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  1. Fat Tony

    Changes v Port

    Why would you play TMac anywhere outside of the forward 50? He is dominant there at the moment. If anything I feel we need to have just TMac and Hogan as our tall forwards and play them there permanently.
  2. Fat Tony

    Changes v Port

    Frost should come in for Pedersen and play as a defender/ruckman. This means TMac can play forward for a full game. If we play a forward/ruck, TMac plays 25% of the game on the wing so that our forward line is not overly tall. It also means that Lewis can play more minutes as a midfielder, where his lack of pace won't be exposed as badly. It also gives us more height and pace in defence. The negative is that it means we have another poor decision maker/kick in the backline (the other being Smith), but I think we need more athleticism down back given our mix of defenders. Garlett to come in for Spargo. Garlett was almost All Australian last year and offers more than Spargo at his best. Tyson could come into the side as well given his good VFL form. If so, I think Vince should may go out and Jones go to half back. IMO Tyson needs to play as an inside midfielder or not at all. Petracca stays in the side.
  3. We need to replace Lever with a tall so that we have the right balance for all forward lines. (Ideally, I don't think we should be changing the backline from week to week.) Personally, I think Frost is best placed to fill the void but I also think he may need to be given a block of games to find form and gel with the rest of the backline. Frost is a very good player at his best but is inconsistent. Most of time he has had major skill errors in the past have been in the wet/greasy conditions and he is also prone to mistiming pushing up off his man. Our defence has improved significantly since we have maintained a goalkeeper at full back, covering up the mistakes of defenders in terms of pushing up the ground to help and stifling the opposition's fast breaks. As good as Lever's form has been in the last six weeks, I feel he has also benefited greatly due to us maintaining the goalkeeper. I also think this new structure will also help Frost, in particular, as the consequences of mistiming pushing up off his man are reduced.
  4. Austin Bradtke said on the video on the MFC website that he will be focusing on weights and running laps because his skills are "pretty good".
  5. Fat Tony

    What Champion Data Think

    Are the five teams Richmond, West Coast, Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide? I wouldn't rule out Port, Geelong, Hawthorn or even GWS completely. It is only May.
  6. Fat Tony

    Changes vs Adelaide

    There is a lot to like about Spargo and he looks a good pick up so far. However, he is only 18, and I think Garlett at his best offers more at this stage. I know Garlett was out of form earlier this year but I think it was partly due to our lack of talls in the forward line and the way we were kicking inside 50. I would make the change this week. The other possible change would be Smith out for Hunt or Bugg. This would be only due to the bigger size of the Alice Springs ground and the high forecast temperature rather than Smith's form, as he was pretty good against Carlton.
  7. Fat Tony

    Changes vs Gold Coast

    ANB led our pressure acts yesterday for what it’s worth.
  8. Fat Tony

    The Versatility of Tom McDonald

    I loved the game of TMac on the weekend. He played well in every role. In saying this, I don't know how the statisticians calculate the time in each part of the position given the congestion.
  9. Fat Tony

    Backline Setup and Structure

    Brainstorm: what about trialling Mitch Hannan in defence?
  10. Fat Tony

    Backline Setup and Structure

    I am not sure about going full man on man, but I agree we should look to hold our defence deeper. I think defending a bit deeper would help open up our forward line as well. Having multiple players flying for the ball is an issue but partly reflects the selection of OMac, Frost, Lever, Wagner and Hibberd in the same side. I think a lot of our problems defending would disappear if we could be a bit more precise with our kicks inside 50. We are leaking a lot of goals from chains starting in our 50 and then the opposition getting over the back.
  11. Fat Tony

    Post Match Discussion - Round 4

    My notes: Petracca can be played in the centre bounces at times, but he should be predominately played as a forward. Jones tagging Mitchell was a very good decision IMO and he did a great job. I would probably play him on Martin next week. Pedersen needs to come back into the side for balance until TMac is fit. Particularly given how far up the field Hogan is playing. I like Frost, but he is poor in the wet. Lever lacks confidence at the moment and is a liability. I thought Goodwin should have tried him up forward yesterday once it was clear our structure wasn’t working. Lewis is finished. As good a kick as he is, we would be much better with a player who can keep his feet in the contest. Vince had a dirty day but has been very good this year otherwise. I wanted Bugg dropped last week and you cannot trust him to kick goals. Hunt must come back in. Our defence needs to trust OMac not to be out marked because we are getting beaten on the crumb. This will be a big issue this week given how Richmond play. Overall, I think Goodwin needs to go back to making sure we have balance in our selection. Hogan, Pedersen/Weideman and Petracca as our key forwards and OMac and two of Frost, Lever and Wagner in defence. The rest of our side needs to be selected with an emphasis on pace.
  12. Fat Tony


    We will need to play four quarters to win today.
  13. Fat Tony

    Match preview and team selection - Round 4

    Pedersen polled 3 votes against St Kilda in round 21 and 1 vote vs Brisbane in round 22 last year. Both these games were with Gawn in the side and Hogan played against Brisbane. He hasn't set the world on fire this year in the AFL, but there is no doubt he was unlucky to be dropped IMO. (Especially given the wet conditions in round 2.) I am not advocating to bring him back this week, but I wouldn't see it as a bad move either given Hogan is our only key forward and he is pushing very high up the ground.
  14. Fat Tony

    Changes vs Hawthorn R4

    Melksham has gained enough credits from last year and his preseason IMO. This year has been a bit of a slow start and he has (just) missed a few goals but he hasn't been terrible. I would stick with him as he clearly looks an AFL class player to me. ANB has been ordinary as well this year and missed several marks going back with the flight of the ball on Saturday. Still, I think the best omission to maximise our chance of winning against Hawthorn is Bugg, with Hunt coming in. The only other change I would consider would be Brayshaw for ANB, but I can't read much into the VFL form against Coburg given the strength of the opposition.
  15. Fat Tony

    Changes vs Hawthorn R4

    I would bring back Hunt this week. I know he hasn't been great so far this year, but I feel we need his speed to combat the likes of Smith, Rioli, Breust and Puopolo. Finding an omission is difficult because our lesser players had good games i.e. Kent, Bugg, Tyson, Salem. My only change would be In: Hunt, Out: Bugg. (Yes I watched the game, but I think we need to be forward looking.)