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  1. jako13

    The Other Preliminary Final

    I still remember Bruce's favourite moment from the 1988 Olympics.... "would have to be Carl Lewis in those tight bike shorts" not anything to do with the amazing athletic feats just the fact he loved seeing Carls tackle wobbling around....
  2. jako13

    The Other Preliminary Final

    unfortunately though Billy Slater gave away a goal line penalty for a beautifully executed hip and shoulder. loved it. Ref didn't - called it a shoulder charge. if he gets charged by the NRL minimum penalty is a week. might be his last game and no fairytale GF for him
  3. jako13

    Demon Brownlow Invitees

    most teams have 5. captains and past winners automatic selections. Danger Ablett and Selwood all auto selections then they have 4 others. we have 2 captains hence 3 other invitees
  4. jako13

    I have a dilemma...

    there is only one practical solution start a go fund me page to collect enough coin from fellow demon worshippers to either a) buy a new hat from Ebay or b) keep it going and if we win the GF there will be enough funding to fly to the states and pick up a new choice hat
  5. jako13

    Changes v Hawthorn - Semi Final

    RDB and Weid have been best mates for a couple of decades now. one of the big reasons Our Weid was super happy to be coming to Demonland
  6. jako13

    If we beat the Cats I will ..

    happily wipe the [censored] smug smiles off all my cat supporting mates. They have all been arrogant turds for the last 15 years. They deadset make me angry just by breathing in my direction..... oh I feel better now. that's a load off the shoulders.... now let's get beating this mob from down the highway
  7. jako13

    If Clarry CHOO CHOO DOESNT make AA I will..

    really need to reassess my life choices. These 2 are seriously batting well above their average......
  8. jako13

    The Road to the Cup

    Friday night footy [censored] yeah! big night big stage Finals performer for a decade or so. BRING IT ON
  9. jako13

    Round 23 Non MFC Games

    come on dockers!
  10. jako13


    I was on me pat. fearing for my life at the opposite end to the cheers squad! felt like old vic park days where I was sitting
  11. jako13


    considering it! 😁😁😁
  12. jako13


    Final Round year 2000. we smashed West Coast in West Coast. I was there - did my grad dip in Perth that year, must have been 3 Demons in the crowd and a cheer squad of 10. Bluey Mckenna's final game for the Eagles..... Only fitting we go very [censored] Deep from here
  13. jako13

    Put your hand up if you started crying...

    time for a happy scotch.... as opposed to the crying myself to sleep scotch strangely come out of the same bottle!
  14. jako13

    12 Long Painful Years Finals - At Last!!

    is it wrong to be a 43 year old considering wearing a footy jumper to bed tonight ..... ..... um. asking for a friend 😂😂