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  1. Lord Travis

    Home ground disadvantage

    Don’t have time to wrong a long post at present, but the single biggest issue we have with playing the MCG is our defensive press. It pushes far far too high up the ground. There are stages when OMac was is the deepest player, standing forward of the centre circle and less than a kick ahead of the play. Time and time again the ball slingshots out into half a ground of space for opposition to work with. It’s embarrassing and obvious to all. Pull the defensive press back like it is on smaller ground where deepest defender is back near the goal square and we’d be a 5 goal better team at the G without any other change.
  2. Lord Travis

    Gawn vs The World

    Games having another good year. We just need to make sure we make the most of his dominance around the ball. I expect him to be AA ruck this year, tracking really well is big Maxy!
  3. Lord Travis

    Marc Murphy at the Dees.

    Murphy has had a good career. However, a 31 year old who can’t get on the park is of no use to us. Next.
  4. Lord Travis

    Dean Kent on the move... ?

    One year contract as depth or trade for a low pick to a WA club to clear list space.
  5. Lord Travis

    Jordan De Goey

    This season he’s basically doing what we expected Petracca to do. He’s kicked bags of goals when playing forward (5+6 goal games), and dominated in the midfield on both the inside and outside. We don’t have picks to get him, so pipe dream. Hopefully Petracca gets a rocket and follows De Goeys lead as he should be the better of the two.
  6. What do you rate our performance out of 10 to this point? Why? 6.5/10. Our win rate so far this season is 66%, so 6.5/10 is the equivelant rating. We've had huge wins against poor teams that in the past we probably would have stuffed up. Unfortunately we've also had huge losses against most decent teams we've played. Statistically we've improved from last year, but our actual win/loss results aren't too different. Which player has impressed you the most? TMac has been brilliant. If only he was available to play all season! He's genuinely one of the best key forwards in the league now, comfortably. He can kick a bag, clunk contested marks, cover heaps of ground and play a variety of roles. He's a star and it's great he's signed a new contract with us. Brayshaw has also been good once he was finally played in the middle. He's always had the talent, and it's good to see him getting past the lingering injury side-effects to start becoming the player we know he can be. Which draftee has made the biggest impact? Fritsch has been better than I expected. He's a seriously skilled player who takes marks he has no right to. Hopefully he can continue building strength in his body and cement his place longer term. What has been our best win to date? Adelaide game in Alice Springs was a ripping win. The style, structures and intensity we played with that day was everything we aspire to. Which player(s) needs to improve in the second half of the year? Petracca has been the biggest disappointment of the season thus far. After a good season last year, his improved fitness and vaunted move into the midfield have been a failure. He's gone backwards. As a forward, he's kicking less than a goal a game. As a midfielder, he's not wining enough ball or even getting to enough contests to have an impact. His first few matches were decent-good, since then he's been poor. I'd also list Hunt here, but he's now injured. I was bullish he'd be All Australian half back flank this year, but unfortunately he lost his mojo and is now injured. What has been our most disappointing performance? The Hawthorn game was probably the worst, followed by Collingwood match. Our inability to play the MCG is a big worry. It's at the point now where I back us to win nearly every match away from the G, but pencil in home games at the G as a loss. For whatever reason, our zone gets way too high up the ground at the G, and teams stream forward with all the space in the world to utilise. We won't go anywhere until we can learn to play our home ground again. Where do you see us finishing? Give a win/loss and finishing position 13-9 record finish in 8th place. We won't be top 4, and we could realistically finish 9th again unfortunately.
  7. Lord Travis

    Changes v Port

    Won’t be seeing Hunt anytime soon. He was at the game today on crutches. Not sure if the injury but he said he’d be off legs for a while.
  8. Lord Travis

    Petracca in a rut?

    Biggest disappointment of the year for mine. He’s capable of so much more but has gone backwards and just doesn’t seem to have the drive of others. He’s looking like a slightly better Sylvia at this stage.
  9. Lord Travis

    GAMEDAY - Round 12

    Belted around the ball today. Shocking!
  10. Lord Travis

    GAMEDAY - Round 12

    Disgusted by the lack of intensity in the midfield and backline today. Very disappointing day for the club to cough up 2nd on the ladder and fall back to the pack.
  11. Lord Travis

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 12

    We need to win tomorrow and claim second spot on the ladder. Lots of our finals competitors have fallen over, so this is a good chance to put a gap between us now. I think the selection panel have got the (forced) changes right this week. Pedo has been in ripping form in the VFL all year and has learnt his shot replacing Bull Smith. J Smith, though I haven't seen him dominate at VFL level has the right skillset and attributes to make it as a player, and with his leap he could fill the Lever role down back. Get it done Dees!
  12. Lord Travis

    Jack Billings

    He had 14 touches and a goal in the first quarter when the game was still hot. Either you're biased or blind.
  13. Lord Travis

    Jack Billings

    Billings is a talented player. He was great in 2017 despite his inaccurate goal kicking and put up similar numbers to Petracca. If he wanted out and it didn't cost much, we'd be mental not to have a crack. He's clearly lacking confidence at the moment and is playing in a sh*t team where it's hard to build momentum. With a fresh start and some confidence I have no doubt he could be a seriously handy player. Any player who can crack a 30 touch 5 goal game at AFL level has to have some talent and skill!
  14. Lord Travis

    Alex Rance

    Twas Rance who stuck his knee out and ended Smiths year with what can be a really serious and life-threatening injury. From memory a free kick wasn't even paid, just play on etc. Rance is the definition of thuggish scum on-field. Not since the 80's has there been such weak thuggery out there, yet no-one seems to mention it and he's considered a golden boy. Absolute madness! It'd be great for T Smith to be in the team again next time we play Richmond. Set him the task of playing a negating role on Rance, instruct him to be hard on him physically and whatever happens, happens
  15. Lord Travis

    Alex Rance

    Rance is a deadset piece of sh*t of a bloke and possibly the most overrated footballer in my lifetime. He can't defend man on man, lays less than 2 tackles a game on average because he runs away from a contest, he drops uncontested chest marks, and is a complete dog. His coward punch to Watts in the back of the head while he was laying prone and defenceless is one of the worst things I can remember seeing on the footy field. That disgusting act was straight up assault, and wouldn't be tolerated in civilised society, yet the commentators brushed it off saying "he's just frustrated" like that somehow excuses it! He's now been fined twice for staging in the past 12 months, and continues to leap like Superman out of any contest he finds himself in because despite his Hollywood muscles he's weak as [censored] and can't wrestle his way out of a paper bag. The love affair the media and commentators have with him is mind-blowing. I hope he cops more flack for diving again this week. His reputation deserves to be tarnished further and resemble the piece of sh*t he is.