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  1. The game is being streamed on the AFL website tomorrow from 12pm for anyone interested.
  2. The best 2 players for SA are 2 bottom agers not eligible this year says it all about this year's draft class, Lukosius is an absolute star in the making. I watched him live at the G in the academy game this year and was the best talent on the ground as a 16 year old, seems to have taken his game to another level since then. Fogarty, classic underage gun. Not sure at AFL kind of reminds me of Shannon Hurn in a way without the prodigious kick. Will head down to Punt Rd this Saturday to watch Metro V Country game, crap venue to watch footy as half the viewing area is closed. Hopefully they have opened up the outer wing again.
  3. Went on Saturday and was extremely pleased with the Casey performance, best game of VFL footy of the year and was a high quality contest all night which was as close to an AFL game intensity that you will get. JKH - Was great in tight at the contest, he is playing as an inside mid where he is racking up the possessions Bit like ANB last year where he struggled when asked to change his role when promoted to AFL, not a big runner so Subiaco might not suit this week. Spencer - When he was in the ruck we had the upper hand in the clearances, struggled to impact the game outside the clearances though. King - When in the ruck against Tom Campbell was taught a lesson, he got his hands to a couple of big pack marks that would have turned his OK game to a good game if he had managed to hold them. Building and happy with progress overall. White - Another great game from Mitch, plays well in the zone defense scheme and has a weapon with his left foot kicks. There is no spot for him at the moment with our half backs playing well, but I would be very comfortable in being brought into the AFL team. Wagner - Another solid game with moments of class, Casey have 2 AFL quality half backs which one of the reasons the Casey have now 4 in a row. Maynard - Playing very well and consistently every week only interrupted by his concussion, playing purely as a inside mid which is a very competitive spot on the senior list. Might need to find some other positions to have a crack a game in the AFL in the short term. Johnstone - Struggled to have much impact after pushing onto the wing, when he did get the ball he produced some classy moments and put some signature pressure on the opposition. Stretch - Loved that he was able to showcase some of his class in contested situations, chance to come in from the performance. Trengrove - Loved his work across half back, great decision maker and a beautiful kick. He plays like a coach on the field, always following the team instructions on how the team wants to play. He is playing like he has full confidence with his body this year, when he was selected the same time last year he was still a but unsure but deserves a shot soon. Weiderman - Struggled to have a big impact on the game, didn't make the most of his opportunities when he did get a chance to hit the scoreboard. I Like it when he pushes up the field to get himself as involved, classy user of the ball. Hullett - Kicked an early goal but struggled against an solid Dogs backline. Kielty - Played across the backline and was OK, would like Dec to settle back for a while to regain some of the form from last year. Kent - Busy with little impact, seems like he is just trying too hard sometimes. Plays better in the AFL where there is more space to run into but his lack of tackles and pressure acts is probably costing him a game. Fritsch - The only tall Casey forward that looked dangerous on the night, looking confident and has a great left foot kick. No doubt the AFL scouts I keep seeing at Casey games will be keeping a close eye on his progress.
  4. No, to be blunt. He doesn't have a standing leap capable of rucking and is more of a lead up style KPP, mind you he has lost some of his body weight in the off season so hopefully his agility and leap will have improved.
  5. Not Yet, needs a good solid block of games before I would consider him. By the 4th Qtr was just about gone even after limiting his game time, in the second half his ruck work was a little bit off as well as he fatigued and wasn't able to run it out as expected. By the time he is ready Spencil and Gawn would be closing in on a return I suspect, i would pick Kielty as the next Ruckman before playing Frosty or Oscar as a first ruck.
  6. I'll focus on the real positives of the game which were Mitch King's return to footy and Buggy dominating. Mitch King dominated the ruck against pretty much no real opposition but looked really good and got involved around the ground which was great. On the game itself I thought Casey struggled to get going in front of a tiny crowd, I fear for these 7pm starts but it doesn't seem to be getting the crowds in with the dew and the earlier rain not helping the standard of game. Bugg - Was in everything and one of the only Casey players to be clean with his disposal, while his team mates were over possessing he recognized the conditions and got the ball forward. Looked a class above all game and by a country mile the best player on the ground. Pederson - Played mostly forward and competed well but is not in the best form, not clunking any marks at the moment and would like to making more impact on the scoreboard. Trengrove - Was the tagged player this week, struggled to have an impact in the first half from the midfield but switched to half back and made a real impact with his ball use behind the play. Jack's decision making is elite and seems to try and to do the team things all the time, doesn't fumble and his athleticism seems to be getting better. Hullett - Played well in defense without being remarkable, good return for his first game of the year and will look to build form. Mcdonald - Was solid and efficient with disposal, was taken off at half time probably for Monday Nights game as an emergency. Johnston - Best game so far in the VFL including the praccy matches, only thing lacking was his finish for goals which he rushed a few times. Showed some real good composure with the ball in the F50 to setup team mates. Maynard - Really getting involved and starting to become a reliable midfielder, decision making is improving but doing better than expected at this stage. Kennedy - Really busy all day and had one of his better games, disposal needs to be worked on still and doesn't hurt as much as he should with his speed. Kent - Never really got going all night, fumbled and unable to produce his best. Keilty - Played as a Ruck Forward and is improving every week in the role, being devolped as a utility KPP for AFL level. King - The highlight of the night for me, wasn't as good in the second half but I was super impressed with his return. Got involved in the play around the ground and is running ability and athleticism for his size was surprisingly good, not afraid to kick as well and looked like old school ruck rover than a lumbering ruck man type. White - Solid game from Mitch, kicks the ball very well and doesn't lose contests often. Brayshaw - Started slowly before starting to get more involved in the second qtr before his unfortunate late hit. It was in play for those saying it was behind play, it was on the far side to where I was so hard to say how hard the contact was.
