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  1. 6- Petracca- Cleanest and most exciting player for us 5- T.Mac- Dropped one sitter, but overhead marking and leading were as good as ever. 4- O.Mac- Can hold his head high, solid game in defence compared to others 3- Hibberd 2- Tyson 1- Jetta
  2. Petracca was our best I thought, along with the McDonalds. Gawn wasn't great, we needed more from Lewis and Vince when Viney went down, it seems like they've forgotten how to win the ball. Some looked tired, some just aren't up to standard (White, Wagner, Stretch). Pedo didn't have anything close to the impact of previous games and he might be squeezed out now once Hogan and Watts are back, unfortunately
  3. Agree. He can be useful on a wing or as a tagger too. Tyson and Oliver look like our prime midfielders right now which is a blessing given there's still Jones and Viney too (and Lewis to come back). It's a hard problem to solve though because our midfield's packed and we don't have much talent in defence
  4. Our defence is our weak point at the moment and the priority should be to run it out, or bomb it out of there as soon as possible to get to our strong mids/half forward line, we always put teammates under pressure with terrible disposal inside defensive 50
  5. Last couple of years I've always sought after the replays on youtube during the week- where TF are they?
  6. I would've been mad if he hadn't had the shot
  7. He did the exact same thing in the Gold Coast game last year (Lucky it didn't cost us the victory). I don't get why he's playing so deep in defence, he can't really shut a man down, he's pretty much there to play loose man, but he can't even get that many possessions.
  8. They probably introduce new rules just for the headlines nowadays
  9. We can't afford another surface-related injury like Salem in the VFL finals. Doesn't Perth have a better venue for concerts? Imagine being behind the goals and a mile away from the stage there
  10. Surely you could contact NB and at the right price they'd say yes. Didn't long sleeves used to be the default fan jumper, given they're the ones who sit in the cold?
  11. Lobb, he's a pretty damn good one
  12. It's scary that they are a destination club now. We laughed when everyone was so sure Buddy was on his way there
  13. Which is why it may as well stay so we can get a bigger sample size. The week off was huge for the Dogs, in terms of rest. The finals series definitely felt different, Geelong looked completely out of match fitness in the PF.
  14. Jones was a no-brainer, but I don't think he's a great motivator. Problem is no one else came close into consideration, he clearly deserved it, but in a couple of years I think Viney/McDonald should take over, maybe consider Gawn and Watts too
  15. Strong debut, but he let us down in the Carlton game. Will be interesting to see his improvement in the preseason, but I wouldn't give him a spot each week yet