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  1. Demon Disciple

    Is Goodwin the right guy....

    go after the best defensive assistant coach in the league, it's not a mere trickle it's a [censored] waterfall
  2. Demon Disciple

    Is Goodwin the right guy....

    Whilst his plan may have gotten us 5 goals up, it also equally allowed them to kick 5 quick goals (8 in the last quarter and from only 12 inside 50’s. No plan B, and very poor at thinking/changing up on the fly.
  3. Demon Disciple

    Name three good things

    JKH should finally get the arse. The media should finally apply the blow torch on our player’s and coaching for losing the virtually unloseable. Maybe, and I’m being optimistic here, Goody might get the arse come year’s end for blatant coaching incompetence.
  4. Demon Disciple

    This club kills me

    This club will be the death of me. I’m being serious. Repeat......this is not an overstatement. PS - send out a search warrant, Hogan has been missing for the past month.
  5. Demon Disciple


    Disgusting. Disgusting by the player’s to let the cats virtually waltz into their forward 50 with only 20 seconds to go. Disgusted by the level Goodwin’s ignorance and stubbornness has reached. The bloke is clearly in la la land. why invest any time in this club, as it ends in agony and anger (or is that hatred)?
  6. Demon Disciple

    This club kills me

    I’m not angry, i’m just astounded how this club continues to find new ways to disappoint us. How a team can give up a 5 goal lead, after kicking 5 straight goals to establish such momentum, and lose is inexcusable.
  7. Demon Disciple

    This club kills me

    Flat track bullies. When things are good, everything’s groovy. The moment an ounce of pressure is applied we go to water (on field and in the box)
  8. Demon Disciple

    Will 12 be enough

    In some ladder predictor instances, some teams winning 13 games may miss out on making the finals. 12 will definitely not be enough, in fact 13 and superior percentage may just be enough.
  9. Demon Disciple

    Hibberd Ruled Out of Cats Clash with Quad

    How about Fritsch to cover Hibberd? Did more than ok last week, is just as skilled by foot and good overhead. Maybe not the same when it comes to crash and bash, but i'd have him go back if it means keeping the likes of Wagner out. We have several HFF's that could come in (whether or not they should is another question).
  10. Demon Disciple

    Who else do we realistically target at season end?

    On the contrary SWYL, players' who like a challenge would be turned off by this, as Max would be making it all too easy for them by continually palming it down their throats.
  11. Demon Disciple

    Brent Harvey says we'll lose Jesse Hogan

    IMO if Hogan stays at Melbourne come his next contract, he will remain a one-club player until he retires. He's a Freo supporter, so going to the Eagles would probably be much worse than staying in Melbourne (the city). Lucky for us Jesse won't qualify for UFA status as even including his first year at the club when he couldn't play it brings his total years of service to 7 (unless they lower the FA age limit), plus Freo are an absolute rabble at the moment, and will remain so for the next few years. As for Harvey spreading this tripe, lol. Must be a slow news week over at SEN, scraping the bottom of the barrel going with that weasel's opinion.
  12. Demon Disciple

    Spargo Snubbed Again

    There is no need to ask who you would choose out of those 2 now.
  13. Demon Disciple

    Spargo Snubbed Again

    The Rising Star is a BS award. You highlighted Clarry, but also look at the 2014 winner in Lewis Taylor (Patrick Cripps also came from that draft). The Rising Star award gives zero credence as to which players' will develop into stars during their careers, but hey let's give them star status usually after only their first year of footy.
  14. Demon Disciple


    Yep, a few of our guys will be taking votes away from each other. Whereas at Hawthorn, it has been Mitchell then daylight.
  15. Demon Disciple

    The Clarry Pass

    Robbie was courageous, a 2-way runner, quick, could run all day, and had phenomenal skills. He'd be the best player in any of our teams since 1965 onwards. Heck, he'd give RDB a run for his money as our best during our golden era.