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  1. It might take him some time to get there, but once he returns to having somewhat of a 'normal' life (coming to terms with his father's passing, cancer battle, etc.) he will dominate. Perth is where he needs to be to get the best out of himself. When it clicks for him (and it eventually will), he'll explode.
  2. Looking at those ears, it has to be Frosty on the right, surely!
  3. Should we win a flag anytime soon, i'd expect our membership to significantly drop the following year. What % of the membership are 50+ years old? Most will suffer massive heart attacks after the siren. The rest of us will either drink ourselves to death or die from lack of sleep as a result of wayyyyy too much adrenaline.
  4. Gotta agree Jaded. May shouldn't have put himself in this situation in the first place. All it's done is remind us all how inept the current power-brokers are, which just leads to frustration.
  5. Take it to the appeals board, get some adjudicators without an agenda to deliberate whether it was suspension worthy. An unjust outcome IMHO, but nevertheless, May shouldn't have put himself or the club in this position. Hope the club however kicks up a huge stink this year whenever similar incidents are swept under the carpet (and they will be). If i wasn't a Dees supporter, i'd have no interest in the AFL. Outside of the MFC, i have no interest in it anymore. Local footy is soooooooooooo much more enjoyable without all the bureaucracy (though that's now starting to seep in at the grassroots level too, thanks to the AFL's incompetence). Local clubs and leagues are struggling more than ever, but let's just paint over the cracks by wasting time and money in AFLX. FMD.
  6. If he comes out and says Gil has been given the [censored], it will almost turn to love my end RD
  7. Jones is a 3x b&f and the current stalwart of the club, they will make sure he retires a one club player.
  8. If it was a Filth player, Christian would’ve slapped them with a fine. Appeal, Christian ain’t part of the tribunal, so his level of ineptitude won’t be a problem at appeal. Sure it was stupid of May, but it wasn’t suspension worthy.
  9. We aren't as good enough team to coast through periods of a game and flick the switch when we feel like it (i.e. Richmond against the Hawks tonight). We are good when we want to be, we just didn't seem to want it enough for long enough today. That and our injuries and the Lions ample fresh legs.
  10. I'd prefer those warning sign to be going off now prior to the start of the season, as opposed to during it. Hopefully it gives the playing group the kick up the backside that will get them back in to hunger mode. You can't win finals or dare we dream it a GF in the first few months, but you can sure as hell can lose one. Hopefully Goody has got them in the right frame of mind come season proper.
  11. Wrap it in plaster and use it as a weapon!
  12. Compound fracture (break through skin) to his small finger McQueen.
  13. Liked how we fought back with the injuries and lack of rotations we had. Lions have had an extra month of pre-season under their belt and need to come out firing looking at their draw early on (though we should come out firing anyways). Along with their lack of off-season surgeries their fitness levels as a group should be well up on ours. But excuses aside, we look good when we are switched on, though we still have significant periods where we switch off. Our defensive efforts all over the ground are a huge concern. Coaches need to wake up to that pretty quickly, as we get badly exposed on switch of plays and don't seem to be able to adjust to defending the fat side of the ground that well. Here's hoping the majority of our injuries are only minor and we can field a near full strength side come round 1, as it is quite clear that a lot of our depth is still well short of the quality that we need them to be. Either that or we need to pray for Richmond like luck with injuries this year,
  14. That pass was barely 10 let alone 15, lol. But how about a bit of awareness Max and Christian.
  15. Was that Hore who hit Smith lace out?
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