  7. It was fairly disappointing effort but Williamstown put elite amount of pressure on for VFL level or even AFL, it was a good test and unfortunately a lot of players weren't up to the it in terms of composure with a similar problem for the AFL side. Exceptions being Trengrove and Hibberd being the only ones to make good decisions in close and show some composure, from what I saw too many fumbles and slow decision making from the AFL boys to use there superior skill in the outside. For me Hibberd is a must in for next week, Trengrove & Pederson is the next 2 but not sure who to replace.
  8. Andrew after playing across half back for Sandy he has moved into the midfield this year, still tying to figure how to play the position. Andrew in my opinion will definitely get drafted and could go high as late first round if he has a big year, like the other Brayshaw brothers Andrew is a fierce competitor and rarely looses a 1 on 1 duel. From my observations he is an elite kick and decision maker, maybe a little bit quicker than Gus but I wouldn't consider quick for the modern game and ran a 15.02 beep test preseason which was top 10 in the TAC Cup. Hamish has come back for another year in the TAC Cup, needs to work on his kicking, speed and cleaner hands in the contest if he wants be drafted.
  9. Went along to see a couple of games on the weekend at Ikon/Optus/Visy/Judd Park. Eastern Ranges has some great talent this year in Stephenson & Hayes as well as Sandy Dragons look the goods, the other Brayshaw brothers Andrew & Hamish played for Sandy with Hamish playing as an overage player this season. Its a good time to watch TAC Cup as after Easter school footy starts and dilutes the competition of talent. Very interesting game this weekend with the 20 years AFL academy anniversary game a curtain raiser for the Essendon V Carlton. Best 30 draft year players in the country going at on the G in April which will be a first. Team Lists here
  10. From the last 2 weeks and the JLT Spencer has the form and just looks ultra fit, played almost the full game on the weekend with more time spent forward than usual and was OK without snagging a goal. . Smith is a chance even though a bit undersized I would be comfortable with him in the side, I wonder about his AFL running ability because he was spent in the last quarter on the weekend and wasn't able to really run defensively at all. I would personally reward Spencer for his form as he hasn't put a foot wrong.
  11. The setup's and game plan is exactly the same as the Melbourne side, execution from Casey players is always going to be an issue especially with our ball movement style under Goodwin. You notice that the AFL listed players direct most of the traffic at stoppages, today Kent was the main organizer of the forwards.
  12. Went down today, was impressed by the young Casey players with Ed Morris one of the stars of the day and a leader out there for a very inexperienced Casey side. It was a much tougher test this week with some pretty motivated Hawthorn players in Sicily, Schoenmakers, Duyrea & Hartung after being dropped and very experienced VFL side in Box Hill. My thoughts on the Melbourne boys. McKenna - Made a few decision errors but was general sound with disposal before getting injured in the 3rd qtr. DJ - Struggled like most in the first half but lifted the intensity in the second, at the moment only a one effort player and needs to build fitness. Kent - Was very good and looks ready for AFL. Spencer - Dominated in the ruck against Fitzpatrick with Casey midfield getting first hands all day, spent some time forward and was competitive without hitting the scoreboard. Wagner - Looked really good from return, he wasn't the best defensively but his kicking out of the back line was brilliant. Could come back in if required. Frost - Defensively sound but had limited game time, building fitness and probably needs another week. Pederson - Better than last week and competed well in the air. Bugg - Played well and was probably the most consistent player over the 4 qtr's for Casey. Maynard - Improving, looked lively in the middle and was already much better from last week, Looking forward to what he can do this year. Filipovic - Moves well but is just getting pushed around in the contest at the moment, might spend some time in the development league if Spencer plays VFL. Trengrove - Very clean in tight, spent the 2nd half at half back and was sound with a couple of outstanding tackles. Kielty - Played forward and struggled early, went into the ruck for a few minutes and had a real impact kicking his first goal out of the ruck. Was much better after getting involved in the ruck and major contributor in the comeback. Smith - Always a star at Casey, building fitness and needs to improve his 2 way running if he wants to be considered for the AFL.
  13. Yep, but didn't get out of first gear.
  14. For mine Bugg, Tyson and Kent are the first in line from last week's game. Bugg didn't play as the holdover emergency but was pretty good in the JLT and was unlucky to miss out. Spencer did enough and could also come in if we decide to switch up to 2 rucks. It's really hard to judge the AFL players against VFL players in practice matches as they are very different stages of preseason. I noticed that the AFL listed pushing for selection played almost 90%+ gametime trying show fitness for the AFL. The game was played at a lower intensity due to the heat and heavy rotations. No one dominated but Tyson and Kent proved their fitness by domimating the last. Kent made a few errors but was very physical in putting pressure and made a couple of big tackles. Ben Kennedy played the full game and was OK, Trengrove looked good and is suddenly a good kick on his left. Also the next pure key forward in for me is Tim Smith - the Bull looks leaner and fitter and would be he happy for him to come into the afl side at some stage during the year.
  15. Frost didn't line up with Bugg the holdover for the AFL game, the only Demon listed player in the back-line for Casey was Pat McKenna who didn't do to bad and was tidy with his disposal. Casey struggled in the first 3 quarters before the AFL listed players dominated the last quarter, Tyson ran the game out very well and probably had 10 disposals & 2 goals in the last quarter alone. Kielty spent the whole game in the forward line and was largely ineffectual.