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  1. Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 5

    I want a moment's silence at half time to remember Pia.
  2. Where to play TMac?

    We need him to stabilise our defence. We have plenty of forward options, but they don't do us any good if we leak goals seven or eight at a time. TMac replaces Frost, Lever hopefully settles in as the third man up and either Weed or Pedersen plays as our second tall forward.
  3. Flat Track Bullies?

    Agree with this. We're terrible when we're favorites and play well when we should lose.
  4. The easy fix to solve Max's goal kicking problem

    It wouldn't surprise me at all.
  5. The easy fix to solve Max's goal kicking problem

    We don't have one.
  6. Coaches

    Northy and Danniher get a pass. Both took us to a GF.
  7. Post Match Discussion - Round 4

    So you know how I keep pointing out how we play like little kids, and everyone always tries to win the ball instead of one person getting the ball while the others create room for them, and how we get torn apart when we bomb the ball to the hot spot, and how in marking contests everyone tries to mark the ball and nobody stays down for the crumb? All of that. Again. Can we admit that there's a problem with the coaching panel now?
  8. Is the Shepherd dead?

    It's not dead. We see other teams doing it frequently. It's just another thing that none of OUR players do, largely because they have been told to all dive in and try to win the ball themselves.
  9. 3 Good Things Vs North Melbourne

    Nev not getting suspended for a head high bump on Brown.
  10. Bomb it long!

    This has been Goodwin's tactic (and my complaint) from the moment he took over. I suspect that they are working on the theory that they will either take the mark or one of our small forwards will crumb after Hogan/McDonald/Pedersen/Gawn crash the pack. Unfortunately there are a couple of glaring issues with this plan. Firstly, our forward line coach as yet to teach our forwards to work together. When the high ball comes in we invariably see every forward in the vicinity try to mark it, often spoiling each other and winding up with most of them falling over. With nobody staying down it is a simple matter for the opposition to crumb and run the ball out of the 50. Secondly, because we are so very predictable in this tactic, defences are setting up specifically to counter this play and generally getting their structure in place before ours. I think a great illustration of this came last year when the Weed was playing. In one of his games he twice took a mark just outside 50 on the boundary. Both times he looked around for options before deciding to follow the team rule and hit up the Hot Spot. Unfortunately on one occasion the only people there were from the opposition and on another we had a single forward against three or four. To me it looked like he had clearly been told that that was what he had to do after taking a mark at HF, and sadly he did as he was told instead of making a smart football decision.
  11. 3 Good Things Vs North Melbourne

    Fourth on the ladder.
  12. Golden Era of Ruckmen?

    It's a pretty good case to make. With the development of mobile rucks like Nic Nat, Matin, Grundy and Ryder along with giants like Sandilands and Gawn there are some very good players running around.
  13. 3 Good Things Vs North Melbourne

    Nev's Wrecking Ball moment.
  14. My 3 word player analysis v North Melbourne

    I think Frost was actually pretty good after quarter time. He took some very nice intercept marks, took them on and nailed some very nice attacking kicks. I'm all for keeping him in the side.