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  1. Max Gawn close to signing new deal

    It's generally accepted that you need to pay more to poach a player than to keep one. I think the players would understand this as well as anyone. Lewis will be pushing the mantra that it's worth taking a little less to have a successful team that stays together for multiple premierships. That should help. With luck we'll see some of our senior players set the example as well.
  2. The Mitch Honeychurch Thread

    My Bulldogs supporting mate tells me that he's quick, has pretty good disposal and can kick goals. I believe the issue is his contested work and defensive pressure. While we lack the attacking qualities he brings, I don't know if our coaching group would want him.
  3. The Matthew Ling Thread

    That chip at a flat-out sprint was sweet, but his general field kicking under little to no pressure looks very suspect to me. A lot of short passes that made the target stretch to pull them in. One was way over the guy's head. Over those distances he should be hitting them square in the chest. Not the sort of thing you should see in a highlight reel.
  4. The Matthew Ling Thread

    Aggressive, attacks the contest, very dodgy kicking. Sounds like a perfect fit for our side.
  5. Mature Age Recruits

    Oskar Baker sounds like a good prospect as an attacking outside player. Bearing in mind that the only one I know anything about is Dom Barry, who I would quite like to have back on our list.
  6. It's possible you could be correct. I'd swear that wasn't there when I read the article at work, but it WAS work, so I was half asleep at the time.
  7. Poll: Rate our Trade Period

    Positives: We called our shot and we made it (Lever) We got Balic for a pick we almost certainly wouldn't be using Negatives: We got screwed on the Lever deal We got screwed on the Watts Deal I would have liked to see us grab a backup ruck as well, but there wasn't a huge amount of talent out there, so we'll leave that out.
  8. This even got a mention in an article on AFL.com. Of course, the so-called journalist didn't credit DL as the source, he just said " an entertaining two-hour-plus interview." Not cool Mark McGowan. http://www.afl.com.au/news/2017-10-20/i-kicked-goals-on-all-of-them-dee-great-jakovich-reflects
  9. This is a great deal. Balic can move when he's fit and more importantly he's a decent kick. For a junk pick it's really good value. Don't be surprised if he moves ahead of Stretch in the pecking order.
  10. Farewell Jack Watts

    Ok. I think i've made it clear that i'm [censored] about this. No need to comment any more. Good luck Jack. You've shown yourself to be a class act on and off the field and I wish you a long and successful career.
  11. Farewell Jack Watts

    I don't see a bright future. I see a coach who either refuses to acknowledge the real weaknesses in his side or is unaware of them. I'm not sure which is more damning. You can not succeed at football if you can't kick. As long as we persist in playing a side of hard-nosed butchers we will fail. You can not win games if you have no plan to score goals. As long as we persist with the high bomb to the "hot spot" we will fail. I've seen nothing to indicate that the Coaching department are aware of the issues with our ball movement. They made no move to rectify the problem during the season and appear to be genuinely bewildered when our opponents take clean possession off our F50 entries and score from them. Furthermore, they have just traded away the ONLY player on our list who has shown himself capable of consistently hitting forward targets. That is a great package.
  12. Farewell Jack Watts

    Jack has been made the scapegoat for clubwide failings. Getting rid of him is only going to make the onfield failures more pronounced as our poor skills hurt us over and over again. Goodwin could have faced up to the failure of his coaching staff and flawed gameplan. Instead he chose to crucify an easy target among the playing group. Who will he blame next year when the same [censored] happens all over again? No, the club wanted to keep him. Look at the poll results. Look at the footage from the B&F and listen to the roar every time his name was mentioned. THE CLUB love Jack and wanted him to play out his career with us. Unfortunately the COACH decided to make him a scapegoat and traded him out for peanuts after rubbishing him in the press.
  13. Farewell Jack Watts

    Nope, but I'm also not going to claim that he cost them a top five pick.
  14. Farewell Jack Watts

    Top 14 pick. He was drafted at 14.
  15. Farewell Jack Watts

    We can't win a flag without decent disposal, in particular better kicking to our forwards. Watts was the best we had and they got rid of him for peanuts. I don't. I have far less faith in the coach than I did a month ago. How is Lever a pick 4? They drafted him at 14. A first and second round pick was a fair offer and we should have held our ground.