tyson has to come in, as he is one of our ball winners. our game plan needs speed in the backline so Hunts in it also needs speed on the wing so Stretch in our pressure in the forwards is lacking so Hannan comes in we need a second ruck so Peders is needed We are really missing Tmac Hannan Hogan Fritsh Petrac Peders ANB Stretch Jones Vince Hunt Lever Salem Jetta Omac Hibberd Gawn Oliver Tyson Kent Brayshaw Lewis Wagner (though I would give serious consideration to Bugg tagging Dusty)
  4. Ungarie boy

    Is Goodwin the right guy....

    Tagging Mitchell was a good move (though a no brainer) tagging him with our 2nd best contested ball winner was stupid, it nullified every advantage we gained by keeping Mitchell to mid 20 possessions. Particularly since we had no Tyson. Our game plan doesn't suit our team; Contested footy is good/great; but bombing it long to 1 tall; again stupid. We also don't have the speed to play the high all or nothing defence; so when the contest gets evened the opposition forwards are free to do what they want (ably assisted by a midfield that have moved past/onwards from ours).
  5. Ungarie boy

    Post Match Discussion - Round 4

    Playing a handball game on wet weather day is like bringing a sword to a gun fight. - with similar results, we got slaughtered!
  6. Ungarie boy

    Changes v North Melbourne

    Most players rarely reinvent themselves, even those that do normally do so by bringing their strength to a new position/role. Kent is fast and aggressive, but also very lazy and an unreliable kick. His attack at the contest (getting to it, while the ball is still there to be won; not arriving when the opposition have it and the only option is to apply belated pressure/tackle) was also lacking. Against the quality of opposition on reported to be on display these poor qualities are not tested or shown out, while the strength will be exemplified. He is not yet ready. On exposed form Hannan, Brayshaw and Stretch seem closest. Although our defence has looked poor, it seems a lot of this stems from our wings and forward flanks. Melskam has been out of form and our wings seem to be out of position. This can be corrected by positional changes, but I believe the coaches are trying to teach players these new roles with an eye on the future. Easy solution is for Jones to revert to Center and Salem to the wing (allows him space). Hunt to the back flank to gain confidence is also an easy option. Jones, Lewis can rotate. I'd look at Vince playing Half forward flank / wing where he could be threatening from 50-60 forcing oppositions to stretch their zones a bit further from goal (give him a checking role on their possession winner, so that he doesn't play lose). Brayshaw in Bugg would be my option, but Bugg does seem to do a lot of the team things.
  7. Ungarie boy

    Bernie keen to lure Sloane to the Dees

    We keep banding names about as a given, but in reality, on current output, I'm not sure that midfield would scare a lot of teams. Oliver is very good, Viney would struggle to be a top two midfielder in any of the top half teams. Petracca, Salem and Brayshaw are not even regular midfielders let alone serviceable midfield component. Tyson would just be a good midfield component in top team (but not crucial). Jones may be a starting midfielder in most teams, but is ageing. Yes there is a lot of potential, but those words have existed since Daniher left. What we really have is a dominant third year player as our maquee midfielder, a couple of warriors in Viney and Jones; with Tyson as support. So Sloane would be a very handy addition (he would be part of most teams top bracket midfielders). Still top midfields tend to grow quickly and from nowhere, it's not often they are bought; so there is hope for optimism. Our likely growth is just as likely to result from an ANB, Harmes, Hannan or Spargo improving rapidly.
  8. Ungarie boy

    AFLW: Rnd 7 V W Bulldogs @ Whitten Oval

    I've said it before; the player responsible for initiating the high contact should be penalised; so if your ducking, dropping to the knee's or rolling the shoulders and it creates high contact you get penalised. A couple free kicks when in possession of the ball would very very quickly kill this practice (coaches would not stand for it at all, rather than encouraging it or at least turning a blind eye). * note benefit of the doubt goes to the ball carrier unless they have a history (a weekly review could name players who lose the benefit of the doubt)
  9. Ungarie boy

    Every theme song will be re-done by AFL

    Why oh why is there a banjo twang in the background???? That most definitely is not MFC.
  10. Ungarie boy

    Brisbane round 2

    If any demonland members are looking for accommodation; then contact me, and I'll get my travel agency to quote you cost prices. The more melbourne supporters at the ground the better.
  11. Ungarie boy

    Poll: Who Impressed Most in JLT 01

    ANB for me, but there needs to be more love for Oscar. He showed improvement in the areas we really need (strength and kicking)
  12. Ungarie boy


    A quick easy fix that would enhance the game significantly would be to make the super goals 10 points only from your own half. Introduce a Super Mark (taken within a 10 metre arc from point post to point post) which is rewarded with 10 point goals (if kicked from mark). Probably should supplement this with a rule kicks into the 10 metre arc must travel 25 metres. This would encourage long kicks into the goal hotzone for contested marking and front centre/small forward crumbing of spilled marks; which would of course lead to more tackling and contested pressure. Could even be more ruck contests as a result. Most major AFL elements reintroduced!!! Game still fast and suited to a soccer field!!!
  13. My understanding from all the various statements/press releases is: MFC became aware of situation MFC informed AFL integrity AFL integrity informed Vic Police Vic Police interviewed female involved Female involved has not made a statement/complaint Question - can the AFL integrity inform the Vic Police without the complainant consent (is this even ethical) * Note the situation could be damning and worth being hung, drawn and quartered over; embarrassing (aka the rugby league player incident where the female took on a group but said no to one); or a fabrication (intentional or not). Due process and respect must run it's course otherwise in each of these situations the victim (it differs according to the scenario) suffers even more. We should show respect and not judge until the Facts are known (if ever).
  14. Ungarie boy

    Finals 2018? Mick McGuane thinks so.

    Making the finals ......... is better than ........... Not making the finals!!!!!!
  15. Ungarie boy

    Stewart Crameri to the Dees?

    Only as a Rookie, it puts more onus on him to do a Jetta and achieve the standard required for a spot on the primary list. or get him to Casey, and tell him it's a trial for a contract the following year!!!