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  1. sue

    Go and get Gaff!

    very droll.
  2. sue

    Missed opportunities on these numbers!

    As high kicks into the f50 have been repeatedly marked by the oppo in the last 2 weeks, I expect I haven't been the only one who has been shouting "kick a grubber". At least that gives us a 50% chance at minimum.
  3. sue

    Go and get Gaff!

    Another option is NIIJSG = no idea it just sounds good. This applies to a large proportion of posts.
  4. sue

    Gawn on SEN (15/8)

    But why make the same comment every time there is an interview? Personally I just cringe and reach for the off-button whenever I hear an interview because all that the players can trot out are the standard cliches. We all know that action is what we want and that there is no correlation between talk and action. But we also know that these days players and coaches have to give interviews or the AFL goes tut tut or worse. Blame the AFL and media, not the players and ignore threads about interviews (though they are usually more interesting than the interview itself!)
  5. sue

    Round 21 Non MFC Games

    Us realists don't care if we slip lower than 9th if we are out of the 8. That won't mean much given the nature of the season. We want to ensure we don't slip lower than 8th. I bet you idealists will scream more loudly than any of us if we miss the 8.
  6. sue

    Round 21 Non MFC Games

    Your opponents in this matter point out that a team that finishes 9th has zero chance.
  7. sue

    Round 21 Non MFC Games

    In the back. But it should have been holding the ball against him before the hawk landed on him. Furthermore it was very soft - plenty of more obvious similar in-the-backs not paid.
  8. sue

    Round 21 Non MFC Games

    Intentional, medium to high impact, not high. Weeks but not purgatory.
  9. sue

    Round 21 Non MFC Games

    Nor should it because it is nowhere near as bad because it was a hit within the game, just late (by only a few metres if you believe the 5m rule) for which a penalty should apply since he clearly could have avoided making contact. Looked shoulder to shoulder and then whiplash and into the ground. I doubt detailed vision will show head contact with shoulder but we shall see doubtless.
  10. sue

    Round 21 Non MFC Games

    True, but if I compare the 2 coaches the decision is easy.
  11. sue

    Bathwater = Bust?

    true. And Richmond haven't beaten anyone above them on the ladder.
  12. sue

    Round 21 Non MFC Games

    Well at least in that match I know which team to barrack for. In the matches that matter it is such a maze as to what's best for us. Maybe simplest to barrack against whichever team I hate most since no matter what I shout at the TV, the result doesn't change. Strange that.
  13. sue

    Round 21 Non MFC Games

    The conspiracy theories will run riot if they do draw and as a result both get into the 8.
  14. sue

    Round 21 Non MFC Games

    My brain is hurting....
  15. sue

    Go and get Gaff!

    But surely that happens almost every week?