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  1. It never seems to amaze me how much energy people have to spend on issues from the ancient past.
  2. Has the date of that video published by The Age been confirmed? If not, it is trash journalism at its worst.
  3. You do have to love how when a player has a problem, clubs paint it as “just” being alcohol, as if alcoholism isn’t a serious problem in our culture as it is.
  4. Neville Jetta stumbled through a career of being almost-good enough to just survive for almost twice as long as JKH has so far. Like many on here I have no idea what they see in JKH, but I didn’t with Jetta either. I can only assume they know what they’re doing; hopefully we get a similar pleasant surprise.
  5. Only saw the first half, so can only comment on that. Midfield nucleus of Oliver, Brayshaw and Harmes looks to be picking up where it left off. Pleasing. Happy with the half of Salem and Petracca also. Hore and Petty can play key defender roles if need be. Looking forward to May being in the mix though. Forward line looks to be functional. Probably the biggest question mark going in. Preuss for me was a stark reminder of how much we rely on Max. He was decent but we’re accustomed to far more than decent. I’d be interested to see what Preuss was up to when Balta got off the chain in the second quarter. One of the things you can’t work out from TV. I assume from the scores that the second half was more of the same. If so, a good enough first hit out.
  6. To be fair, you wouldn’t expect random post about journeyman players from the 90s to come from people born in the 00s on school holidays.
  7. As for the video, whether or not the substance was illegal, he is a complete and utter idiot firstly for doing that, and secondly for allowing it to be filmed. Why you would risk getting this type of publicity has me completely stumped. He’s not stupid, he must have known this might happen (whether it is warranted or not), especially after last time.
  8. It’s hyperbolic nonsense to suggest Clarkson wouldn’t have played Watts. Like Roos and Goodwin (quality AFL coaches), he would have played Watts knowing his worst was still okay and his best would be great if he could correct the mindset. Sure, he’d have given up eventually (as Goodwin did), and it might have happened earlier, but Watts would have played a lot of AFL games in the meantime.
  9. I’d rather he be fit to play AFLX and not have gotten injured at training, personally.
  10. Karl Langdon for me typifies the jobs-for-the-boys nature of the AFL industry. So many talentless barnacles making a living just hanging off the industry, purely because they ran around in footy jumpers for a few years. It comes as absolutely no surprise to me that it’s these ones who get themselves in hot water.
  11. It’s hard to believe that next year will mark 15 years. The sick feeling I got as a young man upon hearing he was missing still lingers. Feels like yesterday.
  12. Then we are back to complaining about the club not providing information again.
  13. I’ve always been curious as to what type of human one has to be when on sight of someone who’s had one too many, the first instinct is to snap a photo and circulate it on the internet.
  14. I'm not complaining, just don't get the funny.
  15. Yep, this. T20 is popular because brings cricket back to the length of other sports, rather than the other forms of cricket which are one day minimum. Many people don’t have the time or inclination to sit down all day, or several all days, to watch a game. There is no need for a “fast” version of our sport, the main event is already the fast version.
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