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  1. The Jake Lever Thread

    Not sure how you are going to trade Frost. He is out of contract.
  2. Worrying Stats

    Yep. Was correct up to round 20. Doesn't include the last 2 games
  3. Oliver and Jones were being held all day. The frees were one way.....
  4. Changes versus Collingwood

    Yes but he wasnt alone. I don't think the conditions were the best.
  5. Worrying Stats

    Some people on here like to deny facts. Facts are: 1. teams score 53% of the time they enter our fwd 50 - last in the AFL 2. We lose 35% of defensive one on ones - last in the AFL Some people think this is the midfield (!) Go figure. Its clear to me watching the games that we are very poor when the ball comes in to our defensive 50. While midfield pressure will have something to do with the way the ball is coming in, the way the stat is measured means that a defensive one on one is only counted that way when both players have a reasonable chance of getting the ball. In other words it doesn't count when the ball comes in quickly to a fwd and the defender hasn't got a realistic chance of spoling the ball or gaining posession. Now we know that Hibberd and Jetta are greta one on one players. Possibly AA. So what does that leave? Frost and OMac. Some come on here to say OMac is gun and has improved "out of sight" this year. There is no doubt that he has improved but he is still a massive liability one one one. That's why we need Lever.
  6. Umpiring of MFC games very questionable

    See you agree. They're only conspiracy theories until they're proven. Then they're fact.
  7. Jack Watts (again)

    Yeah it is. It's plain wrong. Sorry. It's a completely different stat.

    Anyone else noticed Jess had his right shoulder bandaged but not his left? He did his left collarbone. Was he doing the Lin Jong trick?

    Thats sucks big time. Its unlikely you will find the perpetrators on this august site. Has to be Brisbane scum for sure.
  10. Umpiring of MFC games very questionable

    Watergate would be one. The Manhattan Project would be another.
  11. Bernie Vince on report

    Saw the news tonight and it was all about Bernie Vince and his hits on the Beams brothers. The tone was "bernie has done it again' and this infuriates me. I have seen it in the write ups of the game as well. The Spoil on D Beams was a genuine two person contest. Fair enough with the free as he collected him high but not malicious nor intentional. Yet the media goes with the 'Bernie introuble again'. No way is that a report. The second incident with Clay Beams was worse. Beams actually dived and took out bernies legs. Was very dangerous and exactly what the rule was brought in to stop. Almost hyperextended his knees. Yet the commentary is that Bernies knee collected Beam's head and 'Bernie may go for this second incident'. It riles me that the club doesn't get on the front foot with these incidents. We all know that the media have a big say in whether the MRP actually bring a charge or not and we need to be on the front foot to ensure nothing comes of either of these things.
  12. Changes versus Collingwood

    He was totally spent in the last quarter as well.

    Dal Santo on the radio said the AFL have changed the rule where you kick it to someone in the fwd 50m and get another 30 secs to shoot for goal. Like Lewis to ANB against Carlton and again in hte last minute today. I hadn't heard that. Does anyone know if this is correct? He was saying the umpires can call play on.

    So we didn't learn anything being up 40 pts against St Kilda only to watch them come back to 4pts but we did learn something today? I don't think we learned anything against the Saints and I'd be surprised if the players learned anything from today.

    Pedo doesn't have many miles on the clock though. Only 65ish games played...