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  1. The Steven Motlop Thread

    Wishful thinking at the moment. But surely our coaches can see our need for an outside runner in the midfield.
  2. The Steven Motlop Thread

    We need some outside class and pace and Motlop provides that. It sounds like he has had osteitis pubis which has held him back this year, but then having a couple of weeks off have done him wonders. His last two finals were excellent. I would chase him pretty hard.
  3. The Jake Lever Thread

    It sounds like he will leave for money not because he doesn't like living in Adelaide or has an issue with the Crows
  4. The Jake Lever Thread

    Why would Adelaide let Lever go if salary didn't matter? Managing the cap well is one of the biggest keys to success in the AFL. That's also why Hawthorn let Lewis and Mitchell go. I'll be happy if we get him, but it is sensible enough to worry that we are overpaying a player based on potential and we then might lose other talent down the track.
  5. The Jake Stringer Thread

    This thread reminds me of the Dustin Martin thread three years ago when nobody wanted him. Stringer has similar potential to Petracca. As he gets older he could develop into a great player, but even if he doesn't reach his potential, he will still be worth more than whatever pick the dogs get for him. It's a yes for me.
  6. Glaring weakness in defence

    Pretty fair assessment IMO. Although I thought his game against the Dogs was excellent and better than a 7. He was much better after the bye and should improve again with another preseason in the gym. Also, I think his kicking is much better than he gets credit for, probably due to his brother being an ordinary kick.
  7. The Jake Lever Thread

    Good analysis, but it's too early to grade the last three. 4/13 still isn't a great strike rate.
  8. Delistings

    It might be enough (although I doubt it) and, I agree, we should negotiate fairly hard. But I would still trade Tyson regardless, even for a pick. We have enough ball winners in Oliver, Jones, Viney, Brayshaw and Petracca and we need some class on the outside. As I said, I would like I. Smith, Higgins or Sidebottom, but their clubs won't be willing to trade cheaply and those players all seem fairly settled. I see Seedsman as a similar type of player, albeit much cheaper and having done less at AFL level.
  9. Delistings

    I see the trades being firstly #10 and Tyson for Lever and secondly #46 for Seedsman. The way I see it is our midfield is too slow and lacks kicking skills and Tyson is the major cause of the problem. Ideally I would love to add in a player like Issac Smith, Higgins or Sidebottom, but I can't see any of them being on the table.
  10. Delistings

    Trade In: Lever, Seedsman Trade Out: Pick #10, Tyson (possibly to Carlton as part of a Gibbs trade), #46 Delist: Trengove, Hulett, Lumumba, McKenna, Spencer (FA), White (R) Upgrade: J. Smith Live picks: #28, #64 I would retain Frost and plan to play TMac forward. I like Seedsman as a player and while he hasn’t been able to cement a spot at Adelaide, he has been emergency most weeks, which indicates he has played well at the lower level. He would potentially give us some outside run and skill. We don’t want too many draft picks in a shallow draft. I would look at picking up another veteran or delisted free agent, because it allows us to only offer a one year contract, whereas a new draftee gets two years. I would look at Scott Thompson (NM) if we don’t get Lever. I would let Spencer go and prepare to ruck with Pedersen, TMac, Watts etc or King if he develops if Gawn gets injured again. Garland is contracted and I am not sure it makes much sense to break the contract from a cap perspective. Best 22 Lever OMac Jetta Hibberd Frost Hunt Watts Jones Lewis ANB Hogan Harmes Petracca TMac Garlett Gawn Oliver Viney Int from: Salem Melksham Hannan Vince Brayshaw Pedersen Seedsman
  11. Glaring weakness in defence

    I agree with the view that our midfield lacks balance and we need to inject some class. But I don't agree with your views on Brayshaw and ANB. ANB has improved significantly this year and his running ability helps enable our outnumbering game plan. And why can't Brayshaw play a high half back role? It is the easiest position in football. I see similarities with the moves of Toby Green forward and Corey Enright back.
  12. Glaring weakness in defence

    ^ Great post. I'm not as sold on OMac as you, but he has improved this year and shown enough to convince me he will come good in time.
  13. 2017 Post Mortem

    I like Goodwin and our game plan, but I feel we need to be more direct out of the stoppages and hold our forward line structure in place early in games. We are obsessed about maintaining possession out of the stoppages, which leads to over handball, and generally costs us territory. This plan works well later, when the heat of the game reduces, but is costing us in the first quarter.
  14. The Importance of Jordan Lewis

    I have been critical of Lewis's three-year deal and I stand by the view that it was too long a contract given his age. I have set a benchmark of 50 games at current output to grade it a success. In saying this, Lewis played well over the last month and he was one of our better players against Collingwood, particularly in the second half. I still think the signs are there that he is near the end, particularly his ability to pick up the ground ball, but I hope I am wrong.
  15. I like the idea of veterans on one year contracts. They provide good value from a salary cap perspective and don't cost anything in draft picks. On McVeigh, I would want to see how he plays in the finals, but he is still a very good player, albeit injury prone. Other similar players maybe worthy of discussion are David Mundy, Kade Simpson and Leigh Montagna.