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  1. Trade rumours

    Seems a pretty good get, if the bombers stay in the same position as this year that's only pick 28 for Saad. Goes back to the point of draft picks being over-rated due to the uncertainty. Would the odds only be 50/50 that pick 28 would end up being a regular 22 player?
  2. The Big Dance - Grand Final Day, 2017

    Who's better out of him and Jack?
  3. Farewell Jack Watts

    Nah, it's been initiated by the club. Wattsy wants to stay.
  4. Farewell Jack Watts

    Yeah I saw that too on channel 7. He's as good as out the door!
  5. Guess the Crowd...GWS v Eagles

    I found this bit interesting from the article Roos wrote: "Let’s be perfectly frank. The reason the Giants exist is because North Melbourne didn’t go to the Gold Coast.... If North Melbourne had gone to the Gold Coast there would have still been 16 teams. North Melbourne refused to go to the Gold Coast, so what did Andrew Demetriou do? He created a new team...You can’t have a 17-team competition..." Do people think this would have been the case? Having a bye every weekend wouldn't have been great so maybe we would have stayed on 16 teams for about a while, say 10 years until the AFL decided to introduce Tassie and GWS to have even numbers.
  6. AFL Finals - Week 1

    Unbelievable! What a game. Imagine being a Port supporter.
  7. AFL Finals - Week 1

    Home crowd free kick that deliberate to Port! 1 minute left. Wowee
  8. AFL Finals - Week 1

    Go port. Eagles don't deserve to be there, were pretty lucky to scrape in.
  9. Lumumba documentary

    SBS. Can watch via their app.
  10. Lumumba documentary

    Anyone catch the doco tonight? He is a fairly strange cat. Wonder if he got on with anyone at the Dees. Came across a mixture of sensitive, arrogant and passionate. I don't think people at Collingwood would have been that excited every time he tried to make a stand!
  11. Jake Spencer courted by other clubs

    Just in case people can't access the article here are some extracts: 'Jake Spencer is likely to join the off-season merry-go-round of backup big men looking for new homes.' 'He has been told by the club they will offer him a new contract next season but is one of a list of second-tier ruckman looking for more opportunity.' 'Spencer was labelled one of the in-demand free agents by premiership player David King recently because of his upside and aggressive style of play.' Don't quite agree with King there!
  12. Bankers and shankers

    Does anyone else think it's surprising that Jesse can only kick about 45m? He'd be so much more dangerous if he could kick as long as Milkshake or Hunty.
  13. Underrated is Jake the Snake.
  14. Round 19 Non MFC matches.

    Saints would have to feel the worst - to lose when up by 10 points with 80 seconds to go is criminal. Up there with Essendon's loss to Sydney!
  15. The Jack Trengove is BACK Thread

    Poor Trenners, won't even get 1 final chance like Grimes did last year.