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  1. New Role for Todd Viney

    Not the worst idea DA. Would hope to have PJ around for a couple of more years though. Wasn't overly impressed with Mahoney as an assistant coach, but he is an absolute asset as GM of football.
  2. New MFC facility?

    To hell with that. We're the MFC..............................just demolish the off-ramp
  3. Maroochydore training camp

    You mess with the bull, you get the horns.
  4. Sponsorship Problem?

    Can't help but agree with you here SWYL. That game still leaves a very bitter taste in my mouth. As it no doubt does for all of us. It makes it harder for all of us (MFC included) when the players simply don't want to turn up. It's also what makes me think that the players still have a little too much power or influence in areas that they really shouldn't be dictating terms to (electing not to come out and want to play in finals, having a sook about a 2 day training camp - sure it's only 2 days, but equally it's only 2 days, get over themselves and just do it). Goodwin has come out and said that 2 days won't define our season. I have to disagree with him here, as the playing group clearly showed that it only takes 2 hours to define our season.
  5. Community Service Announcement

    well it definitely won't be the head honchos over at AFL HQ firing the first shot.Too busy sticking their heads in the sand.
  6. Community Service Announcement

    If they allow it, it shows how hypocritical and make up on the fly this organisation is. So of course i expect them to allow it. Wouldn't expect anything less.
  7. Colin Sylvia

    Did he pay you a visit Bitter? If not, he could've been a little wiser still.
  8. Colin Sylvia

    He was a favourite of mine when he was with us, but he needs to be removed from society for a decent amount of time. His continual offending shows that he is not willing to be a law-abiding citizen. Does he think is above society and expected rules and behaviour that apply to the rest of us not apply to him? Maybe prison will force him to change his habits. I doubt it, but at least for a certain amount of time, there won't be any victims as a result of his poor and selfish behaviour.

    Where's the poster who first gave us the intel on the possibility of a japanese car maker joining us as sponsor? Any follow up info from them would be appreciated. Never hurts to have more sponsors on board!!!
  10. Jake Lever

    It seems so long ago that he arrived at Melbourne that his acquisition at times seems to have fallen into the background. He is a quality KPD still with more development left in him, with at least 10 years remaining, an automatic starting 18 inclusion (and first picked in the backline along with Nev and Pig - TMAC's gone forward now) and he has good decision making and disposal skills (something our current KPD's seem to lack). His arrival makes us at least a 2 goal better side a game. He'll stop one and give us one by having TMAC go up forward. I felt that our backline at best stagnated, but more realistically went backwards last year. Not only does he sure up our back half, he makes it better, all the while freeing up TMAC to go forward and team up with Hogan. His arrival immediately makes us a better side than last year (no matter the cost of 2 first round picks). If Harrison Petty develops into a similarly gifted player, it will help turn our back half into a solid and dour defensive force.

    Nope. It's just like how they started with the AHG sponsorship, that was a blue background too, but was eventually superimposed onto our jumper. I'm guessing it will end up something like this.

    Agree Gorg. Get rid of the blue rectangular background and superimpose it into the red 'V' section (the 'Zurich' white lettering will still be easy to read, going by the white NB lettering). The rest of 'Zurich' in the blue section of our jumper would remain a very similar colour to their rectangular logo. Having the white cirle and then blue Z in the red yolk would look very nice too.
  13. Sponsorship Problem?

    I see you are not familiar with the stopwatch then rjay!
  14. Happy Birthday Pig

    Then they’d probably be over the cap
  15. Sponsorship Problem?

    Off the top of my head, LG and before that Tooheys