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  1. Casey Demons 2018

    Two more recruits for the Casey Demons are Nilma-Darnum (Ellinbank & District Football League) midfielder/forward Ben Campbell and 203cm ruckman Julian Patterson from Gippsland Power.
  2. Casey Demons 2018

    The word from out at Casey is that recently retired MFC 141 gamer Colin Garland who will have coaching roles with the club’s AFLW and VFLW teams in 2018 could also turn out during the season with the Casey Demons. Delisted rookie Mitch White is also said to be a likely recruit. With the axing of the Development League, the Casey Demons’ VFL list will be reduced significantly. One player off to the Frankston Dolphins for their return season to the VFL is Jake Lovett.
  3. Casey Demons 2018

    Noble Park full-back Ryan Morrison, Mitch White (MFC), Jay Lockhart (North Launceston) and the returning James Freeman all signed with Casey Demons last night. Tweet from Paul Amy.
  4. Casey Demons 2018

    Two new names at the Casey Demons - • Ali Zijai (18, 172cm, 67kg) from the Dandenong Stingrays via Noble Park/Hallam SC (and brother of Yilber who has crossed to Frankston), and • Jack Hudson (18, 180cm, 80kg) from Gippsland Power via Hillend. Both players are forwards.
  5. Casey Demons 2018

    The list is of confirmed changes. No doubt, there will be others once contracts/clearances are sorted out. CASEY DEMONS In: Riley D’Arcy (Dandenong Stingrays) Colin Garland (Melbourne) Jay Lockhart (North Launceston) Kyle Stainthorpe (Eastern Ranges) Mitch White (Melbourne) Out: Kieren Byers Will Collis Mitch Cox Aloysio Ferreira (Frankston) Bayley Fritsch (Melbourne) Jake Gains Nathan Gardiner (Frankston) Ben Giobbi Brenton Hillard (Frankston) Jake Lovett (Frankston) Todd Vander Haar Yilber Zijai (Frankston)
  6. Casey Demons 2018

    Casey’s pre season practice match programme (STC): 3 March 2018 Casey Demons v Williamstown at Casey Fields, Cranbourne East at 12 noon 10 March 2018 Casey Demons v Port Melbourne at Casey Fields, Cranbourne East at 12 noon 17 March 2018 Casey Demons v Box Hill Hawks at Casey Fields, Cranbourne East at 12 noon 30 March 2018 v Frankston at Skybus Stadium, Frankston at 12 noon
  7. Casey Demons 2018

    Paul Amy also reporting that Riley D’Arcy from Dandenong Stingrays and Kyle Stainthorpe from Eastern Rangers are on board at Casey with more TAC Cuppers to come.
  8. Casey Demons 2018

    VFL journo Paul Amy is reporting that the Casey Demons have recruited North Launceston defender Jay Lockhart who won the medal as Tassie’s best player in the state match against the NEAFL last year.
  9. Casey Demons 2018

    Paul Amy reporting that Noble Park fullback Ryan Morrison is training with the Casey Demons after two outstanding years in Eastern ranks.
  10. Jack Trengove wins Casey B & F

