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  1. Where to play TMac?

    Superseded only by the nightmare of Harmes in the ruck.
  2. Gawn Calls for Leaders to Stand Up

    Players who draw the short straw for the mandatory pressers are on a hiding to nothing. Get panned for saying too much, get panned for not saying enough, or my favourite: get panned for saying anything it all. It’s like some fans expect hin to just stand there in front of the media in stony silence and not answer any of the questions. Just DO something, Gawn! Don’t crack jokes, kick that goal! Even though it’s Wednesday morning and you’re in a makeshift press room somewhere instead of on the MCG and the game was 3 days ago, DO something!
  3. Max Gawn's New Goal Kicking Technique

    I don’t think Gawn’s sense of humour is why we lost.
  4. Why Melbourne Can't Be Trusted

    I don't recall saying it wasn't a big deal. I said "is it a big deal?" It's a challenge to people who can critically analyse a situation to give it a go. I haven't put a position forward at all, because I haven't got one; I haven't looked deeply in to it enough to have formed one. Giving up a run of goals like that doesn't sound good intuitively, but if it's something that happens regularly then perhaps it's less of a deal than it seems. If it's something that happens routinely in AFL matches then perhaps it's just a function of the game; if that were the case then it diminishes the importance of it. Perhaps the more important thing to focus on is what happens after or during a run of goals from the opposition? I don't know, but that's the beauty of critical analysis. You should give it a whiz sometime.
  5. Why Melbourne Can't Be Trusted

    Yes. How does it compare to other teams, the league average, and how does that statistic correlate with match results? Anyway Steve, I thought you were in the "statistics, pssssh, I use my eyes" camp. I didn't think you would be interested in discussing the relevance of a stat.
  6. Why Melbourne Can't Be Trusted

    Is it even a problem? How does it compare to other teams?
  7. Why Melbourne Can't Be Trusted

    Remember when headlines in the media used to give you a vague idea of the content? I hate being forced to read/listen to the content before getting to decide if I'm interested in it or not. Anyway, luckily for me, why we can't be trusted isn't a question I'm seeking an answer to. Anyone who has followed this club any longer than about 3 years knows why: because we always seem to stumble when we think we're about to clear the next hurdle. Maybe we don't actually "always" - in fact it's probably only "occasionally", but it feels like that when you spent as long a time being uncompetitive as we did. Trust will come. I personally had restored my level of trust considerably before last week: I knew that even when we were playing poorly, this MFC team didn't give up and roll over. We could go into any game, we'd probably still be in it at 3/4 time and I knew we could beat anyone if we played our best. I was still hopeful at 1/2 time against Hawthorn. The slap in the face during the second half stung painfully because I was unprepared for it (read: I had trust). In reality, all teams have at least one game a year where they play like arse and get flogged, but for the MFC fan it hurt, because of the fragility of the trust. Fans of very trustworthy teams can endure it and shake it off quickly. Fans of teams who are very untrustworthy expect that pain and can brace for it. It'll take time to recover it again, but it can happen. It's not a permanent loss of trust, just a setback to the trust that was being earned. Thanks for the analysis Plough (I still haven't followed the link).
  8. Jordan Lewis Out with Broken Hand

    It's almost like the hand isn't a very complex bit of anatomy with a variety of nerves and sensations, where an injury could be anywhere between trivial and debilitating.
  9. Is Goodwin the right guy....

    Goodwin has won more games as coach than he has lost, 27 games in to his coaching career. He now has one belting to his name. I want to contribute something meaningful to this thread, as no doubt others have since it's 20 pages in, but the concept that he should be under any pressure whatsoever at this stage in the journey is just effing dumb. It's just not worth the energy of any further engagement.

    Whenever you want, it's a free country.

    I don't think Werridee is suggesting yesterday's performance was anything other than awful - it wasn't. It was dreadful and you'd have to be stone hearted not to have finished that game not at least a bit pizzed off by it. It's just that the sack Goodwin, we're doomed, it's all been for nothing, we're never going to be good crap is totally over the top.
  12. Post Match Discussion - Round 4

    Not saying I was thrilled with it bb, just wasn't worried yet. We were still getting enough of the ball at that stage and I've seen us have low scoring quarters before, correct it and come away with a win.
  13. Post Match Discussion - Round 4

    I wasn't worried at half time either, but I was bloody worried half way through the third.
  14. Post Match Discussion - Round 4

    Fig, that was disappointing. Every one of our bottom end players played like one, and I include Kent in that. First time a Goodwin MFC team has put the cue in the rack. Had forgotten how disgusting this feeling is. Forced myself to watch the last 15 minutes. Don't even know why. Going to have a quiet sook to myself tonight I think.
  15. Round 4 Non MFC games

    Weird thing was, the season where 186 happened (2011) wasn't even that bad in the scheme of things - we finished 12th with 8 wins and a draw. It was otherwise looking to be a reasonable development year under Bailey until the club did its best to self-destruct. It was 2013 where the wheels completely and utterly fell off with two wins at 54%, which as ET said, was Fitzroy like. Gotta love reliving these great memories.
  16. Round 4 Non MFC games

    That's just your memory being kind to you mono.
  17. Round 4 Non MFC games

    Stop trying to use Tasmania as a Victorian tip. We really don't want your rubbish.
  18. Lyon on Brayshaw

    Weird that "Bradshaw" would be a word common enough to be in anyone phone dictionary, but it does explain it.
  19. Lyon on Brayshaw

    I'm intrigued by how often he gets called Bradshaw. Seems a difficult typo to be made so systematically. Is it a weird autocorrect type thing? Surely nobody actually thinks that is his name?
  20. Round 4 Non MFC games

    I'm almost at the point of turning it off because the annoyance of BT's voice is interrupting the peace.
  21. Round 4 Non MFC games

    I am trying to be interested in this game, without success.
  22. Match preview and team selection - Round 4

    Fitting that the Lewis is lying on the ground in the Melbourne photo! Hawthorn have taken quite a few of our offcuts over the years. Paul Johnson is another.
  23. Hawks on Sunday - Predictions

    That's just an indisputable fact of nature isn't it? Tom Bugg only had one awful set shot miss last week, because on that occasion I forgot to remind those in the room watching with what a terrible set shot he was. I didn't make that mistake again.
  24. I'd take Kreuzer over Gawn any day. *snigger* Nope, can't even say it with a straight face.