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  1. Unleash Hell

    Key tactical issues v Geelong

    Haha thanks peanut. Nah i take thwt back we are all a little testy after the weekend. But you clearly miss the point on how we play. Defence had nothing to do with it
  2. Unleash Hell

    The Dan Hanneberry Thread

    Apparently on the move
  3. Unleash Hell

    Channel 7__ please replay Demons V Cats

    Go here https://www.bigfooty.com/forum/threads/the-melbourne-replay-archive.1144478/page-8 All of the demon fixes you'll ever need... plus the replay
  4. Unleash Hell

    Come on optimists, sell me hope

    Ahh memories...
  5. Unleash Hell

    Key tactical issues v Geelong

    Howd the leaky defense hold up on the weekend?
  6. Unleash Hell

    Chris From Camberwell!

    My vote for Chris form Camberwell is most likely @picket fence or as a long shot @DV8
  7. Unleash Hell

    Chris From Camberwell!

    Sadly Yze Magic was probably our most exciting prospect of the era. Shame he never got drafted....
  8. Unleash Hell

    If Clarry CHOO CHOO DOESNT make AA I will..

    Really putting it on the line picket... haha
  9. Unleash Hell

    Is Goodwin the right guy....

    If you post about it often enough it becomes true right....?
  10. Unleash Hell

    Was the win against West Coast rigged?

    About time. Those cslls have been going against us. Look at the poort and geelong games. If it is an afl.conspiracy let's hope it continues until then end of grand final day
  11. Unleash Hell

    The Elephant in the Room

    I agree with you i just think there is a few more variables
  12. Unleash Hell

    The Elephant in the Room

    Are you saying we are as good as the Hawks?
  13. Unleash Hell

    Missed opportunities on these numbers!

    The post wrote Average median games played for all 20 games this season Feel free to interpret as you wish @Lucifer's Hero, its no skin off my nose For me it just backed up my thinking that this team has a lot of development left and that the more exposure to big games now the better. Suns and Geelong are interesting as well on that ladder
  14. Unleash Hell

    Missed opportunities on these numbers!

    In the spirit of sharing stats. I saw the attached on an afl page which showed the ave median games played over the 20 rounds. I think we as a group tend to get caught up on stats and issues and lose focus that this team has a lot of growing to do. And in comparison to other teams theyve done pretty well. Do i want them to do better this year.. obviously. Have they shot themselves in the foot? Yes. But lets take a step back from time to time and look at the big picture.