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  1. Not be surprised. We've had the wood on them the last few years, but their midfield isn't crumbling under pressure like they used to. It's going to be a really tough game.
  2. I don't know what the outcome of this will be or how heavy a hit it was, but having seen the footage on the news the guy who hit him should never play the game again. No pretence of playing the ball, he saw that Gus was looking the other direction, ran in and blindsided him with an elbow to the head. If he'd done it outside a pub he'd be looking at spending the next few years in prison. I see no reason for him to get off lightly just because he did it on a sporting field.
  3. We're one of the four.
  4. Now we just need west coast to win at the 'G...
  5. The Umpires must have shares in NMFC. This is some absolutely disgraceful work right now.
  6. It seems to be a common theme at VFL level that teams try to take Brayshaw out early in the game because they can't beat him fairly. Good to see Bugg playing well though.
  7. I'd like him to stick around for another year or so as he is still a class player. That being said, we've reached the point where we have the depth to cover his loss should he decide he needs to go home. If he does leave us, all we can do is think him for joining a club in such a shocking state and helping to build us up to the point where we are considered a legitimate contender. I wish him well regardless.
  8. There were interviews and due process took place. It was just done quietly. Roos had planned on bringing in one of his former Sydney assistants. He only agreed to interview Goodwin because Todd Viney talked him up so much. He won the spot over guys Roos had known a lot longer and better.
  9. I had us losing to StKilda and Geelong, so while the route differs this is still the place I expected us to be.
  10. We can't say for certain that it cost us the win, and as your quote would show if you hadn't cherry-picked, I freely acknowledge that there were other factors. However as I said these were two moments where the opportunity was there and if either one of them had shown better composure we could have won the game. Their poor judgement during a pivotal period cost us the opportunity to win the game.
  11. Obviously we lost for a number of reasons and it's probably unfair to highlight one or two players, but I'm going to do it anyway. Right at the end, we were in a dominant position. We were attacking, Freo were tired and we were only three points down. All it needed was a little composure and patience to work the ball around and find a target who was in a position to kick that last goal and we were there. So what happened? 1. Bloody Bernie Vince breaks out of a pack and kicks a blind long-bomb for an uncontested mark to their spare defender. 2. James Harmes decides he's going to be a hero and kick a goal from 60+ rather than take the easy lateral kick to the man in space. Now I know that there were any number of issues leading us to this point, but right then we had a chance to win the game, and these two lacked the composure and common sense to do the right thing and it cost us the win. I really hope they get called on it during the review process, especially Harmes.
  12. Don't forget that goal. I think Spencil's doing a great job. It's not often he'll be giving away that much size in the ruck, but he's competing and making Sandilands accountable around the ground.
  13. I have to say, Frost is a massive improvement over OMac.
  14. Did they call that a high tackle? I was wondering why it was given. Possibly that idiotic clause they added where if a players head hits the ground it's considered high? It looked like a clear HTB to me. He was tackled around the waist and spun more than 360 without even trying to offload the ball.
  15. I just have to say this. That was some of the most one-sided umpiring I have ever seen today. As a neutral observer, I couldn't believe how bad the bias was. North had 21 players on the ground and still couldn't get the win.