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  1. Out in front of ANB running at full pace?
  2. Do you think he actively chooses not to impact contests? That seems to be what you're implying. Then again, perhaps it doesn't matter either way whether it's intentional or just a mental habit he can't break - it devalues him either way. (Yes I know you said not to quote you. Oh well.)
  3. Jack Viney started the round second on the ladder for tackles, and had another 11 tackles. What a machine. Unbelievably the leader, Rory Sloane, had 13 to pull further ahead.
  4. Salem for Bugg or Wagner. My preference would be for Bugg, but Wagner may make more sense positionally. Hogan for OMac. TMac back to defence in this scenario. Ruckman for other of Bugg/Wagner. Obviously the latter two changes are subject to availability of Hogan, Gawn and Spencer. I am assuming none of them will be available and it'll just be the one change.
  5. Spoils count as 1%ers, that's why KPDs always feature highly in it. It's something worth counting (so I disagree that it is useless), but you definitely can't use it to compare players in different positions and you can't benchmark it in isolation. It could be used as an input to other metrics though. Shepherds, knock ons and smothers also count.
  6. I am showing forum leadership and considerate restraint by posting this post about not replying instead of posting what I'd like to reply with.
  7. I've already said twice in this thread that I didn't see the first half. Literally all I saw was a complete MFC annihilation. I thought it interesting that the skipper and the coach said the same thing about the first half. I realise Jones generally just regurgitates what Goodwin says - although in this case he was interviewed first - but I've also heard them comment with disappointment. Goodwin for example was clearly seething after the Hawthorn game. Obviously their responses are measured by design, but I have not seen any evidence that they flat out lie. I've watched enough footy to know what it's like to see the red mist when the opposition is kicking goals. It truly does feel like nothing is going right. I know that. So until I watch the whole replay, I am going to take the coach and the skipper on their word that the first half wasn't as dismal a state of affairs as a heap of angry supporters would have me believe.
  8. Was he this good at Essendon? Easily in our top 5 players at present. He looks elite.
  9. Likewise. Engaging with you and WYL is tedious - your response to everything is "scoreboard". I have zero interest in that level of analysis.
  10. As I said earlier Jane I only saw the second half and jumped on here excited out of my skin! I got a bit of a shock when I accidentally walked in to another Demonland funeral.
  11. Jones and Goodwin both said post match that they felt we were doing a lot right in the first half. I hope WYL didn't hear that, for his dog's sake.
  12. How does he end up standing in the goal square by himself so often? That would infuriate me as an opposition supporter. Third bag of three now for the year and his second in a row. Really starting to look a damaging player now.
  13. Nope. Only the third time in his career in fact.