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  1. Ocean Grove/Geelong Match Day Bus

    In that case, it was hijacked by Patrick Dangerfield while making his unscheduled exit from Central Reserve, Colac. The good news is that the club will have it fully operational for Round 1 and Dangerfield is not on the passenger list.
  2. Ocean Grove/Geelong Match Day Bus

    Is that the one they threw Mark Neeld under?
  3. AFLW: Rnd 6 v Carlton @ Ikon Park

    That point was kicked by Carlton’s G Gee. My favourite ventriloquist dummy has had a sex change and lives!!!
  4. JLT Series - Non MFC Games

    Let’s trade him back next year for Hoges and Track.
  5. JLT Series - Non MFC Games

    Now Watts gives one off to Dougal Howard to give Port a 14 point lead. Why did we not try him as a key forward?

    Does the AFLX game count?
  7. Poll: Who Impressed Most in JLT 01

    Those #25s didn’t contribute much.

    Geez ... I’m already missing the silver ball.

    Terribly bored.
  10. Years ago this this sort of activity would have attracted loss of draft picks and massive fines. These days, it’s a rap over the knuckles and a small fine. EXCLUSIVE: Roos self-report on rule confusion
  11. AFLW: Round 1 vs. GWS

    I understand the concern about Mifsud’s absence for us but what I really want to know is why Scully wasn’t playing for them!
  12. AFLW: Round 1 vs. GWS

    Didn’t see the game but judging from the scores, the game was over at half time.
  13. NAB Draft - Closest the Pin

    1 Davies-Uniake 2 Dow 3 Rayner 4 A Brayshaw
  14. Stewart Crameri to the Dees?

    The last player we took coming off a hip injury was one Jimmy Toumpas. 'nuff said.