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    Get SHORTY

  2. Fat Tony


    We lost on the weekend because of poor goal kicking but there are a number of other problems with our selection and game plan IMO. The decision to play Pedersen as a backman when the Swans had only two key forwards was clearly an error and looked a problem after 5 minutes. It took until half time for Goodwin to see this, which was very disappointing. This included a 5-minute period in the second quarter when we had OMac, Frost and Pedersen in defence, TMac in the ruck and Hogan and Gawn on the interchange. In this period we looked unbalanced in the backline and had no target going forward. Why did we keep kicking to Vandenberg when he was playing on Aliar? It looked like we actively sought to go through Vandenberg when we had other options. The structure of our defence on the MCG is porous. It looks like we are trying to pressure in the fat part of the ground rather than inside our 50 or folding back to defence. Goodwin loves having a player off the back of the square every centre bounce, but it means we are unable to lock the ball inside 50 when we win a clearance.
  3. Fat Tony

    Changes vs Sydney

    The Sexton goal would have been terrible play even if it had missed. OMac misread the flight of the ball and then was so slow to get back that Leslie beat him to the goal line despite starting well in front. OMac started the year well but has been poor since mid year.
  4. Fat Tony

    Changes vs Sydney

    OMac was good against Adelaide but otherwise his form has been down the last two months. Some will put it down to Lever being out of the side but it is more than that IMO. I am not an OMac bear and can see him being a good AFL player in time, but I think Pedersen might be a better option at present. Especially this week against McCartin. Letting the Sexton goal from 80m bounce through (and getting behind Leslie who would have kicked the goal if it didn't) was particularly poor play from OMac.
  5. Fat Tony

    Oskar Baker out for 6 weeks with Hamstring

    Hard to see him coming back this season. The VFL Grand Final is on 23 September.
  6. Fat Tony

    Casey Demons v Northern Blues - Round 18

    We would be better off going with TMac, Frost or Pedo for another year IMO and hoping Max stays fit. We won't win the flag if Max goes down anyway. This saves a list spot to try and find a Vandenberg, Ronke or Graham type pick.
  7. Fat Tony

    Changes vs Sydney

    Josh Wagner would be the most like-for-like replacement for Smith, but Pedersen is in the best form. A possible way to fit Pedersen in is as a hybrid forward/back/second ruck. Gawn, Hogan, TMac, OMac and Frost played a combined 428% game time yesterday, so it should be possible to manage things so that all six are rarely on the ground together. Pedersen would split his game time roughly 30% forward, 30% back and 15% second ruck (25% on the bench). Melksham should come in for JKH or Vanders if he is fit. I think Spargo might drop out of our best side but he was very good yesterday, especially early on.
  8. Fat Tony

    Changes v Gold Coast Suns

    Hogan definitely needs a rest IMO. We need him firing in September and he is not offering more than Pedersen, Smith or Weideman would at the moment. Of the three, I would go for Pedersen, but I can see a case for the others. Hannan has not played for two weeks and could do with a run in the VFL. Likewise Vandenberg would benefit from another game in the VFL.
  9. Fat Tony

    Cats to ask for home final

    A Dees v Cats final would get close to 80,000 at the MCG. No chance they would play it at Kardinia Park.
  10. Fat Tony

    Changes vs Adelaide

    Hannan for JKH if he is fit. Otherwise no change for me. Vandenberg needs another week or two in the VFL. Pedersen was our best in the VFL, but I prefer the balance of our side at the moment.
  11. Fat Tony


    We managed to keep Geelong to 20 scoring shots for the game. So our defence was not as bad as you make out despite OMac getting a hiding. Geelong kicked 16.3, with one rushed. You would expect that type of accuracy once per season. And St Kilda smashed the Tigers in July last year. We are not shot yet. We are seventh and one game outside top 4.
  12. Fat Tony


    IMO we were just plain unlucky on the weekend but our performance was first class. How many teams would beat Geelong at Kardinia Park when they kick 80% in front of goal? Maybe Richmond. The loss was devastating but you don’t win premierships in July. Petracca has hit form and is showing again that he can become an elite midfielder. Oliver is already a top 10 player in the AFL. And Brayshaw will be very good at the least and better if he can improve his kicking. Even without Viney, Hibberd and Lever, we are going to be a hard side to beat in the run home the way we are playing and I can’t see us having a down performance due to lack of effort given what’s happened over the last 12 months.
  13. I would look at Jayden Short. Might get squeezed out of Richmond.
  14. Fat Tony

    Changes vs Western Bulldogs

    We played very well against Freo apart from our goal kicking, so ordinarily I wouldn't want to see too many forced changes. I also liked the balance of our side. In saying this, the conditions in Darwin will probably require some fresh legs (even though the VFL was a slog and hardly the best preparation either). Vince should definitely come in. Not playing on the weekend will be a benefit. Smith is borderline in our 22 when fully fit, so he should be rested/omitted this week. I could also see older bodies Lewis and/or Jones being rested. Tyson, JKH, Wagner or Baker would be a most likely to come in, but it needs to be a like for like change. i.e. Tyson can only come in if Jones, Viney, Oliver or Brayshaw goes out.
  15. Fat Tony

    Changes v Fremantle

    I think Frost's best is pretty good, but he is just wildly inconsistent. He is certainly better than Fletcher Roberts who already has a premiership medallion. IMO we need to play him for the rest of 2018 and hope he hits form at the right time of year.