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  1. RalphiusMaximus


    Not to get too far ahead of ourselves, but if Collingwood and Sydney both go down next week and we win, we'll take fourth spot.
  2. RalphiusMaximus

    Six Demons in 22Under22 squad

    I can't see Petracca or ANB making the cut. Harmes could be a smokey. Brayshaw and Oliver are both very good chances. Fritsch, who knows?
  3. RalphiusMaximus

    My 3 word player analysis V Swans

    Worse. We did everything we could possibly think of to hand them the game and still only lost by nine points. The entire team were diabolical and they still almost fluked the win. They actually WORKED at losing. The put effort into it.
  4. RalphiusMaximus


    They should be ashamed of that effort. Back to the blind turnover kick into the forward line. Even with the poor conversion rate, we would have wkn if our mids had just tried to hit targets instead of lobbing directionless bombs to their waiting defence.
  5. RalphiusMaximus

    Trade HOGAN

    Hogan is playing injured. He needs a week or two off, but we can't afford to drop him this close to finals. I'd say drop him this week since we're no chance of winning but he would probably like to go to Perth.
  6. RalphiusMaximus

    Training - Saturday 11 August, 2018

    He's having a bit more than a rest by all reports. Many thanks for the rundown. We really need to win this one I think.
  7. RalphiusMaximus

    The look of the game.

    The worst look in the game is the AFL Commission. They are a disgrace.
  8. RalphiusMaximus

    Casey Demons v Northern Blues - Round 18

    I'm amazed he hasn't had a call-up already. I thought he was the perfect choice to replace Lever. Similar size and game. He takes a great contested mark, he's strong and tough. The only knock I see is he doesn't look that quick.
  9. RalphiusMaximus

    Who else do we realistically target at season end?

    Coniglio is a free agent and would be a big upgrade on Tyson. I could see him being a good fit for Goodwin's style. Jack Martin is contracted until the end of next year, but I'd love us to make a play for him. He'd be a great fit swinging between wing and HF. Has pace, marks well above his head and can win contested ball when he needs to. I also wouldn't mind us sounding out Daniel Rich. He's a good solid player with an exceptional boot and we are desperate for good footskills.
  10. RalphiusMaximus

    Changes v Gold Coast Suns

    Smith needs to go. Other than that I'm happy enough with the lineup.
  11. RalphiusMaximus

    GAMEDAY - Round 18

    Petracca and his long bomb just cost us the game. Why the hell didn't he chip to an uncontested mark??
  12. RalphiusMaximus

    GAMEDAY - Round 18

  13. RalphiusMaximus

    GAMEDAY - Round 18

    Why the hell would you go the bomb? Just hold the damn ball!
  14. RalphiusMaximus

    GAMEDAY - Round 18

    Cats player slid in studs first and collected one of our mids there. No call from the umps.
  15. RalphiusMaximus

    GAMEDAY - Round 18

    Hawkins is killing us.