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  1. Top 10 individual seasons last 30 years

    Intentionally omitted, ala the first paragraph. I took it as a cue not to bother reading any further.
  2. David Schwarz

    12? By this age we already had a Billy Stretch thread, and Jack Viney was already 2 years in to his first contract. Lift your game, MFC!
  3. Hibbo and Nev Selected For International Rules

    How many players have been seriously injured in the IR before? The mode of play means the contact aspect is nowhere near as heavy or frequent as in our game. It's the most spurious argument against the IR I reckon. Players are far more likely to get injured in pre-season training. I've no interest in the IR but I think for the players it's definitely something they should do when given the chance. It's not their sport of choice, but it's probably the only way they'll get to represent Australia on a sporting stage in their career. Congratulations and good luck to them.
  4. The Ben Lennon Thread

    Did you just open a post containing your opinion by first telling us all you have a very astute eye?
  5. I'm not sure being the best of the worst is setting the bar high enough though Ralph.
  6. Delisted Free Agents

    Failure to establish at two clubs suggest to me it's an upside that is unattainable. Would rather we focused on new players than waste our time, resources and a space on the list on this type.
  7. Farewell Jack Watts

    How funny though - we get told on here about how the players were spewing and we'd see the fallout - nekminnut Watts' best mate at the club extends forever, when the old contract still had a year to run. Lol! It's one of those things though that probably originates from a partial truth. Most likely some of the players were upset and disappointed but understood why it happened, but in the great game of Chinese Whispers, it became "the players are upset".
  8. Love these kind of posts. "(Completely irrelevant detail). 'nuff said."
  9. Millionaire Ex-Demon

  10. 2017 Player Reviews: # 45 Declan Keilty

    You wait til he gets picked in the ones and kicks his first shank or drops a mark. The thickness of @Drunkn167's skin will really be put to the test!
  11. Yes, the one year contract is a clear indicator that the FD think there's a chance he'll flop, for whatever reason (be it off field or on). Again though, my response would be 'who cares?' - he clearly has the talent for AFL footy and we cost ourselves nothing to get him.
  12. Max Gawn Contract Extension

    Oh, I thought Max was disgruntled because the club traded Watts. Guess not.
  13. Farewell Jack Watts

    The poll is still open! I vote Yes.
  14. Even if he ends up another Michie etc - so what? We're just as likely, or more, to get that player with the pick we used in the draft. There is literally only upside in this trade.