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  1. I don't mind Melksham. He's certainly not in Hibberd's league, but he's a solid B-grade workhorse and he's tough as nails. You can't have All-Australian talent across the board and guys who work hard and play their role have value. On exposed form, you probably wouldn't take two second round picks for Hibberd alone. He's having an amazing season. I've even seen him kick on his right a few times.
  2. Just looked at the ladder. All that effort just to stay in the same spot! That sucks!
  3. TOMMY!!! Insane goal.
  4. Viney has just NAILED Hurn. Beautifully done.
  5. Damn. Pedo missed that chance ot be a hero there. Great mark but couldn't convert the tightish angle.
  6. And the pass! That was awesome from Pedo!
  7. Hibberd's worst play of the year.
  8. Two players run into each other and fall over. West Coast free kick. I think that sums it up.
  9. This was a really good game until the umpires decided to ruin it with their insane one-sided calls. If the AFL had any idea about how to run a professional game they'd suspend the lot of them.
  10. Umpires have stepped up this quarter right when the Weagles needed them.
  11. Am I blind or was Frost tripped there? Worthless biased home-town umpiring.
  12. WTF is Jack Viney on? That first half was insane. We need a lift from the rest of the side though. We're missing targets and letting WC off the hook far too often. We should be well up by now.
  13. FMD, Hawks are in front.
  14. Tom Mitchell. Gets the ball, turns and looks for a zero risk pass sideways or behind. There's a reason nobody is rating his high disposal games. He's worse than Cotchin's worst game ever.
  15. Gunfight at the Adelaide Corral tonight. They're having a great shootout.