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  1. I believe this qualifies as a 'major event" and so the parking limits are relaxed in surrounding areas: Also I see from the Manuka website that the GWS academy team will be playing a curtain raiser, so here's your chance to see all the talent that GWS will snap up. Don't know whom they are playing, I don't understand the Academy but the NEAFL website seems to have them playing the Canberra Demons at Wagga Wagga at that time. Anyone know what's what?
  2. The umpiring is a joke
  3. At the risk of enjoying arguing with you rather than the result, I don't disagree us being crud was the major reason we lost in the past. But in a game of inches for top sides the last thing you need is any impediment that gives any advantage to the opponent. So I won't dismiss the Darwin effect until there is firm evidence that it is insignificant. Likewise I won't call for us to abandon Darwin until we know more.
  4. OD you are usually quite logical, but it seems to have deserted you on this issue. Yes sure we lost in the past because we were crap. Doesn't prove there is no Darwin effect. For a start maybe we'd have lost by less without the Darwin factor. I just don't think there is enough data to be able to make strong conclusions about the effect or lack of it at this stage. Also, some people are affected entirely differently by the heat & humidity. Put me in it and I'm a wreck for days without losing 4 kilos in an afternoon. Put my daughter into it and she thrives. I have to suspect the milkman.... (for those old enough to know what I mean.)
  5. Obviously we are a bit short on data about the Darwin issue, so I don't know how you can dismiss it OD. Sure Port faught back as did Geelong, but perhaps it is not a coincidence that the 2 sides that played in Darwin didn't run away with an easy win. If players really do lose several kilos playing there it is not beyond the realms of possibility that it has an effect. Good side don't always win for all sorts of reasons. Merely stating good sides always win is not a king-hit to the concern about Darwin.
  6. What about their fade out in Q4?
  7. Sure, putting the boot into the MRP (diplomatically of course) won't get them to change a decision already made. But it will make them think twice next time.
  8. Say what you like about what an idiot Bernie is, but he certainly spooks his opponent:
  9. ProdDee, I think most of us agree with you about this. I don't see a conspiracy theory against the MFC as such when MFC players are treated differently than those from other clubs. I expect if we had Brownlow medal contenders and had won 5 recent flags and a large membership and viewing base we'd get the 'good' treatment from the AFL too. The conspiracy is not against the MFC, it is a conspiracy in favour of money at the expense of justice. That doesn't make us addle-pated, it makes us angry.
  10. The difference between your post and mine is that you stated something as a fact unsupported by evidence. I merely pointed that out and said "I bet... <the opposite>" There is a difference. I agree that WA etc teams have the worst draw in terms of travel. Somewhat balanced by having a real home ground advantage which many Vic teams don't have anymore. The fact that there will never be a 100% fair draw is no reason not to push for a fairer draw for our club.
  11. Oh yes I would. Almost every week we see evidence of its inconsitency and corrpution, regardless of any MFC player being involved.
  12. true, but what can anyone say about the injury list beyond aaarrrrgggghhhh!!!!
  13. um, maybe they aren't all the same people.
  14. I agree. To the extent we, and presumably Vince knows the system/media narrative is what it is, it is incumbent on him to be extra cautious because he should know that if he sneezes the MRP will say he has the plague. But I'm not going to ignore injustice just because Vince is an idiot.