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  1. Howdy all, Been a tough couple of weeks. Dropping three games we were in and without injuries probably would have won all three. It's a new era for us Demon supporters, we are sadly used to the Ls but this time it hurts a bit more because we know we were the better team on most occasions (all be it a very inexperienced one) I wanted to discuss the next 6 weeks. Now we've seen what we produce (Exciting football but unable to sustain it for 4 qtrs., and injuries seem to be the highlights of the season so far) I think the next 6 weeks will be season defining on this group. v Essendon at Etihad v Hawks at MCG v Crows at Radelaide v North at MCG v Suns at Darwin? v Pies at MCG Injuries permitting (if we had Gawn etc) I reckon we would have been a sneaky chance in all these games (we seemed to match up well vs Adelaide last year). But what are our expectations now? Personally I am hoping for 3 & 3. I think we are 50/50 chances in all except Bombers at Etihad and Crows. Bombers love the flat deck and with no ruckman I think they will towel us up sadly, Crows are obviously a more experienced a offensive beast.. There is no particular easy beat, the competition is very even, but if we can be 5 - 6 and start to get healthy we could be a sneaky chance for the 8 still. As much as it's sucked the last couple of weeks we haven't been out of games, we have failed to execute at critical stages and injuries have cut down our structures. We need to stay injury free, and selection is another that will be critical going forward if we are any chance of finals but the next six weeks will define the group IMO.
  2. That's the worst part mate... Knowing we were the better team and listening to their garbage. But let them enjoy it, it won't last too long
  3. I don't think you're wrong JV7 it was a glaring reason why we lost. I wanted to respond to you because I think your right but I think it's experience of the group over leadership if that makes sense. You're right Leadership is a problem but I can't blame leaders if we just don't have the leadership depth to blame. Our leaders last night were - Jones (227), Watts (141), Vince (196), T Mac (108), Garlett (150) Jetta (98) games played. We are expecting one or two etc to just step up and carry the load of 14 or 15 players. So we have 1 Forward - who was had to ruck for a half, 2 Mids and 2 Defenders over 100 games experience last night. I know it sounds like a soft excuse but sadly we don't have the experience across the lines to knuckle down when the S#*& hits the fan, and it stands out to all of us like dogs balls. On top of rotations being down (i don't know if any of you experts checked but we had 71/90 vs tigers 83/90. Do the maths who was fresher in the last qtr?) People potting leaders for not doing enough on here I personally think have no idea what they're talking about in terms of leadership or analysis of the game. (I don't mean u JV7, more pointing out a few other notorious emotional posters, who like to head hunt blindly because they have no idea) Leadership is a problem but it is the lack of leaders due to experience. There is no magic potion to solve this but get experience in to players. On top of that we've just been plain unlucky with injuries as well. What talent we did have is being cut down from injuries atm Players like Lewis now are very important and maybe even Pederson who have experience. But the reality is we are going to remain inconsistent until we get our young guns more game time.
  4. Spot on mate We have a frustrating period to get through to get to that side but i believe we'll get there. It is bloody frustrating though know even with all the errors etc we were still a better side then those f l o g s. Just so much bad luck atm. How good was trac though
  5. Agree, To get back to the OP as well. There is no harm critiquing selection but at 2 & 2 it's a bit premature. Maybe if we are 2 - 6 it's the time to start asking serious questons
  6. Why this needs its own thread and isn't in the team selection thread is my first point. Second point is. Basing form on vfl stats is risky. We've seen this with ANB, Michie, Trenners etc etc and others who perform well in thr vfl but it doesn't necessarily translate to afl. I dont think it's wrong to question selection but the reality is unless u know how the team is structured and how thos players fit it's pure speculation. My personal opinion is you gotta let Goody and co make their choices as they live and die by them. So i think you're way off the mark over the committee. Times hve changed.
  7. No
  8. Pure footy on sen haa just mentioned that we once again had the youngest and 17th least experienced side to play rd 4. Now i dont like that stat to use it as a cop out thwt 3rd qtr was very poor. But it gives me conference we are on the right track and this a new Melbourne fc. Maybe unlucky for us we dont have j howe anymore pointing fingers at underperformers..... some irony there Jeremy?
  9. Unsure if you're being serious or not #JV7 Sunday teams are always squads on Thursday night. So being a Monday game....
  10. Yes massive game. Not season defining but massive for the mfc and where we're at as a club
  11. That's gone well for us lately haha But I do agree we should knock off the Dawks again. But take nothing for granted yet. We're better but we're not great yet. Lets start by knocking off the Tiges
  12. I dont think anything you said is wrong. But you need to move on. You can beat the drums all you want but pj wont question goody and 4 weeks in to season isnt a trend.
  13. We don't know for sure where the exact fail was (Coaching, Leadership, structures), so I believe it's a waste of time pointing fingers.. Regardless if you think it's right or wrong get used to being very aggressive under Goody. Until the boys play together for an extended period of time these mistakes will continue to happen. We're not the Hawks/Cats we are a young team and a new team from 2016 in many ways. If you believe it or not, we are a work in progress. Let's move on to next week,
  14. All this ranting and raving about the 3rd quarter but no acknowledgement of the 4th quarter response
  15. After the Carlton game I was happy to see some mongrel in the Dees side, but upon reflection it's cost us big time. Lewis deserved what he got, but I am still unsure about the Hogan incident. But it's done now so let's move on. Lucky it's only round 4, 20 rounds left. But to put some perspective on it, the competition is very even. Apart from GWS, Adelaide and maybe Port the comp is very very even. Losing. the 4 points to Freo may cost us this year but hopefully it's a great learning experience for our young guys who carried the load.