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  1. Time to show Oscar some respect!

    Agreed. I thought he was best on ground for us in the first half. He repeatedly beat Roughead in one on ones in quite convincing fashion. Very impressive. He’s improved his body work and spoiling immensely this year IMO. One of the few shining lights for us thus far this season.
  2. Breaking down the 15 goals to 1

    Agree. Those first two clips show how incredibly well he reads the play and he managed to tear away from the closest man and impact the contest of the ball that was kicked in to ensure Oscar/Frost had support. He didn’t mark it, which he may have when last when when in better form, but he read the play better than anyone else in that half of the ground. Pretty exciting to see if from that angle, it’s clear as day his footy brain is a level above anyone else out there. Once his confidence returns and there’s some form of pressure on the ball coming in, he is going to flourish and be f*cking unbelievable.
  3. Jordan Lewis Out with Broken Hand

    Yep certainly some vitriol being spewed in here. He had a poor game, but a broken hand explains why. He's a tough guy Jordy! Good on him for seeing the game out, must've been hard in those conditions and being part of such a disaster to keep pushing himself. He can heal up for a few weeks now and hopefully return fresh and primed to have an impact.
  4. Backline Setup and Structure

    Yeah I did a youtube search but only found older episodes. I'll wait a few days and see if it pops up then. Thanks anyway! It's a shame Hunt's been out of form. His pace and running power both ways is exactly what we're missing at the moment. Here's hoping he did enough a Casey on the weekend to earn a call up.
  5. Backline Setup and Structure

    I'm pretty sure I know exactly what they'll show (Lever and Vince over-running ground balls, Vince not kicking ball away a metre out from goal which cost a goal etc.), but where can I watch this online? I don't have Foxtel.
  6. Shepherding the man on the mark

    It’s a bad look for the game, but it’s within the interpretation of the rules so we need to adapt to it. The Hawks and other teams have used it to good effect against us. Blocking the man on the mark means the kicker gains an extra 10 or so metres before bombing it long. Our defense is weak at defending quick long balls in when there aren’t midfielders there to assist with killing the contest. Good coaches know that, and so they use the rule to their advantage. We need to learn to adapt. If an opposition player is sheparding the man on the mark, it means we have an extra player elsewhere. Make use of that.
  7. Be Patient with Lever

    He's been disappointing, but the whole backline bar O-Mac have been poor this season. Can hardly blame it all on Lever, though he is seriously down on confidence. He's gone from Rance level confidence in the air and dominating the league, to sh*tting himself whenever the ball comes near him. What's happened to him? Jetta is horribly out of form. He's gone from AA level form in 2016-2017 to losing nearly every contests he approaches. Is he injured? He's been outbodied so easily this year! Hibberd has been average. Not getting to as many contests down back, and his rebound work has been average too. Far too many mongrel punts to 2 on 1 contests, just horrible decision making. Hunt was so poor he was dropped. Frost's legs move faster than his brain. I like that he has pace and power, but he needs to learn when to use it. Constantly runs into trouble or stuffs up the whole structure back there by taking the wrong option, going to ground, leaving his man free etc. Wagner has done enough to hold a place, but he's hardly set the world on fire. He's an average footballer warming a spot for when a proper option comes along. Lewis played like a 50 year old today. Fumbled, went to ground repeatedly, picked poor options as it all seemed to fast for him, and he showed zero leadership. Deserves to be dropped after today. Vince was ok, but he's near the end and struggles to keep up some weeks. O-Mac has been good this year. I'm not his biggest fan, but he's seriously improved to the point where he's become the most reliable defender we have. Who would've thought!
  8. Post Match Discussion - Round 4

    [censored] I hate supporting this team. How long until this torture ends?!

    First game I’ve left early since the 100 point loss days. To not kick a goal for over 2 quarters of footy in unacceptable. Nothing has changed. No finals this year. Goodwin is clueless.
  10. GAME DAY - ROUND 4

    Goodwin being shown up again today. Organization and strategy with ball today has been atrocious. I wish we had a coach who could organize this group properly because it’s a top 4 team playing below their ability at present.
  11. GAME DAY - ROUND 4

    Umpires for today? Do we know yet?
  12. GAME DAY - ROUND 4

    No excuses today. We’re a better team than Hawthorn now and if we lose today it means the players didn’t try properly or we were out coached by a great coach in Clarkson. Conditions suit us, and small forward like will work when we take control and bomb it long. They’ll have opportunities at ground level to swoop and kick us to a big win. I expect and believe we should win and win big today. In reality I’ll just be happy to get the 4 points. We need to win games like this against lower teams as routine now.
  13. Clarry's goal

    Does anyone have the gif/clip of Clarry from Hawthorn game where he did the one handed pickup/rotation/handball while being tackled? Was sheer brilliance but I can't find it online. I remember seeing it on Demonland last year though!
  14. Round 4 Non MFC games

    Sloane can’t handle a tag. Crows missing their best midfielder Matt Crouch.
  15. Round 4 Non MFC games

    Adelaide have been hopeless tonight. Definitely won’t be making another grand final this year with this lack of intensity or gameplan.