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  1. Preseason Training - Week commencing 20/11/17

    "I think I'm the type of person who doesn't mind having a laugh on the field." I'm glad to hear it. Though many here put the boot into a certain ex-player if he dared to smile, I think it is a good attitude - gives you additional leverage..
  2. The Scrapping of the Bounce is Imminent

    My my, I see that umpires used to run straight back without indicating to players that that is what they will do. Who thinks up this ludicrous ideas...
  3. The Scrapping of the Bounce is Imminent

    Now that is one that always irks me. They always run straight backwards, so why indicate that that's what they are going to do? Just more theatre for the umps to star in.
  4. The Scrapping of the Bounce is Imminent

    A good idea except we now have the 'stand 1m apart' rule which would have to go if the umpires don't know who it is that has to stand apart. What would be the effect of dropping the newish 1m rule?
  5. The Scrapping of the Bounce is Imminent

    I have mixed feelings about this. If the umpires enforced a recall for bounces which are clearly unfair to one of the ruckmen then I'd be for retaining it. At the moment they often let it go even if the ball would fall outside the outer circle. Maybe we need a third circle between the current two..... Of course they'd then get so many wrong we'd end up with 90% recalled non-bounce starts anyway, so just as well go the whole hog and drop the bounce.
  6. Hibbo and Nev Selected For International Rules

    One, next Sunday. I don't understand the antipathy to these games. The players seem keen to participate and it gives us something a bit different to watch during the annual footy drought. If people think it is silly, they don't have to watch it (and if they don't like the ridiculous hype the commentators make about it, there is the volume switch thank god). The injury rate seems pretty low, no worse than training. The Irish get the advantage of the familiar round ball, Oz has the advantage of having fully professional super-fit players and tackling, though I wouldn't mind if tackling was not allowed. So what if it is a 'game that doesn't really exist'. I can't get emotionally involved but am interested enough to watch it. Better than many other 'real' sports.
  7. Demonstone's Dirty Dozen

    10. David Murray?
  8. Preseason Training - Week commencing 6/11/17

    I'm surprised that in the 8 weeks or so we last saw him playing that that much muscle development is possible (assuming the player is not decked in red and black). How much time would a player have to spend in the team to achieve a big difference in 8 weeks? And why can't it happen during the season?
  9. The 2018 Fixture Thread

    Better idea than just belittling people who make suggestions. Individuals and organizations banding together to achieve an objective is hardly the most unusual thing in society. But feel free to dismiss it as some hippie leftist fantasy if that makes you happy, but don't mock the person suggesting it.
  10. The 2018 Fixture Thread

    Ah Demonland... Comment on any negative aspect of the draw and you will be sure to be told that the draw is irrelevant "good teams win anywhere anytime anyone", etc etc. So let's volunteer to play the top 4 teams from last year 5 times and play the games at Geelong. And then the posts which assume things supporters say on this forum actually have an effect on how the team will perform. So I'll whinge on behalf of another club. Why has Noprth got zero Friday night games and Carlton which finished below them on the ladder got 4. No prize for the answer.
  11. Viney's Foot

    I admit my recollection of all that is fuzzy, but is it not possible that the MFC doctors knew there was a problem but we were hardly likely to tell Richmond that and hoped they wouldn't find out. Not very ethical, but..... Or is this interpretation incompatible with the know sequence of events at the time?
  12. Farewell Jack Watts

    If anyone has anything NEW to say about Watts can they please start a new thread because this one is best put on ignore (do we have that option?)
  13. Farewell Jack Watts

    Denis Pagan's review - New Daily http://thenewdaily.com.au/sport/afl/2017/10/19/afl-trades-2018/?utm_source=Responsys&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=20171020_TND Melbourne: Lever in is a big plus but did the Demons give away too much to get him? The Dees didn’t handle the Jack Watts situation well, either. Port Adelaide: The Power lost several players – but none of them were walk-up starts in the first 22. Rockliff, Steven Motlop and Watts are great ins. A super trade period.
  14. Farewell Jack Watts

    No need to get personal jnrmac. There was certainly an earlier post, presumably from someone else, which tried to put the boot into Watts for dropping himself. I just hastily read that into your post. My humblest apologies. Just because someone disagrees with you on some points is no reason to write your last sentence. If you actually read my posts for content rather than simply dismissing them as 'fanboy' remarks (what an insulting phrase that is by the way) you will find there is little emotion in my comments other than disgust with some of the over-the-top rude and unecessary posts made about Watts. You might also find I was not religiously opposed to Watts being traded though I question how well this was handled.
  15. Farewell Jack Watts

    I've lost the original post but it was from one of the more enthusiastic "remove Watts" camp. The comment was that the Club was under no obligation to inform the players of the reason for Watts removal and anyway they were all on holiday and would be told when they got back. I sincerly hope the Club is smarter than that. Just telling players what's in the media is not enough (or worse letting them only see it in the media). They have to have an opportunity to discuss it with the FD and work through it. Players will have more meaningful questions than us on the outside. Leaving that discussion till they got back would be a mistake since there may be a lot of players who would have questions rattling in their heads for weeks which can't be a good thing. I'm hoping that the report of Sam W's comments is wrong, but it sounded less tenth-hand than most rumours posted here. But as I said earlier, I can't believe the FD would be so stupid not to do that properly, so I'm comforted a bit that the report is wrong. Those who support the decision most strongly should be able to see that one can support the decision and still be concerned with its implementation.