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  1. Oh well, was just a cherry on top anyway. Should have known we couldn't rely on these absolute plonkers.
  2. Shitncorruption Fremantle. You useless, useless bastards. Get moving!
  3. You could eat? I spent the whole last quarter feeling like I was going to vomit.
  4. Doh, sorry. Brain fart.
  5. No, nothing, just not a fan. It was a request more than a question :-)
  6. I'll live with it then.
  7. I know beggars can't be choosers, but can Freo win without any more goals from Ballantyne? Yuck.
  8. A Freo upset over Geelong will really throw the cat among the pidgeons. They're ahead of us by a paltry .1%, so pretty much any margin will do it. Big ask, though. That'll put us 4th, behind Port and ahead of Geelong on percentage, a game and percentage behind Adelaide, and 2 games and percentage behind GWS - Port, Adelaide and GWS in the run home. Exciting stuff. Go the Dockers.
  10. Burgs has been a bit slow getting the post match interviews up. Probably too hungover from a big night on the sauce with the boys in Perth.
  11. Yes - we give our own player the benefit of the doubt, and don't give the opposition player the benefit of the doubt. So what? Bias in footy is hardly a new thing - it doesn't make the position of those defending Oliver wrong, though.
  12. Thanks, I've been looking for a new avatar.
  13. QFP.
  14. When benefit of the doubt could be applied, then yes, I would like some reasoning/logic to explain why he might have done it.
  15. What was his motivation for diving?