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  1. No worries. I actually just watched the highlights on YT and he kicked the goal to put us 16 points up in the 2nd with a young N. Jones getting the kick out of the centre. Feels like a lifetime ago
  2. Neita definitely played, Russian and Whelan missed after being injured in the St Kilda game. Smith came in as the 2nd ruck.
  3. I think Neita's 600th was in the Semi in 2006 against Freo.
  4. Off the top of my head: Flash's running goal and Yze's boundary goal from the comeback against Freo in 08 Schwarz's baulk in the 94 finals The goal kicked in the 04 demolition of the Blues in 04 (Davey or Bruce?) after two blues ran into each other Neita's goal against the Hawks in 02 after flattening McCabe Jakovich's scissor goal from 91 Leoncelli's winning goal against the Crows in 01 Farmer's big goal from the goalsquare in the Semi against the Saints in 98
  5. All the goals from the win over the Borough:
  6. I agree with you there AF. A bit more 'Around the Club' stuff like other clubs do would be good for the supporters.
  7. The video content is quite good but someone at the AFL or Telstra need to fix the video player. Since they updated it I can barely get it to play in decent quality.
  8. Jayden is on SEN right now chatting to the 'Gladiators'. Sounds confident he'll play next week.
  9. Haw 3.4 (22) St K 6.8 (44) Half Time.
  10. 6 - Salem 5 - Oliver 4 - Jones 3 - Garlett 2 - Jetta 1 - Watts Honourable mention to Tyson who took a long time to get into the game but stood up when it counted.
  11. Yes, he played in both. They were his 7th and 8th game.
  12. I don't mind the Bummers winning tonight. They were the better team and made the most of their opportunities. What I can't stand is the 'Official' broadcaster fawning over the them as if they did nothing wrong.
  13. Might need to check the autocorrect on your first sentence there
  14. I'm in. Joined automatically.
  15. Email the club, Dazzle. That's what I did when the JKH injury appeared on 7 news before the website or social media. The site has been a real disappointment lately, worse than previously and it's time they got some honest feedback.