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  1. I've worked with Richard Simkiss, pre him joining AFL, and then early days after. Spent a lot of time a time AFL house, but way back 2000-2005. It then was the most blokey environment ever. Literally a private school boys club. This happens across Australia, but when you're earning $300k+ you're held to a different standard, as a start you don't need warning to be sacked. Simply stupid thing to do. i also previously worked at one of the AFLs major sponsors, and we lost one of our Directors in similar fashion after testing his marriage with his secretary. In the end she reported him for use of workplace power, and he was gone. Having known him pretty well he was guilty as. not a good or clever thing to do, I'm just surprised the modern AFL didn't send them on a course and all is ok to continue.....but then knowing Richard Goyder from Coles time it's a different standard. He is very very professsional. In the Fitzpatrick era they'd still be there.
  2. I've never been a huge fan of JKH, always thought he was too slow for a dynamic forward and too soft for a mid. Then he was aweful earlier this year, I mean aweful. But, he then popped up with 2-3 of the best VFL games ever, huge possessions, tackles, clearances and goals. So I went to Port Melbourne a few weeks back and watched him close. We got smashed that day, but only ever looked likely when JKH went and got it. I was really impressed by his speed, lateral movement and hard ball gets. If he can be half as good he will do more than Stretch has in the last few weeks. like Nibbler last year, perhaps he needed really good VFL form to get some confidence, and confidence can take you a long way. A likely out when Viney and co are back, so for now, good luck young fella.
  3. A few of the boys, Frost, Nibbler, Stretch, Oliver, harmes and White watching. speed wise JKH, Kent and Smith were the only dangerous looking players today. Kennedy was in and under a bit.....but there was absolutely no outside run. JKH could win a hard ball, take on 3 and due be ready to release but no one streamed past. Disposal was aweful, Port played us like the Swans last night, shut down run. big Spence gave us nothing, frustrated himself by dropping a contested grab 10 metres out in the third, just should have held it. Weed looked ok, attacked the footy and rucked with good elevation late, but I'd leave him at Casey. I would be happy to see JKH and Smith if deemed ready. maybe Kent, at least he chased down a few players today.
  4. I know someone who did quite a lot of leadership work at Melbourne this pre season. He does a lot of this work in sporting team, not just AFL. His advice was back in February if picking a Captain Lewis was miles in front of others and one of the best astute leadership candidates he had ever seen. happy to have him as a Demon.
  5. From training looks like IN Salem OuT Wagner gawn looks good
  6. Great to hear big Max say he is only 4 weeks away from full training as the usual hammy recovery now he has stared running. Could play in 5 weeks perhaps!
  7. I spoke with one of the staff behind the coaches box at three qtr time, he said they were waiting scan but could be 4-12 weeks.
  8. If we had been offered Lewis for Pick 30 odd 3 weeks ago I'd have signed on the spot! It'll get done, doesn't fuss me now which pick. Either way we win.
  9. If we get Lewis, Rockliff and Hibberd and Grimes, M Jones, Dunn depart it would be an unbelievable trade period and once again would be with no leaking from the Club. this occurs I honestly couldn't care if we only finish with picks above 40-50 this year, even next. It's classic successful team trading, win now, deal with the future then. And when the future comes round, do it well again because your successful. We would become odds on for finals, and players like VDB, Wagner, Kent or Salem may find getting a game much harder. seems low risk for huge reward
  10. Get him. imagine Rd 14 next year, we are 7-6 coming off a tight loss at the G and heading to Sydney to play the swans. It's raining. We must win to stay in the 8. who gets picked from our list for this game before Lewis?
  11. We have momentum, the single greatest asset of any sporting team. Saturday night Port stood no chance because of it, the GC scrappy win coupled with the Hawks effort means we have it in spades. port had it in 2014, ours seems more sustainable, time will tell. Be great to make it, bugger off North.
  12. Max has become an icon, cult hero. My young boy made yesterday's Herald Sun picture running with Max with the beard on from an Auskick setup this week. 20 young bearded kids in Demons #11, sensational for the kids. Max was wonderful with them, he has 20 new fantastic fans, even the couple who weren't Dee's fans, plus parents!
  13. Pretty simple I reckon, we want to win next week. IN HOGAN OUT WEED Pederson was better than Weed, and as good as the kid looked I'd prefer Hogan vs Port, likewise Pederson. No other change unless injury. cheers to Omac for starting to look very good.
  14. Supercoach lock for 4 years now, usually means a lot of possessions and keeps hitting a target by foot!
  15. I thought it might hurt less the morning after, not so. The utter frustration is subsiding though. This was like a classic game of soccer, with one side absolutely dominating possession, tackles, hard balls and yet still being beaten on the break, a quick long ball in hope that the opposition score from. Fark. They did it time and again. Outside of the obvious turnovers by foot, started by Wagners in the first quarter, we paid a very very big price for Watts, Hogan, Stretch, Viney and more being unable to kick reasonably simple goals from 35m out in front. Full credit to the players who simply went again and again. Gee I'd have liked Salem instead of Wagner or Omac in defence yesterday, just for his kicking alone. We are clearly making progress, slower than I'd like, but no doubt on a true foundation of talent, not aging B and C grade players. The saddest thing about yesterday is it had the potential to be the difining win for this young group, something they look back on and refer to for years to come about how they achieved it. It bloody hurts, it would have been worth 4 points PLUS a truckload of self belief, even for us fans. bugger......