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  1. JKH was just a straight up mistake inclusion by he coaching staff. Didn't have good VFL form to earn his spot and has played an absolute stinker. Kent straight back in regardless of VFL form. At least provides run and has shots, better than being a ghost out there.
  2. "Hogan kicks his 6th as the Dees jump away to a 50 point lead. It's hard to split him and Oliver for the 3 Brownlow votes tonight!"
  3. If we lose to both Richmond and Essendon I'll be distraught. I cannot even fathom the club sinking that low again after all this time. Get the job done Dees. If you just put in the effort for 4 quarters each week you'll win 4-5 of the next 6 and be finals bound!
  4. Good to see you getting some research done on Tim Membrey PD Based on that the weather should be ok tonight, not storms. We need to turn it into a more contested game as Richmond are quicker than us on the outside and have based their game on the run and pressure of the mosquito fleet. Jetta and Hunt will be super important tonight to keep Rioli and Butler in check.
  5. Agree PD, I think he'll have a big game. We need him to fire with Kent out. Don't see who in Richmond's back 6 could go with Trac, so hopefully he fires up! Dees by 21 points.
  6. Thanks for the run info. Good to hear it's not serious and hopefully he has a long successful career with the Dees. He's a talent and it'd be great for him to have a good run at making the most of his career and being healthy.
  7. Accept finals are unlikely for 2017 and be disappointed that we haven't improved. Luckily we will beat Richmond and finals will still be on the cards!
  8. I hope he's ok and has a long successful career with the Dees. If the medical staff recommended he needs time off to reduce further risk then that's what happens. Helmets won't help prevent further concussion and I'm not sure it's the way he plays either. It's hard to nail down why it keeps happening but I hope he's ok.
  9. It's just a rougher league due to less skill and less video evidence to get into trouble with. Last year I recall Clarry losing his [censored] as someone bit his fingers when he was trying to grab a ball off the ground in a pack. Seems to be a common theme for older guys to illegally rough up younger kids who are clearly better than them.
  10. Didn't think he or Kent should've been dropped. Bugg always plays a role and is consistent. Not surprised he destroyed it in the VFL. He's too good to play there. Think both those guys offer more than JKH, who seriously lacks pace, ball winning skills and goal scoring skill. Don't understand them rushing him in after one average VFL game. I tipped us to win during the week but after the strange team selections with us ditching speed I reckon the Tigers will torch us. Hopefully I'm wrong because I really wanna beat those pretenders!
  11. Richmond are a small fast team all about speed in their forward half and pressure around the ground. Kent out is a poor decision by the coaches as he is one of the few who has potential to help us handle their game style. His replacement in JKH offers less. JKH is one of the slowest indigenous players I've ever seen. On top of his lack of speed he doesn't win much ball, doesn't hit the scoreboard much, doesn't lay a lot of tackles and isn't very damaging with ball in hand. He's a list clogger IMO and his inclusion in place of Kent is a poor one. The other swaps are all fine to me, Bugg a little unlucky to be dropped as he is consistent and played well against Tigers last year.
  12. Bulldogs deserved to win as they had far more shots and dominated with the ball in their forward half, but jeez they get a good run with the umps! Multiple poor umpiring decisions gone their way in the last quarter when they needed it.
  13. Not being able to put Carlton to the sword might effect us later this year in the run to finals. We need a percentage boost and should've beat up on them. They're a poor team going nowhere fast. Port are decent but will finish middle of the ladder again as I don't think they will sustain their intensity all season.
  14. It's to do with sponsorships and brand image for the AFL and clubs. Him letting his mate have a bet on a greyhounds race is non-issue and that's why the club has treated it as such and said there will be no punishment. Storm in a tea-cup and we move on. Hopefully he has a good game against the Tigers and works with in tandem with Hibberd!
  15. Yeah it'd be a poor decision from the selection committee to drop Kent. He's my tip this week to have a big game against the Tigers. He's been threatening this year, just hasn't hit the scoreboard as much as we would've liked. His work up and down the field from half forward can be the difference between us playing good and poor football. He's got good pace, breaks lines, big kick to sail over zones, and puts on defensive pressure (most of the time). I'd have him in the team ahead of Hannan and ANB up forward at present. Ins this week should be Hogan and Hibberd. Outs should be Weiderman and Hannan.