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  1. RalphiusMaximus

    Four Field Umpires

    The best umpiring we've seen in recent years was when they ran out and had to go with two on the field. This is the opposite of that, so I think it reasonable to expect some of the worst over-officiating in recent memory.
  2. RalphiusMaximus

    Gawn vs The World

    That and they were tackling our inside mids before they got to the ball.
  3. RalphiusMaximus

    New CEO - Gary Pert

    I'm happy with this call. He has experience with a genuine powerhouse in Collingwood. With luck he'll have a good idea of hw to help Melbourne expand.
  4. RalphiusMaximus

    Dean Kent on the move... ?

    His problem isn't lack of opportunity. When he's fit he plays. The problem is that he's constantly injured. That's not going to change with another club and I doubt that other teams are going to want to take the chance given his history. Best he can hope for is Fremantle I would think.
  5. RalphiusMaximus

    Peter Wright

    I was thinking about him too. He's not a popular man at GCS right now, wasting his time in the reserves. I don't think Dew really rates him or possibly just doesn't like him. Either way, if he can't get back into the firsts I think he could be very gettable and he certainly has talent. Also of note is that he was said to be very good friends with a certain defender who recently moved back to Melbourne. Pretty sure he'd like to move back to Melbourne and hang with Jake again.
  6. RalphiusMaximus

    Demonland Player of the Year - Round 12

    I'm stunned at the lack of love for Gawn on here, especially given how insipid most of the team were.
  7. RalphiusMaximus

    Post Match Discussion - Round 12

    Cox mugged Harry Potter at some point. He was clearly using an invisibility cloak today, given how often he popped up standing on his own right in front of the goals while his man was off chasing midfielders.
  8. RalphiusMaximus

    Post Match Discussion - Round 12

    So, that was fun. I don't know what the TV showed, but at the ground it looked very much like the majority of the side just weren't putting in the effort. We saw it time and time again, they were able to get multiple players free in wide open spaces while our midfield were clustered back where the ball used to be. That's straight up poor work-rate. I know we've had some road games and short breaks here and there, but there's no excuse for such a lazy performance. The Umpires set the tone at the opening bounce when they paid a free to Collingwood for a general stacks-on in the square. They followed through on that promise with a 9-3 free kick count in the first quarter, including four goal assists. It did improve slightly once the damage was done, but the Pies still got by far the best of it. Special note to J. Smith who had his head taken off with a closthline in full view of the umpire for a call of play on and a Collingwood goal. Gawn was mighty today. In the first half in particular he smashed Grundy. Grundy managed to even up his stats by rucking against Pedo later in the game, but Gawn taught him a lesson today. Also a victim of the umps, in particular a contest where Grundy wrapped both arms around him, bullrushed him under the ball and was rewarded with a free kick. TMac was likewise awesome. I think this was his biggest bag. One of the few who can be proud of their performance today. Hogan looked off when he was practicing his goal kicking before the game, and that how he played. Still racked up some disposals up the ground, but had very little impact. Pedersen was a liability. He gave us nothing in the ruck, he constantly missed targets by foot and he didn't hit the scoreboard. I haven't seen a worse game by Jones in a long time.
  9. RalphiusMaximus

    Demonland Player of the Year - Round 12

    6. Tommy. Six goals, fought hard and tried to give us a sniff. 5. Gawn. Even the Collingwood fans sitting near me thought he was smashing Grundy. 4. Jetta. The only defender who put in today. 3. Oliver. Just keeps getting the ball. Should have had three goals. If he had kicked them he would be higher. 2. Brayshaw. Some classy touches while holding a pretty solid tag. 1. Fritsch. Really, he tried, he worked hard, and nobody else deserves a vote.
  10. RalphiusMaximus

    My 3 word player analysis V Collingwood

    Very harsh on Gawn. He smashed Grundy for most of the match, to the point that they stopped letting him take centre bounces and put Cox in there instead. Grundy racked up some cheap numbers rucking against Pedersen which makes his stats look more respectable, but the only thing he had over Gawn today was his tackle count.
  11. RalphiusMaximus

    The Soccer thread

    Quick note here on Bert. He felt that he didn't have time to work up a relationship with the existing set of assistant coaches and support staff in the Australian camp, so he's paying the wages of his own team of assistants, analysts and scouts out of his own pocket. I'm really hoping that the support team in the Football Australia had in place are still hanging around and learning from these guys. That experience will be priceless when Arnold takes over after the World Cup. Article.
  12. RalphiusMaximus

    Best One on One Defenders

    Very surprised to see them rating Rance 1-1. He's been smashed this year when he was isolated and forced to man up. Jenkins and Melksham smashed him.
  13. RalphiusMaximus

    Fat Ed wants QB as a Collingwood home game.

    I don't mind the notion of alternating home games for the QB match. We're not the basket case we were, so it's not as vital to the clubs finances as it once was. The only rider is that it would need to alternate with the Anzac eve game, so we got one of them each year as a home game. That's one big marquee pay-day each year. Obviously, we'd need the AFL to get their act together and give us a home Friday fixture or two as well, but every side should have one of those each season, so no big deal.
  14. RalphiusMaximus

    QB Seating

  15. RalphiusMaximus

    QB Seating

    I've just had a look at the e-mail the club sent out asking us to buy a guaranteed seat for the Queens Birthday game. It appears that they want us to pay an extra $44.00 for this. What I want to know is, what does this get us? They wanted an extra $10.00 for the Richmond game, which I paid only to find that there was heaps of room in the members' area anyway. If I show up at the ground next week with only my membership, will they tell me I can't sit with the other members behind the goals? I'm terribly confused.