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  1. I watched the game with a mate a we specifically watched the back six. They kept their structure for nearly all of the game and were brilliant. When Port got a fast break our buys ran back pretty much in formation and were rarely penetrated. They have trust in each other, know when to run off and in most instances didn't over-commit to a contest. If one of their team mates was there they hung back to provide an option having full faith that thier team mate would win or halve the contest. It was a very impressive performance. The one blight came from Oscar who otherwise had a terrific game; on a number of occasions he went to spoil and missed completely or he spoilt the ball into a very dangerous location in the corridor or into the goal square. I have seen Frost do that regularly but not so this week. Oscar need to clean that up. It didn't actually hurt us this week but had the potential to do a fair amount of scoreboard damage. If you are committing to a contest them make sure you hit the ball and kill it to a spot that won't bite the team on the backside. The first half dominance was incredible but we should have been 7-10 goals up. The game should have been over at half time but for our inability to really put our foot on their throats. But coming out of the blocks like they did it was one of the most satisfying and enjoyable wins I have seen, particularly given the circumstances of the week after Darwin, the number of players that were coming back into the side and the quality of the opposition.
  2. wow. FYI JOnes has been able to run, a quad mainly affects the ability to kick. So fitness shouldn't be a great problem for him.
  3. Anyone know why that spud Dixon was giving it to Nev on the ground?
  4. You mean Charlie Dixon is a spud who could enter the Kent Kingsley hall of fame and score 5 goals against the Dees? Fair call I guess altho I would hope the Dees of 2017 are better than the teams of the last decade...
  5. Ron When it comes to Brownlow 'favourites' or incubator teams like GWS, Sydney and GC it is hopelessly biased and compromised. You may be right with the inconsistencies but if it happens enough it is bias IMO. And if the media jump on an incident or conversely ignore an incident the MRP usually follows suit. Its almost like they don't want to suspend any player unless they really have to. The Zak Jones Hannan hit was a disgrace and bias in my view as were the Martin and numerous Cotchin jumper punches. Cunnington not getting cited was seen almost as a payback because Vince is a niggler. Ditto Bugg who was not afforded the 'good bloke' status of Houli. If the umps were consistent and paid frees and 50m penalties when they should the game would be in better shape with less tribunal cases to worry about becuase behavoural change from players would be rapid.. But they won't because they are under instructions from head office to keep the game moving.
  6. Not sure whether that is right. In fact I'd be certain it isn't
  7. The weakness of the club in defending its players - not the players actions per se - is galling. Even a murderer gets a defence yet we roll over and throw ourselves at the mercy of the MRP. Good luck with that. Bugg was treated like a leper and didn't deserve that. No-one went into bat for Bugg as a good bloke who stuffed up. It was frankly appalling. Our counsel, Findlay, didn't even try to argue a case for a reduced sentence based on precedent and the fact he had never been reported before. Vince is the same, no one from the club went into bat for Bernie, The club didn't argue insufficient force, intent or relativity to other incidents involving Melbourne players such as: Oliver getting elbowed from Schofield Hannan getting elbowed from Zak Jones and not even being cited Vince himself being punched in the guts that forced him to throw up on the boundary line and miss 11 minutes of the quarter. The club has got a lot of things right but the only tribunal hearing I can recall where they argued hard was Jack Vineys appeal. They need to review their set up for defending players pronto and they need to be way more public in their defence of their players. Its so freaking obvious the MRP is biased and that noise in the media dictates what sanctions get handed out. Cotchin and Martin are two prime examples. Brad Scott immediately went on the offensive when defending Cunnington over his hit on Vince, Where the hell are we?
  8. Not in my view, Regardless of what ppl thought of the coach and the turmoil that was engulfing the club you simply couldn't have a player blatantly ignoring coaches instructions AND willfully co-opting others to go with a different plan which is how I understand the situation was. Notwithstanding gave his all for the club and played 166 games more than me..
  9. Am thinking that Port will be somewhat confused with this side. Watching our tapes of the last month or so won't help them a lot...
  10. Any word on Kent's injury? Is he having surgery?
  11. We promised Tom Rockliff a rookie spot and instead took Liam Jurrah. As good as Jurrah was and as much as Rockliff is said to be a prat, Rockliff would have been a much better pick.
  12. Said all year our defence is the weak link. Leaks goals too easily. Poor one on one pressure and key fwds like Tex, Buddy and Daniher kill us. Having said that our delivery to the fwd line was abysmal against Adelaide.
  13. Gee thanks for that. The hypocrisy of the MR knows no bounds. From Dusty to Cotchin to Zak Jones elbowing Hannan and not even cited. They are the things that rile Demonland (and no doubt other supporters)