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  1. jnrmac

    What's up with Gus?

    Why TF would he go to Freo? It is delusional to think that is likely.
  2. jnrmac

    My Christmas wish list:

    Number 6. LOL
  3. jnrmac

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Check the two finals we played and won without him and the last two H&A games that we had to win to play finals. that'll give you some idea of how we play without him
  4. jnrmac

    IG Partnership Continues

    Fair enough. Was so obvious I thought no one could mistake the two. Seems I was wrong....I'll add that to the other time I was wrong which was around 10 yrs ago. It was a Wednesday afternoon and it was raining......
  5. jnrmac

    IG Partnership Continues

    Humour not your strong suit?
  6. jnrmac

    Meet Steven May

    Every photo I have seen of May kicking his ball drop is exceptional. Will be a handy kicker for us this year.
  7. jnrmac

    IG Partnership Continues

    What a good thing. Not many people had heard of IG before this sponsorship...they have done well...
  8. jnrmac

    Majak Daw seriously injured

    Terrible news for the lad.
  9. jnrmac

    Training - Wednesday, 12th December 2018

    Now you're really messing with someone's head....
  10. jnrmac

    Training - Friday 30th November, 2018

    I have a question: Can you change your avatar? Good report BTW
  11. We were 18th in one on one defending in 2017. 14th I recall in 2018. You can believe what you want.
  12. jnrmac

    Training - Wednesday, 28th November 2018

    Offense is always taken you know, never given....
  13. Interesting in the above are Adelaide and Richmond. The Crows were beset by injuries and a dodgy pre-season camp and finished 12th. CD suggest they are the second best team in 2019. Richmond won the flag in 2017 and were ranked 12th for 2018 yet they finished 2018 on top of the ladder after the H&A. Regardless of what measurements CD uses there are still a huge amount of variables including the draw - which I believe they don't use in this particular ranking.
  14. I am shocked to read this. According to 'Land we have the best defence over the last 2 years by a country mile.
  15. 2017 CD rankings FWIW and where they finished on the ladder at H&A GWS (7) Sydney (6) West Coast (2) Hawthorn (4) Western Bulldogs (13) Adelaide (12) Port Adelaide (10) Collingwood (3) Geelong (8) St Kilda (16) Melbourne (5) Richmond (1) North Melbourne (9) Fremantle (14) Essendon (11) Gold Coast (17) Carlton (18) Brisbane (15)