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  1. Unleash Hell

    New CEO - Gary Pert

  2. Unleash Hell


    I was really happy for Stretch. Had a good rebound game. Hopefully he can keep steadily improving. Did anyonr hear footballs coming home...... just saying!
  3. Unleash Hell

    Wayne Carey

    Think this one went over the op's head Mind u the priority pick they get will do for those 3....
  4. Unleash Hell


    A bit of me time for @picket fence... like Only a 7 for 20 contested posessions and a pb for petracca. Harsh. At least a 7.5 I'd have thought. O mac was hardly sighted - 3 max
  5. Unleash Hell

    Umpire Report

    I 100% agree, I am still frustrated by the game.... I've tried to bit my tounge but I need to rant to get it off my chest Now the emotions faded a bit, our biggest weakness is still there. We should have been a lot further in front in the first half. A couple of T Mac misses, some poor delivery in to the f50 really cost us the game overall. But your post re the 2nd half is spot on. the umpires had a direct influence on the result. And not that I've posted here but for a few years now I have been, and remain bewildered by the umpiring in all games. Inconsistent, over umpired, and a bit of me time by the umpires. Why pay free kicks when the infrindged team has possession? You watch how the umpires slow the game down with confusion and waiting for players at contested etc, this 3rd man up rule is the biggest joke going around. How hard is it to have 2 ppl contest the ball and if a 3rd goes up then pay a free. What the actual f is the point of slowing the game up and nominating players? Then the same geniuses complain the game needs to be sped up, give me a spell. The good ol boys club at the AFL and in the media over analysis in trying to simplify things has made umpiring the biggest black hole in the games history. What is a free kick now days??? No one actually knows anymore. Dropping the ball is gone, holding the ball is a raffle and what was the Melksham free for? Good work AFL on fing up a great game. Go and F yourselfs my cash imput is going to be reduced severely. PS: don't even get me started on the 30 sec goal shot clock and the complaints about poor goal kicking.... or the goal review Good work Gil you [censored] - keep up the good work
  6. Unleash Hell

    Post Match Discussion - Round 14

    Sums up my thoughts exactly Im over the AFL it's a joke, between the inconsistent umpiring, the shiz fixturing and the AFL media, I honesty don't care about the AFL anymore. On top of that the call for priority picks for 'bottom' clubs to help them or Slobbo going on about the state of the game because Carlton n Essendon are shiz, I've had a gut full of the self love industry that is the AFL And the AFL won't lift a finger on the inconsistent umping which isn't even inconsistent form game to game anymore but umpire to umpire in game. How can rules be made up in game? How can 4 free kicks be paid to port in a succession of 2 mins for trivial incidents and nothing get paid the other way? It boggles my mind
  7. Unleash Hell


    Haha I knew I'd get some love from you
  8. Unleash Hell


    Such a Jack Watts thing to do .. be left out of the team for the grudge match.... Sums up his career really
  9. Unleash Hell

    Round 13 Non - MFC Games

    I agree big game next week, Need to win. Then we have saints, dockers and dogs which should all be winnable. Big month coming up. PS wots with the VFL fixture... seriously another bye??
  10. Unleash Hell

    Round 13 Non - MFC Games

    Can't say Im that sad about it Keep it up Blues
  11. Yes agree. I think there are a couple big weaknesses this team still has. And in our 4 losses they've been exposed. I don't mind blooding kids but you're right about wekening the side in bigger games.
  12. Experience thing? Or you just think they're better players?
  13. Unleash Hell

    Jordan De Goey

    Haha fek that was funny What a [censored]
  14. Unleash Hell

    Is Goodwin the right guy....

    Agree again, My anger isn't that Goody can't coach - because it's clear that he can, it's weather he can take us to the next élite' level. I personally think he can, but won't disagree with anyone saying we haven't seen it yet.... because you're spot on, we are getting outclassed at the moment by good sides
  15. Unleash Hell

    Is Goodwin the right guy....

    To be fair it's 1-2, but the last 2 have been the bigger games won by the pies