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  1. Is Viney’s foot worse than we think?

    Specialist podiatry term IIRC.
  2. Is Viney’s foot worse than we think?

    Absolutely it is. I’ll cop crap for this no doubt, but from what I’ve heard there’s actual three to four different injuries in the foot itself. Essentially, the foot is rooted.
  3. Blast from the Past: Stephen Powell

    Was also one of the best sledgers in the game. The whole handling of the acrimonious situation was just so typical of the MFC. He was easily one of my favourite players in the early 00s.
  4. Rd 1 Team with Lever

    I agree somewhat with your sentiment. I don't think he's a selfish player, but he's definitely a shocking user of the ball. We have one of the worst midfields in the league for disposal efficiency, I think there's serious concerns about a midfield of Jones, Tyson and Viney which makes the apparent departure of Watts all the more alarming. All of these three are notorious for the infamous 'long-bomb-forward-in-hope'.
  5. Changes v Richmond R5

    Bugg was my initial thought too, but, physically, I can't see him competently being able to compete with Martin.
  6. Changes v Richmond R5

    FWIW, when Harmes plays out of the defensive 50, I see him as one of our biggest liabilities. If he's to say in the side, I'd much rather him remain a forward. Not too sure about Hannan - even in the VFL he played as a forward, didn't he? I'm not suggesting it's pointless, I just don't know enough about Hannan to make an informed decision.
  7. Changes v Richmond R5

    Yeah, I'd run with Vince on Martin - I can't see the Frost/Martin match up being favourable at all. Then (obviously depending on final line ups), have Jetta/Bugg/Melksham (presuming he remains in the side), run with the mosquito fleet.
  8. Is that a Melbourne FC tie?

    Steven O'Dwyer and Al Nicholson?
  9. Changes v Richmond R5

    I essentially agree with these changes, but I'm not aboard getting rid of Bugg. For me, he wasn't the worst on the weekend and I'm not sure that I'd be bringing in Trengove at his expense. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see Trengove back in the side, but I think Bugg is a good matchup for the Tigers and I rate his game. I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt that he can significantly contribute to the side, albeit, he didn't have the most inspiring game on the weekend. I think Melksham needs to go back to the VFL, and Hibberd is the logical replacement (I'm not sure we can carry both Hibberd and Melksham in the same side & in fact, I'd probably suggest we can't carry Harmes/Melksham in the same side), but I get the feeling Goodwin won't be dropping Melksham in the short-term.
  10. Williamstown v Casey Demons

    As much as I'm not a Harmes fan (I think he's one of our biggest liabilities, especially with his ball usage), his last two weeks have been decent. In fact, on the weekend, I think he's one of the only players who give it his all. I don't think he's a longterm solution, and in an ideal world, I would much prefer him not being in the side, but as it is, between Hannan and Harmes, Harmes offers somewhat more.
  11. Williamstown v Casey Demons

    Yeah, wasn't directed at you. I've inadvertently quoted one of your replies!
  12. Williamstown v Casey Demons

  13. Williamstown v Casey Demons

    Yeah, we get it, you don't rate Trengove. Once again, contextualise the response, in relation to what the OP stated. It was a discussion on whether pace would matter if a player had class. Thus the comparison of Mitchell/Hodge. Understand?
  14. Williamstown v Casey Demons

    Resounding reply. Maybe contextualise all of what I've posted.
  15. Williamstown v Casey Demons

    Yeah, he didn't have a great game against Sydney, but as Team has already pointed out, neither did the whole team. I'm happy to give the bloke the benefit of the doubt that last year, after basically two years out of the game, he wasn't at his best. At the end of the day, I believe that generally, natural ability wins out over pure athleticism. Also, I really believe that this infatuation with Trengove's pace is almost a misnomer. Yes, he may have lost some of his speed, but he was never known for his anaerobic abilities.
  16. Williamstown v Casey Demons

    Agree with this post in its entirety. It's almost like they've never heard of Hodge and Mitchell.

