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  1. Free kicks 27 to 16 maggots did their usual WA best to fark us over but to no avail Go Dees
  2. Gus can play good football no doubt. He has flaws though, one of which is awareness. He has some similarities to Daniel Bell there. Can turn the ball over switching back into the dangerous corridor because he just doesn't 'see' the opposition. Gets hit somewhat innocuously and gets concussed - perhaps because of his awareness. Don't get me wrong he is a much better player than Bell but some of his traits push me towards letting him go if we were offered a 1st rounder - which I don't believe we would get in any case. Some here sprout nonsense with regard to player movements. The club was happy to let Trengove go for pick 12 if not for the Richmond medicos. For me its about the club. That's what I support. Players come and go. I support them while they are with us but its a business where loyalty is not what is espoused on this forum. And its a 2 way street. So would I be sad to see Gus go? Yes. But would I be happier for team success? yes. Most here were happy for Howe to go. He is likely to be All Australian this year. But is it better for the team that he went? Absolutely IMO. This current administration has shown themselves to be very adept at managing player contracts, player movements and I am happy at this point to back them in their judgements.
  3. dees by 40+ You heard it here first.
  4. A first rounder for Gus. In a heartbeat. I like Gus but you have to keep the list turning over to get quality.
  5. OK...
  6. Anyone with a modicum of knowledge about the operation Hoges underwent would have known that Hogan was going to be missing for at least 4-6 weeks. I detailed info re the operation early on as told to me by a surgeon and a quick google search of the op would confirm the timeline. People might repeat what they have heard but he was never going to play on QB
  7. I am curious what Kent's role back at Casey. It doesn't look like goal kicking is part of his remit. Kent kicked 0 goals in Rd 7, 2 goals in Rd 8 and 0 goals in Rd 9. He has had 13 tackles in 3 weeks. The reports say that is winning the ball around stoppages and providing pressure - something he wasn't doing at senior level. I'd be interested in someone who has watched him can report. IMO the most frustrating player on our list. Has all the talent but has been next to useless, Plapp's reports Rd 7 v Coburg Dean Kent: He had 25 disposals, seven inside 50s and five tackles. Dean was a pretty prolific ball-winner for us on the weekend. He was used in a number of different roles and was able to use his power and speed, particularly around stoppages. He was able to get the ball going forward for us, but probably wasted a couple of opportunities in front of goal – and he’s shown us that he’s able to kick goals. Kenty showed some pretty positive signs on the weekend Rd 8 v Coll Dean Kent: Dean had 22 disposals, including 10 contested possessions, six tackles, five inside 50s and kicked 2.1. He continues to build. His ability to put the opposition under pressure was a highlight on the weekend, particularly his tackling. His ability to go and win the ball and find the ball was quite prominent. He missed a couple of opportunities, but we think his game is in pretty good shape at the moment. He’s got some clear areas that he’s working on, but he’s certainly building. Rd 9 v Footscray Dean Kent: He had 27 disposals, including 10 contested possessions, two tackles and six inside 50s. Dean continues to play at a consistent level in the VFL. I thought his work around the contest and his ability to really open the ground up with his leg speed was a highlight for him. He’s in a pretty good space at the moment.
  8. Great to hear. The club is on the right path these days...
  9. I used to work nearby. It gets painted over every week or so. I think there is a tacit agreement that art must be up at least a week. Sometime it stays longer but this one seems to occupy a fair anmount of wall real estate so my start to get chopped up quicker......
  10. Maybe if we make a song and dance in the media beforehand they will wilt under the spotlight??
  11. We nearly beat them last year. Lost by 6 and we didn't score a goal in the last quarter. Had then on toast. We should equip ourselves well and I am going for the win
  12. Melbourne has around 13 or 14 players in the HOF already. I would say that's what's keeping out Neitz and Lyon etc...
  13. Not the Hall of Shame....