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  1. Manuka v GWS

    Hopefully Toby Greene gets a 2 week holiday from the MRP.
  2. Changes vs North Melbourne

    No change this week unless Jones is fit. Otherwise Trengove goes out. As for Vince, I cannot believe Demonlanders don't think he is a walk up start. He kept Sloane to 8 possessions in his last match until he was concussed. He clearly makes us a better side.
  3. ANB is playing a similar game to Toby Greene. He wins a lot of possessions as a high half forward. Greene is a better mark and gets more shots at goal, but ANB tackles more. ANB has missed some easy shots this year, but he is becoming a good half forward. http://www.footywire.com/afl/footy/ft_player_compare?playerStatus1=A&tid1=12&playerStatus2=A&tid2=25&type=A&pid1=4067&pid2=3649&fid1=S&fid2=S
  4. The Curnow v Weideman Debate Reprised

    Weideman has shown enough that he has the talent to be a very good AFL player once he fills out. He was dominant in the VFL against Box Hill earlier this year and has shown some nice things in the AFL. Still, on the balance of evidence, you would take Curnow now. He looked like a young David Schwarz on Sunday.
  5. The Jake Lever Thread

    I would love to bring in Lever at the right price, he looks like being a star of the game for a decade, but I hate ProDee's solution of trading Frost. I think his athleticism is exceptional and he can provide both great run from defence and great pressure. At 23 and only 50 odd AFL games, he is already a very good AFL player and could develop even further. I think a backline including a developed Oscar McDonald, Frost and Lever would be very strong. (With Tom McDonald as a forward/swingman.) However, personally I think our greatest need is outside class and pace in the midfield.
  6. Changes v Adelaide

    Tyson and Watts will come back in if fit. And Kennedy is worth considering. Possible omissions on form are Kent, Smith and Stretch. However, I worry about going too tall in Darwin. It is going to be hot and steamy and is usually very slippery. So while I like Pedersen, I would strongly consider leaving him out this week even if Watts is not fit. And while he was down last week, I don't think we can leave Hogan out on form. I would go Ins: Tyson and Watts and Outs: Smith and Pedersen. Lewis to go to the backline for Smith, and Tyson into the midfield.
  7. Jake Stringer

    Stringer is a 23 year old premiership player who has kicked 56 goals in a season. The answer is yes at the right price.
  8. Changes v Carlton

    This is assuming Viney and Tyson are injured and Bugg is suspended. And that Hogan is available and Watts is not. Out: Viney, Tyson, Bugg, White In: Kennedy-Harris, Hogan, Kent, Garlett/Kennedy · I would have Tom McDonald play in the midfield and play a defensive role on Cripps at stoppages. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, with Hogan coming back, our forward line becomes too top heavy with all three of Hogan, McDonald and Pedersen. And secondly, we have a big hole in our midfield this week and Cripps is an important player to stop. · I don’t like dropping a young player after one poor game, but the balance of our side is wrong with both White and Wagner in defence and I have more confidence that Wagner has the intensity of AFL football. · Melksham to play on Docherty. Hunt OMcDonald Hibberd Jetta Frost Wagner Vince TMcDonald Stretch Kent Hogan Garlett/Kennedy Hannan Pedersen Melksham Gawn Oliver Petracca Kennedy-Harris Harmes Neal-Bullen Lewis
  9. List Structure: What do we actually need?

    I think Smith will count as a draft pick, so we only need to delist two players.
  10. Changes v Sydney Swans

    Out: Garlett, Salem In: White, Kennedy I only had one eye on the Casey game on the weekend but Mitch White really impressed me and looked like an AFL player. I am not sure he has the pace for AFL but his disposal is very clean. I think it needs to be one of Wagner or White to come in for Salem, but I wouldn't go for both. Wagner is obviously rated ahead by the club, but it is a close call IMO. The issue I have with Wagner is he tends to fly as a third or fourth man up too often. (This can be rectified.) Garlett is one of our best players and will be a big loss. I would go for Kennedy marginally over JKH. I only had one eye on the Casey game on the weekend, but I felt Kent was a bit sloppy with his disposal.
  11. Training - Wednesday 28th June, 2017

    Jones will be out for at least four weeks. From experience, running is not the issue with quad injuries. The problem is kicking.
  12. JKH signs one year extension

    JKH has ability and is worth persevering with IMO. While he is small, he has reasonable pace, a good tank and is a decent kick. He started in the AFL as a composed, hardworking forward pocket but who was too slight and did not find enough of the ball. He has since put on size and strength and is now picking up 40 touches a game at VFL level. In the AFL this year, he has fumbled too much and has lacked his usual composure, but it has only been three games. He will be a good AFL player if he puts it all together.
  13. Changes v Sydney Swans

    He kicked as many goals (four) as our 22 last year.

    And the free against Garlett after the WCE kick in that should have gone the other way for a certain goal.
  15. The Importance of Jordan Lewis

    I think Lewis is almost finished. He fumbles too often and misses too many easy kicks for a player of his pace. I hope I am wrong.