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  1. Will Jack Watts make us pay thread?

    List of number 1 draft picks to NOT get a rising star nomination: J Watts P McCartin He's a champ alright.
  2. Melb vs Hawks 1990 5 goals in 4 minutes

    Garry Lyon in his book says 1990 is the year that they were kicking themselves for not winning the flag. They had a really good side, it was an even comp and the eventual premier Collingwood wasn't that great. I think 2017 was a similar year (altho our 2017 side wasn't as good as the 1990 side) and we will kick ourselves for a longtime over our stupid capitulation to Collingwood in the last round. Had we made finals anything could have happened.
  3. Corey Maynard

    He is physically stronger than Tyson. So maybe he plays against some of the bigger bodied midfields...Also maybe Jones plays more off half back? I see him playing less minutes in the square...
  4. Corey Maynard

    His Final game for Casey was outstanding. Did I hear that he got 16 or 17 contested posessions? It was a cracker of a game.
  5. That's nice but its not a sound basis for drafting. Plenty of clubs have been down this path, thinking they are close to a flag and botching it with some mature age players. Port may do well but they have drafted two very inconsistent players in Watts and Motlop. Rockliff is a workhorse, meat and potatoes kind of player but not particularly damaging. They had a pretty good run in 2018 with injuries and maybe have over-estimated where they are as a list. Will be watched with interest in 2018.
  6. Or captions....
  7. List Analysis Potential v Reality

    Nah we're not. We always overate our list. We barely have 2 players in most independent top 50 lists...
  8. Trade rumours

    Somewhat? Couldnt have picked a worse time to bottom out. Having said that check out the talent in the first few drafts for GWS and GC to see what players have left.....we weren't alone.
  9. Preseason Training - Week commencing 6/11/17

    This debate is ridiculous. The players need to have time off. The important thing is the shape they return in. That demonstrates how they will attack the year ahead.
  10. List Analysis Potential v Reality

    Haven't really thought about it but I imagine that Vince and Lewis would be at the top of the list given their age, possibly Jones whose output has been prolific but his body taken a beating in the past few years. I could also imagine Oliver performing lower than last year's stellar performance as he gets tagged more often. Similarly with Hunt given the oppositions focus on him in the second half of the season and his lower output as a result. We might have also seen the best of Vanders - think it would be hard for him to improve given his age and injury history. I know some here love OMac but I haven't seen much that says to me he'll be an 'A' grade player as P-Man above suggests and in fact could well see him stagnate or go backwards as the overall team improves. His average votes of 2.5 out of 10 from the coaches in 2017 games suggests to me he isn't tracking as some here seem to think. No doubt some will surprise on the upside and the downside. I just don't believe we will take 2017 as the baseline and everyone automatically stays the same or gets better.
  11. Preseason Training - Week commencing 6/11/17

    Training the house down, flying, lock for round 1....
  12. Famous MFC jumper number

    Brett Grgic?
  13. List Analysis Potential v Reality

    What about players whose form will slide? The above assumes everyone will stay the same or get better. That just doesn't happen....