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    A quick easy fix that would enhance the game significantly would be to make the super goals 10 points only from your own half. Introduce a Super Mark (taken within a 10 metre arc from point post to point post) which is rewarded with 10 point goals (if kicked from mark). Probably should supplement this with a rule kicks into the 10 metre arc must travel 25 metres. This would encourage long kicks into the goal hotzone for contested marking and front centre/small forward crumbing of spilled marks; which would of course lead to more tackling and contested pressure. Could even be more ruck contests as a result. Most major AFL elements reintroduced!!! Game still fast and suited to a soccer field!!!
  2. My understanding from all the various statements/press releases is: MFC became aware of situation MFC informed AFL integrity AFL integrity informed Vic Police Vic Police interviewed female involved Female involved has not made a statement/complaint Question - can the AFL integrity inform the Vic Police without the complainant consent (is this even ethical) * Note the situation could be damning and worth being hung, drawn and quartered over; embarrassing (aka the rugby league player incident where the female took on a group but said no to one); or a fabrication (intentional or not). Due process and respect must run it's course otherwise in each of these situations the victim (it differs according to the scenario) suffers even more. We should show respect and not judge until the Facts are known (if ever).
  3. Finals 2018? Mick McGuane thinks so.

    Making the finals ......... is better than ........... Not making the finals!!!!!!
  4. Stewart Crameri to the Dees?

    Only as a Rookie, it puts more onus on him to do a Jetta and achieve the standard required for a spot on the primary list. or get him to Casey, and tell him it's a trial for a contract the following year!!!

    Not sure about Norm Smith approach, but a simple underlying basic principle has always existed in football ...... 'you have to get the ball before you can use the ball'
  6. Farewell Jack Watts

    Okay some perspective on trade value, it would seem: * Multiple all Australian players still in there prime = 2 first rounders, at least one pre-teen * Likely multiple all Australian players approaching their prime * 2 first rounders * All Australian - 1 first rounder * Club top 5 player - mid first rounder * regular top 10 player - late first rounder * Walkup starting 18 - early second rounder * starting 22 player - second rounder * fringe 22 player - late second round / third round rounder * ressie player with AFL gametime - third rounder * Ressie player with potential - late third rounder * Approaching retirement leadership player - fourth round rounder * Career resurrection player - packet of chips * Risk players - peanuts Of course this is a generalisation as injury, game role (key position, ruck, outside/inside,), team requirements, age, etc, can all shift things a little; but as a guide where would Watts fit in. Also note the guide is based on current years form, with previous years normally only taken into account when injury, trauma, etc need to be considered. Well at the end of this season you could not honestly state that Watts was a walkup starting 18 player; so that's a starting point. Add to this his current career trajectory which has flatlined (or started going the other way); the question then gets asked how many more years are likely left in him at his best output (this would probably at best equal a "walkup starting 18 player") Now like others I don't like getting pick 31. As I feel, believe and even think that he is a better player; but the reality is he is not, he might be, but history also suggest he will not be. I also know, like Travis Johnstone at Brisbane, he will win Port some games, and be applauded; but in all likelihood finish his onfield career in a similar pattern. I hope not, as I want to see him succeed; even if it is at Port. Still on analysis, the reality is 31 is not wide of the mark!!!! A question that is not being asked though, is why after8 years of averageness; he got such a good contact. P.s Don't judge him and this trade on his silky skills, charisma and "what could be"; Other clubs have not. Judge this on where he currently is at,and what he has demonstrated - again it is what other clubs are doing. This will help understand and possibly placate the trade outcome.
  7. Farewell Jack Watts

    Could this be more about positioning ourselves to retain much of our future stars beyond next season, who will all be looking for substantial pay increases. What if his current contract is backloaded and years 2 and 3 could be become a millstone. What if bringing 3 kids in this year on minimum wages buys us some time to build a war chest for beyond this season. The way this has played out, it feels a little about setting standards and a lot about salary cap positioning.
  8. Jake Stringer

    This reeks of him wanting the bumbers only, and is manipulating the trade situation to them being the only suitor - making it harder for the Bulldongs to negotiate from a position of strength (and likely forcing them to take Dodo's weaker offer)!
  9. Richmond 2018...are they the Bullogs of 2016

