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  1. What does that mean? Governments don't pax. Full stop.
  2. eerrrr really? Governments don't pay tax if you hadn't noticed. They levy tax.
  3. He didn't play a decent game. He is a liability at present and only getting games because of his height. On my list of issues I have with Oscar I am going to add awareness because I am peeved the number of times he holds on to the ball a split second too loing and has his kick smothered or is tackled. He may well turn into a decent defender but at present we are playing a man down.
  4. Looked like he tweaked his groin when he took that mark in the 4th Q
  5. Injuries aside he would be under no illusion what he needs to work on and he would need to repeat that over several weeks.
  6. The AFL is heading down the path of Major League Baseball. MLB produces its own content and packages shows to the various stations and audiences. Stations use their own commentary teams. So Ch 10 could pay for the final series or all Friday night games etc Channel Eddie could broadcast all the Coll games.. Additionaly punters could pay say $10 a week to stream the game to the device of your choice. The AFL media dept has been growing like topsy and Demetriou confirmed as much to me when I asked him. When you do the maths it will work out a lot better than the current broadcast deal and the digital rights deal as well as the AFL maintaining control over the content production. That's pretty much where its heading...
  7. Luckily not the ANZAC Eve fixture
  8. Green was in his first year. Kicked 28 goals Pretty good return. As for the GF he was pole-axed in the throat by the thug Wallis who was brought back especially to play in the GF and didn't care whether he got suspended. Very unfair on Brad.
  9. He has the records.........hmmmmm.....
  10. What a joke article. I'm sure Freo really miss Ethan Hughes when he is not playing.... by the way who TF is Ethan Hughes?
  11. You might be right. He is so frustrating as he has the talent and has played some good games. I feel the issues are all in his head. He seems to me to have a healthy opinion of himself and his talents - I could be totally wrong but that's how it looks - rather than knuckling down and working his backside off and putting his body on the line. The evidence of his poor performances in losses is pretty damning though.
  12. First I have seen of this. My God what a stuffup. You are spot on. There is no such thing in the rules. Who in the media wil take them to task over this? The AFL are out of control.
  13. there is no tangent. The umps always call "east west, East west" meaning the man on the mark has to move sideways. Far king tangent?? Who are these idiots in charge of our game?
  14. Welcome Wobble. Kent doesn't attack the pill and tries to be too flashy when he does have it. Some of those passes to the corridor that get picked off are clearly where ambition overides talent. I have put a line through him. His form in our losses is the main issue I have. He has none. Goes missing big time.
  15. Vanders is in a bit of trouble me thinks...