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  1. Lord Travis

    How Many Wins in 2019?

    14-16 wins for H&A season depending on injuries. Come finals time I think we'll bow out in Prelims to the eventual premier again. 2020 is the year we will peak and win 17-18 in H&A and land that elusive flag.
  2. Lord Travis

    Training - Wednesday, 5th December 2018

    I may have missed it, but word on why Brayshaw was running laps by himself and had a camera crew harassing him?
  3. Apologies for posting my opinion based on the way similar recent injuries have been handled by the club. Isn’t the purpose of this site for supporters to have discussion?
  4. I'm a tad worried. Similar things were said about Viney, TMac, Vandenburg etc and they all turned into far longer lay offs than originally stated/planned. Doubt we'll see Lever until the second half of the year. Hopefully he is fit and firing come finals time. Could be integral to our premiership chances!
  5. Lord Travis

    Training - Monday 3rd December, 2018

    Thanks for the reports and photos track watchers!
  6. Lord Travis

    Crystal Ball 2019: Predictions for next season

    Melbourne finishes 6th at the end of the H&A season. Slow start to the year and we scrape into the 8 in the later stages of the season. We suffer another Prelim final loss to the eventual flag winners and finish the year 3rd. Lever struggles with ongoing knee issues. Tom McDonald gets injured and our lack of tall forwards is exposed. May is in AA form, but is sent forward to cover him, which then unsettles the backline. May is average up forward, but we have no other options. We struggle and spend a large part of the season outside the 8. TMac returns from injury in the late part of season and our structure is fixed, resulting in us pushing back into the 8 and playing finals. Petracca to continue at his current standard, showing glimpses of brilliance and power without really impacting many games. He rightfully comes under pressure from all for not pushing himself like some of his similarly aged teammates. Viney continues to struggle with foot injuries. Lewis' body struggles to keep up and he retires before the season is over. Nathan Jones starts to hit the wall, and is sent back to the HBF to cover the retired Lewis as his form in the midfield drops off. Oliver continues his dominance around the ball, and starts doing real damage when resting up forward. He is recognised as one of the best players in the league in the Martin+Dangerfield midfield/forward mould. Earns another AA selection and BnF win. Finishes 3rd in the Brownlow. Brayshaw finishes top 5 in our BnF and pushes for AA selection. Polls far lower in the Brownlow despite having a much better season. There is yet another rise in concussions over the course of the season, and he becomes the AFL poster boy for concussion recovery. His media career keeps expanding, moving from AFL podcast to a number of footy and radio shows. Vanders has a clean run with injury and is the big improver. He finishes top 10 in our BnF after dominating in the midfield. He is our MVP in finals series. Weid is still inconsistent, but has some dominant matches where he kicks bags of 4+ goals. Finishes the season around the 35 goal mark. Gawn is AA ruck again. Pruess is in and out of the team, coaches try to fit him into structure but his form isn't good enough to warrant a game. Hunt returns to form and is one of the most damaging wingmen in the game. Struggles in finals when he is tagged due to being our most dangerous player through our late season purple patch. Sparrow is the only draftee to play senior footy.
  7. Lord Travis

    Training - Monday, 26th November, 2018

    As mentioned already, Sparrow looks to have a good build on him already. If he can adjust to higher paced games then I could see him getting games at AFL level next year.
  8. Lord Travis

    2018 Player Reviews: # 36 Jeff Garlett

    Jeff had a poor season. He had personal issues tied to deaths in the family which obviously impacted him mentally both on and off field. Fact is he's the highest goal scorer on our entire list. Hopefully with time to heal, get himself mentally prepared and work his way into form, he can contribute up forward again. As a goal scoring option, he is one of if not the best on our list, so a spot is there for him if he steps up again. Hopefully we can see some magic from him again and he doesn't just disappear.
  9. Lord Travis

    Training - Monday, 26th November, 2018

    Not good news that Lever left the track early with knee issues. Were any track watchers there? Any further info on Lever?
  10. Lord Travis

    Our Tall Forwards

    Key word there being “many”, not any. For tall forwards we have none. Would’ve been a smart move to hold onto Pedo for another year as backup even if his form wasn’t as good. Some backup is better than no backup.
  11. Lord Travis

    2019 AFL National Draft prospects: The next batch

    We still have our 2019 pick and need to use it I believe based on that 4 year cycle rule. It will be good to get some elite young talent in again next year. Taylor and co landed Clarry and Weid last time they had first round picks!
  12. Lord Travis

    Training - Friday 23rd November, 2018

    Disagree. Watch the highlights clip below from his first year when he was fit and confident. All his best moments came bursting from the wing or through the middle. Some great pieces of play there where he outmarks Mitch McGovern, takes off immediately around a few opposition and then lowers the eyes to hit Jones. Love the stoppage play on the wing against the Hawks too where he gets the handball out of the pack, bursts forward, steadies outsides 50 and goals. He's got all the attributes to a great wingman. He runs hard both ways, has great pace, good agility, good overhead, and can kick it a mile. If he learns to control the rush of blood to the head and vary his kicks more, he could be seriously damaging in the Issac Smith wingman mould. He's one of the most exciting prospects on our list IMO.
  13. Lord Travis

    Our Tall Forwards

    I agree that we play our best football when we have multiple players kicking goals and a variety of options. However, our list is unbalanced at present with T McDonald and Weiderman our only tall forwards. We've just lost Hogan and Pedo. Some people have suggested T Smith, but at 192cm, 28 years of age, and yet to play a competent game as a forward at AFL level, I don't think he's a realistic option. He has played well up around the ball as a big bodied midfielder however. Weiderman is yet to prove he can consistently stand up at AFL (though I rate him and defended him on here in the past when others sank the boot in). If TMac suffered another long term injury like the foot injury he suffered, we'd miss finals. We need tall forward depth. Games are won in the midfield, but you will always need a tall target to kick too come finals time. Imagine having Fritsch or Hannan or Petracca as our marking option when play gets locked down come finals time. Though they're more than competent, they'd all get eaten alive if they had to wrestle a Talia, McGovern, Tarrant, Andrews type. Compare that to tall defenders where we have May, Lever, McDonald, Frost, Petty, Keilty. That's a good amount of depth to cover injury and form. It's a shame we missed out on Bailey Williams, but our recruiters didn't rate him so I'm comfortable with that as the current group have a good track record. It's a shame there weren't many decent tall forward options at all outside the top 10 this year. Hopefully we can bring another quality one in next season, as while our list is in brilliant shape, it's definitely lacking tall forwards.
  14. Lord Travis


    And other than Darling, none of them have had consistent impact as a tall forward. McGovern jnr is very overrated and was fourth in line at the Crows. Membrey is a cast off and legitimate spud getting a game as a tall forward because the only competition he has is P Mccartin and Bruce. Wood and T Mccartin might still make it, but have only shown flashes thus far. If we wind up having to play Smith as a tall forward option next year then it means we’re not playing finals.
  15. Lord Travis


    Smith is 192cm. Not tall enough for AFL tall forward and has produced nothing of worth as a forward there. He’s played well up the ground on ball using his frame there, but at 28 years old and not getting taller he’s a medium tall or another position/delist material.