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  1. Goodwin says Viney & TMac out for 6-8 Weeks

    WTF? 2 weeks to de-load? You're kidding.
  2. Training Week Commencing 19/3

    10 days to de-load? You have to be kidding. I can de-load instaneously. Go on to crutches or wear a boot. Voila. Agree with other time estimates though.

    Breaking News: Company acts in its commercial interests. Stop the presses. Burnside is a horrible human being.
  4. Huddo predicts big things for the Dees

    OK a little wager. I win and you change your avatar for the first 4 games to my choice. Vica versa
  5. Wayne Carey: Dees Not a United Team

    Carey knew how to unite a team. Shaggging your vice captain's missus at a social function is a sure fire way to bring everyone together....
  6. The Jack Watts in 2018 Thread

    It wasn't. Simple. Which but don't you get? Watts was a bust after 9 yrs and 150 games. He was a disruptive influence both on his own behaviour (rehab, team rules, training habits, after-hours habits and putting his head over the ball/appetite for a contest) and from a media and supporter scrutiny point of view. Elite skills, yes. Elite habits, no. The team could not rely on JW. He was best gone.
  7. How does our Defence stack up?

    Well on some measures we had the worst defence in 2017. Last in defensive one on ones and last for goals scored from opposition entries into our 50m zone. Lever will fix some of that and hopefully OMac and Frost have improved but its still a worry for me. Our zoning wasn't great in 2017 and you would expect that to improve significantly with lever in the side.
  8. How does our Defence stack up?

    There's your problem. Get a Samsung... BTW How do you milk sheep? Relase an iPhone X and charge $1500 for it..... (boom tish)
  9. Dudded once again on FTA into Melbourne

    Viewing audience. Around 90000 on actual race day with maybe 324000 over the weekend. Its stupid that we have to deal with the this for 2 years running. The GP is an expensive event and there would no doubt be some cross-over that means people would choose one or the other. But for us to have a clash two years in succession is appalling scheduling as usual bythe AFL.
  10. Sponsorship Problem?

    And a pleasure it was too!
  11. Dudded once again on FTA into Melbourne

    931,000 to be exact
  12. Dudded once again on FTA into Melbourne

    And speaking of the fix that is the AFL, we have played Essendon ONCE as the home side since 2005. Huge revenue opportunity that we miss out on. We have played Carlton and Geelong 5 times since 2005 as the HOME team. Massive revenue foregone. Until we start complaining bitterly and relentlessly about the inequities of the draw and the TV coverage we will remain as a 'poorer' club. That's why this deal is so fantastic. And when we are a powerhouse, lets not forget how we were treated.