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  1. Jack Watts (again)

    Hopefully he is back for the Pies game in round 23. We would've lost that game against them earlier and a few others without him this year. Before he got injured he was in our best 5-10 players for the season. If he can find form again after his injury then our chances this finals series improve. He is a proven match winner. If he doesn't get another gig this year then it's in his best interests to ask for a trade to a club that will appreciate his talents more. He deserves it after the amount of crap he's had to endure over the years. If we ever win a flag and he is at the club, he will get the biggest cheer of all our players from me. He's had to work harder and had it tougher than anyone at the club the past 10 years.

    If he sits out until finals, that'll be a 3 week break. That's a decent amount of time off to heal depending on what the injury is. Maybe he'll be given until finals to rest and prove he is ready?
  3. Jesse Hogan's Return

    Miraculous recovery. Good luck big fella!

    Reckon it should be: Hogan in for Weid Maynard in for Viney Let Viney get right for finals. Maynard can replace him for a week to just smash in at stoppages. Let Jesse build form for finals.
  5. The Jack Billings thread

    Won't leave the Saints but he's an obvious talent that could fill a need for us. He's got outside class and has proven he can win ball and stand up in big moments. He's had a great year and would offer a lot to our side... but he won't leave the Saints.
  6. Brandon Matera

    He's got talent, not sure what his work ethic is like though. We could use his pace and goal kicking skills though. If he didn't cost much then I'd be all for getting him.
  7. You Ready for Tommy Bugg?

    When Bugg had his brain fade and was suspended, we lost our mojo. He provides swagger and makes those around him more confident. He was also our number 1 target up forward when we were missing a few talks. Though he missed a lot of shots at goal, the fact he was getting so many shoes what a dangerous player he can be. Straight back into the team for mine. Our players are more confident when he's around.
  8. Christian Salem offered a week

    Should take the one week suspension and run. Watching the game I thought he'd get 2-3. It was really reckless and concussed Sumner who left the ground and did not return. It's the second stupid suspension he's had this year, the other being the fore arm into the North players head while on the ground. Salem needs to use his time off to train hard and prove he wants to crack back into the team asap. His form has been up and down, had a few good games but also a number of complete ineffective ones. Like Watts, someone of Salem's talent should not be getting dropped at this stage of their career. Coming into his fifth year, he needs to work hard to stay fit, he needs to find consistency in his approach and impact on games, and he needs to cut out the reckless stuff that's lead to multiple suspensions. Next season is a cross roads of sorts for him. There's enough talent around him at the club now that he might not be best 22 every week if he isn't having an impact. On talent he is best 22, on output he's borderline. Take the week suspension and work your ass off Christian. We could use your kicking skills come finals time.

    Hunt Frost Garlett Harmes Kent Watts They need to learn to use it properly. Hunt and Garlett are the only ones who consistently take advantage of their speed. Frost tries but runs himself into trouble a lot. Harmes and Kent use it in spurts to stream forward when they're playing well. Watts uses it both ways when he is confident and in good form.
  10. Jayden Hunt my kids love him

    He was a lot better yesterday. It was the first time he didn't just bomb it long over and over. He was spotting up shorter passes to guys inside 50 which converted to scoring shots instead of 50/50 contests. If he keeps that up then he'll become an All Australian standard HBF or wingman.
  11. Our Failure to Crush Teams

    It's not a problem, yet. Our percentage shows we haven't been able to put teams away. Lots of our matches have been close either way this year. We're able to compete for the most part, but we're not able to put teams away when we should yet. Yesterday was similar to the Port Adelaide game. We absolutely dominated play but didn't convert that into scoring. We recorded 22 inside 50s, and statistically it was the second most dominant quarter by a team all year. Despite that dominance, we were only 30 something points up. Then the second quarter we were still in control but not taking our opportunities again. We should have legitimately been 60 points up during the second quarter, such was our dominance. The fact we weren't meant the Saints were able to build momentum and come back. The game should've been over in the 2nd quarter. As I said, it's not a problem yet at this stage of our development. In the future, we will need to build that killer instinct to keep the foot down and make sure our dominance converts to scoring. Like other good teams, we should be able to end games by half time against lesser opponents. I think with more maturity and synergy between young core players we will start to win by bigger margins that more reflect our dominance in games. At this stage in our development though it's good we are managing to stick tough and win close games. In 2018, I expect improvement in this regard though. First of all, we need to beat teams like North. The fact we still drop games to teams like North, Freo etc is definitely a mental application issue which needs to be addressed. I also expect us to start winning bigger next year. No more hard fought single digit wins against teams like Carlton. We should be able to put the foot down and have the match over by half time.
  12. What to do with Petracca?

    He's been well down the past three weeks or so. He's not winning anywhere near as much ball, and when he's got it he is hand balling it off instead of looking to use his good vision and kicking skills. He's also only laid 1 tackle twice in the past 3 weeks, so he's putting on less defensive pressure and laying less tackles than Watts, who was dropped. I reckon it's a fitness or niggle thing for Trac. He's not getting to as many contests and has bee caught jogging in no mans land a bit recently. When he gets the ball, he doesn't have the petrol in the tank to take off and hit a target, so he handballs it off for someone else to. He's not someone who I think would suffer confidence issues like Watts, so I reckon it's a fitness thing. Maybe a week off to rest him would be a good idea. I don't think he's playing poorly enough to warrant dropping, but he may need a rest for a week. Since coming into the team last year he's now played 37 games in a row and hasn't been "managed" like Oliver and most other youngsters were at times. Either way, we need Trac fit and firing for a tilt in September. He could be our x-factor!
  13. The Importance of Jordan Lewis

    That was his best game for the club. He's been one of our best players in every game for the past month. There was a hard ball get he won in the last quarter when the game was on the line that possibly won us the momentum and match. He can smell finals action and is playing accordingly now. He might not have had as good a year as some were hoping, but he's come good at the right end of the season and is showing his leadership and maturity now. Bring on September!
  14. Gus Brayshaw

    One of his best games for the club. Showed great courage standing under some high bombs. Gave good drive off half back as well. Great return to the side. Well done Gus!
  15. GAMEDAY - Round 21

    Brayshaw warming up with the backline group. Looks set for a half back role today.