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  1. jnrmac

    Rumour File

    Jordan Gallucci? The guy who looks like he has stepped straight out of the Village People? Not happening.
  2. jnrmac

    Jessie Hogan Trade to Freo

    It's all click bait. Stop feeding it.
  3. jnrmac

    Brownlow Medal 2018

    He was Bruce McAvaney's plus 1
  4. jnrmac

    Brownlow Medal 2018

    Technically top 4
  5. So Garlett finished above Sam Weideman Alex Neal-Bullen Dom Tyson Sam Frost Aaron VandenBerg Joel Smith Tom Bugg Mitch Hannan Dean Kent Charlie Spargo Bernie Vince Josh Wagner Perhaps we need to look at the voting system....
  6. jnrmac

    Is Goodwin the right guy....

    One is from a reasonable source, one is conjecture. I'll let you work out which is which but you can put them both down to opinions.
  7. jnrmac

    Post Match Discussion - Preliminary Final

    This is inexplicable. Watching the ball switched by WCE to unmarked players was infuriating. Finals is one on one footy -and that is our strength. Unfarkingbelievable.
  8. There are no guarantees we will be back in prelim next year for those that think we are on an upwards trajectory........
  9. jnrmac

    Harrison Petty

    Zero intensity or physical pressure. Turning circle of the Queen Mary. He is not the reason we lost by the way but when things aren't working for us in the midfield we need to have a defender that can defend one on one and it ain't Oscar.
  10. jnrmac

    Is Goodwin the right guy....

    Lewis and Tyson won't be on our playing lists next year.
  11. jnrmac

    Casey Demons v Box Hill Hawks - VFL Grand Final

    What was the final free kick count?
  12. jnrmac

    Key tactical issues v Geelong

    Not well.
  13. jnrmac

    GAMEDAY - Preliminary Final vs Eagles

    Hmm this could be a mistake. Perhaps you could have offered to buy him a chocolate milkshake?
  14. jnrmac

    GAMEDAY - Preliminary Final vs Eagles

    Carpe diem boys.