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  1. DemonWorshipper

    GF Ballot Barcode

    People still play the lotteries. A $5 gamble is nothing in the scheme of things, especially if we win this week.
  2. DemonWorshipper

    GF Ballot Barcode

    In the P2 Ballot. $5.00 to ticketek either way 😟 Now we wait...
  3. DemonWorshipper

    Finals Tickets

    Ticket purchased!!
  4. Brisbane, Last played finals in 2009. Next is Saints in 2011 and GC have never played finals since coming into the comp.
  5. DemonWorshipper

    Missed opportunities on these numbers!

    I think it originally came from here From the comments, it looks like the median games experience from each game then average by 20.
  6. DemonWorshipper

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 21

    Pedo has been playing back at Casey, so I assume he will playing the third tall role down back and ruck relief.
  7. So the AFL website repeats the HS news was and then the club says he's fine. We'll see on Sunday. Won't degrudge Max having a light week after having to carry to ruck single handed. Although TMac was giving more of a Chop out against GC.
  8. DemonWorshipper

    Demonland Podcast LIVE Tonight (8/8) @ 8:30pm

  9. DemonWorshipper

    GAMEDAY - Round 15

    NO LATE CHANGES FINAL INTERCHANGES Melbourne: James Harmes, Christian Petracca, Dom Tyson, Josh Smith St Kilda: Luke Dunstan, Hunter Clark, Paddy McCartin, Darragh Joyce
  10. Had a look at the question last night and it looks like the last interstate Friday Night game we played was in 2011 vs WCE https://afltables.com/afl/stats/games/2011/111820110428.html We've barely had a Friday night game since then and all at the 'G
  11. DemonWorshipper

    Injury List - Season 2018

    Ch7 clearly not reading the original article : http://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/2018-04-26/petracca-to-miss-due-to-dog-bite Misson said Petracca would be monitored over the next few days, but was set to miss just one week. “The doctor felt it needed a decent wash-out in surgery, and the important thing is that the wound needs to stay open for three days to guarantee that that infection’s gone before they stitch it up,” he said. “Unfortunately, those three days coincide with the game, and the doctor actually wants him to stay in hospital over the weekend, just to make sure that the infection’s gone.” Today is Monday, so once the infection's gone, the finger is stitched back up. Seems part of the routine from what I can see.
  12. DemonWorshipper

    Daniher under the Pump; Will Destroy Us

    Damn the defeatist attitude on this forum is becoming unbearable this week. Yes, we have been shizen for most of the last 2 games but need I remind everyone that Richmond are on top of the ladder? OMac just kept Riewoldt quiet for most of the last game, despite some clearly excellent delivery from the Tigers midfield. Daniher may get off the leash once or twice, but he won't be the difference. OMac will be on this week again.
  13. DemonWorshipper

    Changes vs Hawthorn R4

    I don't want to get into semantics, LH, but I don't know where you are getting the 8 days from? We play the Dawks this Sunday April 15, Anzac Eve on April 24 and Bombres on April 29th, thats 3 games in 2 full weeks with a 9 days break in the middle. We do need to manage this better than last years horrid 3 x 6 day breaks to have a chance to consolidate our spot early. I suspect we will see more rotation through the midfield, barring injuries, and more changes between VFL and seniors, depending on form. The MC under Goodwin does not seem likely to change for the sake of change but I agree, player management should be paramount over the next 3 rounds. Looking at the VFL yesterday and over the next 2 weeks, there will be plenty pushing there claims if form warrants.
  14. DemonWorshipper

    Changes vs Hawthorn R4

    There will be some management going on, but 3 games in 8 days is pushing it. We have 9 days between our Round 4 and 5 before playing the next Sunday. So 3 games in 14 days, with the one against Ess being our 5 day break vs their 4 1/2 day break. It's what we signed up for in order to get the Anzac Eve match. Hopefully the footy department have learnt from last year when we played 3 games in 12 days
  15. DemonWorshipper

    Demonland Player of the Year - Round 3

    6. Gawn 5. Jones 4. Bugg 3. Lewis 2. Kent 1. Hogan