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  1. Trade rumours

    All good mate Im not mad either.... i just dont think it needs to be pointed out in a rumour thread More rumours needed.... In other threads @Wiseblood i 100% agree. But let's just leave it uncomplicated and just good or bad rumours
  2. Trade rumours

    @Wiseblood haha cmon mate. I like your.contributions but not for this thread. Maybe you need a holiday mate if you're going to get upset by rumors. Fake or not it's just a rumor or movement hypothetical Trade thread needs more.rumors and less people getting upset by said rumors Ps - there's nothijg wrong with cslling out a rumor as bs... but it's just a rumor ffs we donr need truth police
  3. Trade rumours

    Who needs tv when you jave Demonland drama
  4. The Jake Lever Thread

    Agree @A F I dont know details all i know is criws have cap issues and had to re-sign a few. It's great news for us
  5. The Jake Lever Thread

    Crows have cap issues. They'd be pushing the loyalty and take less play in a good team factor... Probably offered a couple years with the promise of his next contact to be more substantial. We obviously also rate him enough to pay to get him out of adelaide
  6. Trade rumours

    I agree I didn't mind what I saw from Smith when he played. It's a shame he got so badly injured in rd 5 and we didn't see him again this year. I am not saying he is a saviour but, he's a big boy and looked like he could contribute now
  7. The Jake Lever Thread

    I am assuming everyone is upset because the assumption on here is Jack Watts is being traded against his will.... I am not specifically commenting to anyone @binman - just general conversation
  8. Trade rumours

    I agree with your point @McQueen What I am saying is they don't really have any assets to trade. It will make a mockery of the system if the manage to land even half of those players mentioned with only - 1 x 2018 1st rd pick and some B Grade players (Motlop, Menzel, Lang etc). And I say it's a joke because they won't trade Danga, Selwood, Hawkins. The rest of their stars are too old and their younger blokes aren't anywhere near as good of quality as the players they are targeting. If those players mentioned were Unrestricted Free Agents (or FAs for short - not being restricted), I would understand. But like I said, Geelong have no trade assets available. It would seriously make a mockery of the system if they were to land them with what they have to offer. But back to your point, I agree totally, if we can land good young players and give up virtually nothing.... I am all for it. But it shouldn't happen like that
  9. The Jake Lever Thread

    Why is there an assumption Watts hasn't agreed to be traded? Edit: I'm not saying any specific trade is agreed to
  10. Jake Lever? But I agree with the sentiment BB
  11. or... There is actually something to it.... There is a lot of water to still pass under the bridge but these decisions are not usually spare of the moment decisions. It's up to the club and Jack/player anyway - there is no point worrying about it
  12. The Jake Lever Thread

    This is the same idiot who was certain Lever was off to Pies for a few weeks..... But in fairness he does get good mail
  13. Trade rumours

    They'll need to trade some serious assets if the cats expect to land Devon Smith, Rockliff, SOG and Stinger all in this offseason They only have 2018 picks?? 1 2018 first round pick to land all of those players... And Fatlop (who didin't have a bad game last night) and some other B graders won't get 1st round picks It's going to be interesting but what a joke if they pull them all off....
  14. Josh Kelly

    Coniglio. Not sure we need him but he's a gun. Would love to get
  15. The Jake Lever Thread

    Giibs to crows and lever to deed does make a lot of sense though. It all comes down to the blues now...