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  1. That is just being silly. Regardless of whether it is fair or not, you can't say that is proof that MFC has publicly stated something a few days ago.
  2. MFC made no such statement as far as I am aware. Some journo said he'd been told that. Didn't even say who told him.
  3. Very common, even outside footy journalism. I've written quite a few 'articles' for journos to regurgitate.
  4. I know nothing of the journos you mention. But they don't have to be "out to get MFC" to promote our adversary's cause. They just have to be sucking up to someone at the other club. I doubt if many of them have any devotion to truth. They are in a matey culture.
  5. In general I agree with you. However it would be naive to assume that none of them have agendas. Most of them are not real journalists who have a code of ethics. They are ex-player and members of boys clubs. Many of them probably suck up to individuals at clubs and that may influence their 'reporting'. So if one of them has a clear history of bias, I don't think a tin foil hat is needed. Personally I don't follow any of them. I barely recognise their names.
  6. Surely the answer is that he wants to go to WA if he leaves us. That just leaves WCE who don't seem to have anything to offer and Freo who......
  7. Then this thread breaks the 500 pages
  8. It's clear you thought his post was a waste of your time since it is apparent you didn't bother to understand it before responding to it. (I'm generously assuming you read it.) Sorry, I won't keep recycling my 'wrong' opinions because I'm tired of pointing out your self-contradictions and misreading of other people's posts. So no more. Exit the Dragon.
  9. Yet another post where you seem to misread other people's posts and later accuse them of not understanding yours. In the Binman post you quoted he just asked you what the motivation you thought Watson had. Instead you invent what motivation Binman might believe and then say he is paranoid if he believes that. Calm down mate.
  10. Not I hope before I can mount a detailed argument in favour of the neglected squashed fly biscuits.
  11. Not pointless to accept it if we are as desperate to get rid of hogan as you have been saying. You want it both ways.
  12. They may engage in shenanigans but are you so naive as to think that would affect a pro team of opponents?
  13. I wouldn't give that much credence. Sounds like they didn't say who told them? Unless it is a quote from a JM interview or MFC press release I don't believe anything.
  14. Was therea direct quote that we did say that, or was it just rumour?
  15. So if they are amateurs and do pointless things, does that increase the likleyhood it would affect our team? Of course not. Unless you think we are amateurs too. No, but if we were as desperate as a couple of posters here say we are, we would have snapped it up and thrown in some steak knives.
  16. So you really believe JH being videoed in Freo would have any effect on the MFC recruitment team. What a laugh. Looks more like some supporters are too easily spooked.
  17. Golly, if the MFC was so unprofessional as to be put offside by a stunt like that I'd be heading to the microwave with my membership card. As for supporters being put offside - meh. Who gives a ....
  18. A thousand apologies. And one more for not making a seperate post for each of the 1000 apologies.
  19. I must be on happy pills. If he goes, he goes and the club is either happy with that (or delirious with joy as some here would have it). If he stays I'm not worried about a year of speculation/lack of commitment/relations with the team. I reckon MFC can handle all that. And I don't give a damn about media speculation as long as it doesn't affect the team internally.
  20. Yes, but please state the nature of the source in the first place. Admittedly anyone can make up an unnamed source, but at at least it's something - at least it's an indication that the poster is not just stating his own hunch.
  21. On the other hand, some are like jealous lovers who see betrayal in every glance.
  22. Nor does he sound keen to be a Docker. He looks totally unenthused. But it's just his usual demeanour. If that was a clip of him arriving from Perth thinking of joining the MFC, a MFC supporter suffering from MFCSS would despair of him playing for the Demons. While you may be right, you are reading far too much into that clip.
  23. Evidence for that crude statement is extremely thin. This EtDragon bloke seems to be doing his best to enter the troll stakes.
  24. That's the only other thing I'm sure of. We don't.