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    I'll bet that it doesn't rain any more than just enough to annoy the spectators. Won't be a factor. Wind more likely to be a factor.

    Might be rain about but shouldn't be too bad. Going to be cold AF though, of that I am sure.
  3. Tassie Saturday V Norf

    Last year it was 80% Norf supporters I'd say.
  4. Our Failure to Crush Teams

    The only team we've played near the bottom end of the ladder was Carlton, and that was during our horror stretch of 6 day breaks and half the team out injured. Most sides just don't allow themselves to be crushed - we certainly haven't. We've got North and Brisbane in the run home. Let's revisit this then.
  5. The Don's delusion!!!

    Where's the fun in nodding wisely and going "hear, hear, Tim! Salient point, old chap!" when there's a better interpretation that opens up the opportunity to bag Watson and Essendon?
  6. The Don's delusion!!!

    The old "we didn't want him anyway". Whatever, Tim. Feel the burn. We love Hibberd and your being a bad sport about it makes it all the more sweet.
  7. Our Failure to Crush Teams

    Far out. Without a word of a lie, I wrote that Dory joke on here the other day then decided it was probably too obscure for people to get, so I didn't post it. Hope nobody laughs at it now!
  8. Post Match Discussion - Round 18

    It sounds to me like you're volunteering to go back and look at all his other disposals, brfe. I look forward to the comprehensive report
  9. Round 18 Non MFC Matches

    Richmond winning means more competition for a spot in the eight, but it softens up the top four big time. A lot of the teams in the eight play each other; pretty much every spot up to third is up for grabs. All we need to do is keep winning, stuff what anyone else does. As I said previously, this was definitely a good week to have won!
  10. Changes vs North Melbourne

    No. Pedersen gave sweet FA for three weeks straight. Watts underdelivered because of poor marking efforts and so forth, but he was in the play. Pedersen has no role to play when we've got a full list of talls to choose from. This is exactly the same conversation I had last week. Just cross out the name Watts and write Hogan. I'm very confident the outcome will be the same here.
  11. Changes vs North Melbourne

    I rate this suggestion on the same level as I rated Clint's suggestion last week that Pedersen should play ahead of Hogan.
  12. Well he's definitely upset my list management plans - at the start of season I had him as easy fodder for list turnover. Can't even see him being prised out of the senior team at this stage, let alone off the list. He's been excellent.
  13. Post Match Discussion - Round 18

    All the goals is up already. Interested in the Tyson haters view on the lace out kick to Hogan that lead to the Garlett goal in Q3. ANB has become an important link in the chain. A number of our goals were caused directly from his efforts and ball use, including two pinpoint passes - one to Petracca on his own and then to Garlett on the lead. He is a development success story in my opinion. Until recently I thought the half forward flank was where second string midfielders went to die, but ANB, Harmes and Melksham have really started to deliver in those roles.
  14. Doesn't tackle much, but when he does, they hurt. That tackle 15 metres out after the unluckiest bounce ever was an absolute ripper. I'm still in disbelief at such a good player landing on our lap. He hasn't had a poor game since joining.