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  1. jako13

    Which Team can we beat on current Form?

    some serious MFCSS in this thread..... time for the old saying - things are never as good or as bad as they seem.
  2. jako13

    Post Match Discussion - Round 7

    Finally watching it on replay. almost 3/4 time. Willing to admit i was wrong about OMac. i like him now. he does some seriously good things. i might be slow on the omac train but I definitely am there now.
  3. jako13

    Not Long Now

    this gives me a stiffy......
  4. jako13

    Welcome Johnnie Walker (we all need you!)

    the black i like, and the green and the gold and the platinum... the red'll do in an emergency not a fan of the double black and unfortunately never had a crack at the Blue... now i have a reason to get a bottle!
  5. jako13

    Is the Shepherd dead?

    thought the exact same thing on Saturday Diamond Jim. In fact i beleive i was screaming at blokes to lay a [censored] shepherd ....
  6. jako13


    why the [censored] does a professional footballer, in todays age, with all the coaches and strength and conditioning guys at there disposal need to hire a [censored] personal trainer to do things outside of the scope that their own conditioning staff have pencilled in for them. To me it screams either a. incompetence of our staff to put blokes on the right pathway with the right fitness plans or b. complete lack of faith of our staff to deliver whats in a. or c. a massive lack of personal drive to accomplish whats been set. either way i wouldn't be promoting this as a football club to the outside world
  7. jako13


    will be worth a Grange or 2 when get over thes flogs today
  8. jako13


    option B Ken. But you already knew that!
  9. jako13

    Match preview and team selection - Round 3

    In Vic for a home game for the first time in a couple of years. Taking the 5 year old for his first MCG experience. Cannot [censored] wait Full credit to the MFC membership dept. Let them know as an interstate member and an Auskick member and they're throwing us a couple of 'Premium' seat tickets for the lads first game. The club has got its [censored] together these days
  10. jako13

    GAMEDAY - Round 1

    loving this. reminiscent of 1990's style fast flowing footy. with some pack marks
  11. jako13

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 1

    in J Wagner.... it appears Demonland has settled on its new whipping boy in the absence of JW. must be a JW initials thing... while there's a JW on the list the ghosts of Watts past will remain..... poor Vargner....
  12. jako13

    Sam Weideman

  13. jako13

    Neale Daniher regressing with MND?

    Ran into Neale at Kooyong a few weeks back. thought he was doing far better than at last years QBD game. He was very positive about the Dees for this coming year.
  14. jako13

    GAME DAY: JLT #2 vs St Kilda

    oh no peeps we've switched off half way through a preseason praccy match..... would love to hear the 3/4 time spray from Goody..... doubt it will happen again any time soon
  15. jako13

    GAME DAY: JLT #2 vs St Kilda

    noice all round. getting ugly early for the Saints