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  1. Can't post properly. Still shaking. Can't believe that win. [censored] incredible effort! Viney Tmac and Oliver were immense. How good is this young list!
  2. Good signing. Provided he can remain healthy he has all the tools the become a quality player for us long term. He's already impacting games, but like many youngsters just needs to build consistency. Hopefully his health issues are behind him and we can keep him on the park tearing it up with that laser kick of his!
  3. Hawks win. This match devalues our win over Adelaide in my eyes, but also shows our game style is the right way to play. When we belted them I thought we'd knocked off an unbeatable team at their home ground. Seeing them lose to a poor team in Hawthorn tonight purely because they can't handle defensive pressure shows them up as a average-good side. They won't be doing much damage come finals time if they can't handle this pressure. It bodes well for us though as we are the best at putting on defensive pressure. Our game style will stand up in finals. That's exciting. ...still hate seeing the Hawks win. Such an unlikeable team!
  4. Crows defensive transitioning tonight has been abysmal. If they don't score, they're not getting back to fill the corridor quick enough. If they were playing a better team tonight they'd be 7-8 goals down right now. If they can't stand up when there's pressure like this then they can't win the flag IMO.
  5. Gawn and Stretch the official ins. Great choice by the selection committee this week. Go Dees!
  6. From the VFL report regarding Billy Stretch: "Billy had 24 disposals, including 17 contested possessions, eight tackles and 14 clearances". Bring him and Gawn in for Jones and Watts. Would much prefer Stretch to JKH. He's faster, more agile, is better in the contest, and has better skills on the outside. He's also fitter, covers more ground and gets to more contests. No contest between the two IMO and I'll be disgusted if I see JKH in the team again ahead of him. He's part of our future. JKH is delist material.
  7. Thanks for the info Saty. Always appreciated.
  8. I absolutely love this! Buggy is a legend! It's by prominent street artist Lushsux. First time they've done a footy related one! Here are some of my other favorites they've done. http://instagram.com/lushsux
  9. Sounds like a [censored] idea. The ball will be kicked long from full back to full forward on loop. Will be boring uninspired viewing.
  10. Confident Jayden will stay a Demon. He seems to love the place and has many good mates at the club. Good to see the club being proactive in identifying key players to extend contracts for. Along with Gawn, Hogan, Oliver and Petracca, Hunt will be a key signing for our future.
  11. True. Melksham destroyed him instead! If that's the case you can add it to the long line of umpiring stuff ups this season.
  12. It was before the siren went, so the game had not officially started and hence no free kick can be paid. Was wondering the same thing until I realised that. It was masterful from Bugg. Drew all the attention onto himself, sucked it all up because he's a tough bugger, and let his teammates run around playing their own games with less attention targeted at them. He was a key reason we won so convincingly yesterday and should be given more credit. He's a little genius!
  13. His defensive run and pressure has been disappointing. Often if the ball is turned over and opposition player closest to him gets it he just can't chase them down and doesn't appear to try to. Offensively he has been ok, not great. He's definitely not what he was a few years ago where his kicking was elite, but he is far from our worst. His leadership has been great. He just gets to the right spots to fill holes and directs the tea where to move. He's a level above all our other players out there and is essentially player coach. You can see Goody talks to him at the end of quarter breaks and gives him a pat on the back, Then he is straight out there directing and relaying Goodys commands. I think he's going to continue to slow up and struggle to play out the 3 years as best 22, but it was still a good trade and he's proving valuable. No coincidence that since he has returned to the side and we've been far better organized and are pushing for top 4.
  14. Agree. That seemed the be all the commentators or media talked about!
  15. Loved it. He talks the talk, but he backs it up too! He also drew a lot of attention from the Doggies players for it. From before the bounce they were getting stuck into him. Their captain Wood also couldn't handle his harassment and handed us a free goal! IMO he gets under the oppositions skin and sucks up their aggression and attention. This means they all target him and our other players fly under the radar. Gone are the days where they will come running out and target Jack Watts. Instead they'll target Buggy and Watts will run around free from the niggle. Buggy is tough enough to handle it too. I really think he is the perfect 22nd man for us. Sure he's missed a lot of shots at goal the past month, but I'm pretty happy with any player who is getting 4-5 shots at goal a week. He plays his role perfectly, whether it's a marking target, crumber or tagger type. Hope he stays in the team as we play better with him there.