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  1. You forgot Peter Daicos as well. the Macedonian Marvel Robbie, God and Daics got me to many games in the 80s (oh and that hawthorn outfit with Dermie dipper chief lethal rat etc.) loved being a neutral at Collingwood Carlton games back then - like Robbie time stood still when Daicos got the ball
  2. jako13

    Tom Mitchell out for the season

    Depends on the break - a spiral fracture of a long leg bone takes 6 weeks to join together - double it for 'consolidation' or getting bone strength back. A transverse fracture - straight across - doubles the time frame. 12 weeks to join hence 24 weeks to get strong. so six months prior to getting up to reasonable training - how long to get 'AFL level' fit from there? probably better from a long term point of view to wrap the season up and hit pre season next year fully fit
  3. jako13

    MFC cryptic clues - to keep you amused

    4. lever
  4. jako13

    MFC cryptic clues - to keep you amused

    1. salem
  5. jako13

    Foxtel Sports aka Kayo

    my biggest gripe with Foxtel and has always been so is that I only want certain channels. unfortunately each of those is in a different package... so you just get all of it! would much rather just get what I want and not pay for everything else. I think most people think that way and a lot of channels would die as a result.... however if they die is there really a market for them to begin with!
  6. jako13

    Foxtel Sports aka Kayo

    actually looking forward to ditching foxtel for this. Bought an apple TV 4 to do it. however just going wait..... unless there is another way to get the final game of thrones season other than foxtel. then it can be ditched. 100 bucks a month back into the pocket happy days
  7. jako13

    Origins/meanings of Display Names?

    not quite as obvious as it sounds .... blew the head gasket on my first car - a 1976 Corolla, by trying to catch and follow a certain bogan cult figure of the early-mid 90's whose number plate read JAKO13 while driving along the wonderful dump of the then South Eastern Arterial... was stoked at the time to see him - got the old [censored] heap of a car to 130 clicks.... and it died
  8. jako13


    he has already booked it.... Grand Final eve
  9. come on Beeb. you know not to bring logic to the demonland table.....
  10. jako13

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    anyone else thinking Marquis de Sade whenever they see Marquis instead of Marquee. Seems very apt for the various levels of Sadomasochism going on here.... BBO may be very interested. speaking BBO - has anyone checked on him since the block renovated the Gatwick.
  11. jako13

    Jason Taylor Resume

    hes a good 'gets the job done' bloke. we see people squabbling here about payed too much or didnt ask enough constantly on here and elsewhere. I say [censored] that. he gets the blokes into the club and gets our blokes to their destination of choice - unless we are dealing with [censored] (see current Freo regime...) a couple of numbers next the picks are largely irrelevant. get the right ballpark and let's make it happen. no fart arseing around not being happy with pick 7 when we after 5. I like the methodology and importantly with that so do most people - hence we now have good trading terms with most clubs and aren't seen as d8ckheads who want the earth for their current players but are only wanting to pay for passion pop while ordering French champagne for others!
  12. jako13

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    oh FFS... you mean we have to keep a 23year old CHF who's output to date matches any other KPF at his age ever......
  13. jako13

    The Other Preliminary Final

    I still remember Bruce's favourite moment from the 1988 Olympics.... "would have to be Carl Lewis in those tight bike shorts" not anything to do with the amazing athletic feats just the fact he loved seeing Carls tackle wobbling around....
  14. jako13

    The Other Preliminary Final

    unfortunately though Billy Slater gave away a goal line penalty for a beautifully executed hip and shoulder. loved it. Ref didn't - called it a shoulder charge. if he gets charged by the NRL minimum penalty is a week. might be his last game and no fairytale GF for him