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  1. Late Draft Pick

    2019 Fixture

    Woops you could be right. I went back into what I googled yesterday and it said 4 days ago, not four days to go.
  2. Late Draft Pick

    2019 Fixture

    Three days to go is what I eventually found. So that makes it this Friday and out in the Newspaper on Saturday
  3. Late Draft Pick


    Rafiki said: "I have heard some not so good stories about him from people in the business" Hakiyamungu Rafiki. Wewe rafiki mbaya. Good gratious 'rafiki' you are a bad friend. Change your name to Shetani, Satan, though its pretty hard to not pass on those stories eh,? lol. I'm really very happy with Balic and from what I have read only I am pretty sure he will fit in and will play good games for us next year.
  4. Late Draft Pick


    Thanks JV7. I'll be relying once again on reports from KC from Casey and Demonlands other roving reporters.
  5. Late Draft Pick


    The Green guide is saying ch 7 is televising the first Qualifying Final at 2pm today. That's us and I'm keeping my fingers crossed
  6. Late Draft Pick


    I've just checked the Channel 7 tv Guide and they do have the First Qualifying final on at 2.30
  7. Late Draft Pick

    Jack Watts wouldn't get a game at Hawthorn claims Dwayne

    Thanks for bringing that to our attention Itsabouttohappen. I appreciate knowing what certain commentators are saying even though I don't give a damn for Dwayne's opinions. Twice in four weeks in the team of the round Jack Watts, well done and Dwayne doesn't think he would get a game at Hawthorn?> Who is Dwayne trying to suck up to now? I know he says he sees it how he sees it yet compared to any other commentator he is the one that I always feel he is talking to someone else, that he has other agenda going on that has nothing to do with what is in front of the rest of our eyes. An Awful Commentator. His own personal projections always shake you out of the match that you are watching and make you wonder "Where the Hell did that come from ?" As you can imagine the Mute gets used often here. (Footy infotainment supports this life style as WayneRussell says.) And if it wasn't for the real fact that - It's about to Happen I think I was about to give up on all this footyinfotainment - and approaching 70 yrs that would have been easy to do. I saw a quarter of the Casey game on Sunday and with 3 or 4 of my favourite players out of the main game on Sunday I am looking forward to a few yeas of good footy viewing
  8. Late Draft Pick

    Post Match Discussion vs GWS

    I'm hoping that maybe we are on the way, like Port in 2014, to becoming the year's best endurance team after these years with Missan. Port were unbeatable in the last quarters that year and we haven't lost a last quarter in the NAB Cup or last week. Here's hoping. Also, after watching the game again, there is a lot to like in our second quarter after we were let down by some clangers and lost opportunities and just a little bit of luck not going our way but I'm confident that much of that will get sorted out over the coming weeks. It's not as though we went to sleep for a couple of quarters. The footy being played was quite different to the footy we have seen the last few years.
  9. Late Draft Pick

    Saturday talking point: Intraclub and the State of the List

    What really highlights the state of the list for me is when looking at everyone's Round 1 teams - the players, barring injury who would be available for Casey. Imagine Casey's first game and you have Spencer, Trengove, Oliver and Petracca in the centre, Grimes, OMac, Bugg, Lumumba and Wagner down back, Hunt and ANB on the wings and Newton Michie JKH, Weideman and Hulett up front - just as an example from someone's team. I''ll certainly be getting to the occasional Casey game this year.
  10. Late Draft Pick

    Training - Tuesday 9th February, 2016

    Yes, great pics but also so many good ones from Outside Fifty in case anyone's missed them on p3 of this thread.
  11. Late Draft Pick

    Training - Tuesday 9th February, 2016

    Yes, great pics but also so many good ones from Outside Fifty in case anyone's missed them on p3 of this thread.
  12. Late Draft Pick

    Training - Monday 18th January, 2016

    Great reports. Hunt's original utubes really interested me. They were Fyfe-like, ever wanting to get involved with the play including taking strong marks. Reports said that he was equally influential as Josh Kelly and our Christian Salem in APS football, then I saw him kick the winning goal against Carlton in totally wet muddy conditions at Princes Park 18 months ago and I knew he wasn't just some kid with great athletic skills as he definitely contributed to a couple more. This summer, to hear him getting more involved in the passages of play and seeing his face in all the pics has certainly been music to my ears and eyes. I certainly hope he gets that 'need to dominate' back into his AFL game when he settles in to regular games if he does because I want to see more of him. And I think Kennedy also brings something to us that we haven't had around the ball for a while; something small and snappy that we don't get in the same way from others.
  13. Late Draft Pick

    Training - Monday 18th January, 2016

    Actually McQueen, I'm pretty sure Hunt was in the sprint and he came second to a very very fast Geelong player. I would have liked to have seen Blease put forward for the GF Sprint but it never happened.
  14. Late Draft Pick

    Training - Friday, 8th January, 2016

    Thanks McQueen and so much thanks to Die Hard Demon and Girl friend and that other hero of mine six one six or whatever for these pics.
  15. Late Draft Pick

    Training - Friday, 8th January, 2016

    Great Pics. Can someone tell me who the guy is in more than one pic with Vanders. The one with the black beard growth. So loved the pics, thanks so much.