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  1. A question for our Qld members, does the Sunshine Coast / Gold Coast get much hotter than low 30's. My recollection is that it tends to be pretty consistent around the 29c - 32 mark. I think Melbourne could even experience more "Hot" days. regardless 38 degrees is significantly hotter than the preparation most clubs can plan/cater for, plus it is dry heat which effects you differently. Clarrie will likely need to be dipped in a bath of sunscreen every 15 min's to avoid 5 degree burns!!!
  2. Oldest liked following certain players; and was just happy to cheer footy. The next got frustrated at the lack of tackling and pressure - which made the footy confusing and annoying. The youngest asked what he did wrong to be punished, and said he would give up Fortnite for the weekend if he could leave. All of them were constantly asking what happened or why they did that. To quote, "how come no-one ran up to grab the ball of the ground from the place kick" and then "isn't it play on when the ball touches the ground" to "how can another player hold the ball, is that play on or illegal disposal" with "It's time out - when the ball is placed on the ground but doesn't it need to be picked up to re-start" and many more questions which I found myself being asked - and dodging by blaming the rabbits (thinking of the "great wall is to keep the rabbits out!!!" answer in some long ago forgotten ad). but then again my kids play football, so maybe they to were the wrong target audience!!!!
  3. The answer is obvious, get Lewis to have a chat to his old friend Roughead to come across as a delisted free agent.
  4. Actually if you look at that broadly most of these sides are there for at least a couple of years (sometimes 2 in 3), often 3 or more. The Dockers of 2006 being the glaring anomaly.
  5. Clubs that are challenging (in premiershop window) don't make wholesale list changes (thats for rebuilding); the good ones will take a more surgical approach (not a slash n burn greenfields approach). Therefore 3-4 changes would likely see us done, max 5. Balic, vince, kent, king and Johnstone look likely. The important thing yo remember is whether the players coming in are better. Round 4 and 5 picks in the draft in reality are not going to be. So a free agent like Gaff would be a win (then 3 draft picks) Alternatively you add a player by trading which means a JKH or Tyson are more vulnerable but leaves a king/kent/Johnstone on the list, if sticking to about 5 main squad list changes. Note many people like to see change for change sake, but another reality is most clubs discards (players they are happy to trade or delist) rarely star at or improve another club.
  6. Have said this before, but the answer is actually pretty simple; pay a free kick for contact of the ball (5 metres). Its pretty much already in the rules: 1) you aren't allowed to tackle (grab) a player without the ball 2) you are not allowed shepherd a player more than 5 metres off the ball 3) you are not allowed bump a player more than 5 metres of the ball apply theses and it all stops. Oh and then enforce the a simple rule amendment, if your closed fist makes contact with another player then it's an automatic 1 week suspension (If an AFL player is that careless, clumsy, clueless, that the can't hit the ball with their fist then they shouldn't be playing at this level / the don't have the skills)
  7. Okay, I've had a bit of a play with the ladder predictor and it seems to be that the top 6 is pretty settled; I have the hawks as high as 5th given expected results. The final two spots come down to Roos, Dees and the Pies. A few games with these sides are 50-50, but on the law of averages the effect will be either 9th place or a bottom half of the 8. Reality is the Dee's cannot afford to drop a game to a weak team and needs win a game against gws or better. The draw of the other teams doesn't allow for any other slipups. Still if we can't win these game then reality is we also don't deserve to be there!!!
  8. Apparently our players dont have heads while theirs start at the hip.
  9. Would love to know how many goals they got from frees and setup from frees. Umpiring was atrocious, bodering on criminal.
  10. If your fitness staff is doing it's job you don't need to rest players!!!
  11. Gawn Omac Jetta Brayshaw Jones Fritsch * note our dominance began when Brayshaw moved into the cenetr square
  12. The rule will be amended as soon as someone is taken out (concussed or worse) by someone hitting the person on the mark who is unaware he is there (they are, or should, be focused on the person taking the kick). Of course the rule change will be hastily drawn up, and ill conceived (as a knee jerk reaction); which smart coaches like Clarkson will quickly exploit Then to fix this they will do a series of interpretations over the next 5 years (keeping the rule committee in a job; and feeding the media with a slow day story filler whenever needed)!!!
  13. Tyson has to come in, as he is one of our ball winners. our game plan needs speed in the backline so Hunts in it also needs speed on the wing so Stretch in our pressure in the forwards is lacking so Hannan comes in we need a second ruck so Peders is needed We are really missing Tmac Hannan Hogan Fritsh Petrac Peders ANB Stretch Jones Vince Hunt Lever Salem Jetta Omac Hibberd Gawn Oliver Tyson Kent Brayshaw Lewis Wagner (though I would give serious consideration to Bugg tagging Dusty)
  14. Tagging Mitchell was a good move (though a no brainer) tagging him with our 2nd best contested ball winner was stupid, it nullified every advantage we gained by keeping Mitchell to mid 20 possessions. Particularly since we had no Tyson. Our game plan doesn't suit our team; Contested footy is good/great; but bombing it long to 1 tall; again stupid. We also don't have the speed to play the high all or nothing defence; so when the contest gets evened the opposition forwards are free to do what they want (ably assisted by a midfield that have moved past/onwards from ours).
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