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  1. Ive missed a fair few previous posts so forgive me if you've said it elsewhere. But i giggled at the praise on JKH and criticism of Frost. I just thought it was a little harsh on frosty considering a lot of our players fumbled all night. I can pick at least 2 or 3 occassions in thr 2nd half where JKH directly also turned the ball over across half forward whixh Adel rebounded for goals. No one player had anymore impact on thr loss then another Imo. Just different perspectives I guess
  2. Im not actually sure what we're arguing about. Refer to skuits post below - re stats. I've said all along that our inability to hit targets and hold the ball across half forward was the major factor in the loss. In another thread i pointed out how misleading stats were on jkh (not singling out a jnr player) but he turned the ball over multiple time across half forward which allowed adel to run. All factors. All im saying is we wrre pretty well beaten all day. The slippery conditions and fast track all favoured Adel. Our injuries also contributed. It really was a credit to the boys for getting close at 3qtr time as we didn't look like it all game. Maybe the conditions came in to play? Let's move on to next week, where clearences are going to be massive v port. Ive got a feeling we'll srop next week but hopefully make a massive run in the last games
  3. Yes they did - when the ball was there to be won when it mattered (first half) Crows won clearances and contested footy. I don't have stats, it was my observation from watching. Also I'm not saying we didn't win our fair share of the footy, we did, but the quality was a lot better from the Crows Then we won the ball we turned it over across half forward and they rebounded. There is no right or wrong tere it's just opinions, but look at how the Crows rebounded from rushed or poor possessions. We were easily beaten all day Hopefully with Viney, Jones, Tyson we can turn this around in the next few weeks
  4. My 2 cents I watched from home and thought we never looked like winning. Crows smashed us in contested footy around the ground, we were unable to hold the ball across half forward (the conditions made us look pretty amateurish - fumbles dropped marks etc) Which really played in to Adels game style. They want to rebound, and we allowed them to rebound all night. At 3 qtr time we looked a sneaky chance which is credit to the boys on how hard they played, but the reality was we turned the ball over too easily and couldn't stop Adel's rebound on the fast Darwin track,
  5. I agree PA, I also am really happy to see JKH back in the red and blue, and I really want him to play good footy. But it's funny how we look at stats to rate a game, I can't remember all JKHs stats but I remember 3 when we were pushing in the 3rd and final qtrs. (I am not blaming the loss on JKH please don't confuse my point) But there was a handball and 2 kicks from JKH which were poorly executed and all were turnovers which resulted in Adel goals. The blokes still a kid in AFL footy terms I don't want to crucify him, but stats don't always give an accurate portrayal of how well someone played
  6. No fair enough, I agree totally, we can't expect that every week. I wasn't sure what you were implying in your original post though.... All makes sense with a bit of context.
  7. Hahaha I am glad we can laugh now but bloody oath. Any Egirl dives forward etc got a FK You had to be punched in the face in an MFC jumper to get a kick after half time. Pathetic one way umpiring
  8. I think most of us realise it was a fluke based on good luck and good circumstance - see my post above.... But I'm not sure what your point is? DOn't enjoy a win?
  9. Yeh it's a very good point... We do seem to move the ball a lot better when we're not dump kicking or bombing under pressure to Hogan.... It's been proven this season I think though when the going gets really tough and the take no prisoners finals comes around you need guys like Hogan/Gawn/Weed (I know hes too young right now) to be there to take grabs and bring the ball to ground. If you don't have those big guys up forward I think as a team in big games you get exposed. For me why are WCE so poor at the moment///??? Their team balance is out. If Kennedy plays for WCE yesterday, WCE win. Because McGovern takes those strong grabs in defence - Pedo/T Mac don't take those grabs and instead of can't kick McGovern shooting at goal for WCE you have a coleman medallist. While I love our fast unpredictable forward line - I think it gets exposed in really big games without Hogan there
  10. I was having a few frothies at the time so my memory isn't super clear haha. For some reason I thought it was T Mac kicked 2 in a minute
  11. Agree Hogan who..... hahaha With 6 or whatever minutes to go I honestly thought the game was over and we really missed a key forward target (Ie Hogan/Watts) But up stepped T Mac... Might be the best 5 mins of his career to date
  12. When you realise T Mac kicked the last 3 goals of the game!! Take McGovern for example. I reckon 99/100 (including myself) would rate McGovern as the better defender. The interesting thing about this game is neither of them played KPD for the majority of the game. Who had a better game??? I think that's obvious.... because if McGovern kicked straight the game was over... Kudos where Kudos is due - Well done T Mac
  13. Like and agree mate. I've found trying to discuss anything but the obvious on this site is a waste of time. While there are a few quality posters on deeland the majority who love to over run threads with dribble cant see the forest from the trees. I wouldn't waste too much time worrying about the opinions on D'land
  14. E girls