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  1. jnrmac

    Changes vs Geelong

    Hmmmm I am thinking Bugg to run with Selwood.......has the endurance, speed and strength...and it would free up our other mids from a tagging role.
  2. jnrmac

    Changes vs Geelong

  3. jnrmac

    Milestone Weekend

    Bernie Vince 100 Melbourne games?? (One day he'll belt out a few pups for the father son rule I am sure of it....)
  4. jnrmac

    Losing Jack Viney

    We have been going gangbusters against the top 8 sides and finals are a doddle so yeah, no biggie with Lever gone......
  5. jnrmac

    Casey Demons v Footscray VFL - Round 15

    Casey winners by 15pts
  6. jnrmac


  7. jnrmac

    GAMEDAY - Round 17

    Things I don't want to see: The Dogs stacking their backline and running it out at will via the flanks. Coll, Port, St K and Haw did that.... Stop that happening and we win.
  8. jnrmac

    Fun fact

    Nah we're not that bad....
  9. jnrmac

    Roos on Oliver

    This was his 11th game I believe.....
  10. jnrmac

    Fun fact

    Perhaps you can drop a bucket on the team. Last time you did that we won 19 quarters in a row....
  11. jnrmac

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 17

    Seriously what a pathetic comment. Has earned his chance with really good consistent form. He's a 23yo that has played less than 30 games. You should be ashamed.
  12. jnrmac

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 17

    Pretty sure we are playing the Bulldogs this week.....
  13. jnrmac

    Billy Stretch - Stress Fracture / Toe

    Kept TMac out for a while..... Best of luck with it Billy
  14. jnrmac

    Fun fact

    It hasn't really been the focus of much attention but the big change was the weeks rest before the finals. Now any team in the 8 can get a rest and put together a good September to win the flag. This is a major game changer altho the data sample is pretty small. I suspect this fact has made much of the previous finals analysis redundant.