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  1. You are obsessed with "winning" the trade period. My humble suggestion is you focus on Melbourne winning games and don't worry about what other clubs do or don't do.
  2. Farewell Jack Watts

    Your quote: "Personally, I think that the FD should shut up and get on with it" The FD has. And you still want to argue about it? You should seek help.
  3. Farewell Jack Watts

    Well they have. PJ is not the footy dept. Everyone else has moved on.....except a few on here and SEN...
  4. Peter Jackson on SEN this morning

    We don't know the details. Maybe its performance based? Or based on number of games played? As well as we did when Max was out of the team this year we are a better side when he is playing well. His best is pretty dominant and gives our mids good use of the pill...
  5. Farewell Jack Watts

    Hardly a campaign, The club wanted him gone for all of the reasons that have been outlined 100 times. There was one offer because he is not very good and reliable. That is about as simplistic as it gets.
  6. Peter Jackson on SEN this morning

    So what would you have secured for Watts?
  7. Peter Jackson on SEN this morning

    Most likely someone from here. We gave up nothing - 9 spots in the third round and 2 spots in the fourth round of the draft - for someone who finsihed equal 3rd in our B&F and who oozes leadership. It's staggering that some supporters feel this way.
  8. Peter Jackson on SEN this morning

    All well and good to take a shot but realistically what would you do?
  9. Farewell Jack Watts

    they have and they are
  10. Farewell Jack Watts

    Why? Because it ruins the narrative of the 'save Jack Watts' campaign and those trying to impugn the integrity of our footy department? Personally I think the idiot supporters ringing SEN and moaning about Jack Watts should shut up and concentrate on next year.
  11. Do you think these keyboard heroes taking potshots know the difference between a public position and a private position when it comes to negotiating? Do you think other clubs would have thrown the kitchen sink at Lever? I do. Picks are overated compared with proven talent.
  12. But... that guy only got 9 years because he went No 1 and our expectations were so high that he was the Mesiah.......
  13. Kent shd heed the Watts wake up call. Lazy arrogant player who rates his skills higher than I do
  14. In order: more midfield talent with breakaway speed and kicking skills crumbing fwd distrbutor off half back back up ruck... back up fwd shd Weid not make it
  15. Adelaide's grand final team didn't have one top 10 pick from memory.