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  1. Effectively this is what happened. And back in August plenty piled on to old Allus, saying he had no idea about modern list management. Allus know of which he speaks.
  2. He certainly warmed up with the forwards pre-game last Friday, including a stack of set shots
  3. We will need a plan for Cox. J Smith in this week may be a godsend.
  4. Well said SD. Let's not lose sight of this. It's a more than solid effort to force his way in to this team, having never played a final.
  5. When I was a wee lad it read: MELBOURNE MASTERS OF THE MCG
  6. I think if it was big onfield news they'd go straight to it not tease it along. And fluff about with call ins. And now more ads.
  7. My guess is something to do with getting more plane loads of fans to Perth.
  8. Felt so different at the ground to last week. Last week was emotional and a celebration, this was more like a difficult job at the coal face, done with minimum of fuss, and are rostered on for next week.
  9. Oscar Mac taking set shots at goal with the forwards. Hasn’t missed either. Just sayin.
  10. Fox Footy playing 2017 Melb Hawks. Scores level half way through the last. We looked ok, but Gee there’s a lot of players not in our current team for various reasons. Watts, Bugg, Pedo, JKH, Jeffy, Bernie, Jesse, Hunt, Wagner. And it was only last year, and we thought that side was pretty good at the time.
  11. I might be one out, but I really loved the deep inky blue/black of the 160 jumper. Maybe without the fiddly overlaid text though.
  12. Out: Traditional strip In: Royal Blue OK I know we could wear the navy, but as the “away” team do you think we’ll mix it up for merch sales? Red back is another possibility; even indigenous or 160 year??? ps would love to see indigenous
  13. Just taken the $41 for the Norm Smith. To to my mind that’s much better value than the current $10 to win the flag. For us to win it, it would demand a big game from Max, so it’s almost the same bet with four times the payoff. Also, he’s that dominant he could win the medal in a losing side; even better value.
  14. I know it doesn't get him to WA,, but would we consider a straight trade with Gold Coast for Steven May, who now need a key forward to replace Lynch. Or more likely, a three club deal involving Freo in some way.
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