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  1. Theo

    Jay Lockhart

    Lockhart had no impact whatsoever. Very disappointing in the finals.
  2. Theo

    Anton Tohill

    As you can have 3 Cat B rookies you would think the club would take a chance on this kid unless they think he will not make it, or have someone else in mind.
  3. Theo

    Charlie Constable

    Brett Anderson compared him to Jobe Watson on SEN this morning. He hopes we pick him.
  4. Theo

    Jack Watts

    The original interview was with Garry Lyon, Tim W and Hamish. KB just replayed it on his show. SEN audio has the interview
  5. Watching his highlights he reminds me of a young Liam Picken. Courageous, good mark, shows desperation.
  6. Overuse of handball. No one wants to take responsibility in kicking the ball. Partly caused by no players up forward to kick to. Playing dry weather football in the wet doesn't work.
  7. Theo

    GAMEDAY - Round 22

    Could have drafted Cripps ahead of Salem. Jason Taylor's decision?
  8. Theo


    Where is Keilty this week. Injured?
  9. Theo

    Tyrone Vickery

    The OX just said (again) on SEN we should target Vickery. He needs a change of culture which we could provide.
  10. Max Gawn said on Thursday night at the Bentleigh Club that he understood we were looking at two Essendon players. I wonder who they could be?
  11. Theo


    We need Declan Keilty and Tim Smith at the Dee's. Keilty is 21 and is improving every game. Is versatile and can play in multiple positions. At 25 Smith is a great mark and kick for goal. Would do well playing next to Hogan.
  12. Theo

    Dion Prestia

    On the news tonight Mark Stevens said Prestia was coming to MFC
  13. Theo


    Handball happy as usual. Brayshaw's decisi It's not Darwin it's the team. I was in Darwin last week and it was a perfect night. Low humidity. The ground was wet from watering. Hawthorn wouldn't f---ing lose after playing there. Sick of Darwin always being the excuse
  14. Theo


    Handball happy as usual. Brayshaw's decision- making was woeful kept hand passing into trouble. Grimes gone, White very poor, Wagner average. St. Kilda more desperate.
  15. Theo

    The Tonight Show starring Maxy Gawn

    Booked yesterday. Similar night to the "Dinner with the Viney's" they held last year. Great night out. I know a number of us on the Darwin trip are going.