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  1. Demon Disciple

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Preliminary Final

    Powers at AFL once again trying to stop our run. Don't mind Razor, likes to perform on the big stage but doesn't award too much crap. Nicholls is a disgrace of an umpire. Impartial my donkey. Meredith is the one who really concerns me though, was paying anything and everything to Hawthorn at the start of the 4th last week. Hopefully Razor keeps them in check.
  2. Demon Disciple

    If we beat the Eagles in the prelim I will ...

    Truly start to believe
  3. Demon Disciple

    Open Training - Wednesday, 19th September

    The Junction Oval was rocking on the Thursday before the 2000 GF.
  4. Demon Disciple

    Go and get Gaff!

    i reckon he'll be a shadow of himself when he returns to the game.
  5. Demon Disciple

    Herald Sun Brownlow Predictor

    we'll have too many players taking votes off each other to contest the brownlow. No such problem for Mitchell and the Hawks.
  6. Demon Disciple

    New Contract For Goodwin On the Way

    Win the next 2 games and he could just about write his own cheque!
  7. Demon Disciple

    GF Ballot Barcode

    Just to clarify, is this GF ballot for club members or AFL members?
  8. He's contracted and we have bugger all draft picks, nor player's of worth that we would consider trading. FA is our best bet for the next few years, imo.
  9. Demon Disciple

    GF Ballot Barcode

    Going a bit early aren't we NTG?
  10. Demon Disciple

    What if?

    It's better than never seeing one
  11. Demon Disciple

    What if?

    Yep, I'd simply be happy with the 1.
  12. Demon Disciple

    Perth flights

    was never going to go to Perth, but the prices are astronomically high. Talk about taking advantage of a situation, maybe a call to the ACCC should be in order.
  13. Demon Disciple

    David King thinks Eagles will Belt Us.

    We shut down the corridor all night. Forcing them to continually switch the play looking for gaps (they rarely found them) or going wide down the wings and flanks. I thought we defended the ground magnificently last night. They weren't able to waltz through with their kicking skills. Sure they had a lot of marks, but many of them were effectively going nowhere.
  14. Demon Disciple

    Post Match Discussion - Semi Final

    Hawthorn supporters are unbearable when they are winning, the arrogance and smugness is truly disgusting. Then when the shoe is on the other foot, they perpetually b!tch and moan. They love to dish it out, but cannot take it themselves. Pathetic weak rabble.
  15. Demon Disciple

    David King thinks Eagles will Belt Us.

    David King is wrong