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  1. Haha good to see nothing has changed in 5 months....
  2. Good luck jesse You're freos problem now
  3. Possibly - I think 6 though is a lot more valuable, but would trust the FD regardless
  4. Do we have to use pick 6 for May? Is it possible we could trade our next year first round and 23 for May? KK will be steak knives If we can go to the draft with 6 that's a big win
  5. Maybe Im greedy but I feel like it needed to be more
  6. To be fair, they did get the bones right.... They never get the all the facts, they only get tid bits
  7. Who caves first? 6 & 11 is more then fair in comparison to the other trades that have gone down or are going down. Would also take 11 & Cerra
  8. Getting my pages and posts confused 400 pages, 10000 posts
  9. My prediction is 4000 replies before the trade gets done....
  10. It says a lot wbout freo and their strategy when pick 5 isnt enough for Neale but pick 6 is too much for Hogan. As much as May would have been nixe lets just keep hogan and move on
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