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  1. Yes, the one year contract is a clear indicator that the FD think there's a chance he'll flop, for whatever reason (be it off field or on). Again though, my response would be 'who cares?' - he clearly has the talent for AFL footy and we cost ourselves nothing to get him.
  2. Max Gawn close to signing new deal

    Oh, I thought Max was disgruntled because the club traded Watts. Guess not.
  3. Farewell Jack Watts

    The poll is still open! I vote Yes.
  4. Even if he ends up another Michie etc - so what? We're just as likely, or more, to get that player with the pick we used in the draft. There is literally only upside in this trade.
  5. Probably my favourite part was the Exorcist story (the "kiss" game). Exactly the kind of embellishment you want to hear in the footy half of the story, but in the car ride home, they weren't a freak forward and an elite CHB, they were just two sons in the car with their mother, going through the range of emotions a bittersweet moment like that can bring up. Brought a tear to my eye.
  6. That was the best thing ever. Nothing at all like what I expected - articulate, intelligent, passionate. Awesome work guys.
  7. I don't think it's official until he's been on the Demonland podcast.
  8. Now you are just showing off. How the heck did you pull this off? So awesome.
  9. Farewell Colin Garland

    I have a huge soft spot for Col personally, so I'm glad the club has found him a suitable role. His journey from kid in Tassie who nearly had to give up footy because he couldn't get a lift to training, to the handy, gutsy defender he was during the Bailey era, to almost the posterboy for the down trodden during the Neeld era - it's been quite the ride. At his best he was quick, desperate, always put his body on the line and could play on tall or small. All the best Col, hopefully this is the start of great things.
  10. Trade rumours

    Not a rumour, but I'm intrigued by the West Coast - Gold Coast trade. West Coast essentially gave up their first rounder next year for a pile of second rounders this year. They obviously have a need to load up on 18 year olds this year. Would love to know what was said in their end of year "where our list is at and where it needs to go" conversation in order for that type of trade to come to fruition.
  11. Melbourne's Communication and Online

    What, don't tell the truth?
  12. Farewell Jack Watts

    I'm neither angry, nor happy. I make no judgement on the price paid. I don't assume to know more than the club about the worth of player, nor do I assume they are infallible oracles who don't/won't make mistakes. I'm just sad he had to go.
  13. I think if I were at the ass end of the ladder, I'd probably actually prefer to end up with (say) 4, 5 and 6 (per 55's example) than just no. 1. It allows for spreading the risk out a lot further, putting your eggs in different baskets as it were. Even in the professional era, there's a huge risk that the first player taken in the draft becoming good but not star quality. Interesting concept.
  14. Farewell Jack Watts

    The whole time you've been on this forum you've hinted at some secret "truth" that you won't explicitly say. You are fast presenting yourself as being completely full of hot air. It is well time to put up, or...
  15. Farewell Jack Watts

    Because of my vendetta against you Biff, I'm afraid none of your material will be in the book. (I truly haven't deleted any of your posts in this thread)
  16. Trade rumours

    I know Chook in Perth is originally from Melbourne and his contacts are (obviously) in Melbourne also.
  17. Farewell Jack Watts

    I have wondered where that went too. I'll have a look.
  18. Farewell Jack Watts

    Haha, no. I can't recall ever having deleted a single post that I felt better for having seen. People do go a little loopy though. In this thread alone, one of the posters participating in this thread accused me of deleting his posts because I'm not on the same side of the argument as him, when actually I have no idea what post he is talking about, who deleted it or why he would assume it was me when there are half a dozen people it could be. I'm pretty sure I haven't deleted any posts in this thread. In reality, every time I log on, this thread alone has added six pages, but for some reason people think we have the time or inclination to read them all 😂
  19. Farewell Jack Watts

    We're already on page 201 in my version, which includes all deleted posts. I consider this the official count, so if you're all waiting for page 200, you have missed it sorry 😛
  20. Farewell Jack Watts

    What's bizarre about it?
  21. Farewell Jack Watts

    It makes me wonder why GNF posts on here for free instead of getting paid for it at the Herald Sun.
  22. Farewell Jack Watts

    How tedious is this getting? The camp I'm in now is the "I'm well over discussing this, have said all I have to say a dozen times, and just wish whatever was going to happen would hurry up and happen so we can move past it" camp.
  23. Trade rumours

    Ess: Francis & 23 for Stringer & 27 Adel: Cameron & 16 for Francis & 12 Dogs: Stringer & 27 for Schache & 23 Lions: Schache & 12 for Cameron & 16 Seems reasonable but a lot of stuffing around with small position shuffles. I reckon the four club reps would have walked away happy but with headaches trying to keep track of all that!
  24. Mahoney, get away

    There's a chance we'll get hurt if we crash and burn next year and that early pick becomes more valuable for sure, bet even then I don't think it's catastrophic. If you plotted it on one of those risk matrices senior managers love, it'd come up as low likelihood, moderate consequence. You wouldn't cost yourself too much mitigating a risk like that. As for time, even with the weeks leadup, these things apparently take a while. I've never attended one so I don't know how as it seems straightforward from the outside, but the fact that the AFL extended the period from a week to a fortnight at the request of the clubs due to them always being time constrained, indicates that it must. Time will tell as to whether we do have other fish to fry or not though.