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  1. It's an artsy little town with a few galleries, most of the full-time residents are farmers of some sort. Sleepy during the week, but gameday at John Terrill Park always attracts a crowd. Like most small country towns, the football and netball form a significant, if not the most significant part of the fabric of the town (this is especially true with footy at Fish Creek). Everyone knows everyone and it's one-in all-in. If you are a member of the FCFNC you are literally a part-owner of the club. No matter where Fish Creek plays, it always has a strong following from the supporters (even as far as Philip Island to the west and DWWWW to the east). There are a few famous family names at Fishy. The McGannon's, Park's, Stefani's and Buckland's have been playing with the club for generations.
  2. Seen him play a few times. He's a Fish Creek native. Now the Alberton Football League isn't exactly the cream of the crop, but they hit hard and are true country footy players'. He's a tough kid and isn't afraid to put his body over the ball, played in the seniors as a 16 year old. Not fast no, but he seems to have lots of time when he's got the ball. I'd be happy to draft him if he is still there at pick 47, we'd get quite a few new members signing up too, as the McGannon family is a big one and the whole town of Fishy would get behind him.
  3. Draft Pick #29 (ex 27)

    He is rather accurate in front of the sticks i agree. He also has a huge tank and is a great overhead mark, so i think playing him up forward is a smart move that should pay handsomely once he and Hogan get in sync with each other.
  4. Draft Pick #29 (ex 27)

    I highlight the kick-out against the Filth in the last round. Sure, it is only one example, but what a critically bad time to make such an error in disposal and judgement. That for me right there told me that he hasn't come as far as what you allude to Wise.
  5. Draft Pick #29 (ex 27)

    Cannot agree with this. How many years has Tom McDonald been in the system? 7 years, yet his decision making and kicking ability have barely improved
  6. The Andrew Brayshaw Thread

    And Lever......................................oh wait
  7. Andrew will be gone before their first pick me guesses.
  8. our history overcoming foot injuries is not great reading. First Clark, then Trengove. It's something that our clubs seems to be unable to get right.
  9. Preseason Training - Week commencing 6/11/17

    Stretch is naturally quite lean, so he looks bigger/more muscular than what he really is if you were to see him in real life (it's an optical illusion). Having said that he does look in ripping knick, and puts me to shame, lol. Onya Billy!
  10. Preseason Training - Week commencing 6/11/17

    Who said you could take my photo Ding?
  11. Draft Pick #29 (ex 27)

    At his best Jonesy was a B+ player. I say was, because i feel he has regressed ever so slightly over the last couple of seasons.
  12. This really is a good news story. If anyone ever deserved a second chance, it is him. Hope he kills it too, hell hope he plays a blinder against us (but we win).
  13. Trade rumours

    It's a pity that we aren't allowed to use the whip when they slacken off.
  14. 2018 Membership Thread

    After that round 23 performance, who could blame anyone questioning whether to sign up again or not. I reckon we will struggle to beat last years membership tally, our second half of the year was truly uninspiring.
  15. Draft Pick #29 (ex 27)

    Matt Crouch is more of an accumulator and seemingly suited to being a pure midfielder. Andrew will have more affect with his disposal and will be a viable option in more positions on the ground