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  1. Hannan looks to be the emergency for tomorrow, Stretch, hunt and Weiderman all warming up.
  2. Brand new stand that has just been finished, looks great and the function room looks great with a good view over the ground. Also best coaches boxes in the VFL by far. turning out to be a good night for footy. No wind and the ground has dried out well, should be a good game
  3. Melon22

    2018 AFL National Draft prospects: The next batch

    There is actually a curtain raiser for today’s game starting at 11:05am, u18 academy Vs Kangaroos VFL. There is almost on no info on this game on the internet so they are keeping it low key but a good chance to see the top 30 players run around the G against AFL listed players. Looking forward to seeing some of the highly touted SA boys.
  4. Melon22

    VFL Practice Match - Casey Demons v Box Hill Hawks

    Last quarter was shortened to only 20 minutes, good move as both teams looked stuffed.
  5. Melon22

    VFL Practice Match - Casey Demons v Box Hill Hawks

    Casey wasted some opportunities but standard of the game is dropping a bit, very hot conditions.
  6. Melon22

    VFL Practice Match - Casey Demons v Box Hill Hawks

    Harmes, Tyson, Jetta all playing and are dominating. Casey have 3 players on the bench who haven't come on so I am expecting some players won't play the second half. About 10 or so listed players playing.
  7. Melon22

    VFL Practice Match - Casey Demons v Box Hill Hawks

    Casey Dominating play but didn't make the most of the wind in the first qtr but a flurry goals late in the second qtr as well as a goal on the siren means Casey actually won the second qtr into the breeze. Wind is very strong which is affecting the quality of the game.
  8. Melon22

    DRAFT DAY 2017

    It was a bit awkward on live TV, overlooking the local boy as well Oscar Allen.
  9. Melon22

    DRAFT DAY 2017

    As predicted by mock drafts so far for the top 10, O'Brien is the only mild surprise.
  10. Melon22

    NAB Draft - Closest the Pin

    My realistic wishlist. 29 - Charlie Spargo 31 - Mathew Ling 36 - Tom De Konig 47 - Trent Mynott Zac Bailey would be a good fit but don't think he will be available.
  11. Melon22

    Casey Demons v Werribee

    With 5 Changes for the Roos and some list management on there part going into the last round. Only 6 listed Kangaroos Players for Werribee on Saturday, of the 6 players only 2 have played AFL for a combined 6 AFL games. Very young and inexperienced team with Casey going in with one of their strongest of the year, should be a big win for Casey to extend there home record, Casey can secure a top 4 spot with a win while Werribee still a chance for 8th spot just sitting outside the 8 on percentage..
  12. Melon22

    Casey Demons v Northern Blues

    I have to admit I am very surprised by all of the Salem talk on this thread, I didn't see him get reported and the incident where Sumner was injured I thought wasn't even a free kick at the time. You don't have replays and I didn't have the best angle but I think he will be fine from my view, just a very solid bump.. On the rest of the game, Casey dominated the contest in the first half over a very poor blues team. I was fairly disappointed with the second half thou, they stopped and limped over the line with the Blues dominating the contested ball. Luckily for Casey the Blues were very wasteful at goal and Declan Kielty was on fire as the final margin should have been a lot closer. Watts didn't do enough from my view, another week in the VFL.
  13. Melon22

    Port Melbourne v Casey Demons

    1. JKH on the form over 4 weeks. 2. Kent 3. Trengrove does a lot of things right 4. Maynard 5. Weiderman
  14. Melon22

    Port Melbourne v Casey Demons

    Back onto the game itself. It was probably the most disappointing game for Casey all year, fumbling, a lack of intensity and totally out worked by Port Melbourne. Casey were outnumbered in the forward line sometimes by 6 to 3 and then had players free out the back when Casey pressed forward, tell tale sign you are being completely outworked. Port Melbourne pressure was good the inability of Casey to get into any sort of rhythm was very disappointing. There were times that Casey broke through the press and they seemed that but they had no targets or idea of what to do with the ball, this caused panic with the ball carrier which led to some awful turnovers. All the Casey players were down as well and just lacked any winners on they day, Fritsch and Hutchins were the best of the Casey players. Joel Smith - Looked good on return and was one of Casey's best, lacked a bit of touch but this wasn't helped by teammates. He is probably 1 -2 weeks away from consideration but at the rate we are losing players might be chance. JKH - The best of the Dees from what I saw, was terrible in the first half but responded and looked lively in the second half trying to get the team back into it. Disappointingly though he lacked impact in the midfield as Casey was smashed by Port in close, probably the most likely to come in from the game. Ben Ken - Got the ball and effort was there in tight but an inability to have an impact with disposal is keeping him from the AFL, also doesn't spread well enough for someone with is pace. King - Liked his game, has limited minutes but his tap work is good and is a whisker away each week from taking a few contested marks. He just needs to build some strength but he looks likely. Trengrove - Has his step and agility back which is great, one of his poorer games though in terms of disposal. He displayed very good hands but tried to generate some ball movement with riskier kicks which didn't come off. Also struggled to put defensive pressure on which was disappointing. Spencer - The most disappointing on the day, looked a mile off it and Casey were beaten in the stoppages. Hasn't regained the same form yet from last year after his injury. Weiderman - Looked OK but not a great day for the forwards, he was outnumbered all day and wasn't able to impact the game. The only real criticism was that he got sucked up the ground to much leading to some of the issues going forward, gave the team a spark when he went into the Ruck. Maynard - Got a lot of ball in tight but wasn't able to generate any impact from his disposals, wasn't able to get much of the ball in transition which limited his impact. Kielty - Competed well in the air but not much influence with the ball. Johnstone - Was ok but didn't have much impact on the game, there was almost no forward pressure on the day so from that point of view was disappointing but DJ spend some time on the wing as well. Kent - Played on a wing and had a crack, needs to improve his kicking and work rate but if Garlett misses he is a chance. He doesn't use his pace as much as he should and his kicking can sometimes be way off especially in the midfield.
  15. Melon22

    Australian Under 18 Championships 2017

    We have round 4 of the U18 championships on this afternoon at Etihad Stadium, both games are live on fox footy. 2.10pm Vic Country V WA 4.40pm Vic Metro V SA for Vic Metro inclusions of note are Noah Balta and Andrew Brayshaw, Max and Ben King have both been rested for the game with a short turn around for round 5 on Wednesday.