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  1. Obviously we should have added another ruckman in hindsight, but I hope there is not a knee jerk over-reaction to this by the club. Carrying a decent quality second or third string ruckman on the list reduces the salary cap space we have available to spend elsewhere. And I feel Watts does an excellent job in the relief ruck role and gives us extra mobility as a team. One other thing to point out in this debate is that the third man up ban rule was changed after the lists were finalised. http://www.afl.com.au/news/2016-12-21/third-man-up-gets-the-chop-in-radical-rule-change The current predicament would be less of an issue for us now without the rule change. Perhaps the decision would have been different if they had known this when the list management decisions were being made.
  2. I favour playing Tom McDonald as the ruckman and bringing in Oscar McDonald to replace Spencer. I know that Tom McDonald is the linchpin of our defence, but he didn’t have the reach last year against Daniher, so perhaps his brother or Frost is actually better matchup for him. Bugg probably deserves a call up given his performance at Casey, although the opposition was poor, and I am not sure he is well suited to Docklands. He would be my first emergency, particularly if Petracca does not come up. JHK was our weakest player on the weekend IMO but is better suited to Etihad than others. I also think only giving him one game to prove himself is a bit rough. Tyson is slow and out of form and this worries me at Docklands. I am particularly worried about a lack of pace if both Lewis and Tyson are in the same team. We might not have much choice, however, if Viney and/or Jones are injured. I would be keen for Vince to go into the midfield and Lewis to go down back. I think Vince going into the midfield helps reduce our current overuse of handball. And Lewis and Tyson cannot be played in the same midfield IMO due to lack of pace/spread, particularly if Oliver, Viney and Jones are also in there. Kent needs to get a kick in the VFL to earn his spot back. So at the moment I would go with Oscar McDonald in for Spencer, Lewis in for Smith and Pedersen in for Hogan. This all obviously assumes that Petracca, Viney and Jones are all right to play. Hibberd, O McDonald, Jetta Melksham, Frost, Hunt Stretch, Oliver, Salem Neal-Bullen, Pedersen, Kennedy-Harris Garlett, Watts, Petracca T McDonald, Jones, Viney Tyson, Lewis, Vince, Harmes
  3. Any chance it will be on YouTube like last week?
  4. I like Brayshaw and share your concerns about Tyson's lack of skill/disposal given his leg speed. But I watched the second half of the VFL yesterday and Brayshaw fumbled and missed too many targets by hand and foot. He won't get a call up based on his game on the weekend.
  5. Hibberd in for Melksham - Hibberd looked a bit short of a run yesterday, but he is a class above VFL level and Melksham was ordinary on the weekend. Hogan in for Weideman - I think Weideman will be a good player in 12 months or so but he is a liability at the moment. He particularly needs to go out this week given his injury. I am also not of the view that his progression will be accelerated significantly by playing Seniors. I think it will happen naturally with increased fitness and strength over time. Other notes from watching the AFL and the second half of Casey's game: I would consider bringing in Pedersen for Hannan, because I felt he played very well in the VFL yesterday, but I would prefer to go with the extra pace of Hannan. I don't see a spot for Trengove at AFL level despite also playing well yesterday. Perhaps he could come in for Tyson, but I think Tyson adds more grunt at the coalface. Brayshaw needs to be cleaner with the ball (both in disposal and collection) to earn a recall. Likewise Kennedy. Maynard won a lot of the ball but is miles off AFL in terms of skill. Oscar McDonald will be a player with time and was generally good yesterday. As much as I was happy to see Frost come back into the Seniors this week, I think Oscar will be the better player long term. I would prefer to play Vince on the ball or wing and use Lewis in his role down back. This week I would push Salem back in his place. Spencer makes a lot of dumb decisions, particularly giving away free kicks in the defensive 50. It is going to be a long 12 weeks until Gawn returns.
  6. Teams that want to play finals should not be gifting games to kids.
  7. This is also how I always remember Jake unfortunately. Still it happened at Docklands, when we were trying to lose. If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?
  8. I like Lever as a player. He could become one of the best defenders in the competition. He is tough, quick and reads the play well. Of course we should be looking to recruit him. In saying this, I don't see us having any major holes from a list perspective in the future. If anything, I think we are most lacking a quick outside midfielder with class. As frustrating as Oscar is at times, I think he will eventually develop into a better than average AFL player once he gets strong enough. He reads the play very well (which is why he gets so much of the ball) and is generally a good kick. The real issue with Oscar is his lack of intensity and strength in the contest, both of which will improve as he matures. I also think Frost and Smith have a lot of natural talent and can become solid defenders with the ability to counter attack at speed. Likewise Weideman looks a good long-term prospect, which is the other position we look to be lacking in so far in 2017. I would definitely be looking to top up our list with mature talent at the end of the year and I feel we are probably an attractive destination given our expected trajectory. Personally, I think we would be much better of if we could add a bonafide star like Martin or Fyfe, but I would still be making inquiries to Lever's management.
  9. Max is a huge loss. Hopefully Spencer stays fit and shows us he has improved.
  10. Watts does a decent job as a second ruckman. He is clever in avoiding too much contact and has a reasonable go at the centre bounces. He is also very much an asset when the ball hits the deck, because of his pace and decision making. We obviously need to bring in Spencer this week, but I don't understand the angst about him being the second ruck.
  11. I felt like one of the reasons we struggled to defend the Cats’ entries was the lack of a third tall in our defence. With Smith, Garland, Frost, Hibberd and Wagner all injured or underdone, Vince was playing the third tall role and I felt we did not get strong enough spoils in. Part of this also was Oscar not having enough impact when he did get the ball to ground. I hope that Goodwin sees this and we bring Frost or Wagner in next week.
  12. Spencer for Gawn is obvious. I think we have been playing too small in the backline since Smith injured his shoulder because the potential replacements were either injured or short of a run. I would like to see Frost come into the side, with Vince going into the midfield to tag Fyfe. (I think he is too big for Viney.) On the other hand, I have no problem with playing a relatively short forward line, as the extra pace creates great forward pressure and generates turnovers. Weideman is a fine prospect but is still a year away IMO and needs to have a bigger impact to hold is spot, so I would go Frost for Weideman. Tyson needs to lift also because Brayshaw and Bugg are too good to be playing VFL and Lewis will come straight back after suspension. However, I would need to see a glowing VFL report on either Brayshaw and Bugg to advocate this change for this week.
  13. It is buyer's remorse OD.
  14. I would think we saved a chunk of salary cap space though. And we now have two players on the long-term injury list, so it doesn't matter anyway.
  15. Garland's disposal efficiency was 93% against WC and the highest in our team. I know it can be a misleading stat and he is generally one of our worst users, but this is fake news.