    I personally feel the obvious trend in the two losses this year is simple - leadership. The players that the club depend on, to stand up, direct and stem the flow of play, which you'd expect from Jones, Vince, Melksham and McDonald, go missing. I really believe that we have a genuine lack of leaders and an ability to control and direct the play from the field. This has been sorely compounded by Lewis, who, in my opinion, is potentially our only senior player able to provide these attributes. In the two losses, we saw senior opposition players - Hawkins, Dangerfield & Selwood; Neale, Fyfe and Sandilands - all stand and up and change the flow of battle when needed. I'm not at all worried about the kids that we have coming through. I think Oliver, Brayshaw and Petracca will all offer this in years to come. With added maturity you can throw Viney into that mix too, and if Trengove is ever able to get back on the field I guarantee you that he'd add a wealth of leadership to this team. I'll hold my call on Hogan in regards to this, but at this stage, I don't see him as a leader; I think he may be a supreme natural talent, but a bloke that doesn't really care much about the game - I may be wrong but that's just my perception. I really feel that we need to be able to recruit a star of the competition from another club end of year. Not necessarily just a talent, but a true A grader who screams not only ability, but accountability and leadership.
  18. Williamstown v Casey Demons

    Would be fantastic for Trenners to build up some genuine form, I still have high hopes that he can return to our 22. I still see him as an important (potential) addition to the senior side.
  19. Changes v Richmond R5

    No, he was played as the loose player in defence, essentially in the 'quarterback' role.
  20. Private security harassing supporters.

    Don't get me wrong, I totally agree with you. I was at the game and even my Freo supporter mate was unsure that it was a goal. But having seen the replay several times on Foxtel when I arrived home, it was genuinely a goal. I agree it should have potentially gone to a review, especially given the close nature, but far too many people are acting like that game was lost by a goal that should've been disallowed. That isn't the case.
  21. Private security harassing supporters.

    1) It was a clear goal and to say anything else is just farcical; 2) We had ample opportunities to win the game, we weren't good enough; 3) This thread is a total joke, security often liaise within all cheer squads at various times during games. If this somehow makes you feel uncomfortable, maybe you should look a sitting somewhere else. 4) I suggest if you are so traumatised and aggrieved by this apparent blatant assault upon spectators at the football, you seek to launch a civil claim against Securecorp. After all, it just sounds so intolerably unconscionable, what you had to endure.
  22. Text message from Nathan Jones

    Yeah, stop being so recalcitrant.
  23. Melbourne's Communication and Online

    Online engagement is sorely lacking; we're constantly are playing 'catch up' (if you could call it that), with other clubs. Although clubs are somewhat limited and governed through the AFL's National Social Media Engagement Policy (which includes State and Territory leagues), some clubs, such as Adelaide, have an increasingly active online presence. However, it is also important to note that based on 2014 season information, the MFC had the second lowest amount of 'online' followers, across social media applications. We came in close to last, with only GWS below us. I'm not sure how accurate this still was, and the specificity of the report could potentially be dated. Looking at causation, it is important to note, that it's no surprise that we lack online engagement when our supporters, as a whole, seem to lack engagement with the club in an online capacity. What's problematic with this is that it's cyclical akin to the chicken or the egg debate. Other clubs who have a fantastic online presence are Hawthorn and Collingwood and it's not surprising that these two clubs, along with Adelaide and the Bombers, have the most active online supporter base (once again, I base this on the information available to me and is based on 2014 numbers). Clearly, it would appear that the MFC has a different prioritisation of strategic objectives, when compared to other clubs. But, given the rise of online e-fame and social media marketing techniques, we are clearly lacking. One last thing that I would note, which is entirely subjective (but I trust the judgement of those who have told me this, together with my own anecdotal evidence), is that many of the people hired to work in the social media administration team within the MFC, are just not adequately equipped or knowledgeable to successfully develop and grow an online supporter base. Having worked closely with several people who have been at opposing clubs, there general notion is that we are not recognising the benefits of having properly equipped Media and Communication graduates work in these roles, unlike Hawthorn who are seen to be somewhat of a trailblazer in this area. It's a complex area and I've probably digressed from the initial post, but it is increasingly frustrating and our results and presence, in my opinion, are totally inline with the investment and prioritisation that the MFC has placed into social media.
  24. JLT Round 4 Team Changes

    OUT: Harmes IN: Trengove
  25. JLT Round 2 vs. Carlton at Casey Fields

    I know it's just the preseason, but, CFC look to be in for a loooooooong year.