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  1. Changes vs Hawthorn R4

    I don't want to get into semantics, LH, but I don't know where you are getting the 8 days from? We play the Dawks this Sunday April 15, Anzac Eve on April 24 and Bombres on April 29th, thats 3 games in 2 full weeks with a 9 days break in the middle. We do need to manage this better than last years horrid 3 x 6 day breaks to have a chance to consolidate our spot early. I suspect we will see more rotation through the midfield, barring injuries, and more changes between VFL and seniors, depending on form. The MC under Goodwin does not seem likely to change for the sake of change but I agree, player management should be paramount over the next 3 rounds. Looking at the VFL yesterday and over the next 2 weeks, there will be plenty pushing there claims if form warrants.
  2. Changes vs Hawthorn R4

    There will be some management going on, but 3 games in 8 days is pushing it. We have 9 days between our Round 4 and 5 before playing the next Sunday. So 3 games in 14 days, with the one against Ess being our 5 day break vs their 4 1/2 day break. It's what we signed up for in order to get the Anzac Eve match. Hopefully the footy department have learnt from last year when we played 3 games in 12 days
  3. Demonland Player of the Year - Round 3

    6. Gawn 5. Jones 4. Bugg 3. Lewis 2. Kent 1. Hogan
  4. Post Match Discussion: JLT #2 vs St. Kilda

    Watch Goodwin's press conference http://www.melbournefc.com.au/video/2018-03-08/media-conference-simon-goodwin-postmatch. Apparently Harmes had a knock to the head at training last week, so they are taking the cautious approach before round 1.
  5. 2017 Keith ‘Bluey’ Truscott Memorial Trophy

    Cry away https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLvfaF7MfqQ
  6. Russell Robertson

    Speaking of Robbo, he's just won a flag at Doveton off his own boot in the Southern League: http://www.heraldsun.com.au/leader/localfooty/exafl-star-kicks-the-matchwinner-as-doveton-eagles-grab-premiership/news-story/8c061172b6f6aa05274ca3ea576cb514
  7. Dump Darwin

    I guess you never never know if you never never go
  8. Dump Darwin

    Agree on the humidity point and that was clear from the match against Freo last year. The Darwin game has now been a part of our fixture for the past 8 seasons and the club's fitness staff have clearly learnt a few things about recovery from the match. I honestly would prefer we played all our home games at the MCG but at this stage, the club is making the most of the opportunity to grow the team brand outside of the confines of the Melbourne metro area while providing Darwin with some AFL exposure.
  9. Dump Darwin

    I am a supporter of the Darwin match for a couple reasons. 1. it provides sponsorship dollars with the NT government and helps the club grow while we consolidate membership. The back of jumper sponsorship delays shows that this is still an issue for the club 2. From a fixture POV, If we did not play the games in NT we would be playing 2 more away games interstate. We would not be playing four games in a row at the MCG, we would be more likely to be playing the Crows as the G followed by Port in Adelaide. It's a necessary evil in the meantime while we continue to build the club coffers. Once we get more exposure as a club and better fixtures, the NT games will be less of a requirement in the future. Plus, The Bulldogs are still playing in Cairns http://www.afl.com.au/match-centre/2017/18/wb-v-gcfc
  10. GAMEDAY - Round 14

    http://www.afl.com.au/news/2017-06-24/final-teams-saturday NO LATE CHANGES FINAL INTERCHANGES West Coast: Dom Sheed, Tom Cole, Josh Hill, Malcolm Karpany Melbourne: Dom Tyson, Jayden Hunt, Alex Neal-Bullen, James Harmes
  11. Greatest / most memorable MFC goals ever

    No worries. I actually just watched the highlights on YT and he kicked the goal to put us 16 points up in the 2nd with a young N. Jones getting the kick out of the centre. Feels like a lifetime ago
  12. Greatest / most memorable MFC goals ever

    Neita definitely played, Russian and Whelan missed after being injured in the St Kilda game. Smith came in as the 2nd ruck. http://demonwiki.org/Semi+Final+2006
  13. Greatest / most memorable MFC goals ever

    I think Neita's 600th was in the Semi in 2006 against Freo.
  14. Greatest / most memorable MFC goals ever

    Off the top of my head: Flash's running goal and Yze's boundary goal from the comeback against Freo in 08 Schwarz's baulk in the 94 finals The goal kicked in the 04 demolition of the Blues in 04 (Davey or Bruce?) after two blues ran into each other Neita's goal against the Hawks in 02 after flattening McCabe Jakovich's scissor goal from 91 Leoncelli's winning goal against the Crows in 01 Farmer's big goal from the goalsquare in the Semi against the Saints in 98