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  1. Lord Travis

    Round 22 Non MFC Games

    Not watching the game, but I'm not surprised. Nicholls is blind cheating scum. How he remains employed is one of the greatest mysteries of the universe. He's influenced more AFL matches than the f*cking senior coaches have this year!
  2. Lord Travis

    Sam Weideman

    That’s true, if you don’t play by the teams rules then you’re gone. It just happens that in this case the rule appears to be a hinderence against quality opposition. Surely there has to be some logic applied to when to pull the trigger. I guess I’m just frustrated, like many, that we seem to waste opportunities by being too cute. And I’m frustrated that talented players like Petracca are yet to impose themselves when opportunity has been presented. Here’s hoping Weid takes his chances today and helps us over the line.
  3. Lord Travis

    Sam Weideman

    Completely understand this and agree with it all in theory. We showed in the first half of the season that we were the number one team for scoring goals within 15 meters of goal, thus meaning our accuracy was highest. This only came against poor teams however. Against any opposition of substance it hasn’t worked and it’s been an embarrassing shambles. If a player takes a mark 40 meters out from goal, they should take the responsibility of having a set shot and not looking to pass amongst a clogged up area in slow play. I want to see guys like Petracca step up and actually take some responsibility to try to and win games.
  4. Lord Travis

    Hell NO... blues and the priority draft pick

    If we weren't eligible for one in 2012, then no team should ever be eligible again. Our 2012 was worse than Carltons season this year, and worse than anything produced in decades bar Fitzroys demise as a club. No priority pick.
  5. Lord Travis

    Sam Weideman

    He's not alone. Whenever any of our players get the ball 40 out they still look to pass it. None of them will stand up and take responsibility for the shot. It's either team direction from above to always look for a better option, or they're all sh*t scared. I'd say it's the later.
  6. Lord Travis

    Troy Pannell Retiring

    I agree that it's become increasingly difficult to umpire our game due to so many stupid rules changes, and the different interpretations they then allow for. Nicholls however is either a deadset cheat or he's blind. There is no way to interpret someone taking possession of the ball, then being barrelled into from behind and then having their head belted as anything but a free kick... not holding the ball! He's not an umpires *sshole that useless c*nt. Get rid of him! The higher-ups need to leave the rules alone and stop trying to shape the game into what they think tv audiences want. The game is fine, and the more it's tinkered with the worse it becomes.
  7. Lord Travis

    Troy Pannell Retiring

    What about Nicholls? Any chance he retires any chance soon? I really don’t want to have to go rogue and smash anymore kneecaps...
  8. Lord Travis

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 22

    Would’ve preferred Garlett than Hannan. Despite having a poor game against the Swans, he was amongst our most dangerous players the week before and was IMO a key reason we beat Adelaide over there. His 2nd/3rd quarter burst set up our win. Hannan has not had any impact on an AFL match in 12 months. Poor selection. The Ins otherwise are all solid choices. Melksham and Hibberd will make a big difference!
  9. Lord Travis

    Sam Weideman

    I’m just waiting for Weid to start sticking his marks. He is our most aggressive and component tall forward in the air, he just needs to start clunking them. He just launches at the ball so well, a really good leap, it would be a shame if they never stick. The coaching staff are really bullish about him becoming an aerial threat in the future. Part of it is fitness and concentration for Weid. He’s one of the most aggressive tacklers on the list, but once he get what tired he stops sticking them. Hopefully he continues to build fitness, as the aggression and technique are already there. Here’s hoping this weekend it starts to come together more consistently.
  10. Lord Travis

    Sam Weideman

    In 2017 Pedo was competitive and had a good season. In 2018 at AFL level he has been rubbish. Up forward he has been useless, kicked less than a goal a game and got in others way with poor leads. He was tried down back as a last resort to revive his career and on the weekends showing that move is a bust. He was probably our worst player against the Swans. Only Hunt and Jetta has less impact, andthat was because they both missed part of the game injured and concussed. At 32 years old next season, he’ll be lucky to get a one year contract purely as a last resort to cover injury. As an AFL player he is finished. Disappointing performance his year considering he was competitive last year. The end has come quickly for him and a few others it seems.
  11. Lord Travis

    Changes v West Coat - Round 22

    Melksham, Hibberd and Weid officially in according to Goodwins press conference today. Likely changes IMO Out: Hogan (inj), Hunt, (inj), Pedo (dropped) In: Weid (for Hogan), Hibberd (to replace Pedo in the backline, as Pedo made us top heavy and provided nothing), Melksham (to replace Hunt, with Fritsch to the backline in Hunts place and Melk up forward)
  12. Lord Travis

    Rd. 22: Omen Watch vs Eagles

    Now you’re talking!
  13. Lord Travis

    Rd. 22: Omen Watch vs Eagles

    The eagle flies east after the nest is destroyed
  14. Lord Travis

    Rd. 22: Omen Watch vs Eagles

    Not cryptic enough. Bring back the riddler from the draft forum a few years back!
  15. Lord Travis

    Oscar In Contract Extension Discussions

    Have no worries that he'll re-sign this year like his brother did. He seems well entrenched with the young group we have. His form has dropped off considerably since Lever went down. Just goes to show how important Lever is in terms of leadership and organising our players.