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  1. Ollie Wines

    i hear Zurich knows a thing or 2 about untraceable Swiss bank accounts..... who the hell needs a visy paper bag
  2. jordan lewis' entire family are dees mad... we should get him..... hmm i wonder why he chose us to finish his career
  3. You Ready for Tommy Bugg?

    i'll go on record here as i like Bugg. have known him for a few years - really nice guy. His suspension for a brain fart is over. he was hung dried and quartered, time to move on people he is Melbourne football club player. is he a deadset gun... no. does he come in as an automatic, no. Were we playing better as a team with him playing well.. yes. Probably needs match fitness at Casey this week. would i be upset if the match committee thought we need his niggle and bring him in straight away, no. all this crap about earning back trust is just noise and nonsense. he will play if and when his fitness and form versus the other blokes in his role(s) warrants - amd that is the be all and end all
  4. Jack Watts (again)

    yep. most guys need to come back via the 2s to get up to speed. unfortunately circumstances thus have prevented it as we were playing very much undermanned. but watts hogan jones and a few others have all hand long lay offs and come straight in. personally i dont like it. get some match simulation against an opponent as your final training hit out first, and then move up. use the ressies like its supposed to be... for deveoping kids bodies and game styles, allowing more senior players to regain form, touch and confidence a be a platform for coming back from injury. it feels like a very unfer used resource.... why have blokes coming back in take 2 or games or more to regain touch and basically be a player fown until this happens

    yeah.... actually happened 3 times.... passed on him as a player. Then as a young coach. Then as a cranky old git.... he didn't quite get the message (or is it us that made the same mistake... hard to call on that). So Sheeds probably does have his nose out of joint about us
  6. Changes for GWS

    Has Weed demanded the call up? Playing ok by reports but is he hungry yet? if not Pedo back. if Weed has gone all hungry at the contest - personally no idea, more a wuestion for the Casey watchers?, then he might be ready. Maynard in, Jones and Bernie back Hoges out take your pickfrom Trenners - despite my man love for the bloke, JKH, Hannan and Harmes. Reckon Hannan might due for a week off - first season at big league freshen up for sept..
  7. GAMEDAY - Round 19

    jetta v brown this time... why the [censored] isnt t mac playing as the 3rd tall backman going against the [censored] wind!!!
  8. Pokies income - up slightly

    Perfectly legal and viable income stream. personally i dont use them or like them. But unless they become outlawed people will use and abuse them. And i would rather some of that money going into the footy club than see it lining the pockets of the Bruce Mathiesons of the world.
  9. GAMEDAY - Round 19

    ridiculously over confident about today........ not sure what it means - 10 goal+ win or get done by 10 points after coming back from 6 goals down early in the 2nd
  10. 17-5 fixture

    bit hard as not everyone has played everyone this year. we still haven't played gws or brissy. but we have played the top team twice... probably not quite as a good a guide this year as it would on others once everyone has played other just the once. having said that still not a fan of the idea. something has to hapoen though. playing 5 teams twice is just stupid - everyone twice or everyone once would be my thoughts

    pies fans are 100% convinced Petracca is on his way there..... given he supported them as a kid. lolz

    [censored] hate these [censored] ...... emotion may have got the better of me. still though..... hate these [censored]. must destroy them. not for finals just because the pissant club keeps beating us. hate it.... hate them
  13. Changes vs North Melbourne

    possibly give the skipper a run in the 2s next week been out a long time with the quad - run off some rust. would have been good to do it with a couple of our seniors coming back last few weeks but didnt have the luxury due to running out with our 3rds otherwise... no change - same endeavour early and we absolutely [censored] Nth to eradicate the last decade of failures against them. [censored] hate that pissant club
  14. I salute Jack Watts

    i wouldn't actually be surprised if the the truth to it all was Tom didn't 'lie' as such. He was not allowed to publicly state what was happening. My gut tells me Jimmy knew he was leaving and was told as such, yet he publicly stated otherwise to protect a young man from the machine that would have well and truly ostracized him from the AFL community. i have no proof other than the knowledge that Jimmy would rather have taken any heat on any matter to keep it off a young kid