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  1. All Australian: Which Dees Deserve a Nod?

    Obviously we all rate Jetta, but the AA selectors look for attack over defence so they are more likely to give Hibberd the nod and leave Jetta on the bench. I don't see Garlett getting in. He's been inconsistent this season and they like to fill the small forward spots with spare midfielders which will count heavily against him. Look for Dangerfield to be named as a forward pocket this year. Oliver probably has a solid claim based on his numbers. I'm one of the doubters who think he needs to get better balance between his handballs and kicks and I think that may count against him.
  2. What to do with Petracca?

    I was thinking something similar. All of our tall forwards like to roam, so play Trac as the deep full forward and let the talls roam through HF and wing. He'd be a horror match-up down there.
  3. Casey Demons v Northern Blues

    This is where we see if Watts really wants to be an AFL footballer. He'd better be breathing fire tomorrow.
  4. James Sicily...

    He'd be an upgrade on Harmes. Has good hands and plays tall for his size. He'd add something to our mix, but not worth a top pick.
  5. Aaron Vandenberg to Re-sign?

    Best thing he's done for us was against the pies. He went to tackle Pendles, who saw him coming and dropped the knees and ducked his head into the tackle to milk the free. While many would have tried to avoid the contact, Vanders just said "fine, you want the high contact, you can have it" and absolutely HAMMERED him. Beautiful play.
  6. Looking ahead .. the Path to September

    Two wins should get us in, three make it a certainty. We should win all three based on form this year. If we fail to win two I will be very upset with the team.
  7. A Time to vent about this Club!

    The thing is, we're not as bad as people are thinking right now. Yes, I constantly criticise the forward movement and [censored]-poor offensive structures, but a month ago they were talking about us as genuine top 4 contenders and we had the second best form-line in the league behind the Swans. We're not there yet, but in terms of the gameplan the only thing we need to fix is that abysmal ball movement into our 50. We should win two out of the next three, and if we do that we'll play finals for the first time in a decade. We'll bomb out in the first round, but that's still a huge improvement. Maybe Goodwin will spend the summer drilling the team on how to score and we'll come out next year kicking bags and not conceding length-of-the-ground rebound goals.
  8. Looking ahead .. the Path to September

    They have Richmond, Collingwood and the Giants. That's two sides ahead of them on the ladder and they're playing without Selwood. Assuming losses to Richmond and GWS, they finish 5th. If they win one of those two then they jump ahead of Port due to the draw.
  9. Looking ahead .. the Path to September

    Could be Port over in Adelaide. That would probably be a better outcome for us to be honest. It depends on whether Richmond or Geelong win next week according to my results.
  10. Looking ahead .. the Path to September

    Looking at the ladder predictor, three wins should get us up into seventh. I think we've blown any chance of finishing higher than that. Two wins is probably still enough to get through, but then it becomes a matter of percentage rather than points, so that's a bit dicey. The bad news is that as far as I can see we'll wind up facing either Sydney or Geelong at their home grounds, so I can't see us going past the first week.
  11. Round 20 - Non MFC Matches

    Commentator just commented on the umpiring "this is the twilight zone..." Not often the commentary team are willing to speak out on the umpiring.

    Not a tall forward. A decent forward line coach.
  13. My 3 word player analysis V GWS

    Tyson had 76.2% DE. That's about average for the side and pretty good for someone playing in the guts.

    The lack of skill and clean hands is concerning, but it's the complete lack of cohesive forward play that kills us. The only plan we seem to have is to bomb to the "hot spot" and hope for a mark or a crumber. Everyone knows we're going to do it, so their defence sets up to counter and they rebound the length of the ground and score almost every time. Beyond it being about the most idiotic tactic in the game, this plan is also killing poor Jesse as it's forcing him to stand under the high bomb and get mobbed rather than playing to his strengths and roaming about, running his man into the ground and winning the one-on-one contests. Quite frankly he should be looking for a trade to a club that's not going to set him up to fail like that. What we're doing is going to ruin him. None of our forwards are suited to that role. We need to sort that [censored] out and have an actual plan for creating space in the forward line and getting the talls working together to block and create opportunities for each other.
  15. Round 20 - Non MFC Matches

    And now we see what happens when the umpires are making strange and unusual decisions all over the place. Players don't trust the umps and start doing stupid [censored] themselves. Multiple injuries hitting in rapid succession.