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  1. Yet to debut . . .

    Having watched some VFL last year, including 2 finals I'd strongly suggest Fritsch. He would have played several games late last year if on the list at the time. Clearly a better option in VFL than a Bugg, JKH etc forward.
  2. Hibberd on Lever

    Plapp doing midfield
  3. Welcome to Demonland - Erin Hoare

    Good on her, I coached against her in netball a few years back. Tall!
  4. Coached in 2018 by his U18 coach whom he excelled with - Plapp in the Demons midfield. I like it. Is he better at the same age than Kane Lambert? That's the comparison I'm looking at.

    Don't believe everything you hear. Nothing here that isn't done at other clubs every year. Let's worry about that when we've actually played a final, right now none of the playing group is good enough for that.
  6. 2017 Player Reviews: # 19 Mitch Hannan

    Wonderful debut season given the lack to pre season and year one on the list! Would you take Hannan, Townsend or Castagna at Round 1 next year? I think Hannan, which tells me he can play a role in a Premiership team. now I'd like to see Fritsch alongside him!! Go Dees.
  7. Trade rumours

    Funny time of the year. I really like Watts when he plays well, uses his skills, vision etc. Equally he frustrates hugely at times. I don't actually care who we move on, as long as it helps our momentum continue into finals next year. I'd prefer Lever to Watts if that was the choice. Not having a highly talked about player each week might help also, he seems to be the first question to anyone 15 weeks of the year. We moved forward this year, I'm happy to back in Goody and PJ to do again next year. If they think Watts doesn't make a significant difference that's fine. Time to trade, trade hard Demons. Joel Smith to HFF.
  8. Jake Stringer

    I had a few beers recently with someone who coached Stringer in recent years, not Bevo. Confirmed he needed to leave the club due to personal, ex wife issues. Hence not all surprised to see where this is going. Also of interest, thought was Boyd was better when interstate as his mindset issues are heavily influenced by family being closer every week.

    Spoke to someone from Carlton yesterday and they thought Kelly would stay at GWS
  10. Those best players I'd agree with. Kennedy did some good things also. Trengove was solid. Weid very little influence, Fritsch was clearly go to forward. Bugg and Spencer no impact. King better than Spencil but both beaten by a journey man at least 15cm shorter. wagner and JKH had almost games. Stretch did some good things. id be surprised if Hulett on the list next year. Expect King to be. and once again Fritsch is a gun.
  11. Shocking umpiring gets Willy another goal
  12. Meese is a much better VFL ruckman than Spencer down 111-73
  13. Even Acye Corey taking pack marks now. little from Bugg today. Wagner does so many nice things but can't kick
  14. Another to Siposs, really beating Hutchins down 92-73 and he's got it again
  15. Another to Siposs and then Dunnell and we are stuffed