    Jack Trengove is the winner of the Casey Demons 2017 Best and Fairest award - the Gardner-Clark Medal. The runner up was promising youngster Bayley Fritsch who also won the VFL's Fothergill–Round Medal for 2017 which is presented to the most promising young talent in the VFL competition.
  11. Sunday will see the last Demons run out on a footy field for 2017. The Development League team play in the grand final against Williamstown. I don't expect any MFC listed players to take part but for Melbourne, it's the last gasp of 2017 anyway. AFL VIC DEVELOPMENT LEAGUE 2017 CASEY DEMONS v WILLIAMSTOWN North Port Oval, Port Melbourne Sunday 17 September, 2017 at 11.30am CASEY DEMONS B: 72. M. Lefau, 20. N. Gardiner, 7. Y. Zijai HB: 32. J. Briggs, 36. D. Johnston, 12. J. Lovett C: 23. M. Cox, 3. C. Ambler, 51. B. Giobbi HF: 53. W. Collis, 31. T. Baker, 5. D. Collis F: 63. K. Byers, 75. S. Dwyer, 22. G. Lok FOLL: 16. J. Gains, 8. T. Vander Haar, 66. P. Lewis-Smith I/C (from): 80. D. Allsop, 70. T. Armour, 10. A. Cotte, 39. J. Di Pasquale, 49. N. Foote, 4. J. Freeman, 18. B. Hillard, 46. D. Johnston, C. MacHaya IN: D. Allsop, T. Armour, J. Briggs, D. Collis, W. Collis, J. Di Pasquale, Y. Zijai, OUT: A. Ferreira, D. Gordon, J. Moncrieff WILLIAMSTOWN B: 45. L. Carter, 41. J. Minogue, 37. N. Ebinger HB: 32. T. Condon, 36. T. Davies, 19. D. Kempster C: 50. F. Carroll, 40. B. Monk, 38. A. Giuliano HF: 29. J. Burke, 34. L. McMahon, 42. B. Romensky F: 28. C. Buykx-Smith, 44. J. Owen, 48. T. Wilkinson FOLL: 46. J. Gray, 30. K. Gray, 39. L. Knight I/C (from): 1. E. Carr, 27. J. Chisari, 43. J. Eales, 31. D. Fahey, 53. L. Goetz, 26. J. Newman, 20. M. Norton, 51. M. Philpot, 25. J. Pongracic IN: J. Chisari, J. Eales, L. Goetz, J. Newman
  12. Casey Demons Development League 2017 premiers!!!

    Yilber Zijai was awarded the best on the ground.
  13. Casey Demons Development League 2017 premiers!!!

    Thanks. Had a couple already.
  14. Casey Demons Development League 2017 premiers!!!

    Siren. A Demon premiership and the song blares out of the PA system - It's a grand old flag! There ends 90 years of history as the VFA/VFL seconds/ AFL Vic Development League comes to an end. Casey Demons 2.6.18 6.11.47 8.13.61 13.16.94 Williamstown 5.4.34 5.8.38 9.12.66 11.16.82 Goals Casey Demons Cox 3 Ambler Lefau Zijai 2 Briggs Foote Freeman Dan Johnston Williamstown Ebinger 4 Norton Wilkinson 2 Buykx-Smith Davies Philpot Best Casey Demons Dwyer Cox Johnston Gains Foote Lewis-Smith Williamstown Chisari Ebinger Monk Wilkinson Gray Norton Disposals Dwyer 30 Daniel Johnston Lovett 21 Will Collis 20 Zijai 19
  15. Casey Demons Development League 2017 premiers!!!

    Myleki Lefau gets a free kick in front and goals!!!
  16. Casey Demons Development League 2017 premiers!!!

    Mitch Cox gets a point and it's 6 points in it with 28 minutes gone.
  17. Casey Demons Development League 2017 premiers!!!

    James Freeman kicks a goal and the Demons lead by 5 points.
  18. Casey Demons Development League 2017 premiers!!!

    Ball going from end to end as both teams score points. We're into time on and Casey down by a point.
  19. Casey Demons Development League 2017 premiers!!!

    Back to 1 point after Ambler picks up a loose ball and goals.
  20. Casey Demons Development League 2017 premiers!!!

    Ball spills to a Williamstown player for a goal to give them a 7 point lead.
  21. Casey Demons Development League 2017 premiers!!!

    Yillber Zijai gets his second to level the game but Seagulls attack for a point to give them the lead.
  22. Casey Demons Development League 2017 premiers!!!

    Slight wind advantage to Casey. Williamstown goal to take back the lead.
  23. Casey Demons Development League 2017 premiers!!!

    The Seagulls attacked for the first four minutes of the quarter but Casey go forward and a goal to Daniel Johnston levels the game at 67 apiece.
  24. Casey Demons Development League 2017 premiers!!!

    3QT Williamstown 9.12.66 Casey Demons 8.13.61 Goals Cox 3 Ambler Briggs Foote Lefau Zijai Disposals Dwyer 20 Daniel Johnston 17 Lovett 16 W Collis Cox 15
  25. Casey Demons Development League 2017 premiers!!!

    A free kick from the umpire furthest from the play awards the lead back to Williamstown - four points.