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  1. funky41


    I have a mate who works for the Kangaroos who told me that GWS have pretty much signed 3 players so far. One of them is Scully on those terms above. One of the other players is Jimmy Bartel.
  2. funky41

    Forum Footy Lightning Premiership - October 10

    Rio can probably ruck if we need one. Or he can play midfield... Also, Swooper is out. So that's a big loss.
  3. funky41

    Forum Footy Lightning Premiership - October 10

    I nominate Wolfmother to be coach! He's got worse hammy's than Garry Lyon and Stephen Tingay combined. So he'll only last a few quarters out there anyway!!
  4. funky41

    Forum Footy Lightning Premiership - October 10

    You ask and I deliver!! But let's work out the side closer to the day, cos I dont want to bring my mates down if they are going to barely get a run. And they can all seriously play. So it's game on!
  5. funky41

    Forum Footy Lightning Premiership - October 10

    Swooper is in. Midfielder. Gun. Pudge is in. Midfielder. Has played before.
  6. funky41

    Forum Footy Lightning Premiership - October 10

    New recruit- Rio. Centre half forward. Is a big unit. Can pinch hit in the guts.
  7. funky41

    Forum Footy Lightning Premiership - October 10

    Smitta is in. He's a midfielder. Good inside player. Probably got 2-3 more coming and will confirm over the next couple of days.
  8. funky41

    Forum Footy Lightning Premiership - October 10

    Since he always runs forward anyway, so why even bother starting him there! :-)
  9. funky41

    Forum Footy Lightning Premiership - October 10

    Funky41 is in. Half back flank. Shagger (Charles) is in. Play him in the guts/forward. Heater is in. Play him at full forward. He would prefer to be one out in the 50, but I told him he has to share... Got a few other boys coming as well. Will confirm their names and positions over the next few days. We're not playing to lose.
  10. funky41

    Gold Coast rumour

    Pretty sure first round draft picks automatically get a two year contract, which would take him through until end of next season.
  11. funky41

    How many goals for Ricky Petterd in 2010

    I hate to sound negative, but he has no chance of kicking even 50 goals THIS year. Two reasons, firstly we are still going to be a bottom three side. So the ball inside 50 wont be either there enough or delivered with quality. And secondly, there are only one or two small forwards in the game capable of kicking 50 goals, let alone 75! Think of the best small forwards in the game: Milne, Chapman, Rioli, Le Cras. None of them could kick 75 even in a great side, let alone a bottom side. When we get better, he is certainly capable of kicking 50. But by this stage our attack will be focused on Watts at full forward and having cream midfielders kicking goals (like Murphy, Judd, Gibbs we will have Scully, Trengove etc). So even at this stage he will not be able to kick 75. But I'd be rapt with a 50 goal season!
  12. funky41

    forum footy 2010

    I hope the big guy with all the tatts from the filth is playing again at full forward! He was looking to punch on with everyone, particularly his own team mates for not delivering the ball to him on a plate! Classic filth!
  13. funky41

    forum footy 2010

    Funky41, Heater and Charlesy are all locked in! Bring it on!
  14. funky41

    forum footy 2010

    Funky, Charlesy and Heater are in! Just don't make it before the 10th Jan as me and Heater will be groping ladyboys in Thailand!
  15. funky41

    forum footy lightning premiership

    Where is the best place to put pics?? Is there a demonland facebook page I can upload to?