    What the Bulldogs experienced and the Tigers will experience is the significantly more difficult draw that is given to the top 4 teams, but in particular the premiers. They also go from slipping under the radar of other teams, to being the "hunted". Their game style will be analysed to death over the summer (more-so than other teams), with at least one club working them out. Pressure of expectations also comes into play. Lastly when all these things are taking an affect; comes the flow-on effect with an increase in injuries or fatigue (drop in form). So I expect the pattern to continue, ninth seems about right! Conversely teams like GWS, Sydney and Adelaide who all performed strongly with tough draws can be expected to continue to be there. Watch for Hawthorn who in theory should have a lot better draw, while possessing a coach who can beat the "premiership trend" rather than follow it.
  10. Let's be frank about GWS

    That won't happen. Red and Blue through and through. Though I know many who are taking out GWS membership, as it pretty much guarantees a Grand Final ticket should GWS make it - as when ballots are held for the two grand final team members, they have about a 99 in 100 chance of getting selected!
  11. Let's be frank about GWS

    My boy was involved in the GWS academy this year and consequently I have had a lot more exposure to them. I'll be cheering loudly for them now, for they have done more for the Canberra and Southern NSW region in the last couple of years than the AFL and all other fly by clubs (North, Sydney, Dee's) put together. If this then equates to more AFL players in the region, meaning more teams, stronger competitions and then greater opportunity for our kids (hopefully my youngest would benefit from all this) to develop, then that's an even better reason. Being involved in coaching and I can categorically state it is so much more difficult for talented players in the Canberra/NSW Region (excluding Murray) to make it - for you don't develop the necessary AFL skills my beating up on consistently weaker opponents. As to the money, well the AFL will only find another way to spend it. Probably by help building a summer training centre for the Magpies; or maybe taking over the Netball competition; or maybe giving it to the clubs who will promptly spend it all on one elite player, another dozen coaches and (for some) a suspect medical program harvesting cows!!!! Besides seeing the tigers get there with there easy draw, or having any team coached by a Scott being involved; is more gut churdling than Coke mixed with 10 day old milk that has been left in the Queensland sun on a fly infested pig farm.

    Actually Jack Watts would probably suit Adelaide expansive, hard running open forward line! If I was them getting Watts, Gibbs and a draft pick into the team for the expense of lever (plus change) may be quite appealing. Especially if they have a young KPB developing (as rumoured) or a tall forward who could go back. If I was them I would be sounding out Port's Trengove or Carlton's Jones as cheap insurance. They could actually could do very well out of this trade period. and the Lever article is just PR spin to position themselves (Adelaide) into a strong starting negotiating position - Unlike Gibbs last year, Lever is uncontracted and can force (well at least bend) the Crows hand.
  13. 2017 Post Mortem

    Ffs the sense of entitlement on here is sickening; expecting apologies, ruthleness, compensation because as a supporter things didnt go your way. Note nor did it for over half the comps teams. Be dissapointed, be sad, but be realistic; injuries, a bad umpiring decision, an inexperienced decision, an unlucky bounce, fixturing inexuities, flu, any little innocuous moment was the one little thing that contributed to the very minor petcentage difference and consquent happiness of finals. If just one of theses things went a little more in our favour then all this teeth gnashing and wrist slashing wouldn't exist (well at least not for this week, some people would still go down this path even if it was after a gallant but failed effort in the last week of September.
  14. All Australian: Which Dees Deserve a Nod?

    Yep I think she has just about nailed it, though 3 talls in the forward line does not reflect modern trend (particularly pressure), so Daniher should be shifted to the bench, where someone like Fantasia would probably find a spot in the pocket at the expense of Sloane! Though for me I would go with Dangerfield or Martin in the pocket (they would be very quickly rotated into the midfield as needed) and start with Kennedy or Sloane in the middle. Daniher from the bench also provides ruck relief. The one potential weakness in both lineups would be an injury to a tall back, so in reflection I would drop Kennedy, shift Daniher to Full Forward and bring in someone like McGovern. Noting Ryder can also play forward.
  15. Looking ahead ... the Path to September

    For those looking for more positives, it's still a strong Adelaide side who are also a high scoring team, and with a possible low intensity contest likely, then this could equate to a high scoring game meaning the Eagles need to win by more